never doing pixel art again

What a cutie ♥️ ♥️ 

This wasn’t planned I just wanted to try new brushes haha ♥️ 

I feel better already so yay me! Remind me to never try drawing armor ever again!

Michelle Nguyen and Endless summer are @playchoices and that’s my artwork


I’m in a tight spot at the moment. The reason is quite simple: l can’t sustain 4pm-3am shifts anymore, I’m looking for another job and I’m paying taxes in two countries. So there’s that ;_;

Any lineart 8$

Any pixel art 5$, 10 if animated

Coloured lineart 20$

Yes I draw nsfw my dear. Yes ocs too.

You can check my other stuff in my tags #dethfeels and #pixel art. Thank you for your help! ;_;


@dangerouscheesecakeoero I’m so soft, and I’m always warm, and squishy chub is really fun to squeeze and play with! It was a little scary at first, when everyone thought of me as such a heartthrob with my old body… I didn’t want to let everyone down? But I’m learning to live for me now, not anyone else, and I think in a way this is really helping.