never do your hair any other way

Endless Summer Asks!

1) Are you a fighter?
2) What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
3) Would you consider yourself trustworthy?
4) Do you like swimming?
5) How would you cope with change?
6) Where do you feel happy?

1) Are you a leader?
2) Do you stick with things until they’re done?
3) What is your best trait?
4) Favourite sport?
5) Would you rather be in the limelight or in the background?
6) How do you help people?

1) Are you badass?
2) What vehicles can you drive?
3) Have you ever gotten into a fight?
4) What is your ideal way to spend time on the weekend?
5) Can you trust others?
6) Do you enjoy being outdoors?

1) Are you tired of people?
2) Have you ever stolen something?
3) What colour would you dye your hair if you could?
4) Who do you never get tired of being around?
5) Which character in any Choices game would you punch?
6) Do you want to be someone?

1) Are you impulsive?
2) When have you been most disappointed in life?
3) What sports do you play?
4) How do you get along with people you don’t like?
5) Do you joke around or are you serious about things?
6) Would you consider yourself brave?

1) Are you chill?
2) Favourite food?
3) Favourite Choices book?
4) Who is your idol?
5) Where do you go to relax?
6) What’s your MBTI type? (alternatively, a character you can relate to in ES)

1) Are you a romantic?
2) Are you a nerd?
3) Favourite bit of trivia?
4) How do you feel about injustice?
5) What do you want to do in the future?
6) Where do you sit on the political spectrum? (alt- feelings on Aleister?)

1) Are you a person with high standards?
2) Would you ever tell your crush you like them?
3) What would you say if you were going to die?
4) Do you ever feel pressure from your family?
5) Favourite person in the whole world?
6) If you were a fruit, which one would you be?

1) Are you forgotten?
2) Do you feel like people don’t like you?
3) Favourite colour?
4) Significant other?
5) Would you rather have everything in the world or have your crush?
6) Where do you go when you’re feeling done with everything?

1) Are you helpful?
2) Any hidden talents?
3) Who is your greatest hero?
4) Favourite drink?
5) What is your mood mostly like?
6) If everyone turned on you, what would you do?

1) Are you secretive?
2) Do you go by a name other than your first name/given name?
3) Favourite item of clothing?
4) Have you ever beat someone up?
5) Would you kill someone for a friend?
6) Where do you feel safe?

1) Are you a good friend?
2) Who is your best friend?
3) Would you stick up for someone being bullied?
4) Could you tell your friend an honest truth that might hurt?
5) What makes you happy?
6) Favourite smell?

MC -
1) Are you surrounded by attractive people?
2) Do you want to be friends with everyone?
3) What is your biggest question about your life?
4) Would you want to be in the Endless Summer universe?
5) Can you resist cheating?
6) How many diamond choices have you bought for Choices?

Fox - Are you well liked?
Rourke - Do you want to rule the world?
Serpens - What lengths would you go to to help people?
Blue - How many languages do you speak?
Shredder - What would you like to forget ever happened?
Dossier - Have you ever struggled to hide something?
Graleister - Biggest ship in the Choices universe?
Select - What makes you special?
Password - Have you ever spoiled something for someone?
Iris - Which character from Endless Summer do you want to end up with?

(note: if I spelled anything incorrectly, sorry!)

How you two sleep

A/N: again, I don’t normally do josh/ang unless requested

Chris: You two would always spoon. Chris would curl around yu never really thought about it, that’s just how you always ended up sleeping, but he can’t sleep any way else because he needs to keep you safe even in his sleep.

Devin: You’d be curled up in a ball facing him. Your legs would be tangled together and your hands would always end up in each others hair because you’d usually play with it as you fall asleep.

Josh: He’d sleep on his back and you’d lie across his stomach with your hands on his chest. He’d keep an arm around your waist to keep you in place, but you’d often need to move or switch positions when the dogs crawl into bed.

Vinny: You two both move in your sleep, so you would never sleep the same way twice. You’d fall asleep one way then wake up when one of you had been shoved out of bed by the other. Your favorite nights though are when he falls asleep playing video games on the couch, so you’d curl up in his lap and fall asleep with your face buried in his neck.

Angelo: Ange knew you had trouble falling asleep with another person, so he’d wait until you fall asleep first (on your back) then he’d curl against you, loosely wrapping his arms around you and laying his head on your chest of against your neck.

Ricky: You’d both sleep on your back since it was more comfortable for both of you, but you have to be touching, sometimes your legs would cross, your arms would link, or he’d bring your hand to his chest, but it always had to be something so you’d know the other was there.

Ryan: You two would spoon as well, but you’d usually be on the outside since you’d get too hot otherwise. Your arm would be draped around him and he’d always have your hands locked in his. Some nights you’d switch and he’d plant kisses on the back of your neck until you fell asleep.

It is impossible to imagine a color
you have not seen. I can’t call my mother
because she makes me panic. When I
say I am crying what I really mean
is that I want to cry but can’t. Instead
of dying, the jellyfish simply ceases
to move. Glass moves like any other
liquid, but slower. Sex is another way
of communicating with your body
like self-harm or sign language. I complete
five crosswords a day because it stops
the panic. Trucks are downshifting
on Main Street. Most of what I do I do
to stop the panic. I never cry at things
outside of my head because they all
seem so far away. Hair is partially
composed of cyanide. Napalm
is just gasoline and plastic. I am just
carbon and bad timing. If I were someone
else I think I would still be mentally ill.
It is impossible to imagine a color
you have not seen.
—  Neil Hilborn
How You Two Sleep

(Idk let’s just roll with it :-))


You two usually are cuddled up together, your head in the crook of his shoulder. His arms are wrapped around you tight as he buries his head in your hair. However, it never fails that you two end up just not sleeping and do other things ;)


Being the loving, caring man he is, he sleeps however you feel comfortable, which mostly meant that he had to sleep on his back. You are a hard stomach sleeper and could not sleep hardly any other way. You lay your head on his chest and his arms wrap around you, resting on your lower back. He never fails to kiss you goodnight, though.


Bruce is always afraid to sleep with his arms around you. He’s afraid he’ll hulk out and hurt you in someway. To compromise, you both sleep on your sides, facing each other, and he takes your hand, rubbing small circles with his thumb until you fall asleep.


Thor is always up for Midguardian things, such as cuddling and things of the sort. You slept on your sides most nights, so Thor lays behind you, being the big spoon, and drapes his arms around you, pulling you closer to him as he buries his face in your hair.


Clint, as much as he loves you, got too hot when he slept to cuddle in his sleep.You two mainly fell asleep like regular people, but on occasion, he would allow you to fall asleep on his side while he lied on his back. He didn’t mind this when it did actually happen, because he knows that it makes you happy and that you’re comfortable.


Pietro could never wait to go to bed. He’d sleep on his back, while you slept on your side, almost all the way on top of him. His arms hold on to you tight, afraid if he lets you go, he’ll lose you.You lay your head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat to help you fall asleep. Right before you do, though, he’ll whisper “goodnight” in his thick Russian accent.


Bucky loves to cuddle in his sleep, but he hates the metal arm he is burdened with. He sleeps on his back and you lie on his right side, so hopefully, on most nights, his arm with be nowhere near you. You always tell him not to worry about it, but he always will cause he loves you. He also always kisses your forehead every night before you fall asleep.


Loki didn’t really sleep that much, which at first made it hard on you two. Now you have resolved it to where Loki sits up against the headboard and you sleep sitting up, yet kind of slouched against him. He plays with your hair until you fall asleep, and on the nights you can’t sleep, he plays with his magic to fascinate you until you’re tired. After you fall asleep, he reads until you wake up the next morning.

It’s long; it’s boring. Probably repetitive too. Bear with me. I am working on my imaginative typing skills. Any suggestions are welcome. Everything is read and replied to.