never could have done that in 6th grade


hey Tay! I’m Meg, I don’t know if you remember me or not lol but you followed me back in April and you liked 10 of my posts in the past two months (I still can’t believe it) Anyways, I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me. Back in 6th grade, I was losing my best friend to another girl and it was honestly so heartbreaking for me. All through 6th grade, I stayed up all night listening to Breathe because that’s the song I could relate to the most. “it’s 2 am feeling like I just lost a friend” (lmao it was literally 2 am and I was feeling like I lost my friend) Flash forward two years (now), and I’ve became so much stronger and I’ve surrounded myself with a great group of supportive friends who never fail to make me smile/laugh everyday. Also, I’ve made a bunch of friends on tumblr and I’m so thankful for them everyday. So, thank you Taylor for everything that you’ve done for me so far in my life. I love you so much with all of my heart. sending you the biggest hug ever (maybe we can make it real one day?)
xoxo Meg❤️

hey taylor!!



my name is emily. i live in louisville, ky and i’m 13. (with me being 13 and all i feel like this should be the lucky year where we become best friends, you lurk me, we FINALLY meet, ya know, the usual) but anyways, i want to thank you for never leaving my side and always being the one person i could always count on to be there. this past school year was really hard for me, i lost so many friends and got into a whole lot of drama. then there were about 4-5 really bad months where bad things just kept happening and happening, and i felt like things would never get better. but somehow, they did. and i want to thank you enormously for being there for me when no one else was, when everyone i knew turned their backs on me and i felt like i was against a wall, i had you to turn to. thank you so so much for that, who knows where i would be right now if it wasn’t for you.

i went to 1989 tour louisville and i made 3 signs, they were all very bright with flashing lights and glitter and everything, but the yum center security made me throw them away and i was so upset. it was basically like telling me “you have no shot at meeting your idol” i was crying so hard. the security was really rude about it too! like ugh. you were so so amazing though, i wish i could go back! i am probably (we dont have tickets yet but we are saving up!!) going to the lexington show on october 20th with my two best friends erin and emma!! we became friends because of you and your music and now we are sooo close, they are like my sisters. thank you so much for making our friendship happen, i am so glad i met them. anyways, we are going to be “the paper airplane girls” ! and we are gonna cover ourselves in thousands of paper airplanes and lights :) hopefully we will finally get to meet you, we have all been fans since tim mcgraw came out.

i have volleyball tryouts this week for school on wednesday and thursday and i’m really worried about them. in 6th grade i didn’t make it and last year they called me back, then i made it. but for some reason things never go easy for me, they always have to be complicated. could you wish me good luck?

thank you so so so so much taylor for everything you have done for me, it means the world to me. i really hope we can meet sometime soon! (very soon!!!) see you in lexington! love you💜


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