never complain again

I get…unsettled, when people read my health stuff and message me with things like “man I thought my issues with X were bad, I’ll never complain again” cause like, no. That’s not how this works. Pain is both relative and subjective, and Your pain is valid too.

People with chronic health issues spend their whole lives trying to be validated, by friends, family, and yes the medical community too. Every interaction to do with our health involves someone thinking we’re lying or exagerating our symptoms for sympathy because they just can’t conceive of what it’s like to never not be sick, or tired or in pain. They have not paid witness to that very particular form of personal hell, which is a doctor telling you they don’t know how to help you.

Just because someone has something which you perceive to be worse, doesn’t negate your illness, and doesn’t mean you can’t bitch about it if bitching will make you feel better.

And just ‘cause my dental stories sound like excerpts they left out of the SAW movies for being too traumatizing, doesn’t mean you aren’t also going through Some Shit.

We’re all in this Hell together, some of wading through more fire than others. But there shouldn’t be a single person with chronic illness who looks at another person and thinks, you know, I don’t think you’ve suffered enough, come back and talk to me when you’ve swam through lava.

But I know some do. And lemme tell you something, that mindset: is horseshit.

Others might try to compete with you and play the suffering Olympics, but you’ll never find that here. I will never ever tell someone they haven’t suffered enough to deserve sympathy and compassion.

Unless you’re the asshole who responds to migraine sufferers with “yea I get bad headaches too have you tried drinking more water”, in which case you fucking fuckers can fuck right off.

The rest of us? Nah fam, come on in. We can swap stories and lean on each other when we have to.

Lord knows we need all the support we can get.

i have no idea how to plot a book or even write a book how on earth did i do this one time before

daughterofscotland  asked:

Coldwave - Home improvement

1 - It’s Mick’s idea. Len doesn’t understand why they wouldn’t just move to a new home, but goddamnit, this one is Mick’s favorite and he loves it and they’re going to fix it, Len. Len is happy that Mick’s happy after the fiasco of Legends, so he gives in, buys the land and everything above-board, and now they’re the proud owners of a fixer-upper.

2 - Mick wants four overs. Len doesn’t think anyone in their right minds needs four ovens. After a patient and reasoned exchange of ideas (read: fistfight), Mick gets his ovens. Len bitches right up until Mick serves him a dinner in which everything is hot and perfect and Len never complains again.

3 - Len isn’t into it at first, or thinks he’s not into it, until they’re robbing a rich house in the wealthy neighborhood and he just - stops. Mick looks at him. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing. But look at that window seat.” “Yeah? It’s got a safe?” “No. I want one for our house. It would go perfectly by the north-east corner.” “…sure, boss.” aka Len is totally into it he just won’t admit it and is super weird about it.

4 - They invade STAR Labs and ask Barry to paint the house for them. They offer to pay in food. Barry is tickled by the innocuous request and agrees. Mick’s four ovens get a work-out.

5 - Mick likes fixing things and keeps picking up new projects. Len likes thinking of new things he wants. It’s practically a second honeymoon for them.

6 - Barry likes it when his two supervillains are off living in domestic bliss rebuilding their house because they are A, not causing him headaches and B, are now really angry when someone threatens to destroy Central. Do you know how much work they put into that house?!

7 - Barry abruptly likes it a lot less when Iris visits their house and comes back and says “why don’t we do something like that?”

Love Conquers All

The final installment of AU where Chat/Adrien works for Hawk Moth but is still a cinnamon roll who loves Ladybug and slowly reforms.

Part One | Two | Three | Four


Adrien is embarrassed. 

He doesn’t mind hiding out at Chloe’s; he’s known her forever. But this is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. His classmate. A girl he isn’t very well acquainted with. And she’s friends with Ladybug.

If the situation is as awkward for her as it is for him, she doesn’t show it. She lets him into her large bedroom and launches into an animated account of how Ladybug is a regular customer at the bakery, but it’s a big secret. Hush-hush. Don’t tell anyone. She climbs down the ladder of her loft–a loft!–and shows him to a comfortable chaise lounge, promising she’ll wake him up before sunrise so he can sneak away.

He doesn’t say much. The shock of the night is still fresh and his body feels heavy. Even after Marinette goes to bed, he lays on his side and stares at her furniture, thinking of his father.

He wonders if he’s lonely.

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