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Our school library was being used to traffic cocaine. They would put it in small baggies and hide it in certain books. Then people would be told which book to go to. The librarian was eventually fired because she never moved from her desk chair to see what all the commotion was and why so many kids who never checked out books were in the library. Public school builds character, kids


One time Alexander Hamilton, a Polish poet Julian Niemcewicz and his nephew Philip Church tricked everyone in his family as well as family friends that Niemcewicz had the ability to make ghosts appear. So Hamilton went behind a curtain and Niemcewicz said some fake incantation and rang a bell and Hamilton emerged saying he saw his dead friend. But the news that Hamilton had seen ghosts leaked to the public and attracted people to Niemcewicz so much that Hamilton had to admit that it was all just a hoax to “frighten the family for amusement and that it was never intended to be made public.” 

there is a blog dedicated to jack zimmermann’s horrible fashion sense. both bitty and parson are admins. they have no idea and bond over making fun of jack’s shoes


I found a patchwork skirt and Very Long Scarf at the bins! >:)


MOONSHOT: The Indigenous Comics Collection

MOONSHOT is an incredible 200 page collection of short stories from Indigenous creators across North America, in comic book form!

Produced by AH Comics Inc. (Titan: An Alternate History, Delta, Hobson’s Gate, Jewish Comix Anthology) and edited by Hope Nicholson (Brok Windsor, Lost Heroes, Nelvana of the Northern Lights), MOONSHOT brings together dozens of creators from across North America to contribute comic book stories showcasing the rich heritage and identity of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis storytelling.

From traditional stories to exciting new visions of the future, this collection presents some of the finest comic book and graphic novel work in North America. MOONSHOT will be an incredible collection that will amaze, intrigue and entertain!

Here are some of the talented artists and writers who will be creating original stories for MOONSHOT:

Claude St-Aubin (R.E.B.E.L.S., Green Lantern, Captain Canuck), Jeffery Veregge (G.I. Joe, Judge Dredd), Stephen Gladue (MOONSHOT cover artist), Haiwei Hou (Two Brothers), Nicholas Burns (Arctic Comics, Curse of Chucky, Super Shamou), Scott B. Henderson (Man to Man, Tales from Big Spirit), Jon Proudstar (Tribal Force), George Freeman (Captain Canuck, Aquaman, Batman), and more!

MOONSHOT will be printed as a 200 page, full colour, high quality volume showcasing a wide variety of stories and artistic styles, highlighting the complex identity of indigenous culture from across North America. Most of the original stories created exclusively for this volume are between 5-10 pages, including pinup art and prose passages.

The traditional stories presented in MOONSHOT are with the permission from the elders in their respective communities, making this a truly genuine, never-before-seen publication!”

Check out their kickstarter

some ways to check your ableism
  • never spray perfumes in public. 
  • never assume someone can walk with you somewhere. offer to drive, take a taxi or a bus. walking distance can mean different things to different people
  • never assume concepts are “easy.” easy can mean different things to different people
  • never sit in seating for designated disabled passengers. 
  • never complain about someone in front of you going slow or having to wait for someone who is moving slower than you. you don’t know what their needs are. 

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I feel so proud of myself for pulling away earlier, I did my gardening and I wore panties and a bra, and jeans. I thought about you though, I couldn't help it. Then I felt bad for not checking back. But ti's okay he would never fuck you in public like that, he is too nice and polite. So I feel like I've one you've taken it too far and I have won. *kiss* MsHutchison

Don’t post here and waste my time anymore. You’re so hot and cold. Are you manic?

Practice Room

Request: Hey can i request ascenario? ^-^ You and JHope are in a dancing academy and you two have to dance to an slow song ( touchy touchy ) for a “dance-evening”. So, during the practise the dance leads to hot, rough sex? Thank youuuu! <3
Word Count: 1942
Genre: Smut
A/N: For the J-Hope anon! I’m so sorry for the lateness >//<

The reflection on the mirror stares back at you as you stretch your limb to its limit, preparing your body for the rehearsal. You are currently in your first year in this prestigious dance academy. You never felt so lucky in your life when you were inform that you had been accepted to this academy after sending a clip of your dancing to them. This academy had been famous for its famous dancers, some of them also debut as an idol group which is one of your dream. You want to be a recognize dancer which fuel your passion for dancing. This year, this academy would have a big competition and a festival. The festival is where the participants for the yearly competition would showcase their talents and gain votes from the academy students. Then the real deal would start at the end of the year where the participants would compete against each other to gain the title Dancer of the Year. The festival, is what the student would call, would be held few months before the competition. You would never know when it would be held so you have to be prepared. It can happen twice before the competition or even thrice.

This year, the theme is couple dance so it means that you have to have a partner which makes you stuck with one of this academy best dancer, J-Hope or Hoseok which he insist you calling him. The door to the practice room open, gaining your attention to the entrance. There, he stands in a black wifebeater and a gray hoodie over it, with a dark cargo pants and high top sneakers. His eyes land on you as he flash his million dollar smile that makes your heart flutter. You had been crushing on him since the first time you saw him and his crew having a battle with the other crew, Teen Top as they call themselves. Hoseok is in a group called Bangtan. The dance battles greet the freshmen, you, as the start of your orientation for the first day in the academy. His moves impress you, it seems like he had become one with the music, so energetic and provocating. How come you become his partner? You never knew but he claimed that he saw you dance. You never dance in public before; you would always check if there is any other person in the studio.

The sound of his backpack crash the floor brings you back to reality. You smile at him as you feel your cheek flush when he take off his hoodie and the black beanie he wear. “So, let’s start where we finish yesterday shall we?” He said, his voice melting your heart as you just smile and nod. He walk to the huge stereo and plug in his i-Pod, selecting the music both of you had agreed to dance to. Both of you decide to go for a slow, sensual dance instead of the energetic one which makes your stomach flutter every time the practice time come. You watch as he turn towards you and stalk closer, his eyes not leaving yours as he held out his hand to yours. Taking a deep breath, you take it, he smirk before pulling you to crash on his chest, you hand on his biceps. Staring into his eyes, you trace your feet in a circle motion from behind and hook your ankle behind his calf as he dip your back making your head hand low behind. You can feel his breathing ghost on your exposed neck, his lips hover under your jaw sending a shiver run down your spine. Slowly he swings you to the left and pulls back your body to his, your eyes meeting his. Your heartbeat speed up as you can feel his every muscle through the thin material of the wifebeater, the heat weaving through transferring to your body as the smell of his cologne invade your nostril, making you intoxicate.

His eyes advert to your open lips as you let out a hot breathe. As his face slowly come closer to yours, you let go of his hand and walk away from him, a mischievous smirk tug on your lips. He stare at you, grinning as you twirl around twice before he grab your hand and twirl you back to him making your back collide with his torso as he wrap his arm around your waist. You softly gasp when you stare at his reflection on the mirror. He is staring at you; something in his eyes makes your heart races faster. It’s dark with passion and…lust? “You wanna know why I choose you as my partner?” His voice turn husky that it shock you, it’s different from his usually bright one. You close your eyes when his lips connect with your earshell. “I saw you dancing in the other studio.” Upon hearing that, your eyes snap open in shock. You were certain there was no one else in the room before you start to dance alone. You try to pry his hands off you in attempt to get away from him before he turn you around and press your body to his, leaving not a single space between your body and his. “Sweetheart, you should know that the studio have two ways mirror before starting that sexy hot dance of yours.” He whispers gruffly before colliding his lips to yours rather roughly.

You let out a involuntary moan as he press his lips deeper into yours, feeling a wave of lust wash through you as his hand start to roam your body, his other hand still wrap around your waist, pulling you as closer to him as possible. You let out a surprise gasp when he suddenly grab your thigh and lift you as you automatically wrap your legs around his waist. You feel he slowly walk you backward before the cold surface of the mirror greet you skin. He break the kiss for a second to pull of your white tank top before reconnecting his lips to yours, taking advantage of your panting to insert his hot tongue into your mouth to wrestle your tongue. You grip on his wifebeater until your knuckle turn white as the hot makeout session makes you wet between your legs. He start to grind his crotch on you as you feel his hardness underneath the thick material of his pants before he break the kiss to look at you in the eyes his eyes dark with lust as you pants and gasp because of the hot kiss you shared with him a moment ago.

“You know, you look so sexy when you dance. Your eyes would burn with passion and this hot body of yours..Gosh you never know how much you turn me on just by dancing.” You stare at him as he rumbles out his thought that shocks you. Before you could even respond, he curses before crashing his lips to yours roughly. You moan out as he pull up his wifebeater and take it off, throwing it somewhere in the room. While you still wrap around his waist, he back up slowly before unwrapping one of your leg and lay you down slowly. He then pull down your sweatpants rather roughly before caressing your thigh, feeling the soft skin that he had wish to touch long time ago. His lips are now attach to your collarbone, leaving marks as he trail them down between the valley of your breast before unclipping your bra and take it off, exposing your erect nipple to his lips. The room is filled with your gasp and whines as he latch his lips to your nipple, sucking them hard. Your fingers lace in his thick lock as you arch your back, pushing your breast into his mouth, craving for his hot lips.

You can feel his roaming hand start to push down your panties before you kick them away. Your whine turn into a loud cry as he suddenly push two fingers inside of you, feeling your wet wall gripping his thick fingers as he chuckle. “So wet for me aren’t you?” You whimper as he starts to pump in and out of you, he pull away just to watch your expression. You whine his name before biting your lips, staring at him with hooded eyes fill with lust making him curse before pulling out his fingers making you whimper in protest. He chuckle as he pull away, reaching in his pants and pull out a small packet, condom. He bite the packet as he pull down his pants, eye fixated on you as he throw the pants away before ripping the packet open and take out the condom. “You are prepared for this?” You gasp out as he rolls the condom on, earning a chuckle from him as he crawl down on you. “You have to always be prepare darling, you never know.”

Reaching for the back of your knee, he pull your body towards him as his lips attack yours, biting your lower lips as you wrap your arm around his shoulder, fingers bury in his hair. Before you could register what is happening, he thrust his length into you making you cry out and arch your back, scratching his back as your legs automatically wrap around his waist, feeling him bury deep in you. Without waiting for you to adjust, he pull out and roughly thrust back in. You gasp in each thrust, feeling the pain mix with the wild lust and pleasure, spreading through your already hot body. He unwrap your arm around his shoulder before pinning them down on each side of your head, not stopping his pace as he watch your flush face and hooded eyes, your breast bouncing in every of his thrust and your lips part letting out a soft whine of his name. He smirks at the view, knowing that you will be his form now on. The sounds of the jiggling of the door knob making his hand cover your mouth in reflex, as your eyes become big in shock. Stopping his thrust for a moment, he stare into your eyes, warning you not to make any noise. The jiggling stop but there’s a loud murmur and voices on the other side of the door.

Feeling your hot wall wrap around making him grunt before he pull out and trust back in roughly earning a muffle gasp from you as he smirk. Your eyes stare into his, pleading for him to stop teasing before you feel his fingers caressing your clit making you grip his wrist as you try not to cry out. The murmur start to die down, signaling that the people outside are gone. He pulls his hand off your lips before caressing you lower lips with his thumb. “Hoseok..” You gasp as you feel something coil inside of you as his fingers not leaving your clit. “Come baby.. Come for oppa..” He commands before kissing your jaw. You arch your back and cry out his name as you reach your orgasm, clawing his biceps. You heard him grunt and curse signaling that he had reach his orgasm too. As both of you calming down your breathe, you sigh as he pull himself out, his arm still wrapping around your waist and yours carresing his biceps. “I like this choreography more.” You laugh at his remark as he pull away, staring into your eyes. “This is the best dance practice ever.” He grin making you chuckle as he kiss your forehead. Well, you can’t deny that you like it too though.

I hope this is okay to message to you because I have seen your blog is a safe space for trans* discussion. I am anon for reasons pertaining to privacy, as I have a blog and I never know who may be following you and trace it back to me etc, I hope you understand.  My friend since childhood, born and raised as “Greg” (name change for privacy) recently came out as a trans* woman and has asked myself and close friends to refer to her as Georgia and her/she pronouns when we are together. She explicitly stated that this was ONLY to be done in this specific group of friends.

Thinking they were helping, a friend of mine informed her parents/grandparents and other friends at a public party that Greg was Georgia and they were calling her the wrong pronouns. 


If a trans* person asks you to not say anything- you are not helping by saying anything. Maybe they want to tell others themselves. Maybe you could put them in a serious situation by outing them. 

If in doubt, ASK. If a friend asks you to use specific pronouns or call them a certain name- double check that it is okay to address them like that in public. Around friends. Around their family. 

Possibly something Tumblr doesn’t quite address (from what I can see) is the safety on YOUR side. Do you have acquaintances that would cause harm or threat to your trans* friend if they were mentioned? Transphobic parents or family? (Inform your trans* friend IMMEDIATELY) but check and see if they would be okay with being addressed as different pronouns/a different name when in the company of that person (please try and avoid all contact if you think the person would be harmful, but in case of unavoidable contact- HAVE A BACKUP PLAN).

If you think all of this is too much, please remember that while it is an unfortunate truth, trans* acceptance is not always widespread. People could die. I wish that was not an exaggeration. Never think it is your right or job to out someone. 

bolding mine, this is EXTREMELY important.

NEVER EVER OUT PEOPLE and ALWAYS check to make sure they’ve approved public usage. in a sticky situation? need a quick answer regarding a specific situation? not sure if you should or shouldn’t? D O N T.

watching the hobbit when suddenly CGI

About My Privilege…

I’m an educated, white, cis, Christian male. Some of you might have a reaction to that. And until recently, I couldn’t understand why.

Then I noticed a comment on the #YesAllWomen tag that was trending lately. I don’t remember exactly where I saw it or who posted it, but the comment essentially said:

No, not all men are predators. But yes, all women are prey. 

A light went on when I read that. And suddenly, I understood sexism, racism and, yes, even my own privilege a little better than I did.

So I’m making this post in an effort to connect the dots for my fellow, confused privileged people.


My privilege, as I understand it, is that I get to live with the assumption that people will treat me as an individual. I don’t have to wonder whether each new person is going to look me in the eye or stop at looking at my skin.

And I know what a difference that makes in a person’s day-to-day life, because I have lived in a context where I was the minority. For two years, I lived in Chile, and I experienced what it is like to be the one with different skin, different culture and different language.

But I got to leave after two years. My neighbors in the minority here don’t.

People in our country still have to wonder if the police officer will harass them because they are African American. People still have to wonder if they’re safe walking to their car at night because they are women. And people still have to wonder if they didn’t get the job they interviewed for because they are homosexual. (There are, of course, even worse examples than these.)

My privilege is that I don’t have to worry about any of those things.


An extension of my privilege is that I assumed everyone else was treated as an individual the same way I was.

I now know that’s not the case. But it’s hard to wrap your mind around prejudice when it isn’t part of your daily experience. Ironically, our privilege is what keeps us from seeing our privilege.

And the result is that, as privileged people, we tend to interpret everything in terms of the individual. That has been our experience, so that is our default perspective. We take things personally.

And that is why, when we hear about the topic of privilege or prejudice, our first reaction is to say, “But I’m the exception!”

…It’s uncomfortable to have your individuality ignored, isn’t it?

That’s exactly the point. We’ve got to realize that our discomfort on this topic is only a taste of the discomfort the non-privileged endure in every other context.

The minority experience is different from ours. Society still requires them to earn their individuality. And if we’re going to address the topic of prejudice with any integrity, we’re going to have to give up our individual-centered paradigm.

Stop thinking about prejudice in terms of how you interact with others personally, and I start thinking about prejudice in terms of how society operates against others broadly.


One of the hardest adjustments I’ve had to make is with the phrase “Check your privilege.”

No one should have their pain dismissed because someone, somewhere has it worse somehow. Pain is pain no matter the context or degree.

So when we hear “Check your privilege”, our first reaction is to say, “But my pain still matters!”

…It’s also uncomfortable to have your pain ignored, isn’t it?

Again, that’s the point. Our discomfort on this topic is only a taste of the discomfort minorities endure in every other context.

Part of our privilege is that society already affirms our pain. Our interests are fully represented in media, advertising, politics and entertainment. Meanwhile the interests of minority groups are passively overlooked, actively dismissed or heartlessly mocked.

And by the way, your non-privileged friends will probably never tell you to check your privilege. It’s a phrase used in public dialogue, because it’s about broader social trends.

So stop interpreting “Check your privilege” as “Your pain doesn’t matter” and start interpreting it as “Everyone’s pain should matter.”

Again, stop taking it personally.

The Point

It’s a symptom of our privilege to think that our responsibility ends with how we individually treat others. But just saying, “I’m not prejudiced,” isn’t enough.

We need to step outside of ourselves and consider the context others have to live in:

  • Other people still have to live with prejudice.
  • They still have to wonder if they’ll be targeted for their demographic.
  • They still have to earn the right to be considered as an individual.
  • And they still have to earn the dignity of having their pain acknowledged.

Our privilege should not be a privilege. It should be the minimum expectation for everyone. And until that’s the case, we need to make it very uncomfortable to have a privilege that society denies our neighbors.