never change plz

Please stop erasing poor vegans, vegans with disabilities, vegans recovering from eating disorders, vegans of colour, the history of whiteness and meat/dairy consumption,

And pleeaasseee when you talk about veganism stop erasing the other species who this is actually about.


Ok so the ppl I tag here are total squad goals and I would NEVER EVER REPLACE THEM I swear to god (not in a certain order thnx)
@lowkey-fandom-trash @nicselle @mochi-crab .@otpworshipper1998 ///@ultimatesupremeleaderkokichiouma BRUH OMGGGG I remember when I asked u to roleplay with me and u were so patient and nice just like everytime we chat~~!! Your such a great person and an awesome friend ^^ tysm ily

OMG YOUR SO FUNNY I CANT– but rlly u r so funny and have such a great personality plz plz never change fr~~you are so awesome!! @nights-watchman29 ahh!! You are so great!! I remember we used to rp alot and I loved it ^^ your so nice and I love your aot oc alot!! You are 100/10 awesome and ily >///

sosoo  asked:

dear jeffreyfromcalifornia :')

Dear jeffreyfromcalifornia,

like holyyyyy shittttttt, idk if u kno this secret but i live for memes and ur entire url is a fucking meme and I love it so much I cri. But like srsly i feel like I stalk ur blog alot??? and im kinda like wowowowowow rn but anyway just gotta say plz never change bc ur content u deliver aka ur blog is like the best, so yes. .just like…stay u and like we can chat sometimes idk…im just going to end this awkwardly like the person I am, HERE YOU GO<33


i dont like her dress in this poster :(

plzzzzzzzzz never change taylorswift

plz dont wear such clothes…….this is what made u d most unique person on earth. now u r gradually changing. i love u <3 plz never change taylorswift

guys, i need you opinions. what do you think??