never change out of those articles

That’s the thing though, you never get over a band like this. It’s a tired comparison to The Beatles, but it works. My mom still gets hyped when one of the remaining Beatles does something, she still has all of their records, all those pictures and articles she cut out of magazines are still with her neatly packed away in a folder and stored with other important documents. It’s been almost 50 years. Something this great doesn’t end, it simply changes form. It’s passed on and shared growing greater over time. It becomes a part of history. It’s already history. It’s a journey that began with 5 boys on the stairs becoming 4 men conquering the world. It’s not over and it will never be over.

An unused cover for Gil Kane’s post-atomic Sword & Sorcery comic Blackmark. Apparently, this was late-period Gil Kane’s favorite theme. Like so many other projects nobody remembers today, Gary Groth’s Comics Journal hyped Blackmark nonstop.

It’s almost kind of fascinating how the Comics Journal missed nearly every single development of importance in the time they were published. It’s normal for fanzines or reviewers to miss the boat on something that becomes more significant later (I’ll never forget a fanzine that spent 3 pages reviewing the Ron Ely Tarzan show, but only spent a page on the debut of Star Trek that same night), but in the case of the Comics Journal, their track record is almost 100% wrong. They barely ever mentioned Frank Miller, and cranked out articles with titles like “Will Alan Zelenetz change the comics industry?”

(For those who don’t know, Alan Zelenetz is best known for Alien Legion, which was a lot of fun, Expendables meets the Imperial Stormtroopers…and for having the incredible bad luck to be the guy Walt Simonson took over writing Mighty Thor from.)

To the Media

I’m disgusted by your headlines sharing taylorswift’s open letter to Apple. “Pay me to play me” REALLY. REALLY? Perfect. Let’s just give all of the internet trolls who NEVER read the articles and LOVE to comment anyways a reason to think Taylor is being self absorbed.

How about

“Taylor takes a stand for new Artists”
“Taylor reaches out to Apple to make a change”
Or simply
“Taylor Swift writes an open letter to Apple: read it here”

I promise those will still get you YOUR self absorbed clicks.

Let’s stop slandering celebrities. It’s 2015. No one wants to read your BS headlines only to find that a so called “top ranked media news outlet”, is right up there with the tabloids. It’s not a cute look.