never change ok


What are girlfriends for ? ♥

Right now you’re crying over him. And I know it hurts, trust me I know that pain. You’re blaming yourself, wondering what you could have done to make him stay. Should you have laughed more, kissed him more, done more.
You couldn’t have done anything to stop him leaving. But I promise you, it’ll get better.
In a year everything will change, the pain will fade, you’ll think about him less. Time will go by and you’ll find yourself laughing again. You’ll be changing and growing into this incredible person he never could have deserved.
Your eyes will shine with happiness not tears.
You will be ok.
You will survive without him.
He will regret letting you go.
Just give it time.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write

Hibari is the leader of the Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee. He cannot stand being restrained and absolutely refuses to allow himself to be controlled. Hibari is considered the strongest guardian of the 10th generation. 

Happy Birthday you cute dork! (人*´∀`)+゚:。*゚+ [05.05]


tvtropes + michiru kaioh/sailor neptune 

“Oh, maybe you misunderstood. A world without Haruka is hardly worth saving.”

tfw when you know youre supposed to “Be yourself” but you arent neurotypical so you dont know if that still applies to you since your Self is not entirely socially acceptable and is embarrassing and confusing at best but you also have anxiety so you dont know if thats even true or if you just are unnecessarily worried that youre being embarrassing when youre not but still you dont know whether you should Be Yourself or Be Socially Acceptable and you feel like if you Be Yourself then youre not going to be able to properly interact with people since its like you and everyone else are speaking two different languages but thats what youre told youre Supposed To Do and you think you would be uncomfortable with only acting how youre supposed to instead of acting how you instinctively want to but on top of this you also have black and white thinking to some extent so you have trouble comprehending the idea of having a balance between the two

headcanon: As long as him getting stronger, Sesshomaru also had a late growth spurt during the manga storyline. But his fluffly thing also grew a bit and then he was walking around with Rin and eventually Kohaku who were also getting taller so everything kept proportional enough that for a while no one noticed - they just thought Jaken was getting progressively smaller instead. 

 No one questioned why Jaken would be shrinking. Not even Jaken.


I had planned to finish the comic I was working on but exam training was tiring as hell so all ive drawn is Jmads and TJeff while trying to figure out how to draw them.
So have a few doodles of me trying to draw both of these and utterly failing!
Hope you have a great day~

I hope that one day you realize that you don’t have to try to please everyone. The only person you need to please is yourself. I hope you have the courage to not only realize this but do something of it. Do what makes you happy and I mean truly happy.
—  When I was struggling to make everyone else happy, I was the one stuck and upset. I wish someone told me this. I hope that you realize this sooner than later. (sefecit)

I’m a grown ass adult who cried over Tri. Also over a decade later and I’m still in Mimato hell, despite knowing how crack it might be is. Yup. Also hi, long time no post.


[15/10/19 TAO’S WEIBO] he shared the audio of the Vox Up intro song

I’m thankful to those who believe in me and the Hailangs who love me the most~ 6AM tomorrow, a new beginning, a new starting point. Let’s do it~ this intro was made before the concert… in the middle of the song are the words i want to say, a lot of people probably hasn’t listened to it yet, hope you all like it~ goodnight everyone ❤️ Please forgive me for not having editing pictures skill………….

Eren: “Armin, look! We can get a burger!!!”
Armin: “Eren, never change, ok?”

(Actually it came out looking like I’m some lovesick puppy. Lol, oops. I was going for more of a “really, Eren? Omg…” kind of look but… I think my inner eremin fangirl came out instead…
Me and my buddy at lunch during spring Kraken Con. Please do not repost or remove this caption.)