never change never change never change

“luke is getting ugly” fuck you! the boy sings like an angel and that’s literally all that should matter!! last time i checked you don’t need to be a model to have a beautiful talented God given voice!


tfw you realise your friend is an Opera cliche. 

A short comic because I rediscovered The Magic Flute recently, and the parallels between it and the Sun and Moon plot were too good to pass up. 

Plus I wanted to do something for my favourite Alola characters. Hau’s such a great guy - just this endless fount of positivity and joie de vivre. (Hell, he’s excited to lose to you!) He embodies this idea that life is an adventure, and you’re the hero who has to grow and learn in it.

Be brave, be defiant, be happy; because life is far more epic than you think it is. 


this is why i shouldnt have photoshop


sorry, I really REALLY wanted to do this… I watched Ethan’s video abut veteran’s day where a soldier told a story about how he lost his best friend during the war, it really touched me and inspired me to do this.
for all of those that say Jasper can’t be redeemed because she’s too violent or is unable to show affection… geeee, I wonder why? it’s not like she was on the side of the war without a gem with healing powers… 
I really want to make at least 5 comic pages, with a more serious tone, illustrating the events that lead up to this situation, but gotta gather courage to do that <<; also I have a lot of stuff to do, so I’ll think about it some other time.

sorry, no funny today 乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ

What i’m learning is that growth is ugly.
It’s not bubble baths and self-help books that teach you how to love yourself.
It’s fighting, kicking and screaming against the self-doubt that weighs you down.
It’s panicking at the possibility of failure while still moving forward anyway.
It’s slowly peeling out of your skin and feeling the tenderness of a touch without armor.
The process of growth is ugly, but it’s the product that makes it worthwhile.
—  a.m. // what i’m learning

This was the year that I realised that people can care for you and be true friends to you and yet leave you abruptly. This was the year I understood that sometimes people miss you every second of every day and yet never say a word to you about it. This year I gained more than I lost.
This year I got something I would cherish forever, lost something I would lament for a long time. I realised just how important it is to find and listen to good music.
This year I spent a long time thinking that things will never get better, and this year I saw things get better than they ever had been.
This was the year I lost a few friends and gained so many more.
This year I experienced things I never have before. This year I learned something important.

And here’s to a new one.