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have some sketchdumps for the bmc  incredibles au

it’s mostly michael tho

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give me headcanons for boyf riends in middle school pls

Anon is speaking my language because I think of this all the time

-they were already best friends at the time because they met in the elementary school, matching bracelets and everything

-Michael had already started realizing he was trans at this time, but brushed it off as being tomboyish.

-because of this Jeremy grabbed scissors and helped Michael by cutting his hair short

-Michael’s mom screamed for about 3 days straight

-there was a time in gym class where Michael really didn’t want to be there so when a dodgeball very softly hit his knee he fell to the ground and started sobbing.

-Jeremy saw him being picked up that day, Michael stopped sobbing for a second to wink at Jeremy

-Once Jeremy broke Michael’s glasses by taking them off his face, yelling “how many fingers am I holding up?” And then dropping/stepping on them

-Jeremy never changed in front of the other guys, he’d always go into a stall and would be called a sissy by the others

-All of Michael’s bracelets were given to him by Jeremy at around this time, they were thank you presents for helping him with bullies

-Both of them got bullied a lot, mostly verbal but there was certainly shoving and even gum-in-hair once.

-Because of this they ended up holding hands in the hallway protectively, only to get more bullied

-and this is when the concept of being gay is introduced to Michael, and he starts thinking “..that might be me”

-the first time he realized he had a crush on Jeremy was when he accidentally exploded ketchup in his own face, Jeremy’s laugh was the most beautiful thing ever, when he got the ketchup out of his face he was entranced

-Jeremy got braces at the end of eighth grade and was super embarrassed of it, but Michael kept calling him adorable and saying “your mouth must taste like a robots!” And it cheered him up some

-they used to have Pokémon battles at lunch, they had full on intense battles and at some points their friendship was tested

-they had full on debates in whether ash should have pikachu evolve or not

-along with this Michael had his very own pokedex and it was his most prized possession

-Jeremy took the school bus while Michael walked home, that is until Jeremy realized Michael wasn’t getting a ride home from his parents.

-he told Michael to ride the bus with him since his house wasn’t too far, but Michael said the bus freaked him out, so Jeremy ended up walking home too

-they had a handshake for literally every possible occasion

-they were huge Cartoon Network boys, Jeremy and Michael used to binge watch teen titans

-Jeremy used to hang upside down from his legs in the locker rooms. Michael would flick his nose whenever he walked by

-Michael may or may not have accidentally started a food fight.

-Jeremy and Michael were both chosen to do a Shakespeare scene where Jeremy was Bottom and Michael was Titania

-Jeremy ended up having to basically snort Michael’s hair

-this was also when Jeremy started to like theater, especially because of the cute girl who was rocking the Puck role.

-he got paired with said girl for a project, and learned her name was Christine and that she was adorable. After that Jeremy couldn’t say full sentences to her

-Michael also started having to listen to Christine rants from Jeremy all the time, it was like being hit in the face with “ah yes my crush is straight” constantly.

-still he helped Jeremy out so much, and gave him literally every bit of advice he could, even though some was from rom-coms

-one day Jeremy returned the favor by jokingly buying a rose for Michael and handing it to him with a “mi amor” Michael still had the rose pressed into a book

-Michael had heelies and slid down hallways with them

-Jeremy never used school bathrooms for some reason

-after a particularly bad bully made Michael’s nose bleed, Jeremy promised him that he’d never abandon him, and that he’d make sure he’d get loved one day

-they usually ended the day with a goodbye of a handshake and: “see you tomorrow right?” “Always” “let’s be cooler tomorrow” “we’re already a step closer”


hey that’s pretty gay

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The First Aid Kit in the penthouse is stocked with novelty plasters/band-aids - what if Ryan or whoever comes home one night with cuts/bruises on them and one/all the lads cover them in dinosaur plasters or ones with silly phrases on them

Jeremy getting his Scooby Doo bandages because “Jack says nothing can happen to you if Scooby Doo is involved.” He ends up with bandaids in places they don’t need to be, but he can’t say no because they’re helping.


Have some (slightly grainy, because these are just quick screen resolution edits) car porn - including Jeremy’s love for the Alfa Romeo 4C even though it is… a bit flawed.  And despite the holy hybrid trinity, James Bond’s DB10, and two Lamborghinis, the boys managed to pick between them the cheapest car on display and two cars they already own.  Never change, you precious idiots!