never change jeremy


have some sketchdumps for the bmc  incredibles au

it’s mostly michael tho

me, watching the bootleg: nothing could ruin this. my life is made. i could not be more blessed. did i ever feel happiness and joy until now?

me, finishing the bootleg: i am cursed. i will never be happy again. i cannot believe they had the AUDACITY to upload that QUALITY bootleg and then have it cut out RIGHT when the squip enters. who does that??? how long have they had the bootleg???? why release it now???? i will never be free


hey that’s pretty gay

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give me headcanons for boyf riends in middle school pls

Anon is speaking my language because I think of this all the time

-they were already best friends at the time because they met in the elementary school, matching bracelets and everything

-Michael had already started realizing he was trans at this time, but brushed it off as being tomboyish.

-because of this Jeremy grabbed scissors and helped Michael by cutting his hair short

-Michael’s mom screamed for about 3 days straight

-there was a time in gym class where Michael really didn’t want to be there so when a dodgeball very softly hit his knee he fell to the ground and started sobbing.

-Jeremy saw him being picked up that day, Michael stopped sobbing for a second to wink at Jeremy

-Once Jeremy broke Michael’s glasses by taking them off his face, yelling “how many fingers am I holding up?” And then dropping/stepping on them

-Jeremy never changed in front of the other guys, he’d always go into a stall and would be called a sissy by the others

-All of Michael’s bracelets were given to him by Jeremy at around this time, they were thank you presents for helping him with bullies

-Both of them got bullied a lot, mostly verbal but there was certainly shoving and even gum-in-hair once.

-Because of this they ended up holding hands in the hallway protectively, only to get more bullied

-and this is when the concept of being gay is introduced to Michael, and he starts thinking “..that might be me”

-the first time he realized he had a crush on Jeremy was when he accidentally exploded ketchup in his own face, Jeremy’s laugh was the most beautiful thing ever, when he got the ketchup out of his face he was entranced

-Jeremy got braces at the end of eighth grade and was super embarrassed of it, but Michael kept calling him adorable and saying “your mouth must taste like a robots!” And it cheered him up some

-they used to have Pokémon battles at lunch, they had full on intense battles and at some points their friendship was tested

-they had full on debates in whether ash should have pikachu evolve or not

-along with this Michael had his very own pokedex and it was his most prized possession

-Jeremy took the school bus while Michael walked home, that is until Jeremy realized Michael wasn’t getting a ride home from his parents.

-he told Michael to ride the bus with him since his house wasn’t too far, but Michael said the bus freaked him out, so Jeremy ended up walking home too

-they had a handshake for literally every possible occasion

-they were huge Cartoon Network boys, Jeremy and Michael used to binge watch teen titans

-Jeremy used to hang upside down from his legs in the locker rooms. Michael would flick his nose whenever he walked by

-Michael may or may not have accidentally started a food fight.

-Jeremy and Michael were both chosen to do a Shakespeare scene where Jeremy was Bottom and Michael was Titania

-Jeremy ended up having to basically snort Michael’s hair

-this was also when Jeremy started to like theater, especially because of the cute girl who was rocking the Puck role.

-he got paired with said girl for a project, and learned her name was Christine and that she was adorable. After that Jeremy couldn’t say full sentences to her

-Michael also started having to listen to Christine rants from Jeremy all the time, it was like being hit in the face with “ah yes my crush is straight” constantly.

-still he helped Jeremy out so much, and gave him literally every bit of advice he could, even though some was from rom-coms

-one day Jeremy returned the favor by jokingly buying a rose for Michael and handing it to him with a “mi amor” Michael still had the rose pressed into a book

-Michael had heelies and slid down hallways with them

-Jeremy never used school bathrooms for some reason

-after a particularly bad bully made Michael’s nose bleed, Jeremy promised him that he’d never abandon him, and that he’d make sure he’d get loved one day

-they usually ended the day with a goodbye of a handshake and: “see you tomorrow right?” “Always” “let’s be cooler tomorrow” “we’re already a step closer”

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psst! latest call of duty LP, timestamp 15:52 owo

um, let me just uh. do a quick transcription for any interested parties here:

(video link) 


Ryan: …Oh oh, coul - ah, no… You guys can’t come in me again, can you?
Jack: We can’t come in you?
Jeremy: I don’t wanna come in you.
Geoff, perking up: I’ll come in you.
Jeremy: No, never let him do it, Ryan!
Ryan: Nah, I don’t want you to come in me.
Geoff: I’m comin’ hard in you.
Ryan: Don’t you come in me!
Geoff: I’m gonna come in you!
Ryan: Don’t you come in me!
Michael: Fight it, Ryan.
Geoff: I’m gonna do it!
Ryan: Fuck off!
Michael: Fight him on this, Ryan!
Jack: War never changes…
Jeremy, imitating Geoff: I’m a’ comin’ to get ya!
Michael, also imitating Geoff: Here I come…
*Jeremy and Alfredo laughing*
Ryan: Woohoo! He didn’t come in me!

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38 with Boyf riends would be nice! Love your writing btw, keep it up!

Summer nights weren’t always spent playing video games. 

Believe it or not Jeremy and his best friend, Michael, did more than just get high in each other’s basement and play games. They did more than just chill. On especially clear nights like tonight, Jeremy had a secondary passion he couldn’t contain, a passion not many knew about. Michael peeked over to his passenger side as Jeremy excitedly watched as the PT Cruiser traveled along a dirt rode into the far off fields of South Jersey. “Alright, I think this is a good spot…what did you say was happening again?” 

“Meteor shower and its a perfect night.” Jeremy smiled, once the AC went off and the car was parked he shrugged off his cardigan and exposed his faded NASA shirt. “I’ll set up the telescope.” 

Jeremy loved space. Aliens and planets, all of it he adored as a kid. While Michael was more of a fantasy guy, Jeremy was all scifi. It was hard to pick a movie sometimes but he had to admit it was nice to see Jeremy in his element. Michael wished these nights never changed. He didn’t want any of it to change.

Even though this was their last summer before college, Michael couldn’t shake the dread that this would be their last summer was…them. Who else would drive Jeremy hours out of town just for a few minutes of stargazing? Who else would cherish his excited laughs and soft and disgruntled look while he tried to piece together his telescope in pitch,black darkness. “Michael mind …giving me some” his eyes stung when a sudden flash of light came beaming towards him. 

“Need a light?” He chuckled as Jeremy slowly regained vision and shot Michael a small eyeroll. Michael watched as Jeremy skillfully pieced together his telescope then stood it up pointing it towards the sky. “Nice night…” Michael noticed it was a clear summer night, perfect for this sort of thing. As his eyes adjusted he could already see a few sparkling dots liter the sky. 

Jeremy nodded in agreement, “it is…thanks for doing this with me. I’m sure you had other plans tonight.” 

“Oh yeah, hot date with Majora’s Mask and Blue Dream.” Michael snickered, watching as his best friend knelt down by the ground, hunched over his telescope as he spied through it. “Say Jeremy…” 


“You think we’ll be doing this even when we’re in college?” Michael muttered softly. He didn’t want to ruin the moment but he wanted to be prepared for the worse. He wanted to be prepared for the end of their golden days. He looked up with only a little bit of light offered by his flashlight and noticed Jeremy was looking at him with a serious expression on his face. 

“Michael…” He shook his head, “do you really think this will be our last night together? You’re my best friend…” 

“Yeah what if that changes from now until you meet a cooler best friend.” 

“There is no cooler best friend–” 

“You don’t know that Jeremy! You’re going to college. You’re going to meet a bunch of new and cooler people.” He had to be realistic. One of them had to be. Michael knew at the end of the day Jeremy didn’t need him as much as Michael did. “I’m going to miss this, ya know…so I just want to be ready when shit happens and we drift apart.” 

Jeremy didn’t respond right away which forced Michael to believe that it was true. He looked away trying to find anything else in the dark to look at so not to alarm Jeremy with his pathetic face that was near tears.”Michael, you know you are my favorite person. And I meant it when I said, it will never change.” Jeremy touched Michael’s hand and continued. “You are irreplaceable Michael, I need you like, always. Who else is going to figure out life with me…and get high when life gets too tough? Who else …would I want to spend all my time with if its not you?” 

The words warmed Michael’s face and chest. Any sign of tears were melted away by the heat of his flushing face. When he faced Jeremy he was dumbfounded by the sincere and certain look in his face. “Jer… I…want to spend all my time with you too…” He whispered in a low voice as if not to disturb the stars. 

There was an understanding between them, Jeremy’s face turned red as he looked away. When Michael said it like that…the meaning changed entirely and Jeremy didn’t entirely dislike that. Luckily for him he didn’t have to worry about stammering out a response. His eyes caught the brief glimpse of stars shooting across the sky. “Its time!” he turned towards the telescope quickly and began to gaze through the lens. “Michael you gotta look at this!” He backed away, and smiled brightly at Michael. His eyes and expression so alive and excited. “Isn’t it amazing!” 

Jeremy gestured to the sky but Michael’s eyes were glued to Jeremy’s face. “It is.” 


Have some (slightly grainy, because these are just quick screen resolution edits) car porn - including Jeremy’s love for the Alfa Romeo 4C even though it is… a bit flawed.  And despite the holy hybrid trinity, James Bond’s DB10, and two Lamborghinis, the boys managed to pick between them the cheapest car on display and two cars they already own.  Never change, you precious idiots!