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The twins have always known that Grunkle Stan is a divorced bachelor.

Okay the context of this is actually all kinds of HILARIOUS to me.

SO. Legend of the Gobblewonker. Great episode, no matter which way you look at it. But check out this super specific scene way at the beginning of the episode:

Stan: Good morning knuckleheads! You two know what day it is?

  • Dipper: Umm… Happy Anniversary?
  • Mabel: MAZEL TOV

Stan: *proceeds to smack small child with newspaper*

Okay so inconsequential it seems to the rest of the episode but! The big thing that happened here that caught my eye was that Dipper and Mabel responded with “Happy anniversary” and “mazel tov” in relation to wondering what day it is. They could have said “Happy Birthday”, the actual day of the week, etc. So many jokes to be made! And Alex Hirsch decides to make a marriage joke.

While it technically wasn’t confirmed until Roadside Attraction, it’s always been insinuated that Stan was once married, got a divorce and is now a lonely bachelor. He makes a joke about his ex-wife in this very episode, and Hirsch himself has mentioned his ex-wife at cons. And now we know she exists! Marilyn divorced him after only 6 hours.

But… the Twins know about this. They always have known, and hell it might even be a running family joke; Stan and his 6 hour marriage.

Of course, if the twins know about it, that means this 6 hour marriage happened while Stan was not actually Stanley, but Stanford.

Stan probably married Marilyn while posing as his bro bro.

Think about this, and then think about his marriage being only 6 hours long.

“Now that we’re together, I just wanna let you know…”
“What is it, Stanford?”
“Well, that’s just the thing. Stanford isn’t my real name. I’m kinda posing as my potentially dead brother.”
“We’re getting divorced immediately.”

“Do you ever have random alarms go off for no reason? The proverbial annoying smoke detectors and such?” - Iselwyr

“Thankfully no, however.. we are just programmed according to the creators. As such, sometimes there are alarms and loud noises that might be issued on fault of the creators or higher-ups. Or sometimes as a joke, even when harsh reprimands are issued! The things some officers will do for a laugh never ceases to confuse me.”

2015 Book Superlatives (via b00kstorebabe)

Day Eight: Most Likely To Make You Laugh. 

Howl and Calcifer and Sophie are so realistic to me in terms of the dynamic of their relationship, it never ceases to make me laugh. (Plus, Howl names himself Twinkle in House of Many Ways and it’s so very Howl that I can’t stop laughing about it.)


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Ew, I wonder what deity ya have to pray to in order for that tongue lassoing, vein popping, eyeball bulging mutant sunflower doodiehead to disappear. >_< If he comes too close, perhaps this may stall him for more than a few seconds. *gives a pepper grinder* That oughta "spice" things up should an as"salt" be necessary at least.

“Oh, nonners. You never cease to make me laugh. Don’t fret though. He’s not nearly as dangerous as he looks. I can handle him should the need arise.”

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"Dye me!"

Cheeks: “I’ll Feel Happy Around You”
Over Ears: “I Want to be the Person You Listen to the Most”
Over Eyes: “I Want Your Gaze to Always Follow Me” || Admiration / Possible crush
Lips: “I Want These for Myself” || Desire that is overall romantic/sensual
Shoulders: “You’re My Support” || “You’re My Shoulder to Lean On”
Shoulder Blades: “I Want to Treasure You”
On the Arms: “We’re Comrades” / Friendship
Torso: “You Never Cease to Make Me Laugh”
Down the Spine: “I feel emotions beyond words for you”
Thigh / Waist Area: “I Want to be Your Partner”
Hands: “I Feel Most Free With You”
Knees and Calves: “I Want to Support You.”
Pinkie finger: We’re Fated to be Together”
Feet: “You’ll Find Your Way Back to Me No Matter What”

*Casually paints all parts listed* “I love youuuu~~~!!”

Pietro Maximoff Imagine: How do I Know To Trust You
Words: 2.1K
Masterlist: x

You, were one of the stupidly courageous heroes who fought against the avengers to defeat Ultron, you couldn’t be prouder of your teammates, they all were amazing; especially newcomers Pietro and Wanda. Pietro saved your brothers life by taking the bullets for him. Pietro survived, just and ever since then you had so much more respect for him, although you seemed to be the only person who didn’t hate him.

Tony, Clint and Steve especially didn’t like him and so far Nat didn’t seem so impressed either, you never knew what he had done to deserve this; you assumed because of his sharp wit and his lack of patience. You admired it honestly, he never ceased to make you laugh. You understood that it couldn’t be helped, he was fast, everything about him was he couldn’t help that at all. In fact you could say you were falling for that gorgeous boy; you couldn’t help yourself.

The worst part was that feeling between you both was mutual. You knew that normally this would be a complete dream come true for you however, you brother Clint and closest friend Tony both had a bit of a grudge against the boy. You wanted to be with Pietro, he was the perfect man for you he really was, but you couldn’t upset Clint and Tony like this; you couldn’t lose them.
It was you and him left in the gym alone, and you could feel the tension in the air.

“Y/n” Pietro spoke making you turn around and look at him shyly. “I know, I know we can’t do anything and it kills me, I want you to know as much as I really like you, I understand why we can’t happen, but I want us to still be friends.” He let out the breath he didn’t even realise he had been holding whilst you nodded your head slowly.

Pietro, you know, i’m always going to be here for you, always" you whisper kissing his cheek before using your ability to speed out of the gym and back into your brothers room, you knew that yours was being cleaned so you thought the best place to wait would be in Clint’s.You couldn’t even be around Pietro without feeling like you need more from him. You just want his hands around your waist, your hands on his face, you want his lips on yours but you understood that that couldn’t happen and as much as it pained you; you understood.

It must have been only half an hour until Clint returned to his room, a look of anger was written across his face. “Were you with Pietro? Alone in the gym, did he try anything with you?” Clint spat watching as your face twisted in confusion.

“We were just training, we weren’t even training together” you explained softly hoping Clint would calm down a little.

“Oh just training? JUST TRAINING?! YOUR LIPSTICK IS ON HIS FACE DID HE MAKE YOU KISS HIM?” Clint spat, okay now he was being an imbecile.

“No he didn’t I kissed his cheek, calm down Clint” you said holding your hands up in an attempt to stop him from yelling any louder.

“Y/n, this” he spoke holding up the key card to your room. “Is confiscated, sorry y/n, but you need to be taught a lesson, sleep on the sofa downstairs but you do not go in your room clear?” he yelled making you nod and run out of his room running until you were you were out of sight and collapsed crying in the corridor.

You were too caught up in creating a niagra falls of tears in the corridor of Avengers you didn’t even notice Pietro kneel in front of you. “Shhhh y/n, it’s okay, everything is fixable okay? Why don’t we go somewhere huh? I don’t think the corridor is the best place to do this love” he soothed as you nodded, you would have wanted to stay here but Tony was watching you judgingly through the window.

“We can’t go to my room, Clint took the key you’re room maybe?” you sniffled making him nod and pick you up, using his speed to get you to his room before shutting and locking the door. He understood that Clint would probably want to be in there and you wouldn’t want to see your brother for a while.

“We can either talk about it or I don’t know watch a film maybe? Or do something?” Pietro spoke , he felt helpless, he couldn’t do anything to make you feel remotely better.

“Clint’s even madder at us both now” you whimpered trying to stifle your tears as you gestured towards the small, your coloured lipstick mark on Pietro’s face.

“Oh my god, Princessa, I am so sorry” he mumbled wiping at it frantically before looking down at himself.
“It’s okay” you hushed using both your hands to gently lift Pietro’s face up and using the edge of your thumb to wipe off the smeared lipstick stain that had caused so much trouble.

“P, don’t blame yourself, this one’s on me, it’s my lipstick” you bargained making him smile weakly, you loved his smile, you loved him. “Pietro” you whispered placing his lips to yours for a few seconds before he pulled away.You both understood how needed that kiss was but also how wrong it is.

“Y/n, please I have nothing at all against kissing you whatsoever, but I don’t think that I can go from kissing you to nothing again, I can’t control my feelings like this; when they’re being messed about” he apologised waiting for some type of response that would match but instead you just smiled a little.

“What if I want more? What if I didn’t care about Clint and Tony or anyone else for that matter, What if the only person I cared about was you.” the words felt right coming from your mouth, it was like this time around, you weren’t thinking about other people, you were thinking about yourself.  Pietro’s smile spread fully across his face as he took in your words.
It was mere seconds until his lips were upon yours, molding your lips against his, every kiss upon your lips felt like heaven. You had wanted this for such a long amount of time, this was something you truly needed; damn you loved this boy.
“Pietro” you whispered pulling away to look into his lust-filled blue eyes, “The door is locked right?” you questioned smirking when he realised why you wanted to know. Pietro didn’t reply but only smirked back kissing and pushing you gently back over to the bed kissing you down.

No prizes for guessing what happened next.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The gentle shine through the morning blinds woke both you and Pietro from your sleep. “Morning beautiful” Pietro moaned wrapping his arms back around you and cuddling you into his chest.

“Morning P” you whispered as he kissed the top of your head. “I think I might go for a run once i’m ready wanna join me?” you asked, sitting up a little more and stretching all your slightly aching muscles out.

“Yeah, just give me Five, go get ready and meet me back here okay?” he spoke making you nod and yawn a little.
Running down the corridor, you saw Tony approaching you and held your breath. “Shit” you thought, you knew he had saw you and Pietro talking in the corridor once Clint kicked you out.

“Y/n wait” he ordered making you pause immediately, you really didn’t want to make eye contact but you knew you had to.

“You know I saw you yesterday with Pietro, and I also know you expect me to be made and yell and tell Clint but I won’t. I heard what he said to you, and as much as I hate saying this; I think I was wrong about him. Over that past couple weeks, that boy is a really nice guy y/n, I support you. I’m not going to tell Clint I swear, i’ll cover for you as much as I can okay kiddo? Just no leaving his room with sex hair ugh” he fake gagged making you chuckle.

“Seriously, thank you so much!” you exclaimed hugging Tony before going to continue to Clint’s room.

“Oh and your room key? I know Clint has yours so I got another one for you” he winked making you smile as you took the key into your hands.

You said a quick ‘thank you’ before running to your room to change into your running gear which was a sports bra and yoga pants with some kick-ass trainers. You hate wearing a lot when you sweat so this was the best idea you had had.
Running back down your corridor you this time ran into Clint. Wow this really must have been your lucky day, the two people you were trying to avoid just happened to be in the places you needed to be. Great.

“Y/n, I know that i’m your big brother and I know that you hate taking my advice but I think i’ve just proved Pietro to you - well I think i’ve just proved he uses girls.” he said completely serious as if he was doing something to save you.

“Y/n, he has scratches down his back, after you kissed him, he moved onto another girl like that” he snapped his fingers gesturing how quickly he supposedly moved on. “I saw when he left his room, the idiot was shirtless and covered in scratched and a couple love bites. Mind you, you would have to be stupid to sleep with him? I mean who would, probably a slut themselves” he chuckled as you rolled your eyes, knowing you were going to regret what you were going to say next.

“It was me. The slut?” you spat. “Was me, I slept with him, but so what? I’m a grown up girl” you screamed in his face, pushing him into the railing of the corridor before storming off.

“What’s happened?” Pietro asked as you walked into his room noting the look on your face that scared even him.

“Well” you began, “Clint, saw the scratches on your back, started saying shit about you and how you must have slept with some slut. So, I may have told him the slut was me, but I think he took it well” you trailed off barely being able to make eye contact with Pietro for fear of his response but when he finally did you were shocked to find him bent over laughing.

“Took it well?” he spoke between chuckles as he tried to control his laughter.

“Well I shoved him into a railing and ran so I didn’t see a full reaction however, he hasn’t punched me in the face yet so that’s a good sign” you offered looking at Pietro as you both began to giggle.

“You know I want more than just a hook-up don’t you y/n?” he asked stopping laughing for a little while wrapping his arms around you so you were close to his chest. He looked down on you as you blushed.

“I know Pietro I know” you giggled, he always got you at a loss for words.

“I love you y'know y/n, a freaking lot. I want you to be mine” he said himself sighing a little at how embarrassed he was; he was never great with his feelings.

“I always have been yours Pietro, and I always will be” you smiled sweetly as you placed a soft kiss on your lips before hearing a cough behind you making you both jump away.

Pietro saw who it was immediately and spun you around to face the man, who happened to be Clint. Pietro kept his arms around your waist the entire time, he knew Clint wouldn’t like it, but he knew that if Clint kicked off at you, he could always keep you safe.
“Not interrupting anything am I?” Clint questioned to which you both just swallowed and you shook your head slightly.

“Y/n, I cant believe I am saying this but -” he paused, “I support you, er this. I support you both being together. I trust you know fine well how to make your own decisions in life so I support your choices Y/n. I’m not saying I agree with this, i’m just saying I support this. But what it speedy. ONE HAND on that girl and I will personally make sure your sokovian ass is handed to you.” he spoke harshly making you both nod. “Now I am gonna go because I know fine well I interrupted something but I don’t even wanna think about what” he chuckled making you both cringe like crazy.

You waited for Clint to shut the door before you span in Pietro’s arms so you were facing him and locked your lips passionately. “I love you so much” you whispered pulling away from his lips to look into his eyes.

“I love you too, Princess”


a very special message for a very special person, from a very special fictional character man. @froschkuss​, meeting you this year was definitely one of the best things that could ever happen to me, and i’ll forever cherish you and your friendship. thank you for being you, the sweetest friend anyone could possibly ask for, for indulging me always and somehow never minding my nonsense and silly whims. you never cease to make me laugh and to warm my lil sappy heart, and your art has made a lot of us humble muffins extraordinarily happy. may all your wishes come true, my precious and stellar baumkuchen, and may we fummel the flausch together for a very long time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHACHA ♥ ♥

from lil elf ;)