never cease laughing

Summary: Dustin has been wanting to confess his “undying love” - as Lucas calls it - to you, so one day at school he sees his chance.

Dustin x Reader

“I can’t do this!” Dustin decides, and his friends groan in annoyance.

“Come on, man! She’s right over there!” Lucas points in your direction, where you sat at your desk reading. “Just. Go.”

Mike nods, “Yeah. She’s nice, she wouldn’t just shut you down so..” Dustin scoffs, “Easy for you to say, you didn’t need to do anything impressive for Eleven and you got a kiss!” The Wheeler boy turns red and just denies the statement. Lucas then stands up, making the kids around him look over at the sound of Dustin’s dramatic-ness as Lucas drags him to the back of the class.

“Lucas! No, let go of me, abort mission! Abort mission!!”

You can’t help but look up, seeing the two standing there. “Um, yeah?” Lucas nudges Dustin, who nudges back, and you slowly close your text book. “Oh hi Dustin.”

“H-hi (Y/n), you, uh, look rice today- I mean nice! What..” You don’t try to stop the smile that tugs on your lips, and you laugh. “Well, thanks I guess.”

Lucas rolls his eyes, “You two are hopeless..”

“What do you mean?”

“Dustin likes y-” His words were muffled by a hand, and Dustin begins to ramble over him. “What he means is-” Lucas was shoved away, back toward Mike Wheeler - who you sometimes hang out with since you knew Nancy - “Uh, do you, w-wanna do something after school?! Or uh..”

You say nothing, seeming unfazed, only nodding your head.

Dustin slowly nods back, “Okay. Cool. I mean, that’s great. S-see you later then?”

You nod again, “Yup. I was wondering when you’d ever ask me.” Dustin stares, face red, before simply turning around and walking away. You laugh, shaking your head. Dustin never ceased to make you laugh.

Jung Hoseok as your Boyfriend

-you would be his princess and he would treat you as such

-he would burst out into random little jingles about how much he loves you

-cuddles for days

-he’d love to touch your hair

-watching melodramas on movie nights and you both would be crying

-he would take you out to a really fancy restaurant, but insist on wearing street clothes  since neither of you like dressing up

-he’d definitely write a song about you

-holding hands

-dance duets even if you’re not very good he’d love it because it’s his two loves in one

-matching outfits

-disneyland dates 

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The twins have always known that Grunkle Stan is a divorced bachelor.

Okay the context of this is actually all kinds of HILARIOUS to me.

SO. Legend of the Gobblewonker. Great episode, no matter which way you look at it. But check out this super specific scene way at the beginning of the episode:

Stan: Good morning knuckleheads! You two know what day it is?

  • Dipper: Umm… Happy Anniversary?
  • Mabel: MAZEL TOV

Stan: *proceeds to smack small child with newspaper*

Okay so inconsequential it seems to the rest of the episode but! The big thing that happened here that caught my eye was that Dipper and Mabel responded with “Happy anniversary” and “mazel tov” in relation to wondering what day it is. They could have said “Happy Birthday”, the actual day of the week, etc. So many jokes to be made! And Alex Hirsch decides to make a marriage joke.

While it technically wasn’t confirmed until Roadside Attraction, it’s always been insinuated that Stan was once married, got a divorce and is now a lonely bachelor. He makes a joke about his ex-wife in this very episode, and Hirsch himself has mentioned his ex-wife at cons. And now we know she exists! Marilyn divorced him after only 6 hours.

But… the Twins know about this. They always have known, and hell it might even be a running family joke; Stan and his 6 hour marriage.

Of course, if the twins know about it, that means this 6 hour marriage happened while Stan was not actually Stanley, but Stanford.

Stan probably married Marilyn while posing as his bro bro.

Think about this, and then think about his marriage being only 6 hours long.

“Now that we’re together, I just wanna let you know…”
“What is it, Stanford?”
“Well, that’s just the thing. Stanford isn’t my real name. I’m kinda posing as my potentially dead brother.”
“We’re getting divorced immediately.”

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What are your fave Harrymort|Tomarry fanfics?


The Rise of a Dark Lord by Little.Miss.Xanda.

One of the best, Harry becomes a Dark Lord fics ever. It’s one of those wones that you can only hope to be able to write as well as. Also, Zanda is super great and has many great fics! ^-^

The Black Bunny by Windseeker2305

This fic will never cease to make me laugh. And the world building and characters are great! The best Hermione I’ve ever read. Best friend. Bets Weasley Twins too. Best Draco(high compliment since I usually hate him). Just one of those fics that is good at everything.

Schooled by Wordsmyth

Devious-Harry is best Harry. Such great plot, humor, and great revenge.

Embracing His True Self by DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan

Smart-Harry done right. I appreciate the deviousness of everything involved.

Little Seer by HuskyWalker

One of the best Voldemort-Wins AUs I’ve ever read. Also funny in a dark way.

Embracing Life’s Riddles Without Asking Questions by Nemesis13

Actually inspired by a conversation with me. That might bias me a bit, but it’s great. The convo was concerning another of Nemesis’ fics. And we talked for a while. Anyway, it’s a great fic and one of the good gender swapping ones that came out well.

Sound the Death Knell by Tsume Yuki

There are few HP soulmark fics that I actually enjoy. This is one of them. Also, a great fem-Harry too! ^-^ Anything Tsume writes is great though.

Your Name On My Heart by whitedandelions

The other good soulmark HP fic I like. The drama is A+.

Lessons On Being A Seer by ZeGhostCow

A different take on being a Seer. Harry has seen up to the 21st century and it affects his growth. And since this is set in medieval time…ish, that’s a problem. Great humor.

The Train to Nowhere by MayMarlow

I re-read this one often because there is so much nuance and I always notice something new every time I go through. Voldemort-Wins AU. A bit dark but worth it.

The Consequences of a Binding Ritual by teecup_angel

Equal parts dark and hilarious. Starts in Harry’s 4th year and is one of those glorious fics where Harry stands up for himself and doesn’t roll over and accept how people treat him. And No Ron and Hermione! They fucked up! Voldemort-will-win AU.

All of these are fics I go back and read again when I can’t find anything new that is interesting. Hope you like them! ^-^

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Hi~ I just wanted to request RFA + V and Saeran react to meeting a really smol and chubby MC who is really self concious and insecure for the first time. Thakyooooo so much! /*** hugs

a smol and cute MC huh? sounds familiar…

SHAMELESS SELF-PROMO TIME: i’ve written one about a Chubby MC so please check it out!!


  • this bubbling ball of pure joy does not understand why MC seems so uncomfortable after seeing him
  • was it his hair? was it shirt smelly? DID HE FORGET TO ZIP UP HIS FLY?!
  • he’s like low key checking himself while MC is just over there tugging nervously at her sleeves
  • it was bad cuz MC shied away from him everytime he tried to hold her hand
  • I thought this was a date??? am I going too fast or???
  • his mind was wondering to just about a million places
  • “MC, are you.. okay?”
  • “Uhm, yea, it’s just that I’m a little.. a bit..”
  • ohh now he got it
  • “It’s okay, MC, no need to feel insecure. I love you for you and also, if you’re ever worry about your height, just remember that I’m missing a few inches too so.. I’m actually kinda glad that you’re small, it also makes you 200x cuter than any other girl too” ^-^


  • your flirtatious boy did not know when to stop
  • flirting left, flirting right, flirting upside down, flirting rightside up; anywhere, really.
  • it was no wonder MC felt a little uncomfortable - not to mention his heavenly good looks and tall, muscular structure
  • so when MC was acting real timid and insecure, Zen did the most logical thing he could think of
  • and that was
  • to lift up MC bridal style and proceed to announce his love for her in public


  • this girl right here IS THE REAL MVP
  • straight up the moment she sees MC she’s like 
  • “MC, don’t feel awkward or insecure, you’re amazing the way you are - take my word for it.”
  • have you ever seen eyes so full of happiness
  • MC might have been bawling idunno you decide
  • but let’s just say that the date was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
  • Jaehee was so understanding 
  • whenever MC felt out of place or uncomfortable Jaehee would take her hand and walk them out of the situation just. like. that.
  • there was so much pride??? so much love??? it was just floating freely through the air 
  • it was impossible not to be grateful to her


  • have you ever SEEN A MAN MORE DENSE
  • like no offense to mistatrustfundkid but like??
  • excuse me sir yes hi MC is very shy around you and won’t put on that very revealing dress you bought her because she insecure
  • can you tell that i’m mad because i’m very much so
  • “MC, why won’t you wear any of the dresses I’ve bought you? I’m sure you love them.”
  • MC:
  • lookie lookie this man needs help - desperately
  • so FINALLY when he gets hit by a truckload of “hints” from everyone on the messenger
  • he apologizes
  • “I apologize for my insensitivity, please forgive me for my misunderstandings, however, I’d like to make it clear to you that there is no need to feel ‘insecure’ because I find you very appealing, actually. And it would be quite unfortunate if you were to change yourself based off of the unimportant opinions of others.”


  • it was time for ‘tickles until she forgets all the fear’ 
  • MC, at his mercy, promised that she would stop feeling bad about herself (in exchange for a break from the tickling)
  • that was his way of making her remember that he loved her for her, and that there was no need to feel uncomfortable or unhappy in her own body
  • whenever she brought it up - whether it be a simple “does this make me look fat?”
  • he’d raise his hands, threatening another tickle fest and she’d remember his punishment for doubting herself
  • it was a little inside joke that never ceased to make MC laugh 
  • trust me, this tactic worked magnificently


  • this boy was serious
  • seeing MC uncomfortable made him EVEN MORE awkward and quiet
  • he wanted to break the ice, but MC kept building a wall between them
  • so he decided that he was going to find out why
  • with determination, he grabbed MC by the shoulders and spun her around 
  • looking at her dead in the eye, he asked her
  • “MC, why are you trying to avoid me? Did I do something wrong? You have to tell me, or else I can’t fix it.”
  • “it’s not really you.. it’s more of just because I-”
  • no more words had to be said before he understood
  • in one swift motion, he pulled MC in for a tight hug, so tight she could barely breathe
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you felt that way, but it’s okay. Okay? Everything is good.”
  • simple words with deep feelings within


  • he really really reeeally wanted to take pictures of MC on their first date
  • commemorative moments and such
  • but everytime he raised the camera, she’d turn away
  • maybe she was just camera shy?
  • “MC, don’t be so shy, can we at least take a picture together?”
  • “.. no.”
  • “Why not?”
  • “because”
  • “because?”
  • “n- nevermind.”
  • this simple conversation revealed more than MC had intended to
  • he was good a reading people and their thoughts so it was easy for him to understand
  • “It’s okay, MC, I won’t take pictures if you don’t want to. But if you’re feeling insecure, trust me when I say that there’s no need to. To me, you’re beautiful the way you are, and it’s only through these lens that I can capture the beauty that I see and prove to you my words are not said on a whim.”

WOOOW the cheesiness is realz

sorry if that made you cringe? hahaha ;A;

~Cherry L.

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