never cared for her dresses much before

Joan of Arc lied to get into the military so that she could save people, and because it was illegal at the time for her [women] to join. [Jaune]

  • What if Jaune’s family was trying to keep him from becoming a Huntsman?

Achilles hid as a woman to stay safe before falling in love with a woman there and marrying her before leaving [Pyrrha]

  • What if Pyrrha is - while not hiding - hoping that crowds will protect her from the dangers of another combat school?

Mulan lied to get into the military so that she could save people for much the same reasons as Joan of Arc [aside from the whole divine vision thing]. She risked death to fight. [Ren]

  • What if Ren was never supposed to leave home?

Thor dressed as a woman to save a person they cared dearly about [Nora]

  • What if Nora joined up under false pretenses to save her best friend?
Why do I even bother with these things? || Closed Rp


Hekapoo gave a deep sigh as she blew at her bangs which had been pinned back for this occasion. It was a very special day in Mewni, and of course being part of the High Magic Council meant she had no choice but to attend. Once making sure her dress was smoothed out, she took her dimensional scissors out and cut a rift before stashing them away as she made her way through. Where she had ended up had been right before the palace doors, in which the guards opened the doors for the immortalized young demon-woman.

While she never really cared much for the people of Mewni, she had no real choice but to be there, but that didn’t mean she was going to enjoy it. She decided to stay by the walls and often turned down anyone who had tried to approach her. She had been minding her own business when she ran into something or rather someone quite solid. 

“oof… Oh what now..” She said while rubbing her nose and looking up, and up before blinking in surprise.

1980 | a much needed drink | blackinnon

Marlene walked through the dark streets of Diagon Alley brushing away her tears. She probably looked a mess. Her make-up was ruined but she didn’t really care. She tied up her hair into a messy bun and grabbed carefully the front of her elegant dress so she wouldn’t trip over it. Her feet were hurting, but not as much as her heart. Marlene knew from the moment she said okay to him, that she would regret it. She should’ve never agreed to sleep with him, no matter how much she wanted and missed him, much less the night before his fucking wedding. Why was she so fucking stupid? Edgar himself told her that he couldn’t cancel the wedding and that he was not going to do it, so why would she still did that? She was so fucking stupid.

She stopped in front of a bar that looked like a dumpster, but she didn’t really care about anything right now, she just needed to get absolutely trashed. Marlene forced herself to stop crying and walked into the bar. Most of the people in there were men - drunk men - but again, she didn’t care one bit. She walked straight to the bar, her high heels echoing against the wooden floor, and sat on a stool. Marlene let out a tired sigh and brushed the last tears away. “Firewhiskey, please” she mumbled miserably. “And leave the bottle” she added after a moment.