never cared for her dresses much before

Because this week’s episode will disparage both girls, it will cause a rift in this community, it already has. Just remember that they are sisters, and they love each other. Everyone understand that this is a result of poor writing, and G.R.R.M would never do this to the Stark girls. 


Sansa remembered a time when Arya followed her just as much as her brothers. It was when she still had all her milk teeth, and some baby fat remained. Arya would beg Sansa to read her a story, or clutch her hand when Septa scolded her. She used to let Sansa braid her hair and kiss her nose. Before Jeyne called her horse face, Sansa used to tell Arya how pretty her eyes were. Before Sansa cared more about her dresses than playing, she used to let Arya clumsily braid flowers in her hair. They used to play in the snow, run screaming through the gods wood and play come into my castle. Then one day Sansa refused to let Arya braid her hair, they had guests in Winterfell that day and she wanted to look pretty. Another day Arya glared at her during one of Septa Mordane’s lectures and Sansa did not reach for her hand. It was small things at first, until one day Jeyne called Arya horse-faced  in front of Sansa. She looked so hurt, Sansa wanted to say sorry but instead walked away when Arya glared at her instead of Jeyne. That was first night her bed had been sheep-shifted, and the first time Arya had decided to sleep in her own room.

honestly??? one of the things i’m still v irritated about with potc 5 is that

the pirates are shown to be perpetrators of sexism and misogyny in dead men tell no tales when in the previous trilogies, piracy is established – in this world – to have a slightly more progressive view than regular society had; anamaria, tia dalma, mistress ching – 

their pirate king is a woman – elizabeth swann

no one had a qualm that it was a woman when jack sparrow threw his vote to her – just that she had been the first king in several decades because all the pirates tended to vote for themselves 

and suddenly the pirates are reinforcing the stupid sexist standards of regular society as though they’d never seen a woman in action before by having them mock carina and call her a witch when they’ve been on board with tia dalma, a goddess,  and i’m over here like

did you forget about your still very much alive pirate king elizabeth swann

notevenjokingrightnow  asked:

Imagine Faith is asked to a school dance and Jamie has to meet her date. Nor is he pleased with her dress when she comes down the stairs to meet her date.

anonymous asked: Modern Glasgow AU: Does Faith have a significant other or any romantic endeavors (or maybe she is waiting?) We know Fergus has Marsali, and Brianna has Roger, but what about Faith in the middle? :)

“I canna believe ye convinced me to go tonight,” Faith huffed as Brianna helpfully zipped the back of her dress. “Ye ken I dinna like to dance – ”

“Nonsense,” Brianna smiled, tucking a wayward curl back into her sister’s chignon. “Ye *never* go to these things, and since ye’ll be graduating in just a few weeks ye might as well go this time.”

Gently she spun Faith around so that they faced each other. Brianna, at seventeen, was three inches taller than her sister. She had inherited their Da’s height and coloring, while Faith was the spitting image of their Mama. For years now she’d been taller than her older sister – and perhaps that’s why she always felt so much more protective of her.

For while Brianna had had Roger MacKenzie in her life since they were bairns in Glasgow – first as playground mates, then as friends, and now in a romantic relationship – Faith had never had that. Her curly brown head was always face down in a book, teaching herself as much as she could about science and medicine and technology. She was well-prepared for her first year of uni – and she had made their parents so proud when she proclaimed her interest in becoming a doctor. But she was always so *serious* - and so bloody smart – that the boys had never come calling.

The fact that they had the most intimidating father on the face of the earth likely didn’t help very much, either.

“Faith? Listen to me.” Brianna’s blue eyes met those of her sister – the only physical trait they shared. Faith narrowed her brows, and sighed, but pursed her lips. Waiting.

Brianna smiled. “Can ye relax, just this one night? Ye’ve met him before – ye ken he’s no’ a bad man. He’ll care for ye – he willa do anything ye dinna wish to. I bet he’s just as nervous as ye are.”

Faith rolled her eyes. “I feel like such a fraud – all dressed up. What if he wants to dance and I dinna want to?”

“Then I hope he respects yer wishes – and if he doesna, well then he’s no’ worth yer time.”

Faith nodded skeptically. “Well then. I’ll bring a book just in case.”

Brianna turned to look at herself in the bathroom mirror. “Ye’ll find a man one day who loves ye just as much as Roger does me. I ken ye will.” She leaned over the sink to apply another layer of mascara.

Faith took a deep breath, and sighed, and reminded herself to bring a crossword puzzle and pen in addition to her book.

“And how do ye ken wee Roger again?”

Jamie Fraser took another sip from his tumblr of whisky, watching the two young men squirm a bit.

“We’ve been roommates for a while now – I enrolled at uni last fall. Trying to get my life back on track.” Rob Higgins paused, just for a moment, to see how Jamie Fraser – Red Jamie, Roger had described him – would react. But the man’s face was frustratingly impassive.

“I joined the Royal Marines when I left school. I served in Afghanistan for two years. After the attack I was able to get a discharge. That’s how I got the scars on my face.”

“Why Glasgow, then? It’s far from Dorset. My wife – Faith and Bree’s mother – she was born in Oxfordshire.”

Rob shrugged. “I needed a fresh start, away from – well. I served with a lot of Scotsmen and they always told me so much about home. So – why not?”

“He’s a bonnie wee swordsman, too – captain of the fencing team,” Roger piped up, shifting uncomfortably in his suit.

“Are ye now?” Ice clinked in Jamie’s glass as he took another sip.


The three men turned their heads at nine-year-old Julia Fraser’s exclamation. Julia’s blond head darted past them – followed closely behind by the dark braids of her friend Sinem, a Turkish girl whose parents had recently immigrated to Scotland and who shared Julia’s deep passion for archaeology. Sinem was sleeping over tonight, and already the girls had spread out survey maps of Lallybroch to plot out their expeditions for the next day.

Jamie, Roger, and Rob carefully rose from their seats in the parlor and watched Brianna and Faith Fraser descend the stairs.

Brianna – resplendent in dark green – beamed at Roger and darted down the steps and into his arms.

Faith – shy in a gorgeous shade of electric blue – shared a tentative smile with Rob, who carefully approached her.

“Your tie matches my dress,” she breathed, surprised.

Rob swallowed. “We have Bree and Roger to thank for that,” he replied softly, bending to gently kiss her cheek.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered, and felt her flush against his earlobe.

He pulled back to present her with a simple, yet beautiful corsage.

“Gardenias? Wherever did you get those?”

He bent to pin it to her shoulder. “I brought it all the way from Glasgow. I – I wanted you to have something nice.”

She gave him the most beautiful smile – and immediately he knew he’d done the right thing.

Suddenly aware of the silence, Rob turned to stand beside Faith – and saw that they had had an audience. Bree and Roger, their arms around each other, grinning ear to ear; Jamie and his wife Claire, him scowling, her smiling encouragingly at her eldest daughter; Julia and Sinem with hearts in their eyes.

“I’ll go get the car,” he heard Roger say before dragging Bree out of the parlor – undoubtedly wanting some time alone.

“Mrs. Fraser,” Rob nodded in greeting. “So nice to meet you.”

Claire Fraser – who must have been in her forties, but was so beautiful that Rob’s heart actually skipped – extended a hand in greeting. “I’m glad to know I’m not the only Sassenach in this house now. Welcome.”

Rob’s brows furrowed. “Sassenach? What’s that?”

“It means ‘foreigner’ – or ‘outlander,’” Julia piped up, still star-struck. “Because ye’re English.”

He swallowed. “I hope that’s not a bad thing?”

And then his heart almost stopped when he felt Faith’s hand settle around his back. “It never has been in this house. Shall we?”

Day 10-Banging On The Wall-Scott McCall

Teen Wolf Imagine:#72 Prompt:#…none

Word Count: 1,651

Warnings: NSFW, this is Smut! Sex, oral sex (male receiving) that’s all I can think of.

A/n: This is my first Scott smut! I hope it’s okay I’m so worried about it I suck at smut.


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Benevolence 3

3/20 Can’t say much about this chapter, I’m sorry Y/N about your fucked up birthday. There will be light smut towards the end and Zhang Yixing will appear.

Word count: 5,372

  How can I hate you this much?

Why don’t you want me to leave?

What is it that she’s giving you that I’m not?

Questions I continue to ask myself each time I look directly into his face. Do I even love him anymore at this point? His hair parted straight down the middle with the ends flipped out. Part of his chest exposed underneath the jacket that was being held by a belt. It took me ages trying to find a print to match his pants.

“Y/N, Once again a job well done. Come to my office later we many things to discuss.”, The head fashion designer of SM spoke to me.

“Yes, Ma’am I’ll see you upstairs.”

Once she turned away I felt arms wrap themselves around my torso. The feeling of soft hair upon my shoulder made me chuckle. He was so corny constantly trying to do things that made us seem more like a couple to other people.

“Hello Boyfriend.”, I sighed 

“Hello Girlfriend.”, He answer cheerfully.

“What are you doing Baekhyun, you have to shoot another scene soon.”

“I just wanted to say hi, you weren’t beside me when I woke up this morning.”, I could feel the pout on his face. Baekhyun has a habit of laying directly on top of me whenever we sleep together so, when I wasn’t lay directly underneath him this morning he probably got upset.

“I’m sorry I got called in early to make the finishes touches on your outfits. You look sexy by the way.”, I muttered turning around in his arms.

“I didn’t think you’d want my sexy chest out for everyone to see though.”, He laughed spreading the top open even more to expose his chest.

“It’s not for them to see, it’s something nice for me to look at while I sew.”, I joked.

“But not you okay.”, His voice suddenly got extremely low.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll walk around in the nude if it makes you feel better but, I don’t want you showing anyone your body except me.”, His voice darkened. 

Baekhyun let’s not be ridiculous why would I-” 

“Y/N, no matter what my love for you will never die. Please forgive me for whatever I do in the future that hurts you. I’ll always have you in my mind even if I’m doing the worst thing ever.” He leaned down closer to my ear.  “Never forget our love.”

My eyes fluttered open instantly getting hit by the ray of sun. That was the corniest dream ever, except the fact that it wasn’t just a dream it was a memory. All of those cheesy words being said in that dream were once said to me in real life by Baekhyun. “Please forgive me for whatever I do that hurts in the future.” How could I possibly do that now, I couldn’t, could I? Remembering that day now makes me wonder when exactly Baekhyun and Taeyeon started seeing each other again.

                     I felt small hands push on my back as if, they were trying to shuffle me awake. Turning around to face the person I saw Taeyeon dressed in casual attire. Her cheeks began to darken from the shock of me turning towards so suddenly.

“Happy Birthday Y/N.”, She cheered a smile gracing her face.

“Thank you.”, The sides of my lips tugged up as I sat in a sitting position.

I had almost forgotten today was my birthday. After finding out what my punishment was I say no enjoyment in it. I honestly thought about just telling Baekhyun to go on that dinner with Taeyeon however, I didn’t spend so much time on that dress to not wear. So for the first time just this one night I’ll try not to be so bitter about her being around. Am I accepting the situation? Hell no, I just don’t want to be the buzzkill on my own birthday. My birthday actually isn’t that important to me, at least before this year. I never liked having the attention on me too much because, I wasn’t very enthusiastic when it came to presents. I never screamed whenever I got one it was a simple “Thank you” then on to the next one. It wasn’t that I was ungrateful in fact I make sure to take extra care towards gifts given to me, I just never saw the point in screaming and crying over every single one. Turning 21 in Korea isn’t anything special I was technically already 21 if we’re going by Korean age, but I just say the year of my birth so people don’t get confused.

“Is something wrong?”, Taeyeon asked me furrowing her eyebrows, snatching me out of my thoughts.

“No, I was just thinking about something.”

“Was it Baekhyun? He told me tell you left early for the studio and that you needed to be ready a three so we can leave.”, She spoke

“Okay, what are you doing?”, I asked noticing that she was wearing shoes and preparing to throw on a sun hat. Her outfit was casual like I said before but, the sun hat seemed off.

“I’m going to meet some fans for lunch and then I’m going to SM to see about preparations for a solo album.”, Her eyes twinkled as she spoke the words. “I’m sorry that you’ll be alone for most of the day, I didn’t think you’d want me around while Baekhyun was gone.”

“It’s fine I planned on hanging out with some friends to make the time go by.”, I muttered getting off of the bed.

“I really hope you’re okay with me coming with you and Baekhyun today. He kind of insisted on letting me come so we could get closer.”

Did you ask me if I was okay with you stepping back into to Baekhyun’s love life fully aware that he had a girlfriend?

No, it’s fine it’s not that big of a deal.”, I assured walking over to the closet grabbing some towels for a bath.

“But….it is to you.”, Taeyeon struggled to get the words out not knowing my reaction. My hand froze as I was grabbing a wash cloth, it’s like she was trying to upset me. It’s not even anything she said it’s like she wants be to be said or angry with her and Baekhyun. I decided not to get too much into it, turning around from the closet to face her.

“Don’t you have to leave soon?”, I asked ignoring her last statement. Her eyes continued to look at my face for a few more seconds before she responded.

“Yeah, I’ll see you later.”, She muttered throwing the sun hat over her head rushing towards the door. There was just one thing that I had to ask her before she left.

“Taeyeon” She froze as the last letter of her name came out of my mouth. Her head slowly turned towards mine.


“What did you tell Baekhyun about what happened yesterday?”, It was either she said something different or Baekhyun just really liked upsetting me.

“Oh, I told him I slipped and that I wanted to apologize for taking a shower with you when you weren’t completely comfortable with it.”, Her eyes soon began to fill with sorrow. I didn’t know Taeyeon well enough or at all really, to tell if she was lying.

“It’s fine it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before, goodbye.”, I finished rushing into the bathroom before she could get anything more out.

 For some reason it bugged me why she never demanded more respect, she was the oldest out of all three of us. Neither Baekhyun or I really gave her the proper “politeness” level. Did she really care that much about making other people happy or did she just not pay much attention to it?

 Turning the knob on the bathtub I removed my clothes trying to figure out what I was going to do today. I didn’t want to call Lisa and work on the ballroom dresses I wouldn’t be in the right mood. All of my other friends either were out of South Korea or had work to do. If I stayed at home I’d only find a reason to piss myself off. I had some things I wanted to do with Baekhyun today, I’d rather not do them by myself. I’ll think about it later right now I just needed to soak in this bathtub.

              “Hey Y/N, Happy Birthday!”, A male voice screamed into my ear

“Yixing, what are you doing here?”, My voice raised a little from the shock. I  was currently at a cupcake store buying their giant cupcake special. I really wasn’t in the mood for sweets but, knowing myself If I stared at it long enough I’d end up eating it.

  “I saw you walk in, I was actually getting ready to call you to see what you were up to.”, He giggle sitting in the chair across from me. We were the only ones besides the employees in the store. The store wasn’t very popular, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. I was always able to just get in and get out of it.

“You still can’t practice?”, I asked him my eyes traveling back to the giant cupcake on the table between the two of us. His back and hip injury never got to heal. I always liked Yixing he was one of the three members I was associated with. I admired his ability to never stop working.

“No, but let’s not talk about me I’m sorry Baekhyun couldn’t be here with you on your birthday. Since he couldn’t come I thought I’d fill in for him.”, He smiled at me picking up one of the plastic forks on the table. “Do you mind?”

“No, you didn’t really think I’d be able to eat this whole thing by myself.” Yes I would have, I ate way too much when I was frustrated. Being 5′1′, I’m actually a little overweight but, people mistook it as me being ‘curvy’. I never really cared because I’ve never compared myself to other girls too often.

“Great do you want to go bowling, that new placed just opened up a couple blocks down.” He asked me stuffing some of the cupcake into his mouth.

“I’m wearing a skirt.”, I chuckled digging my own plastic fork into the the abnormally large cupcake. I wasn’t wearing my dress now it was just a mini jean skirt, some thighs and ankle boots with a white sweater. I guess it was possible for me to go bowling with my skirt on but, I still didn’t want to accidentally flash anyone.

“Ah, I see it’s all good we call still go to China town.”, He spoke eyeing my outfit up and down.

Giving him a small smile I replied.

“That sounds fine.” I’ve actually wanted to live in China a few years after I moved to Korea. I’ve never really told anyone except,Taeyeon when she asked where else I’d want to live one day. Suddenly I felt something poking at my lips. Looking down at the object, Yixing had his plastic fork with cupcake on it, pressed against my lips.


Giggling a little before opening my mouth to let him feed me the cupcake. It was a little hard to do since he decided to smash some of it onto my upper lip, causing him to go into a fit of laughter.

“Haha very fun, why the hell did you put so much on the fork.”, I said pretending to be angry and upset.

“It’s not my fault your mouth is so small.”, He stopped laughing to speak out before giggling once again. 

Raising one of my eyebrows as he threw his head back as he laughed, I grabbed a handful of the cupcake while stalking over to his side of the table. My plan was to smash the cupcake into his face however, it quickly backfired when he caught my arm. As he was catching my arm my boot slipped on the floor causing me to knock my cupcake filled hand into….. a woman. 

What the hell? Nobody ever comes in here let alone a lady dressed in a damn suit. You can tell she was the uptight type, they didn’t let anything go.

A horrifying screech left her lips while she gripped the cup of coffee held in her hands, “Did this pathetic excuse for a human being just mess up my $30,000 suit?” What the fuck was wrong with her?

“Ma’am I’ll apologize for you suit but the disrespect was not necessary.”, I spoke through gritted teeth. Yixing was now standing next to me holding my shoulders.

“I’m sorry Ma’am it was my fault please don’t be upset with her it’s her birthday.”, He tried to reason with her.

“I wouldn’t care if it was Buddha’s birthday your stupid whore messed my suit up.”

“Who the fuck are you talking to, you uptight bit-” Before the words can leave my mouth a hand connected with my face. 

She fucking slapped me. I couldn’t hit her back because for one my days of getting violent were over, two you can tell by just looking at her she’s, the type to press charges.

“Women like you will go straight to hell.”, Yixing hissed cupping the cheek she slapped me on.

“I’d stick my foot up your ass but, you’d run straight to the police wouldn’t you?”, I hissed towards her. Of course something had to happen then as well. I suddenly felt her scorching hot coffee running down my white sweater.

“Get the hell away from her!”, He shouted inches the two of us towards the door. “You’ll get what’s coming to you, you rude bitch.” I was shocked honestly Yixing’s respect for women was too much for him to ever raise his voice at one.

“I’m so sorry Y/N.”, He apologized to me once we were outside. He took off his blazer placing it over my shoulders. It didn’t do me any harm honestly the slap was bullshit, the coffee was what really hurt. Thankfully the sweater soaked up most of it.

“I’m sorry Y/N, please don’t let this ruin your birthday.”, He begged me using his sleeve to try and soak some of the coffee up.

“It’s fine Yixing let’s just go to China town. It’’ll be fun.”, I tried to cheer him up.

“Okay”, He spoke grabbing my hand “Let’s go to China town.”

                China town with Yixing was fun I didn’t really care much for the actually place but seeing Yixing get so happy about his home country was. “Y/N my grandparents were born there.” “Let’s visit this shrine we have the original one back in China.” It was very refreshing to see someone be so enthusiastic about something. When it got closer to three he took the train with me home, I felt bad because he had to pay extra just to make sure I got home safely. His present to me was a diamond ring with a mermaid on it. I was obsessed with the ocean, I’d live on it if I could. Unfortunately that train ride caused me to be two hours late.

  Walking into the apartment I saw Taeyeon sitting at the Island on her phone, while Baekhyun was pacing around the room. His eyes locking with mine as soon as I clicked the door shut.

“Where the hell have you been?”, He growled at me. Damn, can I get a hello?

Hey jagi, sorry I wasn’t here this morning how was your day?”, I said in a mocking voice.

“Don’t be cute I was worried since you weren’t here.”, He snapped causing me to scoff.

“Well what was I supposed to do Baekhyun wait on you all day?”,

“What happened to your shirt?”, Taeyeon gasped

“I spilled coffee on it let me change my outfit then we can leave.”

“Hurry up miss wants to be two hours late.”, He scoffed at me.

“I was stuck on a train Baekhyun I texted you twice but never got a response.”, I gritted my teeth already going up the stairs not wanting to be bothered with his bullshit right now.

Walking into the the spare bedroom which I turned into my work room I sighed. Looking at the dress I worked so hard on for this day was beautifully untouched. I didn’t want to put it on in case it got ruined but what’s the worst that could happened we’re going to dinner.

“I’m coming damn.”, I huffed as Baekhyun honked the car another time to get me into the car. Looking into the car I could see Taeyeon was already in the passenger seat. Usually we bickered on who got to sit in the passenger sit because, Baekhyun had to drive because he was ‘the man’. But lately I just haven’t had the energy to care.

 Getting into the car of course it was on the side where Baekhyun and Taeyeon could both look directly at me through the rear view mirror. I could move of  course but, then it would be obvious why I moved and start and unnecessarily argument.

“Your dress looks nice I could tell you worked hard on it.”, Taeyeon commented. She just loves to talk to me whenever Baekhyun is around because, then I have to respond unless I’m trying to piss him off.

“Thanks.’, I deadpanned looking out the window as Baekhyun pulled out on to the street. Just as I happened to look up into the rear view mirror I caught him giving Taeyeon a quick glance before looking at me.

“Yeah Jagi, you look nice.”, He spoke to me turning on the street getting closer to our desired restaurant. I didn’t get a chance to respond because Taeyeon started going on about her solo gig. I never cared much for her music just because I wasn’t really into kpop.  I hear her songs in shops all the time but that’s all they are to me songs I, happen to hear that happen to be Taeyeon’s.

            We pulled up to the restaurant it was one of the top restaurants in Korea because, it was so old. It went back so many years and had so much history to it. At least Baekhyun remembered that, that I’ve wanted to visit this place for awhile now. While we were getting out the car I dropped my phone under the seat and had to fish it out from under it. Baekhyun and Taeyeon were walking side by side while I jogged to catch up to them.

“Hello to all, Good evening table for two?”, The waitress asked as soon we walked through the door.

“Three.”, Taeyeon and I spoke at the same time.

“Ah, you brought a friend along.”, The waitress whispered quietly not thinking anyone heard him but, if I did then I’m sure they did. “Come this way we have a free both for you.”

Walking us towards this red velvet booth the waitress spoke.”Here’s your booth. My name is Woojong and I will be your waitress for tonight. Have a seat and may I get you any drinks?”

I slide onto one side of the booth alone while Taeyeon and Baekhyun slide on the other. “I’d like sprite please.”, I said to the waiter.

“Diet Coke.”, Baekhyun nodded at him. 

“Just water please.”, Taeyeon smiled as the waiter nodded at us before heading off.

“What did you do today?”, Baekhyun asked to I’m assuming me because Taeyeon already told him what  she did in the car. We each picked up our menus and browsed the selections.

“I went to China town with Yixing.”, I explained going straight to the main course section. A good portion of their options had steak in them and I physically could’t keep steak down. Thankfully I found a dish that had the steak removed that appealed to me.

“Yixing?”, He asked surprised that I was with his best friend.

“Yeah he said he wanted to spend time with me on my birthday since you were busy today.”, I replied closing my menu down.

The waitress came back before he could respond handing us our drinks.

“Now, what can I get you for today?”, He asked taking out his notepad. Giving him our orders I happened to drop my menu as I handed it to him. As I was picking up my menu I saw Baekhyun fingering Taeyeon under the booth. Of fucking course he would be. Did he even say happy birthday today? Pretending not to notice I lean against the wall by the booth. They pretended to have a conversation while I pretended to be interested.

When we got our orders mine was all fucked up. It was a full blown steak sitting in front of me. It’s not even about me being picky if I could swallow it and keep it down I’d eat it but I can’t.

“They messed my order up.”, I sighed getting ready to call the waiter over.

‘Just wait he’ll come over.”, Baekhyun spoke through a mouth stuffed full of food. The waitress Woojong had already moved on to his next costumers.

“It’s fine I’ll just ask for my correct order quickly.”, I spoke getting ready to call him over again while they enjoyed their meals.

“Of course your needy ass would find a problem with the meal.”, He mocked me through a stuffed mouth.

“You know I can’t eat steak Baekhyun.”, I growled at him trying to keep my voice down making sure not to draw attention to myself.

“Just stop being a bitch for once you begged for this now eat.”

“Stop being a dick just let me ask him for my original order.”, I scoffed at him.

 His hand slammed against the table cracking the corner of it. By now a few people were staring here and there nothing I couldn’t handle.

“This is exactly why I need Taeyeon around. You’re a fucking brat!”, He shouted. “All you do is complain all the damn time about everything. You complain when I don’t fuck you enough. You complain when I drag myself out to this dinner that you asked for,. You do realize you’re nothing I could just be with Taeyeon if I wanted to? But I’m not because I happen to love you both but, you’re making it very hard for me to feel that way Y/N.”

By the time he was finished the entire restaurant was staring at us. If you know me you know I hate being directly stared at in embarrassing situations. I’ve had to pause or turn off countless movies because of second hand embarrassment. This was too much I hear people snickering and whispering.

“Are they in a polyamorous relationship?”

“She’s stupid as hell for staying with him.”

“He just snapped on her.”

All I wanted to do was crawl under a rock in hide. Grabbing my cell phone off of the table I try and rush towards the door however, my plan backfired when an entire bowel of red and brown noodle dish fell onto my dress.

The dress I worked so many weeks on.

The dress I made to specifically wear on this day.

The dress I didn’t want ruined because of today.

Here it is covered in noodles and sauce giving people even more reason to think I’m pathetic I am.

“Oh my god that beautiful dressed is ruined.”

“She’s definitively not going to forget this birthday.”

“Baekhyun what the hell is wrong with you.”, I heard an unfamiliar shout escape Taeyeon’s lips.

She never raised her voice for anything I would’ve smiled but I was too focused on getting out of that place.

A warm jacket was placed onto my shoulders, looking up I saw a handsome male who was now missing his blazer.

“You don’t deserve this leave them.”, He whispered in my ear rubbing my back before walking off glaring at Baekhyun.

This wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own, I’ll make sure to never ask for anything again. I saw a side of Baekhyun I thought he’d never show in public. I don’t even understand what I had did to upset him so much.

 Sitting in the backseat head pressed against the window as a stunk up the car. Taeyeon got into the car shouting at Baekhyun who only held his head down as he put the keys into the car.

“I’m so sorry Y/N”, She spoke tears gathering in her eyes as she apologized for Baekhyun who at this point clearly didn’t care.

“It’s fine.”

I wasn’t crying or screaming because there wasn’t a point this was my fault no one else’s.

“I’m touching my makeup up before I go back to the studio.”, she growled at Baekhyun as he simple nodded his head. I just wanted to hurry up and get back to the apartment to sleep. I felt her hand reach back to hand him me some paper towels?

Was she pitying me?

I sat on the edge of the bed in our bedroom, today was shitty and embarrassing and I’m just ready to sleep it off. Taeyeon was gone and I was stuck her with Baekhyun. Some of the shit that happened today was too much, Baekhyun embarrassing me in front of that restaurant topped it off. The worst thing I realized today was that my love for him was surely fading away.

“Baby, I’m sorry I messed up your birthday.”, His voice attempted to whisper innocently.

“I don’t care.”, I mumbled leaning back on the large bed. “Stop pretending to care anyways.”

I could feel him inching closer towards me, what does he want? I think I’m more than clearly pissed off. I might just go sleep in the guest bedroom, I don’t want to hear them having sex later on anyways.

“I’m sorry there’s no excuse for my asshole behavior. I didn’t realize how bad it was until tonight. I messed everything up jagi, the looks on those people’s faces when I yelled at you.”,His voice had cracked, I ignored it thinking it was in my imagination. Soon I felt his body laying next to mine on the the large bed.

“I’m not bothered at this point, Baekhyun nothing you do will ever surprise me again.”, I chuckled bitterly.

“Let me make it up to you, I haven’t touched you in awhile. I know you’re not in the mood for it but please let me at least make you feel good.”, He begged his hand already slipping up my thigh and under my stained dress.

But then I felt something I had felt in ages, one of Baekhyun’s tears fell onto my face. My eyes snapped open to see the sight I hadn’t seen in what felt like years. Baekhyun was full blown crying over my face, out of guilt… or was he looking for pity?

“Please Jagi, I feel awful.”

“Fine do whatever you want to.” Once the words left my mouth his lips pressed tightly against mine. Baekhyun’s tears that were once rolling down his cheeks were now going down my neck. His lips moved swiftly against mine trying to convince me to accept his apologize through kiss. His lips moved down my jaw and onto my neck.

 Light sucking and biting was placed onto my neck leaving light bruising. Hands rubbed lightly against my panties grabbing and groping whatever he could grab. Kicking my legs open with his foot he got on top of me, sucking on my collarbone I heard him undo his belt. Wow, I was really going to have sex with him. Usually he’d only make out with me before calling Taeyeon into the room. If this were under any other circumstances I would’ve been petty and pushed him off of me but, today was stressful so why not let him have sex with me.

“Hurry up.”, I grumbled pushing his blazer off of his torso.

“Please don’t be mad, I love you.”, He sobbed after pushing his zipper down and pulling his shirt over his head. “Y/N, I’ll die if I ever cause you to leave me.”, He choked out while pulling his pants and boxers down at the same time.

“Shh Baekhyun, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”, I was trying my best not to pay attention to his constant sobs and apologies because, at this point I didn’t care. They meant nothing to be at this point, all I could think about was fucking him.

His hand cupped my cheek “I don’t deserve you Y/N, I can’t make myself feel good.”

Smacking his hand off of my face I lifted the upper part of my body up so he could unzip my dress, 

“What the hell are you talking about? I want to have sex do this for me this is what I want.”, I snapped as he pushed the dress down while I managed to kick it off of my legs. I haven’t gotten him to fuck me without Taeyeon in the room for weeks and, I don’t like touching myself.

“But I don’t want you to think I’m just trying to get myself off, I don’t deserve to get myself off after how I treated tonight.”, His fingers finding themselves on the waistband of my panties tugging them down.

“I don’t care Baek, I don’t care. Tell me all about your forgiveness bullshit tomorrow but, right now I want to have sex.”, I spoke grabbing his base gently pumping him to full hardness.

“Baby…Ah…Okay, I’ll do whatever you want.”, He whimpered pushing my legs open further. He dipped his index finger into my core, feeling my wetness.

“Why are you so wet already?”, He exclaimed rubbing his free hand up and down my thigh.

“It’s been a good few weeks since we’ve done anything and I have to listen to you fucking Taeyeon 24/7.”, I mumbled arching my back trying to push myself deeper onto his fingers.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t start.”, I hissed sinking my nails into his sides as he positioned himself fully over me.

“Are you ready?”, He panted above pumping himself with my hand, letting go of him I placed my hand his shoulder.

“Just hurry up.”, I moaned out right as he pushed inside of me.

  The next morning I woke up with his arms wrapped around me for the first time in a long time. Tugging one of my legs from underneath the blanket, I saw marks covering up and down my leg. Getting my eyes to focus on my thigh I was able to see teeth marks. “How hard did he fucking go last night?”, I asked myself turning to face him. His sleeping form was relaxed and calm yet, his face was stained with tear drops and underneath his eyes were puffy. I still don’t understand exactly why he was crying and I really wasn’t looking forward to all of his excuses.

Turning over again I went to grab my phone off of the nightstand why I saw a box with a smaller box on top attached to a piece of paper. Removing Baekhyun’s arm from around my waist to see what was in the boxes as I placed them on my lap. Snatching the note off of the box to see who this was from.

“I’m sorry I messed up your birthday Y/N, I love you”

“Did he really take the time to hand type this small piece of paper?”, I mumbled fiddling with the strings on the boxing to get them open. The smaller box had the necklace that matched the ring Yixing gave me. I chuckled as I thought about how they must’ve planned getting the gifts together out. The larger one had my dress… the same dress that was completely ruined last night, not a spec of dust was on it. How did he get the stains out without ruining the lace?

Placing the boxes back down on the nightstand I turn to face Baekhyun. “I’m still pissed and I still know my love for you is gone.”, I whispered loud enough only for myself to hear before burying my face into the crook of his neck and falling back asleep.

Happy  birthday Min yoongi and Taeyeon!!!

Next chapter will be up in a few days its mainly just getting more into the oc’s fashion life and more flashbacks. Chapter 5 is what I’m excited for because Baekhyun, Y/N and Taeyeon go fishing together.

That’s the definition of a soulmate, isn’t it? One soul, two halves, split between two separate forms. Alike in every respect.

In a world where people are born with a coloured marking somewhere on their body, your soulmate is supposed to be the one who carries the exact same mark. Kurosaki Ichigo has never put much stock in these things — and the fact that his black sun mark and Rukia’s white crescent moon is as different as night and day has nothing to do with it. Ichiruki soulmates AU- maybe. 

(Hey guys! This was my entry for IRBB! I have two chapters written - the next chapter will go up next week - and then the rest of the fic will join my roster of wip fics to be updated… when I have time…. hahahaha //cries// 

My partner @jellyribbons did the CUTEST art for my fic, which YOU CAN FIND HERE. Thank you for being such a gem, juliet, even when I didn’t give you much to work with 8ㅁ8

And now, without further ado, please enjoy my irbb fic–

Collision Course

by hashtagartistlife



Gravitational Collapse




There’s a black mark on Ichigo’s palm.

He’s never spent too much time contemplating it. People attribute so many things to these tiny coloured markings that appear on their skin. They say it tells you the kind of person you are, the kind of person you’re going to be. They say the person you’re destined to be with — your soulmate — has the exact same mark somewhere on their body. Because that’s what the definition of a soulmate is, isn’t it— one soul, two halves, split between two separate forms.  Alike in every respects. There are entire religions based around this concept, dating sites that cater exclusively to making sure you meet up with your other half. Psychics that claim they can read your entire future from that one mark alone.

Ichigo thinks, it’s just a goddamn birthmark.

He hates all this destiny crap surrounding these marks. When Tatsuki had asked him at the age of thirteen what his mark looked like, he’d scowled and told her to shove off. His hand had clenched, reflexive, around the shape getting ever-clearer against his tanned skin. She’d harrumphed, unperturbed, and informed him hers was the shape of a crimson eagle and that it clearly meant she was destined for greater things than him, if his mark was still the misshapen blob she remembers it being when he was nine. He’d responded that her mark looks more like a puddle of spew than the eagle she claimed it to be, and she’d thrown a well-aimed kick at his shoulder and the conversation had been dropped.

By the time he’s fifteen, the mark is well and truly etched onto his skin, no longer misshapen by any stretch of the imagination. Still, he refuses to pay too much attention to it, refuses to try to analyse the shape it’s settled into. It’s all bullshit, anyway. If he squints, he thinks you could almost mistake it for an ink-black sun — see? Bullshit. There was only one sun in his life, and she’d set six years ago and taken all the light in his family with her. His mother was the sun, the one holding them all together with her gravity; not him. And if his soulmate is anything like him, if they, too, are represented by a dark black sun mark somewhere on their body, then he wants nothing to do with them. He wants nothing to do with himself, most days.

So when Keigo asks, exuberant, innocent, what his mark is, Ichigo looks him straight in the eye and tells him he doesn’t believe in destiny.

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by: mldrgrl
rated: R (language)
summary: Hank meets Stella’s mother

Hank could tell there was something on Stella’s mind from the moment she got home.  She put her things down and shook off her coat at the door.  He had the pages of a new manuscript in his lap, a red pen in one hand, and a drink on his knee.  She came over to the couch and sat beside him, tucking her legs up under her before she reached for his glass and took a sip.

“What’s on your mind, Sherlock?” he asked.

She took another sip of his whiskey and then sucked the aftertaste off her teeth.  “Are you free tomorrow afternoon?” she asked.

“I could be.”

“If you’re not, you don’t have to change plans.”

“It wouldn’t be changing plans, per se.  What’s up?”

“I’ve been summoned to tea at Harrod’s.  I’d like you to come with me.”

Hank flipped the pages of his manuscript into order and then leaned over to place the stack of paper on the table.  He dropped his red pen there as well and then lay back against the couch, inclined towards Stella.  He put his hand on her knee and gave it a squeeze.

“Do I ring Jeeves and have him lay out my top hat and tails?”

“You can wear what you’d like.”

“Who are we having tea with?”

Stella downed the rest of Hank’s whiskey and tipped her head back as she swallowed.  “My mother.”


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not going to let you go | | [ archie andrews ]

a/n: another combination request with two separate nonnies but I combined it since both wanted Archie and both are rather feelsy in the beginning, so here you go. sorry that this isn’t super fluffy or cute and also it will be gender neutral reader as neither didn’t specify if it was male or female reader as i mentioned earlier to add what reader you want their gender to be in request from now on or else it will be gender neutral. Ships are closed and requests and aesthetics are open unless stated otherwise by me!

prompts: 37. “Nobody cares about me anymore, so why should I keep trying?” ; 35. “Don’t do it, please” ; 79. “Did I actually mean something to you, ever?” ; 71. “I’m not letting you go and we both know that you don’t want me to either”

nonnie requested: Hey, saw your prompts list. Can I get prompts 37 and 35 with a side of Archie from Riverdale?

nonnie requested: reader x archie andrews, prompt 79 and 71

Originally posted by justiintaylor

                   Relationship(s): Archie Andrews/Reader (dating), The Core Four & Reader (friendship), Kevin Keller & Reader (friendship)

You sigh as you look out the window as you were anxious about telling your friends and boyfriend of five months that you were moving away, you didn’t want to move away from Riverdale to the other side of the country. You practically grew up with everyone in your circle of friends and became a close friend with Veronica when she moved here from New York City, you were heartbroken and torn. You didn’t know that everyone had noticed that you were more distant than usual as you went over to the table with your packed lunch since you never really cared for the school lunch too much.

“Y/N? Are you feel okay?” Betty’s concerned voice soon filled your ears as you look up from unpacking your lunch. She was your first friend you made when you both were about five years old when she asked you to play with her on the playground with Kevin then came Archie and Jughead when you three shared the same second grade teacher. “Y/N?” She asks again before you snap out of your thoughts when you looked at the blonde that was dressed in her usual pale blue sweater. “Are you okay?

You also noticed the others looking at you before you nod, “Y-Yeah, just peachy you know? Just thinking of the test we had to take for biology yesterday, hope I remembered all the frog parts correctly,” You say with a small smile as you hope they would buy it which seemed to work as Kevin put his own comment with agreement of yours while it seemed to distract them for awhile. You flinch slightly when you felt two hands cover your eyes so you couldn’t see before hearing a ‘Guess who?’ as you couldn’t but smile more since you knew Archie was a rather cheesy romantic type of guy. You pursed your lips in thought to mess with him since Jughead usually arrived with Archie, “Hmm. .Is that you Juggie?” You ask before hearing some chuckling as your vision came back when the hands withdrew from covering your eyes.

“Juggie? Really Y/N?” Archie says as he sat down with his tray of the school lunch which seemed to have been pizza. “Did you do two something that I didn’t know?” He says in a teasing voice since everyone knew as close of you and Juggie were, you only saw each other like siblings and would scrunch your nose in disgust when people asked if you were dating.

The dark haired male cracked a small smile, “Can’t believe you blew our cover Y/N,” Jughead jokes as your friends smiled.

Next to speak was Veronica, “Hey Y/N? Why don’t you come over with your mom? My mom says she misses you two coming over for brunch on weekends.” She says as you gulp since you were starting to run out of excuses to use.

“Um I,” You say as you try to scramble some excuse this time as the girl starts to look at you with a confused expression since you always seem to enjoy going to see Hermione. “I might as well tell you guys. .” You try to be calm and wipe any tears starting to form from your E/C eyes while you take a big breath. “I-I’m moving…to the other side of the country. .I didn’t know when I was going to tell you.” You tears start spilling out as you quickly pack up any what was left you didn’t eat from lunch into your lunch bag before quickly running off. You couldn’t bear seeing what everyone’s expressions were as you tried to calm down in the bathroom until the lunch bell dismissed all sophomores to go to their class. The negative thoughts soon got the best of you as you thought, ‘Nobody cares about me anymore, so why should I keep trying?’ while you thought of your best friends thinking that you turned your back against them. You prayed silently that classes would hurry which they did since classes seem to go much faster after lunch. You didn’t even bother saying anything as you packed the things from your locker such as pictures and flyers of activities that you were part of in school.

“Y/N! YN/N!” A familiar voice rang as you couldn’t bear seeing his face while you zipped up your school bag as you tried to push away from crowd but Archie didn’t give up as he reached to grip your wrist. “Y/N. .Don’t do it, please. Please don’t go, there has to do be some way to make you stay here in Riverdale.” He says as you look at your boyfriend, you loved him so much but at the same time it hurt to love someone who would live so many miles away rather than a few blocks up the street.

You shake your head, “Sorry Arch, I have to. My dad couldn’t say no to this wonderful job opportunity and I couldn’t say no to moving because I don’t want to be selfish.” You say as you released his grip while you give his hand a squeeze, “You. .and the gang only have until Thursday with me. Then I’m going to going to airport in the city early on Friday, at nine.” You say softly as you look at the ginger.

Archie’s brown eyes lowered, “Doesn’t Riverdale meant something to you? Betty, Jughead, Kevin, and Ronnie mean something to you that would’ve fight for? Did I actually mean something to you, ever?” He says with his own eyes watering as he turns back to look at you before walking away before you could reply to him. Archie eventually told the rest of what happened and how much time you had left in Riverdale, aka only two days.

“What!? No, Y/N can’t move. They can’t, they just can’t move away so suddenly after I came to Riverdale. We were going to shopping for Homecoming together and, ugh.” Veronica cried out while they were in her apartment as Betty tried to calm her down who was also trying not to cry as well. It was a rather emotional upbringing for everyone when the news came in as Hermione came back with a confused expression from seeing the teens in tears. “M-Mom, please tell me we can do something,” The female says as her mom hugs her while rubbing her back.

Hermione looked before noticing that Y/N was missing, she had gotten used to seeing their presence around the apartment, “Ron. Honey please calm down, where’s Y/N? And what’s going on?” She asks with obvious concern while they filled in the small gaps to her, “What? Oh, guys. .I’m so sorry. I might be able to do something but I don’t know if it will work, I can’t promise that it might bring Y/N back.” The older women says as she continues to calm her daughter down.


You sighed as you rolled your suitcase along with a messenger bag that carried your laptop in the airport on a nice Friday morning while you slowly followed your parents. You were trapped in your own thoughts until you could’ve sworn you heard someone’s voice that sounded like your friends. You ignored but it became on repeat before you turn around to see Archie and Ronnie running towards you. “Guys? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in school?” You say as you also noticed Hermione coming as well.

“I’m not letting you go and we both know that you don’t want me to either,” Archie manages to say after running to catch up with you. “I’m also so sorry for being a rather ass, my emotions got the best of me.” You look confused as you look at Ronnie and her mother while you parents seemed to have noticed.

Your mother’s lips pursed thinly, “Come Y/N, the plane isn’t going to wait forever.” She was a rather impatient women, she almost reminded you of Penelope Blossom. But yet again it didn’t surprise anyone that they were best friends.

Hermione swallowed, “I have something to offer. If you are willing to sign these papers, I will be a guardian for Y/N. They love Riverdale so much, and you can’t really expect Y/N to be happy away from all their friends that they grew up with. I will take care of Y/N as my own kid for you. .” She says as she holds the documents in her hands as your parents looked at her then at you.

“Is this what you want Y/N? To live Riverdale?” Your father asks you as you nod before he went over to sign the paperwork, ignoring your mother’s protests. “Well, I’m sorry Marge but they are old enough to choose what they want! If they want to live with Hermione then I say let them because I can trust the women.” He barks back as your mother was shocked before realizing that he was right before signing her name beside your father’s. Your father looks at the dark haired female, “Please take good care of my baby, Hermione. .” He says as he tears up before you hugged him as he hugged back, “Love you so much kiddo. Promise me that you’ll send pictures of you and your friends,” He says in your ear as you nod.

“Love you too dad,” You say as you break apart before looking back at Ronnie and Archie while you open your arms, your still boyfriend let Ronnie go first who hugged you so tight. You could tell that she was happy that you could stay in Riverdale before letting you go to Archie while you hugged him more gently as you pecked his lips.

He smiled in relief as you both look at Hermione who gave a warm smile on her lips, “This is thanks to you, Mrs. Lodge.” He says with a smile.

“It’s the least I can do, plus I noticed how much Y/N means to your guys’ group. .I couldn’t see that be taken away. .” She says, “Now come on, let’s go enjoy the city for the day before we have to head back. I’m sure Ronnie will be more than happy to show you around. Just no funny business, okay?” Hermione jokes with her daughter going ‘Moooomm’ while Veronica goes to link arms with you.

Ron was happy to have her friend as well, “Oh and Y/N, we’ll get someone to take care of your bags so you don’t have to carry those around the city.”

Supercorp one shot:Taking place after Lena tells Kara she is her hero. 

“Supergirl may have saved me, but Kara Danvers, you are my hero." 

My breath catches in my throat at the words, the slight flutter in my chest makes it hard to speak so I adjust my glasses instead. When I look up, I see Lena looking around, trying to focus on anything but me and that’s when I notice I’m biting my lip…again.

 "So,” she says quietly, trying to change the subject, “How do you and Supergirl talk to eachother, you seem very…close." 

I feels my cheeks get hot. 

"We uh-we’re pretty close, there’s no special alien communication device if that’s what you’re wondering.”

 A smile creeps across her face and though I must be imagining it, her body moves closer to me. 

“If you have her number I would love to have it,” I don’t try to hid my disappointment and the flutter is replaced with a slight ache and I know its ridiculous, she doesn’t know that we’re the same person but the idea of her wanting Supergirl over the real Kara makes me feel uneasy.

 "If you need it I can give it to you but I would have to make sure it’s okay. You know, aliens and their secrecy, “ Lena laughs, 

"Secrets all come out eventually” I look up at her, too quickly, she holds my gaze. 

“What do you mean by that?” She flattens her skirt out, and the movement draws my attention, its a…a pretty dress.

 "I think you know what I mean, Kara.“ She scoots closer to me on the couch and my body moves before my brain thinks about what it’s doing. Before I can speak again she puts her lips against my ear and I know that if I could have goosebumps, they would be everywhere.

"I would know that smile anywhere.”

I feels like all the air has been sucked out of my lungs. Idiot, I’m such an idiot, of course she knows, she’s not stupid. Every time I’ve saved her she’s been talking to 

“Kara” she leans back a bit and I try hide my surprise at the goosebumps I see up and down her legs, to no avail. Instead I stand up, too quickly, the heat of the moment makes me forget that humans don’t move so fast she looks up at me with an emotion I can’t quite make out.

 "How did you, I mean,“ the laugh escapes my lips and my body fidgets without my say so. "I mean, I’m- I’m sneaky”

 I adjust my glasses and she smirks as she stands to face me. Smooth, Kara. “Super sneaky." 

She takes a step towards me and I tell my self to step back, I tell myself to beg her to keep it a secret, to deny it all, but instead I sit and stare as her hands reach up and before I know it my glasses are gone.

 "These aren’t very good at hiding who you are, Kara.” I take a deep breath and usually I would ramble, usually I would panic but I feel calm, I feel relaxed. 

“You can’t hide, not from me.” I feel her hands circle my head and then my hair falls loose against my shoulders. I think she’s going to bring her hands back down but she doesn’t and I don’t think that I want her to. “How long have you known that I’m, that I-.” I ask her, failing to find the words. “Long enough.” And that’s it, maybe it’s the way she’s looking at me or maybe it’s that fact that she figured it out on her own, but in that moment I know what I want to do and I so it.

 I kiss her.

I feel her gasp beneath my lips before she kisses me back. It starts gentle, her hands slide in my hair, her lips moving lightly against mine, but when a light moan escapes my lips she throws herself against me. Her lips move feverishly against mine, I pull her tight against me, careful not to hurt her. She pulls me down to the couch and adjust my legs to straddle her.

 "Lena.“ I say against her lips and she grabs my back, her hands tracing the zipper of my dress and I want her to pull it down, almost as much as I want to take off hers. The kiss last years, decades, eons, I feel something that I’ve never felt before, a warmth in my stomach, a flutter in my chest. Its not the fact that it’s my first kiss with a woman, it’s her, her taste, her touch, the way she fights to be better the way she-

Her hands tightens against my hips pulling me down on her and all the thoughts leave my head. I forget everything that has happened and it’s just me. 

Just her.

 I twist to the left, gently, and pull her on top of me, I start to unzip her dress and she pulls away her eyes bright and wide.

 "Is this, is this okay?” She nods and I help her pull it up and over her head. She’s beautiful, I always noticed it, ever since I walked into her office I knew that she was special. I slide my finger up and down her back, up the side of her legs, down her chest. I want to touch every inch, feel every curve, every scar, she turns and pulls me on top of her and does the same. I feel her lips light on my neck and I turn to put her back on top, my head falls back to give her more room. Her hand slides up mine, pinning it above my head. I’ve always hating feeling vulnerable but this, this is different. She whispers my name against my collarbone, not Supergirl, not Danvers, but Kara.

 I giggle and she sits up to look at me. “What is it?” I notice a stray hair dangling across her for head and I reach up to tuck it behind her ear. She blushes at my touch,

 "I’m happy" she looks at me smiling the brightest smile I’ve ever seen, and she bites her lip, I can’t help it, I pull her lips back down to mine and the heat spreads from my stomach, to my toes and up to my head. 

We’re a tangle of limbs and hair and for the first time since my planet was destroyed I feel completely and utterly at peace.

@lenacorp you said you were looking for ficrecs so I wanted you to check mine out, no hate It’s my first one shot of supercorp :) 

rachelaudreydelarosamontoya  asked:

What would be everyone's reaction (especially the bat boys) to Bruce suddenly bringing in a new little sister??

I’m writing this with the thought in mind that the little sister is a baby since Bruce never got to raise any of his children from infancy and I think that would be a hilarious new experience for him. Also, I’d like to think that she’d be his biologically since she’s so young. Now, on with the reactions.

Dick would be so excited. He would drag everyone to the store to buy her countless superhero themed onesies but he would be the first to run away from diaper duty. He would try to convince Bruce to name her after his favourite cereal before getting kicked out of the room by everyone for that suggestion.

Jason would act like he doesn’t care, but in reality he thinks she’s the most adorable thing. When he thinks nobody else is in the room, he coos at her and tells her all about how he’s going to protect her from everything from super villains to people who want to break her heart. Everyone has seen the security footage of it, but nobody says anything to him.

Tim wouldn’t have much of an outward reaction to her, but he does hold her while she sleeps with a contented smile on his face. He is the one who mostly gets up with her in the night when she starts crying because of his messed up sleep schedule. Tim rolls his eyes at all of Dick’s terrible name suggestions.

Damian would act as if he hates her for months. When Jason finally confronts him about it, because we all know Jason would be the protective older brother to her, Damian tells him that he’s worried Bruce loves her more. Bruce never got to raise Damian from such a young age and he’s worried that he’ll be forgotten about because he has another biological child. After Jason assures him this isn’t true, Damian introduces her to all of his pets and promises to get her a pet of her own when she’s old enough.

Stephanie would be so over the moon about it. She would spoil her rotten and take a million pictures of her and post them all over a separate Instagram she has just for pictures of her new baby sister. She would dress her up in cute costumes and take pictures and help Bruce design the nursery (it is very purple).

Barbara would stock up on parenting books and do so much research to make sure they’re taking care of her the proper way. She’d be extremely concerned about her safety and whether or not they were doing any of it right. Everyone gets easily annoyed by her spouting facts about babies, but they know she’s just doing it because she cares.

Cassandra would be fascinated. She’s never spent very much time with babies before so it’s a learning experience for her. She would be scared to accidentally hurt her and would refuse to hold her for months until one day Babs handed her over quickly to go take care of something else. After that, Cass is pretty much always holding her and wanting to protect her.

Alfred would be so proud of Bruce and of this new baby girl. He loves how she brought them all together again and how they almost seem like a normal family because of her arrival. She’s Bruce’s first biological daughter and sometimes it makes him sad when he’s reminded just how much she looks like her grandmother. Nevertheless, he’s extremely happy to have another Wayne baby in the house since the last time that happened it was when Bruce was born. He also gets out Bruce’s baby pictures to show everyone how similar they look (and to embarrass Bruce).

They ended up naming her Martha, but call her Marty for short (Dick came up with a nickname they finally liked)

Reigning Madness – Chapter 13


Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: None for this chapter

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I arrived at Caroline’s place and knocked on the door, not expecting what I would see on the other side. She was in jeans and an AC/DC T-shirt. Her long hair was up in a ponytail and she smiled, “Punctual, I like that.”

 I tilted my head and stuttered, “Y-you do realize that we have a date tonight?” Normally when I pick up a woman for a date, they are in a dress and are all made up. Care was really throwing me off tonight.

She raised her eyebrows and folded her arms. The black baseball cap hanging from her fingers completed her little outfit. “Uh, yes I do, and if I’m not mistaken, you promised that I get to pick what we are doing. I have quite the date planned, so you better get ready.” She snatched the keys from my hand, “Ooh, can I drive?”

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anonymous asked:

Hello ! :D I am wondering if you could do a scenario where MC is depressed because of school and she is too stressed out, how the RFA would comfort her ? :) Thank you.


I’m so sorry, this probably is so late, but I hadn’t realised anyone sent in an ask to me, so thank you, dear nonny!


  • This dumpling knows all about the hardships of school and being stressed about it all, so he’s probably one of the first to notice  
  • He’d probably offer to tutor you if he can (he was an A* student in high school after all)
  • It’d help him study too if he’s helping you!
  • Yoosung would probably make cute lil flashcards to help you remember different things  
  • Since you’re feeling so down, he’d probably give you a TONNE of love and affection, just random hugs here and there
  • Would probably get distracted when studying b/c how cute you look
  • Both of your grades would increase  
  • Power couple !!!


  • this poor angel would probably feel reallly bad that he couldn’t help you
  • since he dropped out of school / didn’t pay much attention to it  
  • so he’d probably try to make it up to you in different ways!  
  • he’d remind you to take breaks while studying  
  • when he first realised you were depressed he got dramatically sad and flung himself over you  
  • he’d probably drag you out to get goldfish bread to cheer you up & try to come up w/ study plans  


  • probably the best person to ask for help with your studies tbh
  • he’d probably hire a tutor to help you w/ subjects you’re struggling with  
  • or
  • go to the school, make it rain & there will be no more problems  
  • who says money can’t solve everything


  • my sweet potato angel baby
  • probably kept her notes from her time in education  
  • she let yoosung borrow them for an exam and he passed with the highest mark he’d had since high school
  • has the neatest notes e v e r
  • she’d be such a mother hen, insisting on making a timetable on when to study and giving so many study tips
  • And if she catches you procrastinating when you’re supposed to be studying
  • boi u dead  
  • she’d be really worried about you tho!!  
  • constant phone calls  
  • ring ring “MC are you studying?” ring ring “MC have you had a break yet” ring ring “MC have you ate/slept today?”  
  • She just cares so much okay let her help u


  • this boi is a genius, so I’m pretty sure you could go to him with ANYTHING you need help with and he’d know how to do it
  • but when it comes to teaching,,
  • he’s used to working alone / with vanderwood watching over him, so he’s never really taught anyone before??
  • he’d probably explain in such a complicated way and make you more confused at first
  • as time goes on he can explain things better tho
  • probably puts on a lab coat and dresses up really goofy whenever he has to teach you stuff
  • “Call me Mr. Choi! I’m your new substitute teacher!”  
  • ok but he makes learning really fun and has a lot of terrible jokes  
  • makes up a really dumb rap for each topic to help you remember  
  • “what’s a hug without you? toxic ‘cause mercury (Hg) is poisonous”  

I didn’t know if you wanted V/Saeran included in this so I just left them out, but if you do, feel free to send another ask! i am s o sorry for the long wait tho, aa ;(

Also sorry if some of these are really short- I’ll try get better at them ;;;;;

Hope you enjoyed tho!! ❤️❤️

From Con to Con (Part Seventeen)


Part Sixteen

A/N: Woke up feeling refreshed so I finished editing this chapter! Wooo! (Yay for not having work today!) Hope you all have a lovely day. 

Word Count: 9,491

Warnings: kissing, language, discussion of horrible boyfriends and sex, protective friends

The past two weeks had been amazing. Going on dates with Rob and spending almost all your time with him was everything you hoped it would be like. Ever since you returned back home to L.A. after the Houston convention, you had spent almost your time with him. There had been times that you had to pinch yourself to make sure that you hadn’t made everything up but it was definitely real.

Nothing had changed really now that you two were a couple, except for being able to kiss Rob, and that was something you quiet enjoyed. You felt comfortable with Rob, really comfortable with him and you knew that this was what a relationship was supposed to be like. To think, you could have been in this relationship earlier if you hadn’t been so self-absorbed in your own thoughts. That was the past though and you wanted to focus on your relationship with him instead. The bubble that you and Rob had put around yourself since coming home from the Houston convention did eventually have to break and here you were at another convention.

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Chapter One: The Family You Know

The Mikaelsons had no idea what they bargond for when they adopted the child. Sure, when they first met her at age five, she was somewhat easy to deal with or handle. Now, at age 9 they had no idea what to do. She ran wildly around whatever place they were at, and at the most inappropriate times. She’d run screaming and laughing, stomping her feet. They didn’t remember what eachother had been like when they were of the same age, but they knew for sure not like this. She even topped Kol.

(Y/N) sat infront of the fireplace, aimlessly flipping through pages in a book she couldn’t read yet.

“(Y/N), dear, aren’t you tired yet?” Rebekah asks the young girl. (Y/N) lifts her head up to meet the blondes gaze. Shaking her head, and muttering a quite ‘No’, (Y/N) goes back to the book. Rebekah lets out a tired sigh, out of the two she was the one who most needed rest, and that wasn’t too usual for a vampire to need rest. Elijah and Klaus had been out around town for the past few hours, leaving (Y/N) completely under her care. As much as she was fond of the girl, it irratated her that she never went to sleep. It was as if the girl needed no time to regain energy, she had a never ending supply of it.

“Well, we have a long day ahead of us tommorow.” Rebekah tried to reason. “You should try to get some sleep.”

(Y/N) reluctantly shut the book and pushed it over to one end of the table. The nine year old pushed herself up from her siting position on the floor, flattening her dress out before bounding over to Rebekah. “Where are we going tomorrow?” (Y/N) asks.

“A smaller village, quite a bit away from here.” Rebekah replies, leading the way out of the dark room and into a candle lit bedroom. There a small cot sits in the middle, a red blanket sprawled across it. A wooden bookshelf leaned against the north wall, books and journals filled it.

“Stay with me?” (Y/N)’s voice spoke after a moment of silence. Rebekah looked down at the girl, her head cocked in amusement, (Y/N) had never asked something like this, she was a very independent child. Her eyes pleading, and her lip quivering, she knew exactly how to wheel Rebekah in. And she won the game.

“Alright, dear. But, you must promise me, you have to try and go to sleep.” Rebekah said, a glimmer of hope in her eyes that the child might try and finally go to sleep. (Y/N) nodded quickly and hopped into the bed, crawling under the covers in a quick second. Rebekah soon followed, doing the same actions as the girl. The blonde layed flat on her back, her head turned towards (Y/N) who was making herself comfortable curled up against Rebekah. With a content sigh, the Original could tell that the human was tired: who in a young, innocent, mind-set was afraid to sleep alone.

(Y/N), after that night never slept alone, wether she was with Rebekah, or Elijah or Klaus, she never was alone. She felt safe for a brief time, but that would change all to soon.

- Sorry it’s so short, the next part will be longer!~ Ky

Got7 Reaction to You Remembering the Little Things

For: Anon <3


You had heard about the underwear theft in the Got7 dorm, but someone had also been helping themselves to Mark’s socks. You decided to buy him some socks and underwear and stitch his initials into all of them. He was so excited to get the gift and he was sure that no one would take his things again although they would try.

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His love for R&B was well known by a lot of people. But no one noticed that he was always nervous to sing the songs out loud since they weren’t in his native tongue. You took it upon your self to write the lyrics how they would sound in hangul which helped him pronounce the words almost perfectly. He was so happy that he would now be able to sing the songs with confidence.

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You knew Jackson liked to get and drink all things organic, but he often complained about how awful it tasted when he made it himself. You bought him a dieter’s cook book and he fell in love with it immediately.He show his gratitude by cooking you a meal in the book that you had said looked good.

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You knew that Jinyoung liked to cook, but the cook wear he had available to him was far from the best, but he never complained. You bought him some high end cook wear. He was so touched by your action and he hugged you tight.

“Thank you, so much.”

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He loved to dress Coco in cute little outfits and he once told you that he wanted to get her custom clothes. When they went away for a while, you took care of Coco and decided to go to a friend that made clothes for animals. When they got back home, Youngjae was so excited to see her, but even more excited to see “Got7′s Baby” on her back. He hugged her before grabbing you and hugging you as thanks.

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He always ran out of cologne because he wasted it all on his shoes, making sure that they always smelled good. But he was spending so much money that it was making you pretty upset. You bought him a shoe deodorant that smelled just like his cologne and it was in a huge can, so he wouldn’t run out anytime soon. He wanted to thank you by taking you n a shopping spree, but you refused. He simply thanked you by giving you an embrace and a kiss on the forehead. 

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You knew how picky he was, he never out right talked about the things that he didn’t like, but they weren’t hard to point out. When he noticed that you started to leave out the veggies that he didn’t like, he stuffed his face and complimented you too much on your cooking.

“Perfect, as usual.”

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Castle on the Hill: A Stiles Stilinski Imagine

So this is based on my new favourite song, Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran. Hope you guys like it, and I’m also taking headcanons now so feel free to request them x 

When I was six years old I broke my leg
I was running from my brother and his friends
And tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass as I rolled down

Y/N’s brother liked to tease her when she was younger, that’s one of the many things Stiles remembered about her. He remembered the day she came running, well, limping, to his door, tears streaming down her face. His mother was alive then, and he remembered her calling him to come and comfort his best friend while she drove them to the hospital. He remembered holding her hand in the back of the car, and then being the first to write something stupid on her cast on the way home. 

Life was so much easier then.

I was younger then,
Take me back to when…
I found my heart and broke it here

Stiles would never forget Y/N’s first heartbreak. It was like her entire world had shattered into a million pieces. He remembered sitting on the grass with her, not caring that she was crying all over his new shirt, or that it was getting dark. All he cared about was making sure she was okay. 

“It’s his loss.”

“It’ll get better.”

“You’ve still got me.”

I love you.”

Of course, he never said the last one out loud. That wouldn’t be until much later. The night of the winter formal. Y/N would be wearing her favourite dress, her date would have ditched her, and she would have ended up in the arms of her best friend. Then, when they were dancing together, he would have whispered it to her. She would have stared at him in shock, before kissing him like he’d dreamed about so many times before. 

“I love you too, Stiles.”

I’m on my way
Driving at 90 down those country lanes
Singing to “Tiny Dancer”

Stiles remembered that her favourite thing in the world was road trips. He remembered the one they took on their one year anniversary. They flew down the road in the powder-blue jeep that they both treated like it was their child, the radio blaring. He remembered looking at Y/N as she belted out the lyrics to whatever song was playing, not caring that she got them wrong, admiring the way the wind blew through her hair, the way the light reflected in her eyes. 


“Nothing, you’re just amazing.”

She smiled, the blush rising to her cheeks. Stiles pulled over, before grabbing her cheeks to pull her in for a kiss. He loved how their lips melded together, like they were made for each other.

He pulled away, his thumb stroking her cheek as they placed their foreheads against each other. 

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too, Stilinski.”

And I miss the way
You make me feel,
And it’s real
We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill

Stiles remembered everything there was to know about Y/N Y/L/N. He remembered her birthday, her favourite books, the way she’d tuck her hair behind her ear whenever he complimented her, and the way she used to snuggle into him as they watched the sunset over his house whenever they could. 

That was what he thought about every time he went to visit her at the hospital. All the good memories. He would sit there, his hand in hers and tell her stories. Stories of all the amazing times they had spent together, and stories of what he had planned for their future. A house with a white picket fence and an apple tree, a dog, maybe a cat too, two kids, a boy and a girl, running around the garden, while their very happily married parents watched on.

“Alright son, visiting hours are over,” the nurse said over his shoulder. 

“Right, okay,” Stiles stood up from his seat, reluctantly removing his hand from Y/N’s. He looked at girl he loved, sleeping as she had been for the past nine months, and not for the first time, he realised how much he truly missed her. 

He placed a feather-light kiss on her forehead, not caring that she wouldn’t feel it. 

“See you tomorrow, Y/N. I love you.”


The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth [Chapter Eight]

Summary: Although the Association of Supernatural Species (yes…A.S.S.) brought together all the various magical beings for conferences they didn’t much mingle. At least not until Phil met Dan. Pastel!Vampire!Phil and Punk!Fairy!Dan

Warnings: Violence, smut, noncon touching in later chapters.

Title is from A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Master list of Previous Chapters

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Once In A Lifetime

The sun shone bright when Pepper woke up, completely relaxed and with a smile on her lips. It wasn’t unusual these days, not when she knew Tony was by her side, getting some sleep for himself. Or so she thought. Stretching, one arm reaching over to the other side of the bed, the strawberry blonde noticed something odd. The bed was empty. That was impossible, Tony was never up before her, especially not when –

Her alarm hadn’t woken her up.

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Blurb Prompt: 5. “Are you at Target…. Again?!”

Requested: Yes, by anonymous and @kacieblogs​ 

Type: Fluffy Daddy!Harry and Y/N.

As you walk through the automatic doors of Target you feel relief wash over you. In the past few months Target has become almost like a second home to you. You laugh at the thought that half of the workers probably know you by name now. But you couldn’t help it. You were nesting and coming to Target and only buying a few little things helped you get rid of your anxiety. You were a little over eight months pregnant, and no matter how many times you went over everything, had Harry go over everything, you still felt like you needed so much more for the arrival of your first baby. For some strange reason, you let Harry talk you into letting the sex of your baby be a surprise. Now you felt like you had to have every option ready for your baby.

You quickly grab a cart and head towards the baby section. You knew the rout by heart now, seeing that your Target trips were now almost a daily thing. You knew you were over reacting. But you hated being in the house by yourself, so why not go out while you could still do everything on your own. Your belly was huge already, you didn’t know if you’d be able to go out without help for much longer. There were times when you were wondering if the doctors had missed a second baby on the ultrasound. Baby Styles loved to move around and kick. But the second Harry would rub your belly and ask your baby to be nice to you, baby styles did exactly what his or her daddy asked. You had a hunch that you were carrying a little girl. You didn’t seem to be carrying the say way that your friends did when they had boys. You would love to see your husband with a little girl. You knew that if your baby was a girl, she’d become a daddy’s girl instantly.
Today’s mission was different from the other Target trips. Most of the time you just walked around the baby section aimlessly until you either had to pee, or couldn’t walk anymore. But today you wanted to try to find something special that you could make for your baby whenever Harry would be gone. Something that would remind you of Harry, but would also comfort your baby when the time would come that you weren’t daddy and couldn’t help calm your baby down.
You were walking down the bedding section, but nothing there was calling out to you. When you turned to go down the next isle, you made the mistake and found the clearance clothing section. You couldn’t help yourself, you starting to go through everything. Harry had told you, time and time again, that your baby doesn’t need any more clothes, that he’s already gotten your baby enough collections that will last until your baby is walking and talking all on his or her own. He wouldn’t tell you where he had gotten them, but no doubt they were expensive. One thing that your husband never backs down on is lavishly spending money on clothes for you. Heck the maternity dress you currently were wearing coast more than half of your old wardrobe before you met Harry. You love your husband and you love that he loves taking care of you so much, but sometimes he goes overboard and doesn’t know when to stop. You came across the cutest little girl outfit and you had to buy it, even if it wasn’t gender-neutral. You didn’t care, your emotions and hormones were on over drive, you felt yourself start to tear up a little. You hoped no one was watching, because it would have been a real site to see. You were hugging the little outfit with tears streaming down your cheeks. You were a mess. You felt your phone buzz in your pocket. You had two miss texts from Harry.

Hey love. Miss you and peanut. Hope you’re doing okay. I’ll be home soon. What do you want for dinner? I’ll pick up something on my way home.

You read the text and your tears stopped. Thinking about food made you hungry, you realized you had been in Target a lot longer than planned. Before you read the next text, you realize that the first text was sent almost forty-five minutes ago.

About to leave the studio, what do you want for dinner? I know you were craving those tacos you love so much from the little whole in the wall restaurant by the studio, does that sound good love?

You were about to text Harry back when another one came in from him.

Sorry if you were sleeping love. I can come home and go back out. I’ll see you soon.

You quickly texted Harry.

I wasn’t sleeping. I’m out and didn’t hear my phone go off. Sorry. Tacos sound great to me babe, but could you also stop by the ice-cream place by home and get the baby a scoop of the mint chip and then of course get me a scoop of the cotton candy? I told the baby that ice-cream wasn’t a good option for dinner but the baby fought me and one this time and you know we can’t have our baby upset. :-P

You knew you didn’t need to send Harry a justification for your weird cravings, but you knew if you added that little bit about the baby he’d get it without adding any commentary about how gross something might be. You also hoped that he’d ignore the fact that you said you were out. Harry’s been a little over protective lately ever since you went out alone and didn’t make it to a restroom in time and peed your pants and the paparazzi had been following you so when you left the store, they had gotten photographs of you with went pants. Harry didn’t text you back, but called you.

“Hey babe!” You cheerfully answered the phone.

“Y/N are you at Target…. Again?” Your husband sternly asked.

“Hi to you too. And yes, for a matter of fact I am.” You snapped, you tried not to get mad at him but sometimes you just need to get out of the house by yourself.

“‘Kay calm down baby, sorry I asked. But weren’t you there two days ago?” Harry asked.

“Yes, but I can’t help it, I’m nesting, and I didn’t think you would have wanted me rearranging your office, and that’s the only room in the house I haven’t touched since my nesting started, so I needed to get my Target fix.” You said with a sigh, but your baby was getting agitated and started kicking up a storm. You winced a little in pain and took a deep breath and rubbed your belly, hoping the baby would stop.

“Is the baby kicking you again y/n?” Harry knew what was happening just by your deep breaths.

“Yea. But. I’ll. Be okay.” You said between breaths.

“Put the phone up to your belly. Let me talk to the baby.” Harry said matter-of-factly.

“What? I’m in public, that’s weird Harry. I’ll, I’ll be fine.” You murmured trying to hold back your pain.

“Babe. You’re in pain. Just do it. Please.” Harry begged. He hates when you are hurting and he cannot be there to help you.

“Fine. Okay. Yes.” You say turning the speaker phone on and move your phone to your baby bump.

After a few seconds, you hear Harry coo and say.
“Baby. It’s Daddy and I know that your love to dance and move and your mommy and I love that. But Mommy is out all on her own. Can you please be gentle? I promise when Mommy gets home I’ll sing you your favorite song and you can dance all you want.”

Thankfully for you, no one was around to watch this. As silly as you feel, you can tell that your baby clearly knows Harry’s voice. The second Harry started talking, your baby stopped kicking and only wiggled around. You put your phone to your ear and sigh.
“Thanks Harry, that actually worked. I’m going to check out and head home.”

“Okay. See you soon. I love you, y/n”. Harry spoke.

“I love you too.” You murmured as you hung up the phone and made your way to the check out.

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istillliveinnarnia  asked:

Do you think Lucy had fun with makeup? Because I really like to imagine Susan and Lucy playing with makeup together, trying different stuff and giving each other tips and stuff

Oh, yes, definitely! If anything, I think Lucy would have been super interested in makeup while Susan never really cared for it. It was Lucy always making their play time into dress up time that really started Susan’s love of makeup. The two would practice different looks together, do each other’s makeup before dates, always be going to shops that carried makeup to check on the latest styles. Only Lucy would eventually grow out of it because of how much time and effort it would take on her part to get dolled up, although she would let Susan make her up from time to time for special events. Susan never grew out of it and always seemed to carry around an extra lipstick or two in her purse.