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I was wonderi if you had any recipe recommendations for someone just starting out as a vegan, I'm starting it on monday when I do my next food shop

Absolutely! I’m actually a horrible cook and stick to the basics. I’m not sure where you shop for food, but most towns have a natural foods store with fun stuff like vegan cheeses and meats. But you can easily find all you need at a big chain grocery store. Here’s a breakdown of what I eat on a typical day.


-Cereal (most kinds are vegan surprisingly, just skim the ingredients list for any dairy or honey) with soy milk (or any plant-based milk you prefer, depending on tolerance and allergies, there’s almond, cashew, coconut, rice, hemp, oat, and flax. I prefer soy, almond, and cashew for taste.)

-Toasted English muffin with one half warmed in the microwave with Chao vegan cheese slice, the other half spread with Tofutti soy cream cheese (it’s the best cream cheese out there and real cheap compared to others, but there are soy-free vegan cheeses available if you can’t eat soy)

-Oatmeal (packaged or quick-make because I’m a noob) with brown sugar or maple syrup on top, and fruit if you have it!

-If you have a blender, go wild! Frozen fruit + banana + plant-based milk of your choice + protein powder (optional) = Perfection. I don’t even add sugar because the fruit makes it so sweet. (more smoothie recipes here)


-Kite hill soy-free dairy-free yogurt (complete with probiotics)

-Fruuiiiiiit if it’s in season (melons fill you up the most with the least amount of calories, if that’s something you are concerned with)

-Justin’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (they’re not super cheap but they are worth every penny and they are SO GOOD)

-Fruit juices of any kind, but especially that thick green stuff (I love it)

-Carrots (or any finger veggie really) and hummus

-Tortilla/potato chips and bean dip if I’m feeling my junk food vibe


-Pizza with tomato sauce and whatever veggies you like (I go for artichoke, spinach, mushroom, corn, and tomatoes)

-PB&J (I like Justin’s nut butters because they’re really smooth and usually cheaper than all the other more “natural” brands)

-Baked potato with Earth Balance butter, nutritional yeast sprinkled on top (it’s like a cheesy type of flaky condiment with lots of B12 in it)

-If you’re not terrified of using a frying pan like I am, you can stir fry literally anything with the right noodles, veggies, tofu, and tempeh

-SQUASH. Just cut that baby in half (I love spaghetti and butternut squash, but acorn squash is also really good and small). Put it in a microwavable casserole dish with some water, poke some holes in it, and heat it in the microwave for 7-10 minutes (maybe longer? you’ll know it’s done when you stick a fork in it and it’s soft), then put vegan butter, salt, and nutritional yeast on it, and eat straight from the gourd.

-Gardein Seven Grain “Chicken” Tenders over whatever frozen veggies I’m in the mood for (I CANNOT recommend frozen veggies enough, they’re cheap and they last forever, and Gardein’s plant-based meats have so much protein it’s ridiculous)

-Veggie burgers (there are a million different brands now, so don’t be afraid to experiment, my personal favorite is Field Roast) with Vegenaise (Just Mayo might be more widely available at national chains), more Chao cheese slices, and whatever veggies you want to heap on top (more veggie burger ideas)

-Pasta pasta pasta!

-Spaghetti with chickpeas, diced tomatoes, and capers. Real simple to make. My mom (who is not vegan) actually found the recipe in And for the life of me I can’t find it now, but this recipe is very similar, except it has panko bread crumbs sprinkled on top (which frankly sounds even more delicious and I will have to try it myself).

-More pasta because you can never have too much pasta in your life?

-30 Vegan Meals in under 30 Minutes

-10 Very Varied Vegan Recipes Everyone Should Know

-Tips on How to shop Vegan on a Budget (and how it isn’t any more expensive than a non-vegan diet)

I’ll also include a few links to some vegan starter kits that will also help you out. Thank you so much for this ask, I get super excited talk to people trying out veganism. Let me know if you have any more questions! Happy shopping!

Veganuary Starter Kit

Why Vegan?

Vegan Outreach Kit (they actually send you information in the mail)

Vegan Cuts - Not a starter kit, but a snack box you receive each month with lots of vegan goodies (there is also a beauty box for all your cruelty-free hygiene needs)

VegNews - A HUGE resource for for vegan recipes, news, travel, whatever you might be curious to know about veganism

And lastly, Roy thanks you for being so awesome.

Banter 349

Piers: (in his room on base) *Puts on yet another of Chris’ shirts after his shower and styles his hair before it dries*
Chris: (in his apartment) *walks out of shower, towel around waist*
Chris: *looks around*
Chris: Grrr. I swear I had more shirts than this. Is it laundry day? Hmm. When was my last laundry day. What happened to my washing?
Chris: *checks wardrobe* Hmm, pretty sure I had a few more shirts than this. *scratches head*
Piers: *to himself* Hmm Captain’s shirts are so big, but so comfy.
Piers: *sniffs shirt*
Piers: *gives himself a self hug*
Chris: Ah screw it. No visitors at this hour. *goes shirtless*
Chris: (texts Piers) Hey, what are you up to?
Piers: (frets over the perfect answer) Not much, just relaxing on the couch.
Piers: And you?
Chris: Just showered. Couldn’t find a shirt, so I’m just hanging out in my jocks. Figure nobody’d mind.
Piers: *blushes* Oh, mmm. You never get cold anyway.
Chris: Unlike someone I know. You all rugged up?
Piers: Uh, well. Yeah. *plays with dogtags with a stupid grin on his face*
Piers: You eaten yet Captain?
Chris: Uh, that reminds me *looks through pantry*
Piers: You shouldn’t skip meals Captain. Always working too late.
Chris: Yeah, too tired. I had a banana after the gym.
Piers: Think of all those gains you’re missing out on.
Chris: I have pasta, canned soup, an onion and a potato. And some frozen salmon. Hmph.
Piers: Uh.
Chris: Guess I can just steam the salmon and uhh, the potato.
Piers: Yum.
Chris: Not expecting much from me clearly.
Piers: That’s what you get from living off base. No super mushy veggies and chicken breast so tough it gets stuck all over your teeth.
Chris: Yikes.
Piers: That’s what the rookies say anyway. I cook my own food.
Chris: Wouldn’t want Piers Nivans the food critic to tear the mess boys a new one.
Piers: It’s all about morale, as you would know.
Chris: Acutely. The salmon’s taking ages.
Piers: You’re cooking it from frozen?
Chris: Yeah.
Piers: *rolls eyes*
Piers: *to himself* Oh Captain Captain Captain… you so need someone to look after you. *smiles*


request for: @jessj525

pairing: Reader x Lucifer

song: Take It Out On Me by: Florida Georgia Line

word count: 1,038


You knocked on your best friend’s door as tears streamed down your face. He promised that he wouldn’t break up with you again, but he did. Your now ex-boyfriend broke your heart for the fifth time and now you promised yourself that you were done with him for good- no matter how cute he may be.

“Y/N?” Lucifer pulled you inside immediately. Gently, he placed his hand under your chin, pushing it up ever so slightly to see what was going on. Once he saw the new tears streaming over the old, dry ones, his jaw locked into place.

“Did he do this?” Lucifer fumed. You nodded in reply, not able to get past the sobs drowning your voice out. Lucifer pulled you into his strong embrace, holding onto you tighter than he ever has before. “I’ll kill him.”

You grabbed onto his arm and shook your head. In a small whisper you muttered, “Don’t go.”

Lucifer pulled you back into his soothing embrace. “I’m not going anywhere.”

What’d he do this time?

Did he break your heart?

I can tell you been crying…and baby here you are

And I always know any time you show up at my door past 11 o’clock that he must’ve pissed you off.

“Are you hungry?” Lucifer asked you as he tucked a strand of your tangled hair behind your ear.

You shrugged. “A little.”

With a small nod and a frown, Lucifer led you into his kitchen. You imagined that Lucifer never used it much since he was an angel. It was a shame really, he was a phenomenal cook.

“What do you want?” Lucifer asked. “If you don’t want anything here we can go out and get something too.”

You laughed lightly and shook your head. “Whatever you have is fine, Lu.”

“How does some pasta sound?” He asked you.

“Pasta sounds great.” You smiled back.

As soon as Lucifer got the pasta on the stove, he came over and sat by you. “Do you want to talk about what happened?”

“The same as usual.” You shrugged, looking up at him.

Lucifer gingerly placed his hand on your cheek, rubbing small circles that instantly made you feel better. Without warning, he pressed his lips to yours.

“Promise me,” He mumbled quietly. “Promise me that you and him are over for good.”

“I promise.” You breathed out and pressed your lips back to his.

Take it out on me.

And put your lips on mine.

Let me take his wrong and make it right this time.

Yeah, you can just come over, you ain’t gotta call.

You always got a shoulder anytime it all goes bad, when you’re ‘bout to break, when you’re mad as hell, you can always take it out on me.

You can take it out of me baby.

In the middle of the night, that’s alright…

You can take, take…

Lucifer smiled, finally happy to get the girl of his dreams. From the second he saw you, Lucifer knew that there was something special about you that he wanted. In the end, that something wasn’t just one thing, it was all of you. Lucifer loved the way you would crinkle your nose when you laugh and let out the cutest accidental snorts. He loved how you could live so freely, without a care in the world and take the moment and make it special.

Most importantly, Lucifer loved all of the special, little quirks that made you who you are.

“Y/N,” Lucifer began, “We can get back at him. Please let me get back at him.”

You shook your head. “It isn’t worth it. He isn’t worth any more of our time.”

“He hurt you.” Lucifer reminded you.

“Lots of people have hurt me.” You shrugged.

“Then I’ll hurt them all.” Lucifer told you.

“They aren’t important.” You gave him a small smile. “Just promise you’ll stay with me.”

Lucifer kissed the top of your head. “Always.”

Take off your coat, and baby come on in.

Girl, let me help to get back at him.

And I don’t know why you never say goodbye…

Whatever hell he’s puttin’ you through,

I can’t wait for you to…

Lucifer held you as the two of you watched movies together. He never liked movies, although he wasn’t going to tell you that. As the movie went on, Lucifer watched your reactions to each scene. He held you tighter when you cried and laughed with you. His heart swelled when he saw how happy you got from the most insignificant things and he loved every second of it. Lucifer loved you.

Take it out on me

And put your lips on mine.

Let me take his wrong and make it right this time.

Yeah, you can just come over, you ain’t gotta call.

You always got a shoulder anytime it all goes bad, when you’re ‘bout to break, when you’re mad as hell, you can always take it out on me.

Yeah, I’ll lay you down and love you just the way you should be.

Baby, so now that you’re ready…

Lucifer stared at you in admiration as you drifted off to sleep in his arms. He laughed lightly to himself at the thought that a human was the one to capture his heart. But that didn’t matter to him, because there you were imperfections and all.

He kissed your temple and whispered, “I love you.”

Unknowingly, you snuggled further into his protective embrace.

Take it out on me.

You can take it out on me baby.

If you ever wanna leave, maybe.

In the middle of the night, that’s alright…

You can take, take…

Take it out on me.

You can take it out on me baby.

Let me take his wrong and make it right this time.

Yeah, you can just come over, you ain’t gotta call.

You always got a shoulder anytime it all goes bad, when you’re ‘bout to break, when you’re mad as hell, you can always take it out on me.

You can take it out on me baby.

If you ever wanna leave, maybe.

In the middle of the night, that’s alright…

You can take, take, take it out on me.

this isn’t a recipe so much as an idea - boxed mac and cheese is one of those foods that never really holds you.  if you’re into fish though, add a can of tuna to it!  after draining and mixing the ingredients together, just stir in a can of tuna until it’s all mixed nicely.  if you have some breadcrumbs to toss on top those are always good too!  i know it sounds strange, but if you like tuna melts, this is like a lovely tuna melt pasta that will fill you up on the cheap :)

101 Things I Will Teach My Daughters by Leah Froehle
  1. Chocolate is only a temporary fix.
  2. A properly-fitting bra is not a luxury. It is a necessity.
  3. Your happiness is your happiness and yours alone.
  4. How to apply red lipstick.
  5. How to wear the crap out of red lipstick.
  6. A boyfriend does not validate your existence.
  7. Eat the extra slice of pizza.
  8. Wear what makes you feel gracefully at ease.
  9. Love the world unconditionally.
  10. Seek beauty in all things.
  11. Buy your friends dinner when you can.
  12. Wear sunscreen like it’s your second job.
  13. Try with all your might to keep in contact with far-away friends.
  14. Make the world feel at ease around you.
  15. Walk with your head up.
  16. Order a cheeseburger on the first date if you want to.
  17. Never, ever bite your nails.
  18. Swipe on some lipstick, put on your leather jacket, and sneak into a bar somewhere.
  19. Learn from your mistakes that night.
  20. Dental hygiene is not multiple choice.
  21. Your GPA is not a confession of your character.
  22. There is strength in breaking down.
  23. You don’t have to like yoga.
  24. Pick a tea.
  25. Take care of your feet.
  26. Pick a perfume.
  27. Even if you’re tall, wear the heels anyway.
  28. Classy is a relative term.
  29. Drink whiskey if you like whiskey.
  30. Drink wine if you like wine.
  31. Like what you like.
  32. Offer no explanation.
  33. Advil and Gatorade.
  34. You are no less of a woman when you’re in sweats and gym shoes than a woman in stilettos and a pencil skirt.
  35. A woman is a woman is a woman.
  36. Love your fellow woman with all your heart and soul.
  37. Cry, uninhibited, with your friends.
  38. Laugh until you can’t breathe with friends.
  39. Tell me everything.
  40. Exercise to be strong and healthy. A beautiful should needs a sturdy vessel.
  41. There is no shame in hoping for love.
  42. My cooking is the best cooking.
  43. Do not take sex lightly.
  44. I mean it.
  45. Anna Karenina. I’d like it if you read it.
  46. The world spins on the principle of inherent tragedy.
  47. Do not be blind to it.
  48. Men are effectively idiots until the age of 26.
  49. Carbohydrates are not the enemy.
  50. Involve yourself in an organized activity of your choosing.
  51. Listen to classical music occasionally.
  52. Take hot baths.
  53. Do not use bath salts.
  54. You are more than capable.
  55. I promise.
  56. Don’t smile if you don’t mean it.
  57. Mean your anger. Mean your sadness. Mean your pain.
  58. I am always, always listening.
  59. Travel.
  60. Get stuck in a foreign country with $4.67 in your account.
  61. Make me furious.
  62. Make me worry.
  63. Come home smelly, tired, and with a good story.
  64. Your story isn’t really yours.
  65. You are a compilations of others’ stories.
  66. Well-fitting and modest is ALWAYS sexier than too small and tight.
  67. Who cares if glitter isn’t tasteful?
  68. It’s too much eyeliner if you have to ask.
  69. Learn to bake for when you’re sad and I’m not there.
  70. Humility and subservience are not synonyms.
  71. Wash your face twice per day.
  72. Be gentle with your skin.
  73. Science is really cool.
  74. So is literature.
  75. And history.
  76. And math.
  77. There is no substitute for fresh air.
  78. Carry your weight.
  79. Make up for it later if you can’t.
  80. That salad is not better than pasta and it never will be.
  81. You’re fooling no one.
  82. Find at least three green vegetables you can tolerate.
  83. A smoothie is not a meal.
  84. Expect the best from everyone.
  85. People will let you down.
  86. Bask in the sun (wearing a sunhat and SPF 90).
  87. There is a certain kind of man you need to avoid at all costs.
  88. You’ll know it when you meet him.
  89. What other people say is right doesn’t always feel right.
  90. What feels right is where your happiness is.
  91. Give thoughtful gifts.
  92. Form an opinion.
  93. Stick to it.
  94. Exfoliation in moderation.
  95. Argue with people when you need to.
  96. If it’s worth fighting for, fight fiercely.
  97. Don’t fight for acceptance.
  98. You shouldn’t have to.
  99. Take pictures, but not too many.
  100. Follow your bliss at all costs. (I’m cutting you off at 22, though).
  101. Chocolate ice cream, however, might just be a permanent fix.

Wow! I know what this is. this is a rare moment of science we will never see probably against in a lifetime or ever. It is called a Body Donation, and it invented by Inestine. It is when someone reaches a moment of such powerful love that they can choose to restart their lives as part of the person they love. Inestine invented this by making his wife love him so much one night during a romance pasta dinner that she became a baby that was like him, but then he killed his wife they baby because he thought it was too dangerous to have her live on in the world without testing it in a laboratory first. It is a fact that if it looks like magic, it is not magic, it is science, so deal with it.

I'm not really a poet.

I’m not really a poet.
I have asthma so I can’t smoke. Addiction runs in the family, so I can’t drink and I eat way too much pasta and take too many naps to keep up with the struggling artist figure.
I’m not really a poet.
My throat constricts around words like doors slamming shut. I can never say what I want to say because the path from my brain and my mouth is a dangerous one and sometimes I lose words along the way. Sometimes before my hand can move, the idea dies.
I’m not really a poet.
The theatrical movements I plan to use onstage are always held back last minute by my dear old friends, insecurity and self consciousness. Recently, they’ve started to  follow me everywhere I go, crowding me so I try to make room for them by making myself seem smaller. I can’t let go of them because we tied ourselves together with friendship bracelets.
I’m not really a poet.
While I lack the confidence to be out loud, I am extremely full of myself. So full of myself in fact that sometimes when I’m talking my mouth just c-c-cant let go of the words because then I’ll become a little more empty. But when they are able to escape, those words fly out faster than an Olympic runner on crack with wings on his shoes
I’m not really a poet.
I can’t rock that “I haven’t slept in 3 weeks” look. And I only like drinking coffee when it tastes nothing like coffee.
I’m not really a poet.
Most of my experiences do not equate to beauty. I can’t find the words to turn my father’s injection scars into something #relatable. I’m unable to turn anxiety into some type of flower metaphor. I can’t find inspiration in the art of heartache and I don’t like the color of bruises.
Some of us just can’t spin ugliness into hope.
Some of us just aren’t meant to be a poet.

salty-bliss-vibes  asked:

Hey Maxi! I don't mean to sound rude when I ask this but why do you think when you first lost weight from veganism you were very skinny (not in a bad way at all)? Were you eating/exercising differently to how you are now? Sorry if this is too personal I was just wondering as I want to achieve optimum results on the lifestyle. Much love xxxx

yesss I was eating less and low carb for the first 2 months or so because I had no idea that I had to eat more. I was reallt strict and would never have bread or pasta and exercised like every day as well but as you can see the human body can’t go through with something like that for very long and I just had to start eating a lot more but that’s not really why I gained some weight back. The last 7 months or so I have not been exercising as regularly as I used to and eating a lot of junk and just loosening up over all + I only just turned 17 so obviously my body is still growing and I am turning from a girl into a woman. I’m trying to get back into the regular exercise and clean eating now but not putting too much pressure on myself because I just want to enjoy life and feel my best and that includes eating ice cream or donuts sometimes :)

Different Kind of Pasta

I’m Italian, so this is a super easy pasta dish I ate a lot growing up, but I’ve never really seen anyone else use it. Basically what you do is toss in a bunch of canned stuff with pasta and you get something saucy and yummy without too much work. Plus, it’s really easy to make in large quantities and have leftovers. Also vegan!

Equipment Required: stove, can opener, deep frying pan or pot thing, lid, something to stir with, and a knife and cutting board if you’re adding fresh onion.

Actions: Opening cans, standing up, waiting near a stovetop, light stirring, keeping track of time, and chopping (optional). 


  • You can just mix and match whatever you have of the following canned foods: tomatoes, mushrooms, garbanzo beans, olives, capers, sardines, red pepper, spinach, string beans, peas… or anything really. 
  • dried pasta
  • herbs: oregano, basil, thyme, pepper, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, red pepper flakes or some kind of hot sauce. 
  • I recommend fresh onion and garlic if you have some on hand or have the spoons for it, but if not that’s ok!
  • chicken broth, veggie brother, or a cube. 
  • cheese for topping

Method: Start by frying the onion in some oil if you’re doing that, then add the dried pasta and whatever drained canned stuff and seasonings you have. Poor over your broth and bring it a boil, and then reduce and simmer (with a lib on it) until the pasta is cooked. Then just dump some cheese on top and enjoy your feast!

Notes: I used about 2 cups of liquid for ½ a box of pasta. It should look pretty soupy to begin with. Also olives, capers, and sardines are all really salty, so you won’t need any additional salt.

Les Amis and Food Toppings

Enjolras: An absurd amount of ketchup, “but look Ferre, it’s red like my anger and the blood that has been spilt due to the injustice, my chips are angry now too”

Combeferre: Surprises everyone with how dry he eats his food but when it comes to lamb, he will go on for hours about the amazing-ness of mint sauce

Courfeyrac: No one can stop him from putting chocolate sauce on anything once he’s set his mind to it

Bossuet: Cheese, so much cheese, pasta will never be safe again, just so much motherhecking cheese

Joly: Sprinkles!!! On anything! Goes through two tubes when decorating cupcakes

Musichetta: Everyone else is a wimp when it comes to spice, Joly and Bossuet have to supervise her spice involvement whenever she makes curry (may have hospitalise Enjolras one time)

Marius: Cosette has to open most of the jars and bottles of condiments for him

Grantaire: Mustard, lots, has a tray of different mustards, is a mustard nerd, idek Grantaire <3 mustard

Jehan: Will put edible glitter on everything he eats, it has been confiscated many times but he has at least two spares in his pockets for such occasions

Bahorel: Drenches everything in gravy, where is the food? Oh, it’s floating in that gravy pool

Feuilly: So much seasoning, won’t even taste even taste the food before putting salt and pepper on it

Cosette: Known for overdoing the mixed herbs… dramatically

Eponine: Massive gherkin lover, she has a knack of knowing which jar is the best value for money and quality 

Leaving Is The Hardest Part

For aos-skimmons, I kept up my end of the deal ;)


Leaving is always the hardest part.

Jemma realises that when she hears Skye’s intoxicating laugh coming from the sitting room where she’s playing Call of Duty with Trip.

It makes her throat thick with tears and her eyes burn. She can’t do it. She can’t tell Skye that she’s leaving or why she’s leaving.

One. She can’t because it is a secret undercover operation and Coulson needs her to keep it quiet.

Two. She can’t because it will break Skye’s heart.

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