never call a girl ugly

Don’t ever call a girl ugly. I don’t care if she isn’t a beauty pageant winner. Every girl is beautiful in His eyes. You don’t know how her life is. You don’t know if she’s been called ugly more than she’s been called beautiful. It doesn’t matter. If you tell her that she’s beautiful and she doesn’t believe you, that’s her deal. Don’t fight with her about it, don’t agree, just let it go. She’ll remember what you said, and she’ll appreciate it. If you don’t do anything significant with your life, at least make a point to tell every girl you can that she’s beautiful.


Nice ; Theo Raeken


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this has been in my drafts for so long i kinda think it’s shit now lmao

She scoffs to herself as she pulls one of her books out from her locker. 

“I think he’s gay, that’s so fucking weird,” a guy muttered from beside her. Her gaze follows his, and her blood boils. Nobody talks about Danny Mahealani like that. Everybody likes Danny, just because he’s simply… Danny. You couldn’t resist him even if you tried.

She leans back a little, getting a good look at his face. Justin. She shared a couple classes with him and from what’s learnt, he’s never had something nice come out of his mouth unless it was something about girl’s ass or boobs. 

“Yeah, weird, considering you’re ugly as fuck,” she stated, sarcasm coating every word. She wasn’t afraid of this guy just because he could ruin her reputation in a snap of his fingers. 

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honestly if ur a boy & u call some innocent girl who never did anything to u ugly unprompted for no reason, where the fuck do u get off? do u think u are a cute catch bc I have news for u & ur flip flops jason