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Consider this: Trollhunters AU where Namora (I think that's how her name is spelled) is a double-agent, and she and Draal either get back together once her cover's blown, or never broke up in the first place.


Oh my goodness, Draal being all CONCERNED whenever she has to go back to the Darklands…!

when we look for/recognize solidarity only in our shared sufferings…that is when we let trauma cling on to the coattails of our growth. when we rely only on our oppressions to build us up. we must step into and recognize our innate POWER. power that is not tied to subjugation, or violence, or trauma. we are not just strong because of what has happened to us, or what is happening to us. we are not strong because somebody broke us down. we are strong because we never fucking broke. 

because we are whole, 

because we were born whole,

because it will never be any other way. 

I’m not going to write about all the times you screwed me over.
I’m not going to make you out to be this bad person.
Because at some point you were what was right for me.
You rescued me when I was lost.
You helped me win the battles with my demons.
You made me feel beautiful.
And when you looked at me, I knew I mattered.
Those are the memories I will remember you by
At some point in time, you did love me.

So no, I won’t hate you
For outgrowing me
For lying
For leaving
But I’m not going to pretend I’m ok with it either…

Acknowledge it.
In order to move on you need to acknowledge it or it may as well eat you alive.
Pushing it aside isn’t moving on.
You need to let yourself hurt, ache, scream in pain.
Punch the wall at 3 am and watch the blood fall from the bruises on your skin and realize you’re alive, yell at your neighbors for being annoyed by the noise, screw them for trying to stop you from reaching the peace you long for so badly.
Eat pizza and ice-cream until your stomach grows sick and now you can focus on another pain other than the one on your chest.
Isolate yourself from the world for as long as you need, drink, smoke, have nightmares.
Allow yourself to be immersed on a pit of self pity because you deserve it.
You deserve to feel pity for yourself because you were hurt and are still hurting.
Immerse yourself so you can fix yourself.
It doesn’t matter how long it takes.
Then rise from that pit and don’t look back.
Start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do and don’t feel bad for focusing on the one person that was and will always matter the most, yourself.
Acknowledge the pain but don’t let it get you down anymore for you are not the person you were 15 minutes ago, imagine 4 months ago.
Allow your heart to look for somebody else because sometimes the only way is to find someone that truly deserves all you have to offer.
Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting, it means letting go of something that no longer serves and deserves you.
—  This how to move on (kind of) - Mariana Teles Fernandes
I want him to think just once, he fucked up. He lost someone who cared for him and continuously cried over him months and months even after it ended. Who cared for him so deeply that she had to take a break from school because she could just barely get herself up and out of bed. However, he didn’t think twice about her. He continued getting up and smiling and laughing with his friends, not even glancing over or wondering for a second about how she was feeling. He continued to be selfish and move on, meanwhile she took the time and effort to forget about you, it took a lot. In the end, she was successful.
—  Time heals
I only want you. I want to feel your hand in mine. I want to listen to your heart while laying on your chest. I want to look at your eyes for several hours without blinking. I want to talk to you about what to eat and about how paradoxal our existence is. I want to hear you laugh till you can’t breathe anymore. I want you, in every possible way, just you.
—  Another heart-broken girl

I’m sick of boys who pretend they care.
Who lift you up to the clouds
only to let you fall to the ground a moment later.
Boys who kiss your forehead
and promise everything will be okay.
Boys who make you open up
and show every one of your flaws,
only to wish you hadn’t.

I’m sick of boys who use me.
Who grab at my waist
until it grabs my friend’s attention.
Boys who bite my neck
when the girl he used to love walks by.
Who fill my every crack with love and passion
but only until ‘she’ realises what she’s missing.

I’m sick of boys who confuse me.
Who tell me they’re in love
but flirts with every other girl.
Boys who hold my hand one day
and walk past me another.
Who bring light into my life
but also with darkness and pain.

I’m sick of boys who make me feel like my heart is breaking. Who’s name makes me shiver
but also makes me hurt.
Boys who make me wish I could be someone else,
just to make them happy.
Who destroy my whole world,
but don’t even seen to notice.

—  Late night confessions in my mind.

BREAKING: Michael Flynn has resigned as national security adviser

  • Michael Flynn has resigned his position as national security adviser, effective immediately. (CNN, AP)
  • Flynn, a former Army lieutenant general and Defense Intelligence Agency head, apparently fielded a phone call with Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak before Trump’s inauguration and used the opportunity to reassure him about U.S. sanctions on Russia.
  • The call was a major break from standard protocol, was possibly illegal under the obscure Logan Act and raised questions about Flynn’s loyalties. (Washington Post)
  • Flynn had said the sanctions discussion never happened. But news broke Monday afternoon that Flynn had apologized to Vice President Mike Pence for allowing Pence to claim Flynn never discussed “anything having to do with the United States’ decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against Russia” in January. 
  • Additional reports then indicated the Department of Justice had warned Trump’s team Flynn was a possible Russian blackmail risk (Wash Post), he might lose his job (Politico) and there were calls for him to resign from his own party. Read more (2/13/17 11:00 PM)
Fuck you for making me feel like I didn’t even deserve you when it’s you who doesn’t deserve me
You say you don’t like what I became. But I’m just the result of what you did.
—  A no more heart-broken girl
Why is it that
we doubt ourselves
when someone
hurts us?
Why is it that
we wonder where
we went wrong
instead of where
they went wrong?
Why is it that
we let them
define us so easily
and we don’t
blame them for
what they’ve done
to us?
Why is it that
we are willing
to believe
it was our fault
for being too much
too loving
too caring
too clingy
to attached
too naive
whatever the hell
they say?
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #66
If we don’t end up together and we belong to other people please tell your kids about me. Tell your daughter to be fearless but also build walls around her so guys won’t break her heart like you broke mine. Tell your son to be tender and consistent in every decision, to listen to what his heart says and not what everybody else tells him to, like you did. Tell them that for every person there’s another person who would go through everything just to be with them, like I did for you. Teach them that giving up on the person who sees the world in their eyes just because times are hard will make them drown in regret, like you probably are right now. Most importantly teach them to be fighters and not quitters on that certain person who goes to hell and back, like I did.
Maybe we only have one real love, maybe I won’t ever meet someone like you, and maybe I won’t ever be as good with somebody else that I could have been with you.. But I’m tired, and it’s time to love myself a bit.
—  Another heart-broken girl