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How to write your book step 171


What actually happens? Girl meets Boy, Boy becomes zombie, Girl kills Boy, Girl survives zombie apocalypse. Great! Now - How??  Where? Who? Why? What?  Then what? Then who? Then where? Then Why?? 

Having a plot is great, running with it is often ridiculously difficult. Ask yourself those basic questions, the who what where the when and the why and then simplify them. A good book is often a precise one. Sometimes mystery is a good thing, and other times it’s not. You want to answer plot line questions, but you want to ask moral questions. You want your reader at some point in your book to feel uncomfortable, like you’ve asked them something personal that they don’t want to share just yet. Write something that makes you question yourself. Question who you are and what you are doing and why and then your book will come together nicely around your plot. 

Just keep writing. 

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Oh no now I'm curious about what they say about Danielle in London....I can guess a few things and they probably aren't good lol. She really does scream desperate doesn't she?!

Here’s the real problem, to make it quick.

A bearding situation is always very very delicate when it comes to the industry’s reaction. And there’s some considerable difference if the beard in question is herself/himself a part of the industry or someone coming from the outside. And things get even trickier when the closeted fellow celebrity is commonly perceived as (mostly) unwilling. While nobody in general cares about the non famous beard (who’s normally not too keen in directly promoting themselves, at least until the end of their contract), there’s an unspoken code of behavior that the famous beard has to respect, especially when they’re an up and coming celebrity, some boundaries that outline what is considered acceptable, boundaries that, once crossed, will sort of brand your reputation in the private scene, more or less depending on how careless you’ve acted. A few quite famous beards, who were active members of the industry before taking on the new role, even if less popular than their closeted partners, have kept on being labeled as such or looked down at or never fully taken into serious consideration as artists, among their own colleagues, behind closed doors and non; so, while bearding for a big name can give you an exposure that you’d never dreamed of before, it can also endanger your chances to have a fruitful career be taken as a serious professional, if you don’t play your cards well.

Now, I personally don’t see how anything we’ve seen so far could secure Danielle a career, all the moves they’ve done will probably lead to the spotlight being turned off a month after the end of the stunt (the only attempt that could have been attention grabbing  -the staged topless pics- was handled badly, was really uncomfortable and not given the spin that could have helped her), but in case Danielle gets somehow highly successful, and we all wish her that, I hope her “team” starts planning their strategy a bit more conscientiously. I’m aware that there’s the common misconception that everybody can turn into an agent/manager/publicist/media expert out of nowhere and that having a possibly good selling product is enough and that all of us who spent years studying for a professional preparation are idiots, but knowledge and experience are still worth something. So, Mrs Campbell, if you’re still scrolling past our blogs, here’s some free and honest advice for you: whatever you do next, don’t have your daughter comment on Larry, don’t let her breathe nowhere close to it, plan her future beyond this stunt. And maybe try to be a bit less pushy and obvious, because if things have reached me, a literal no one in the big scale of things, can you imagine what people you should care about are saying out there?

it makes me sad when people apologize for posting selfies. you should never feel bad about posting pics of yourself to your own blog. you’re allowed to feel confident and want to share how you look with others. never apologize for that, especially in a place that you’ve made for yourself. it’s like apologizing for sleeping in your own bed.