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Hey guys so my blog recently turned 2 years old and I also recently hit 800 followers so I thought it would be fun to do a fandom themed blograte and maybe get to know you all a little more!


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I am your partner.
Happy bithday Tsuki-san!!!・:゚*:・。゚ぉ誕生日(★´∀`)

30 day otp challenge | day 4: cuddling somewhere

So I’ve never really done headcanons or AUs or anything but I kinda have an AU in mind for Ashi cuz I can’t stand the thought of her not existing any more

The rough idea is that although she cannot physically exist due to being a paradox, her soul rose to a higher plane of existence basically becoming a powerful deity like Ra, Odin, and Rama are in the SJ universe. These gods teach her how to use her new-found powers and she becomes the guardian of earth, making sure nothing like Aku ever attacks it again. She can also manifest on earth as a more physical being so she can reunite with Jack, but it takes a lot of power so she can’t stay for long periods of time. Jack eagerly awaits her visits from protecting the universe.

I’m working on a Goddess!Ashi design so here’s a rough wip

the irl captain america


Hello friends this took me like a month to make please be gentle