never been to me 2

i don’t even know how to comprehend that something I created has been seen by so many people – like holy damn. HOLY DAMN.

Are you looking for a book that will make you fall in love with the characters and their relationships, then absolutely crush you and break your heart into a thousand pieces? Are you looking for a book that will keep you up reading until the early morning only to keep you from falling asleep after you finish it because you can’t stop thinking about it? Are you looking for a book that will keep you from reading any other books afterwards for weeks because you can’t let go from it? Are you looking for a book that will be on your mind for weeks after you finish it? oh… and are you looking for a book focusing on LGBT characters and relationships?

well then look no further


throwback to when I dyed my hair, reminded me of mansae era joshua

anytime satine is onscreen with them in TCW its like anakin and obi wan completely switch personalities. anakin was so staggeringly mature in “voyage of temptation” – he makes like ONE JOKE amongst a situation that would provide IRRESISTIBLE MOCKERY FODDER to almost any mortal man. meanwhile obi wan was literally a petulant 9 year old child. 

and let’s not even mention obi wan in “the mandalore plot”. what a loser. what a truly stunning moron. like people refer to this man as suave? calm & collected? well-spoken? & then he immediately gets captured, yells at satine to come rescue him from imminent death, and then yells at her for not rescuing him fast enough rEAL SMOOTH, KENOBI. im honestly aghast. anakin is clearly very familiar with this phenomenon. in “the academy” when ahsoka’s like “master kenobi caused trouble???? thats a first!” u can practically see anakins life flashing before his eyes

the moral of the story is that obi wan kenobi is only smooth with people he’s not close to. if he cares about somebody hes a complete garbage fire


s h e ’ s  j u s t   a   g i r l   w i t h   s p i r i t ,   is   a l l .

               that’s always a  g o o d  thing.

anything that is beautiful
people want to break
and you are beautiful
i’m afraid

I don’t have any life insurance, Phil. What happens if I have a heart attack?
—  Dan Howell whilst deciding whether to run or hold a torch

10 facts and the latest selfie
Tag by @serensama aka Romeo (dang with your selfie like that you should be Julliet dude look at me Im so handsome)

1. Never been to any art school or art class
2. Friends told me that my face is very scary if Im not smilling
3. My idol is my dad
4. I like travelling with little fund, because it makes me feel so alive as I have to make the most of the small fund that I have
5. Im find excitement in almost everything, I used to read Macroeconomic textbook for fun.
6. A horse person, I actually adores horse since I was born, but never got the chance to ride one.
7. My normal dream is to have a farm when Im old, and raise bunch of doberman dogs and siasmese cats, and HORSES
8. I have no faith in my sale technique, apparently I dont know why my boss still keeps me around. Im a firm believer that I sucks at Sale.
9. I have Finance and Accounting bachelor degree, make a living as a Sale person and draw kinky shit
10. I actually feel more comfortable when talking in English than Vietnamese. Maybe because Vietnamese is not as straightforward.

Anyone who interested can do it