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I just wanted to doodle a little thing for the Undertale anniversary ♫♪
Drawing so much UT characters made me nostalgic ♥ I’ll prolly replay the game a little.

This game bring me so much, and still bring me a lot. Thank you Toby Fox and everyone who made this game possible. o/

color whomst?


a pathetic excuse to stare at that picture for 2 hours

i don’t even know how to comprehend that something I created has been seen by so many people – like holy damn. HOLY DAMN.

ok but like the thing about kallura that i think makes so much sense and makes it really difficult for me to see any version of this story that doesn’t involve them ending up together is that neither of them have a home to go to. keith has literally said that once they defeat the galra he intends to keep searching [space] for more information about his family. he has no intention of returning to earth. we know this. allura has no home to return to. like how can anyone possibly think these two were not meant to find each other all along.

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Lotor saying the galra should inspire loyalty and devotion is far more dangerous. At least is what I think. Fear could inspire revolution and a need to change, but devotion... It makes you think everything is okay.

Dude. Dude, I’m scared of Lotor. I can already tell that he’s gonna be an awesome character - 10 times more of a threat than his father was for sure :P From what we’ve seen, Lotor is charismatic and loyalty inspiring. He has a knack for words, is a skilled fighter and only considers people’s skills and abilities when it comes to distributing tasks. He’s cunning and charming and convincing and a born leader. I am sosososo scared of him…

With Zarkon it’s always been just about strength. We were scared of him because he was the previous black paladin and because he had enough power to stand up against a fully formed Voltron on his own. I was more scared of Haggar than him because she had magic and because she has proven that she can manipulate the minds of people with it. 

Now there’s Lotor though. Lotor who doesn’t need magic to manipulate people. All he needs is his conviction and his words. 

And the worst part?? As scared as I am of him, I think I might actually grow to like him. And that’s coming from me, a person that generally dislikes all the evil guys on principle. But like… he doesn’t look down on halfbreeds and doesn’t care for gender. He was gone for the entirety of the first two seasons but when Haggar called him for help he was readily available. Whether it was because he saw an opportunity to become more powerful/the new emperor or whether he saw a chance to change the Galra empire for the better (in terms of prejudice and unity amongst the people) is still unclear. 

So fuck. Fuck. We haven’t been officially introduced to him yet but I can tell that he’s seriously gonna be an amazing character who’s gonna show us that the world exists in shades of gray instead of black and white. 


throwback to when I dyed my hair, reminded me of mansae era joshua

Are you looking for a book that will make you fall in love with the characters and their relationships, then absolutely crush you and break your heart into a thousand pieces? Are you looking for a book that will keep you up reading until the early morning only to keep you from falling asleep after you finish it because you can’t stop thinking about it? Are you looking for a book that will keep you from reading any other books afterwards for weeks because you can’t let go from it? Are you looking for a book that will be on your mind for weeks after you finish it? oh… and are you looking for a book focusing on LGBT characters and relationships?

well then look no further