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Meet Your Heroes

Summary: Nico Yazawa has never been straight, and now her priorities aren’t either. A supervillain caught by the town’s local Superman and Lois, she’s got nothing to lose, right? Based on this post. For @saberin and also I just wanted to write the fic.

Pairings: Nozonicoeli, Nozoeli, it’s complicated, Eli’s a spoiled crybaby, you’ll see.

A/N: This fic is dumb. The names are dumb. Nico’s gay. Nozomi’s a tease. Eli’s a bonafide Crybaby Elichika. It’s good shit.

Also, if you like this fic, reblog it! It does a lot both for visibility and for making me excited to write and post more!


Nico hits the roof hard. She grits her teeth and tastes the metallic tang in the back of her throat that comes from heavy hits and fear. Also she has blood in her mouth. Her hands slide into fists and she rolls over just enough to spit it out onto the black tar of the roof.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Evangelion touch down at the edge of the roof. Her blonde ponytail flutters down to rest at the base of her neck and the light blue suit really brings out those…steely blue eyes that are glaring at her. Man if Nico wasn’t weak before…

Behind her, Nico hears a door burst open and tilts her head back to see Nozomi Toujou, mild-mannered journalist and professional pain-in-her-ass, wheezing from her climb up what was probably quite a lot of stairs. She’s in some sort of pencil skirt and blazer and those glasses… Honestly, Nico isn’t sure if she likes Evangelion or her plucky, normie sidekick more.

She guesses it doesn’t matter, since they’re both taking her to jail.

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Haters have been calling the upcoming DCEU humorless, without joy, no colors, going after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in particular.

And yet it’s the haters who:

Nitpick every clip/trailer that comes out from DC Films and declare that everything sucks

Gets salty towards anyone who dares to be excited about the upcoming movies

Whined about everything DCEU related after the announcement, from the cast to the costumes

Yelled about how Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad’s first trailers were too dark, but when the second trailers showed humor, accuse DC of copying Marvel

Pit DC against Marvel and declaring Marvel superior, even though only one movie has been released from the DCEU, and even using memes that make no sense as “proof”. And no, I will never let the fact that you fuckers thought that a talking raccoon was comparable to a female led superhero movie go.  

And more recently trying to pit Suicide Squad against Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and declaring Suicide Squad superior even though both films are in the same universe, are produced by the same people, and distributed by the same studio, meaning this attempt at an inner rivalry pointless


Zack Snyder talks about geeking out over seeing the Trinity in their costumes and might be the nerdiest director in Hollywood

Ray Fisher talks nonstop about Cyborg on his social media accounts and is adorable as fuck about it

Ezra Miller clearly knows and loves The Flash and couldn’t stop from geeking out when interviewed about it early last year while showing zero hate to the tv show

Ben Affleck’s old house had a Batcave in it

Henry Cavill loves Superman and has stated Superman’s the only superhero he would ever play

Jason Momoa talks about Aquaman with nothing but pride about the fact that he can add his own heritage into the character

Gal Gadot also loves Wonder Woman and her and Patty Jenkins understand what the character is supposed to be about

The Rock is pumped to be playing Black Adam and has playfully trash talked Henry Cavill’s Superman in the past

The executives like Charles Roven seem to be very confident about what they have and seem rather excited about the DCEU

And the entire Suicide Squad cast has become a big happy, twisted family, giving a whole new meaning to the the phrase “Squad goals”

Now looking at all of what I just wrote, who is really the joyless, humorless, no fun ones here?


Here are my most anticipated DC Rebirth comic books! When I started reading comic books, I mainly stuck with Marvel because they had more POC heroes like Sam Alexander and Miles Morales, but I always wanted to read DC. I started with Doctor Fate and Prez but those were relatively low-key. Now with Rebirth, I cannot wait to read more DC. So here we go!

The one I’m most excited for is Green Lanterns. When on the fringes of DC, I was most interested in the Green Lanterns because of Moviebob’s crazy Green Lantern comic videos and I love outer space stuff. This series also has two POC heroes, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, that I wanted to read but were very obscure and not featured at all. Sam Humphries is also one of my favorite writers (Weirdworld, Jonesy, Star-Lord) so I am very excited for this book. It’s a lot like Nova so I guess all you need to get me to read a comic is set it in space and have Latinx star, haha!

I was first introduced to Blue Beetle in the Batman the Brave the Bold and Young Justice cartoon but I wasn’t that familiar with the comic stuff so I will definitely be reading this.

I’ve never been a huge Batman guy but after @hellyeahteensuperheroes recommendation and award for the Robin: Son of Batman series, I have become a big Damian Wayne fan so Teen Titans and Super Sons not only sound super fun, but also feature a character I really like. I’m very excited for those two.

New Superman has my money purely based on the premise and Gene Luen Yang as the writer. He wrote graphic novels that were very helpful in helping me come to terms with what my race meant, despite me being Latino, and a Superman based in Chinese culture sounds super awesome and right up his alley. I’m staying in the dark on this one because I want to be wowed.

What are you guys excited about?

I really want to shake it up, it’s not strong love if it’s not tested. ~ Peter Tomasi

USA TODAY broke the story that Batman and Robin writer, Peter Tomasi, and master artist Doug Mahnke will be the new creative team on the comic book series SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN beginning with issue #13 in November.

I’m sad to see Charles Soule and Tony Daniel go because I’ve been throughly enjoying their work but if anyone can keep this series great it’s these guys!

Mr Tomasi has been writing B&R since before the New 52 reboot and every single issue has been a delight to read. Even the best of runs has one or two dud issues but not this one.

As for Mr Mahnke, what can I say? His work on Justice League and Green Lantern has never disappointed!

So yeah, I’m pretty freakin’ excited about this!

SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #13 arrives on November 12th.

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Hi there! Do you take Supercat prompts at all? Or know anyone who might? I'd love a fic where Kara and James are spending time together trying to save their relationship and meanwhile Cat gets kidnapped and hurt due to Supergirl's delay in saving her. I think the angst would be amazing! Thank you xxxx

Wow! I’ve never been given a prompt before… I’m so excited right now. So excited that I just whipped this up. I’m down for prompts, anytime. The time in which I respond to them would probably vary a LOT but I was on a roll tonight with writing so HERE YA GOO


“Huh?” She stopped thinking about the sirens off in the distance and James’ face came back into focus across the table. “Sorry, distracted.”

“I get it, I really do. Superman could never truly suppress the urge to help people. But I think that this will be a good thing, for us.” James picked at his gnocchi, watching Kara from the other side of the table.

They’d tried over the past few weeks to try and perfect a balance between their relationship together and Kara’s relationship with the entire city.

If you asked Kara alone, she would say it wasn’t working.

James would say otherwise. He really liked Kara. He should feel lucky enough to be her friend, but he’d always wanted more.

Kara had too, at one point, but he was starting to think it had been fleeting.

“Yeah, I’m really trying James. It’s… nice. To get away and be selfish for one night.”

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