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Hellooo~ I felt like making a random post on resent animus I’ve watched since my not posting as much, and think people should definitely check out! please bear with me with my explaining the series, I’ve never been too good with it *scratches head* I’ll try my best though~ Anyhoo… here we goo!

1) Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

I’ve literally just finished this 26 episode long series,, The story follows 7 boys struggling together to survive the brutality and humiliations of this disciplinary prison after committing serious crimes. Now bear in mind, this is a very brutal anime, and it mentions some touchy topics such as rape, suicide etc… but that only makes you severely appreciate the heartwarming scenes between these 7 teens a whole lot more, and you really feel the emotions for them with what they go through and how they survive. To sum it up, this is a masterpiece, and one of my favorites. The music is beautiful [please look up the sound track] ah ma heart >.< the characters and how they show their stories, and the story itself especially! It’s just brutally, emotionally, friendship’ly’? perfect. 

2) Doukyuusei

If you don’t like yaoi, skip this, because yes, though not graphic, this movie is a yaoi. But it’s freaking perfect, and I don’t know about anybody else who has watched this, but I honestly loved the art style! It was different, and I found that refreshing. This movie is pretty much the perfect yaoi movie, the perfect amount of drama, not too much graphic, just a sweet story about two guys. The moments between them are too cute to bear, plus Hiroshi Kamiya voices Hikaru (the blond guy) it’s nothing to cry or cringe over (when I say cringe I mean its not overly cheesy) you can just sit back and enjoy the story these two boys share (with popcorn)

3) NHK ni Youkoso! (Welcome to the NHK)

I think the best way I can explain this 24 episode long series is that it hits you deep with reality in a somewhat comical way. The story follows this man named Satou, dealing with everyday life as a hikikomori (a person who avoids social contact with others) he later on takes up counseling from a girl named Misaki, who is also dealing with her own problems. I wont say too much, otherwise the whole twist in this series will be spoiled. Along his journey, Satou deals with everyday problems which I wont mention. And you’ll honestly be sitting and hoping that he’ll succeed and kinda face palming when he doesn’t due to the really simple mistakes he pulls bless him. It’s a pretty gripping plot, but I’ll also give a warning that, as I said, they do display reality in a comical way, but it does bring up touchy subjects such as suicide. 

4) Bakuman.

I love this anime. It’s definitely up there with my favorites! I won’t be surprised if alot of people already know about this, but I’m putting it here anyhoo. The story simply follows two friends who follow the path of becoming magaka’s. This windy journey is filled with rivals, drama, friendship, and hardcore courage. You learn alot about the mangaka life and how tough it is. But then you also laugh and tear up with these wonderful characters. It’s honestly just one of those series to sit back with the family or whoever, and enjoy. Theres not a character I don’t like-well… okay apart from one, theres not a character I don’t like, and the whole 3 amazing seasons just sends a buzz down my spine and makes me want to draw! I love it and definitely recommend it.

I think I’ll leave it with 4. I’m sorry for the poor explanations, I did try, just trust me when I say that they are definitely worth the watch. I was going to put Neon Genesis Evangelion as the 4th, but 1- I haven’t even finished watching it aha, and 2- I realized most of the anime’s I’ve wrote about here are all pretty deep, apart from Doukyuusei. So I thought I’d keep the last one light hearted ^_^ anyhoo, I hope you give these a watch if you haven’t already, and thank you for reading!


Riots, activism, mutual aid

the state is not and has never been the best place for progressive action and we need to stop fucking wasting millions of hours and millions of dollars on this shit.

Start a self defense group, work to open up soup kitchens, write, fight, we need to do this.

yeah, i’ll always love you guys too :)

We talk about how much Mike must miss Eleven but we never talk about how much Nancy must miss Barb. Barb whose been Nancys best friend since elementary school and who Nancy has probably spent every Friday night with since she can remember. Barb who Nancy planned on going to college with and who exchanged secrets with her about their worries for the future. Barb who Nancy probably blames herself for her disappearance every single day. Nancy must miss Barb so much it hurts

I would just like to thank Jin for JINSTA, he was already so busy with performing and school and going to the jungle but he STILL found time to make his birthday into an event for US, and it was a blast from start to finish, and I just hope he got just as many gifts and good feelings as he gave us IF NOT 10000 x more because he deserves the entire universe.  So thank you Jin for giving us just what we wanted for your birthday - time to hang out together!!    

  • Me: Wow Cassian Andor is such a complex character. The fact that he straight up murders people because he believes the Rebel Alliance is worth it, what an interesting morally grey character.

I’ve been raised to be a strong independent woman.
My mom has always told me I don’t need anyone else but me to be really happy, that’s the same thing society keeps saying to me. Actually, I can say I’m confident, I truly believe in myself and my capabilities but I would have never been the person I am without Riccardo.
He’s my best friend, my lover, my half. “My half” doesn’t mean I wasn’t complete but that together we are something bigger, better, it’s like a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Being deeply loved by him gives me strength, while loving him deeply gives me courage.
In this world there are so many people looking for love but so few people who are willing to open themselves to accept others. Please, don’t be afraid of love.
Let’s spread some love in the cyberspace :)
IG: Fredamily


addicted week 2017 ≡ favorite scene — lilo + valentine’s day

I stare at our clasped hands while she says, “We want more. We do, right?” 

“Right.” I’ve expressed as much over the years. I can do this again, I always say. I’d have another. Because my son hasn’t kicked me down. When I look at him, I might as well be flying.

“Then we have to start trying and planning or else it’ll never happen. We’re too good at procrastinating, and we can’t procrastinate on this. It’s our family.” She takes a breath, not finished yet. “And I decided to tell you today because I’d rather make this decision on my worst day than my best. I need to remember that there will be plenty of bad, shitty days, and those bad, shitty days can’t derail my future… our future.” 

My eyes burn, my emotions flooding me at once. Jesus Christ. I’m going to cry, and she’s not even crying. “Lily Hale.” I wipe a tear that escapes. “Way to be better at Valentine’s Day than me.”

if you love me || harry/louis || 35k words || (x)

“You could pretend to be my partner.” Harry has his hands tucked in his lap, like he’s making a professional business decision, and not destroying Louis’s life.

“No.” He tries, and a grin stretches at Harry’s mouth. “I said no, arsehole.”

“Louis,” and it’s not fair that Harry puts his puppy eyes on, “please pretend to be my fake partner so I don’t have to cry about lying to my mum.”

“Okay,” it’s a nail in his coffin, and he knows that, “I’ll be your fake boyfriend.”

He hopes the alarms in his head stop blaring soon.

au. pretending to be your best friend’s boyfriend has never been so easy.


throwback to when I dyed my hair, reminded me of mansae era joshua