never been canceled

Idk it bothers me how maybe the “overreactions” of a /few/ not even the majority in my opinion has brought out the response that you can’t feel/are not allowed to feel bad/have negative feelings at all about this, like you can still feel disappointed on one small aspect of something, that doesn’t mean you’re dragging the rest of the group or putting down their efforts or saying the comeback is bad as a whole! You’re allowed to feel however you want as long as you’re respectful towards other people and the other members, which I feel like most people have been!

It’d be really great if my family could stop hating me 🙃
36 Times TV Blessed Us With Man Candy In 2015
Bring out the fainting couches, we're going to need them.
By Erin La Rosa

34. Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) and Hugh Dancy (Will Graham) on Hannibal

What makes them hot: In a perfect world, Hannibal never would’ve been canceled, and Will and Hannibal would be married in a small, private ceremony in the Tuscan countryside. Alas, the world is imperfect, and as such we’ll just have to settle for this GIF of Will and Hannibal holding each other, covered in at least a gallon of blood.


Next year we’re taking you to Dubai and Beirut 

  • Arrow Writers: You know what we need?
  • Us: Stop reducing women to romantic plot devices, retconning, and dramatically changing characters for the sake of the plot you want to use for your dramatic manchild. Right?
  • Arrow Writers: More dead women, right? Doesn't seem like we've killed enough.

I made a video about why In The Flesh should never have been cancelled. Spread the word!

Some thoughts on Steven Universe duration/cancelation

Steven Universe has as far as I am aware never been at risk for cancelation. It has, since it’s premiere, always been fairly steady (close to AT levels) in viewership. It’s even trended on twitter several times which to networks is a huge deal. There’s a great deal of fan support in addition to the support the show already receives from CN. I understand the worry of good things getting yanked away from us, but in this case it seems Steven Universe and Cartoon Network are happy to keep it around as long as possible.

As for it not lasting more than a few seasons, I’m perfectly fine for the show lasting for as long as Rebecca and the crew wish to continue on telling stories with Steven and the Gems. I think there’s a great amount of material to discover from the people of Beach City all the way to the Gem Homeworld. They’ve built a vast and expansive universe here and are driven on telling compelling stories. Of course everything has to come to an end, but I have great hope that the end of Steven Universe is very far away.