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Idk it bothers me how maybe the “overreactions” of a /few/ not even the majority in my opinion has brought out the response that you can’t feel/are not allowed to feel bad/have negative feelings at all about this, like you can still feel disappointed on one small aspect of something, that doesn’t mean you’re dragging the rest of the group or putting down their efforts or saying the comeback is bad as a whole! You’re allowed to feel however you want as long as you’re respectful towards other people and the other members, which I feel like most people have been!

You meet Trevor Rabin at your local convenience store and start chatting in the checkout line. You’re telling him you’re a big fan, asking if he’s working on anything interesting, just normal stuff. When you reach the counter you give him a big hug before turning to the cashier. 

“Wait,” he says. You look up at him. “Listen.” You notice that the store suddenly seems to be empty apart from the two of you. “Listen to my spleens.” 

“What?” you ask, confused. 

“Put your ear to my spleens and they will tell you something important. They hold the secrets of the universe. It sounds crazy, but we both know you know already in your heart that it’s true.” He looks you in the eye and you know he’s serious.

Hesitant but curious, you crouch down and rest your ear against his stomach, which is soft like a nice bath mat. At first you hear nothing, but you soon become aware of a soft voice whispering your name. You concentrate to hear it clearly. It sounds like three distant voices combined perfectly into one and it sends shivers down your spine with its otherworldly echo. 

“What is it?” you ask, your voice shaky. “What do you have to tell me?” The spleens seem to ponder for a moment in a breathy swirl of hums and whispers before coming to a definite silence.

“We have to tell you,” they begin, “the secrets to the universe. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready,” you nod, although you’re not so sure.

“First and foremost, you are a very special being. That’s why we have summoned you here today and chosen you to be the recipient of our message. Yes, it was no coincidence that we met here on this day,” they assure you, sensing your confusion. “You hold great potential and power in your soul, and you will achieve great things. In this, we are fully confident. Secondly, Hannibal should never have been cancelled. That was a good fucking show. And finally, most importantly—”

Suddenly, the spleens are cut off by a sharp hiss. You pull away, startled.

“Trevor, wh—”

“That was the fourth spleen. I have to go,” he says, heading for the door. “It’s still out there, seeking vengeance for me letting it die. Thank you for listening.”

“But I never heard the end of the message,” you call after him, standing up.

“It’s ok,” he calls back as he pauses in the doorway. “The message will come to you in one was or another. You’re a smart kid. You’ll figure it out.” And with that, he’s gone, leaving you standing in awe and confusion in the empty store.

im cryening, i wILL find the spleencret to the universe someday. i have to do it. for Trevor. for all of us

Day 1 - A show that should never have been cancelled

The obvious answer here is Firefly. Yes, that is a great show and I do wish is hadn’t been cancelled. But there is another terminated show a bit more near and dear to my heart…

This show was great. A unique premise. Well-rounded characters. Developed familial, platonic, and romantic relationships. Fascinating storyline.

This show could have done so much more! Exploring the near-unlimited potential of the human brain and the realities of that power held by two teenagers.

I’ve watched the entire series through several times and then die a little inside each time I reach the cliffhanger at the end of season 3…where the show stopped.

We never got to see what was so shocking that Jessie and Amanda found on Nate’s computer! We never got to see what Kyle’s reaction to discovering the man he was hated was actually his brother!

We will never witness the complications of Josh and Andy’s new long-distance relationship. Never see Lori and Declan get back together. Never see Kyle and Jessie start a relationship. Never see Kyle and Amanda get back together. I hate ship wars, but I was never even given the opportunity to fight someone for Kymanda over Kessie!

And Keclan was one of the greatest tv brotps!

Kyle XY has been off the air for 8 years now, yet I’m still mad because it should not have been cancelled. It was on the wrong chanel. Too much sci-fi for the viewers of ABC Family (now Freeform). Had The Secret Life of the American Teenager not stolen it’s viewership, had there not been such a long hiatus between seasons 2 & 3, had the show been on regular ABC or the CW or SyFy, had nearly any circumstances been different, I believe Kyle XY would have gone on for another 3 seasons.

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Serious question, was the show almost cancelled because of a controversy involving LGBT?

Despite what clickbait articles might have you believe, the show has never been “almost cancelled”. I know that sites like fill the hiatuses with endless articles about how this is the end of Steven Universe, for real, no we mean it this time, please click, but that’s not how animation works.

Each episode of Steven Universe takes about a year to produce. That’s why CN renews the show for multiple seasons at a time–either you’re hiring everyone to make full seasons of episodes as their full time job this year, or you’re cancelling the show. Once you’ve signed the contract, the money for that year is locked in. You can’t cancel it then.

Since they’ve confirmed that the show is renewed through Season 5, we will get at least that many episodes. They’ve already been made, and it’s not like Cartoon Network would lose money releasing them (no advertisers have ever threatened to pull support, for example).

There have been a few episodes where queer elements were censored for specific foreign dubs, but it’s never been something that put the show itself in question, even in those markets.

As long as people keep watching the show and buying merchandise, CN will keep airing new episodes and licensing new merch. This year alone, we have a new comic series, the McFarlane sets, the art book, the soundtrack, more Funkos, new shirts, probably some stuff I’m forgetting–and it’s only May. They’re going strong, so it’s a safe bet they expect the show to do the same.

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I wish I lived in an Alternate Universe where Book 4 (and 5?) of AtLA had never been cancelled for that stupid movie. I feel this was the bad decision that lead to an avalanche of bad decisions (the comics, for example). I've never seen a franchise get messed up so badly, and this is coming from someone who saw season 4 of 'Arrow'. (Oh yeah, I went there) It's a sad thing when a good show gets ruined by poor decisions. I don't want Book 4 of AtLA now because Korra ruined the original plans. :(

I feel exactly the same as you! I want to go to that Alternate Universe! It’s not fair! It was definitely the stupid movie that started it all. It shows how out of touch Bryke really were to think that utter flop of a movie would have been more financially successful than more episodes of the TV series. I also completely agree with you; I have never seen a franchise get so screwed up and downgraded in quality like Avatar.

Bryke seemed like they disagreed with Ehasz quite a lot regarding the future direction of the series. So much so that they didn’t even want to finish all 4 seasons of the show under his writing leadership and so they went with the movie(s) instead. Then they later created a new Avatar series to do things their way…with love triangles! Thus The Legend of Korra was born! The bad writing of the first two Books of TLoK caused the ratings to plummet, and it was eventually taken off cable and made only available to watch online! Writers from ATLA, like Joshua Hamilton and Tim Hedrick, had to be called back in to help salvage TLoK, which is why Books 3 and 4 (well…the first half anyway…) have better writing, but the ratings never did recover. They only went down.

If you go back and look at some of ATLA’s best episodes, like The Storm, or Zuko Alone, or The Awakening, all done by Ehasz or his wife, and then you go and read the comics and compare the two…ugh. It’s just so heartbreaking and painful what Bryke have chosen to do with the franchise. There is just no bridging the vast chasm in writing quality. You get such a touching glimpse into both Aang and Zuko’s painful backgrounds in those episodes. My younger sister was a very casual Avatar fan and has not seen the show since it ended back in 2008. But when she saw me blogging about Avatar, she mentioned how awesome of an episode The Storm was.

If Bryke spearheaded Avatar Books 4 and 5, they would resemble the comics. I wouldn’t want it, either. The comics are so bad, and so different than the show that it is laughable. The art may be nice, but the characterization…yuck. Katara acts like she’s been brainwashed by the Dai Li and she is literally obsessed with Aang. TV show Katara would be grossed out.  And in the TV series, Aang (mostly) acted like a regular kid. In the comics, he acts more like a weird adult man in a child’s body. He’s constantly making out with Katara and it just feels so weird and inappropriate. They act like an old married couple, yet Katara still babies him. It’s just creepy. It’s nothing like the show. Aang started off as a very endearing character in the cartoon and Bryke have really made him very unappealing. These are just NOT the same characters.

Something I just found out recently is that Bryke made a parody video at Comicon 2008 called “Avatar Book 4: Air Forbidden Love” mocking the idea of a Book 4, a Zuko and Katara romance, making fun of the fans for wanting that to happen and using their fanart to make it seem like the fans of that pairing only care about the characters making out…then saying that we “never should have doubted the will of Mike and Bryan”. Um…okay. Apparently the creators were more immature with the shipping stuff than most of the fans were…They said the video was just a joke, but you can clearly tell that there was an insulting tone there.

And it’s crazy that we now know that those ideas they were mocking actually WERE the original plans for the story…LOL. Among other awesome ideas. Maybe Bryke were bitter that people liked Ehasz’ plans better than their version of the ending? It does kill me that they actually had the Air logo for the title screen made back in 2008 and instead of the real Book 4, they used it for…that. >:(

Every time I hear Iroh sing that song during his music night now, it makes me sad about all the scrapped ideas for Book 4: Air.

“Winter, spring, summer and fall. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Four seasons, Four loves. Four seasons, For love.” ♪     :-(

30 Day Challenge

Day 01- A show that should have never been canceled
Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching
Day 03 - Your favorite new show ( aired this t.v season)
Day 04 - Your favorite show ever
Day 05 - A show you hate
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Day 08 - A show everyone should watch
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Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving
Day 11 - A show that disappointed you
Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times
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Day 30 - Saddest character death

  • Arrow Writers: You know what we need?
  • Us: Stop reducing women to romantic plot devices, retconning, and dramatically changing characters for the sake of the plot you want to use for your dramatic manchild. Right?
  • Arrow Writers: More dead women, right? Doesn't seem like we've killed enough.
36 Times TV Blessed Us With Man Candy In 2015
Bring out the fainting couches, we're going to need them.
By Erin La Rosa

34. Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) and Hugh Dancy (Will Graham) on Hannibal

What makes them hot: In a perfect world, Hannibal never would’ve been canceled, and Will and Hannibal would be married in a small, private ceremony in the Tuscan countryside. Alas, the world is imperfect, and as such we’ll just have to settle for this GIF of Will and Hannibal holding each other, covered in at least a gallon of blood.