never been canceled

Idk it bothers me how maybe the “overreactions” of a /few/ not even the majority in my opinion has brought out the response that you can’t feel/are not allowed to feel bad/have negative feelings at all about this, like you can still feel disappointed on one small aspect of something, that doesn’t mean you’re dragging the rest of the group or putting down their efforts or saying the comeback is bad as a whole! You’re allowed to feel however you want as long as you’re respectful towards other people and the other members, which I feel like most people have been!


Sweet/Vicious aka a show that NEVER should have been cancelled.

“I know how to do things most people don’t. There is stuff happening out there and no one is doing anything about it. People are just getting away with awful things. I’m trying to make some of that right.”
“That’s the plot of Batman.”

See ya tomorrow, boss. (pre-Supercorp)

“some supercorp perhaps? Lena literally bought Catco after Kara asked her to intervene…something that explores that more…also maybe delve into what happened after Lena sent the heart (assuming a pre-relationship standpoint)” prompt from @geekystorytelling

Her heart leaps when she gets the text.

Because Kara has been avoiding her, and Kara has been distant.

Kara, if truth be told, has been breaking her heart.

So when her phone buzzes, her stomach sinks.

Because lately, it hasn’t been Kara. 

Lately, it’s never been Kara.

Except to cancel their plans.

Except to vaguely say she’s busy.

Even though Lena hasn’t seen as many articles from her lately, so she knows it’s not… entirely true.

Lately, it hasn’t been Kara, but now?

Now, it’s a little bit like old times.

Because now, it’s redemption.

Redemption, and acceptance; acceptance of Lena being right, that she should unquit; of missing her; of not giving up, on her reporting career, on herself; acceptance of… whatever this is, between them.

See ya tomorrow, boss.

It’s a thank you – thank you for saving CatCo like you saved the world – and it’s an apology – I’m sorry I haven’t been around, I’m sorry I almost quit, I’m sorry I’ve been so… distant – and it’s a new beginning.

And it’s, maybe, just a little… flirty.

Lena’s heart leaps and her stomach flutters, because maybe she’s projecting, but maybe… maybe there’s some hope.

Hope for their friendship, first and foremost, but also, maybe… just maybe… hope for something more.

She doesn’t usually text with emojis – she doesn’t usually have anyone with whom texting emojis would be appropriate – but she still has a heart in her top picks from when they used to text every day. Multiple times a day.

Hell, multiple times an hour.

It feels like centuries ago, and it feels like yesterday.

She presses the heart and sends it before she stops to think.

Because maybe the heart was okay before, but it isn’t now.

Not after… everything.

Because Kara’s probably been avoiding her because she blames her. 

How could she not blame her?

So maybe a heart from her is overkill, is something that was okay then, and insensitive now, maybe…

But her phone buzzes again, there in her hands, and her heart leaps again.

Because Kara sends the same heart back to her.

“Maybe some day,” she whispers into her glass of red wine, but for now?

For now, she smiles.

Because she never gave up on Kara Danvers. Her best friend. Her hero.

And now, maybe, Kara Danvers is ready to not give up on herself.

Sense8 and relationships

I think the on thing that I love the most about Sense8, is that practically everyone, with the exception of Kala and Wolfgang and Sun, are all in loving, committed relationships, and there’s no ANGST. I mean, there are severe problems that they all need to deal with obviously, from BPO and Whispers dogging each of Will and Riley’s steps, preventing them from truly enjoying their time together and causing them to fear for their lives and sanity, to Nomi’s legitimate issues with her mother and father and never feeling accepted by them for who she is, to Lito’s struggle with hiding his relationship with Hernando and being afraid of the backlash that would arise because of his sexuality, to Capheus trying to navigate this new political climate he’s involved in and keep his family and Zakia safe in the process; but despite all this, despite everything they’ve had to deal with, every single one of them have someone they can rely on, not just within their cluster, but with their significant others as well. 

Nomi has Amanita, who loves her to death, who would do anything to keep her, and the other sensates, from falling into the hands of BPO, and never once complains about anything that she has to do, and who has Nomi’s back no matter what, who would burn a hospital down to keep them away from Nomi’s beautiful brain. 

Lito has Hernando, who is head over heals in love with Lito, and accepts him for who he is, and accepts Lito’s need to keep their relationship hidden; and even after everything falls apart after their secret is revealed, he’s still there for him, cheering him on, and encouraging him in his darkest hours.

Will and Riley have each other within the cluster, and we see the lengths they both go to, to protect each other and their family, and never once do we see, that I can remember, Riley wanting to leave Will to his drugged state, never once shying away from this truly horrific thing he has to do to keep Whispers from finding them all. And do I need to mention the Riley’s rescue? I mean, geezus that just made me fall in love with them even more! 

Capheus and Zakia, I mean, come on, how adorable do they have to be? Zakia going from thinking CApheus was just trying to get his name and face in the paper to realizing he really is just a gentle, kind, and loving person who wants the best for his people, was beautiful to see, and watching their relationship develop with mutual respect and support was a joy too. 

With all of these couples, with the exception of Lito’s and Hernando’s short break, and Capheus and Zakia getting together in the second season, you see them together both seasons, and for the most part, THEY’RE HAPPY.  They’re not following those ridiculous relationship tropes –again, with the exception of Kala and Wolfgang – like breaking each others hearts to save them, no one is leaving each other to find themselves, no one is breaking up with each other over something the other partner doesn’t approve of (except when Hernando left because Lito just accepted Daniela going back to the abusive Joaquin to get the picture back, which was a legitimate reason to leave actually, since it got Lito off his ass and saved Daniela in the end), no one (geezus, this Kalagang thing is killing me) is cheating on the other, there aren’t any of those nauseous making “it’s not what it looks like situations where it looks like they’re cheating but they’re really not but the other character still breaks up with them”, and there’s definitely no miscommunication between them, because everyone fucking TALKS to each other, they communicate their fears and their thoughts and their feelings and don’t bottle them in. 

It shows that you don’t have to split up couples to have an interesting story; you put them in situations like they did with Sense8, and you have them dealing with it together, that brings drama and angst and interest and everything you could want in a story. You’re not going to lose viewers if your couples are together and they’re supportive and loving and there through thick and thin; you don’t have to constantly break people up and bring in love triangles, or quadrangles, or what have you, to keep a show interesting. Good ratings do not mean constantly badgering your characters over the head with bad choices and watching their relationships wither and die because of them. 

Now I could say the opposite with Kala and Wolfgang, because as much as I love them, and as much as they’ve become my otp and I love them to death,the writers just threw a shit ton of the relationship tropes I just listed above, at my two babies. I mean, Kala is in a relationship with a man she doesn’t love because she’s terrified of being alone and she’s been taught to find a good man and marry well, regardless if she loves him or not; that’s what she’s been taught, I get it, I get her situation, but this whole wishy washy thing they have her doing, “should I stay with Rajan, should I not stay with Rajan, should I go with Wolfgang, oh Wolfgang is pushing me away so I guess I must marry Rajan” it’s frustrating as hell, and in my opinion, unnecessary. I get Wolfgang’s thing too, and his desire not to taint her with his darkness and his past, and all the blood he’s shed, but at the same time, and I can see the strain and the angst that would come with that, but at the same time I would have loved to have seen them navigate all of this together, rather than her marry Rajan because Wolfgang pushed her to, or that that was her only choice to be happy. I would have loved to have seen her run to Berlin, where they could have been on the run from the Russian mob together, or for Wolfgang to fly to India and try to navigate a culture he’s never been a part of with the exception of Kala’s memories and experiences, and having to learn and deal with their social norms and way of living that he’s going to be unfamiliar with, and oh my god trying to get the family to accept Kala’s relationship with this strange German man they’ve never met when she was so recently engaged to Rajan, I mean, THAT would have been interesting. THAT would have made good tv for me. AND…they could have been relatively happy. 

I can understand angst, and keeping characters apart, but if you have a successful flow that you have with all the other couples, I just don’t know why they couldn't’ have that with Kala and Wolfgang. But that’s my opinion, and I thought I’d see if anyone else felt the same. 

But regardless, I love how by and large, this show depicts healthy relationships; that is what I want to see, I want to see my couples together, and dealing with all sorts of issues big and small TOGETHER, and not pushing the other away because they feel it’s the only option. That’s another big reason I wish this show had never been cancelled, because as far as I’m aware, you rarely see this kind of representation, not only of POCs and LGBTQ characters, but you also have relationships that people can look up to and strive for. 

Whew, that turned out longer than I thought it would be, but I had to get this out, because as I’ve said before, this show has just kidnapped my heart and I can’t keep these feelings locked in. It’s impossible. I’ve tried. And then you get this giant piece of word vomit about my favorite couples on the show. Sorry. 

And please don’t think I forgot Sun x Mun, it’s just they’re a baby ship and as much as I do ship it like fedex, they just started in a way, though from the looks of it, they’d be a killer couple :) 


You meet Trevor Rabin at your local convenience store and start chatting in the checkout line. You’re telling him you’re a big fan, asking if he’s working on anything interesting, just normal stuff. When you reach the counter you give him a big hug before turning to the cashier. 

“Wait,” he says. You look up at him. “Listen.” You notice that the store suddenly seems to be empty apart from the two of you. “Listen to my spleens.” 

“What?” you ask, confused. 

“Put your ear to my spleens and they will tell you something important. They hold the secrets of the universe. It sounds crazy, but we both know you know already in your heart that it’s true.” He looks you in the eye and you know he’s serious.

Hesitant but curious, you crouch down and rest your ear against his stomach, which is soft like a nice bath mat. At first you hear nothing, but you soon become aware of a soft voice whispering your name. You concentrate to hear it clearly. It sounds like three distant voices combined perfectly into one and it sends shivers down your spine with its otherworldly echo. 

“What is it?” you ask, your voice shaky. “What do you have to tell me?” The spleens seem to ponder for a moment in a breathy swirl of hums and whispers before coming to a definite silence.

“We have to tell you,” they begin, “the secrets to the universe. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready,” you nod, although you’re not so sure.

“First and foremost, you are a very special being. That’s why we have summoned you here today and chosen you to be the recipient of our message. Yes, it was no coincidence that we met here on this day,” they assure you, sensing your confusion. “You hold great potential and power in your soul, and you will achieve great things. In this, we are fully confident. Secondly, Hannibal should never have been cancelled. That was a good fucking show. And finally, most importantly—”

Suddenly, the spleens are cut off by a sharp hiss. You pull away, startled.

“Trevor, wh—”

“That was the fourth spleen. I have to go,” he says, heading for the door. “It’s still out there, seeking vengeance for me letting it die. Thank you for listening.”

“But I never heard the end of the message,” you call after him, standing up.

“It’s ok,” he calls back as he pauses in the doorway. “The message will come to you in one was or another. You’re a smart kid. You’ll figure it out.” And with that, he’s gone, leaving you standing in awe and confusion in the empty store.

im cryening, i wILL find the spleencret to the universe someday. i have to do it. for Trevor. for all of us

  • Arrow Writers: You know what we need?
  • Us: Stop reducing women to romantic plot devices, retconning, and dramatically changing characters for the sake of the plot you want to use for your dramatic manchild. Right?
  • Arrow Writers: More dead women, right? Doesn't seem like we've killed enough.

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