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Since when did anyone consider Bass’ helmet fins to actually be wings?

Also, it’s canon that he’s still got some of that “evil energy” in him. Just thought that was interesting.

Concept art from the Mega Man Official Complete Works art book

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But what if someone hits on the other in the Body Swap AU? Like, when someone suddenly flirts with Riza (but Roy's inside her body!!!). How will you think Roy would react?

But imagine the fear too if someone took it too far?

Like, Roy’s the type who understands that it can be terrifying to be a woman in a situation like that if someone doesn’t get the message. He’s probably seen (and gotten himself involved in) his fair share of confrontations between the Madame’s girls and some unsavory bar patrons. Maybe he’s even made his presence known when Riza gets a whistle or lewd comment when the team is out getting drinks.

What if he’s out one night after buying groceries and hears a whistle, not realizing that it’s directed at him. Before he knows it, he’s backed into a corner and this stranger is demanding to know why he didn’t accept the compliment ‘she’ was given. He’s broken up many different encounters like it before, but he’s never been at the center of it. He knows the fear involved and has felt fear for the woman it’s directed at, but never before had he felt a fear like that; where he realizes that he’s smaller and maybe even weaker than the person that’s directly confronting him.

In this scenario I’m sure he would drop his groceries and clock the guy in the face, and then get to the nearest phone and call the authorities.

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"And weren't they just screaming about how happily Louis chose Danielle as a long time beard?!" Yup. They were. Or they were going even farther and saying that it is a legitimate relationship lol. Either way, the fact that they are presenting themselves as a bastion of all things wisdom and knowledge two days after they were proved wrong is just too funny. They need to learn humility, or at the very least that they might very well be wrong, so the larrie shading needs to stop.

Tell me you’re joking and no ex larrie ended up saying that Douis was a real thing. I can’t for the love of god bring myself to understand how they managed to fall for babygate after so much time spent on our side of the fandom, but if I try hard enough I can almost make out the psycholgical path of exasperation and intrinsic need of closure that may have led them there. But Douis…come on, that was kindergarten level, it’s self insulting! 

Damn, did they come to dislike him so much?

What happens when you live in the echo-chamber

So I’ve been thinking (not being sanctimonious here) on the difference between me and my liberal friends. Because if my liberal friends knew of my blog here they’d probably drop me as their friend faster than if they were holding a scalding pan, despite me identifying as a liberal myself albeit quite a centrist liberal. Yet, unless very extreme, I would never drop someone because of their beliefs. For me to drop someone, it isn’t based on beliefs, it is based on actions, the moment you take bad actions against me, THAT’S when I drop you, not when you just simply have different beliefs than me.

And the difference between my liberal friends and I is simple, I have never surrounded myself with an echo-chamber. Despite having much annoyance at many ideas and moral views different than mine, I have never once completely shut out people based on difference of opinion. This is why I run this blog, I like to engage in multiple points of view of world issues and various politics but I fear co-mingling this blog with my liberal friends. Why? Because when you convene and only speak with others who share your points of view and ideologies, and only ever get your information from news and media which aligns with your political stances; you in fact, become intolerant and unaccepting. 

A lot of liberals (used to be how I was too), have this idea that “intolerance” and “unaccepting” are words that can only apply to people who resist progressive ideas (i.e. the liberal perception of conservatives), but that’s not true at all. Intolerance and unacceptance have no stake in what the idea is, just that you approach it with a closed-mind, that’s all the scenario those words require to become applicable. So when your news media and your ideologically same friends all parrot the same stories and the same misguided aspects of those stories which then you internalise and don’t critically think about or have outside views to balance, then you become more and more sensational and radical, more and more intolerant and unaccepting of anything which challenges your world-view.

That’s why as a centrist liberal who makes sure to listen to both sides, I am much more well-adjusted in light of the inauguration, much more calm, and much more optimistic and willing to see what Trump’s presidency has to offer in improvement for my nation. I’m much more willing to compromise and realise how people can work together despite the divide in the political aisle, than my friends are. And I’m also not breaking out into hysterics and paranoia and thinking the world is completely ending.

That’s why my friends are all sitting on tumblr and posting things like…

“I hope you rest easy tonight, because the millions of individuals that could have their rights, lives, and chance to be here could be gone as quick as the flick of the wrist. I am not safe, my family is not safe…”

You’re a gay white male, you are quite safe I assure you, as is your family, as are all your LGBT friends (including me), and your legal immigrant friends.

“Millions–millions–of people around the globe marched and rallied today (January 20-21, 2017) because women’s rights are human rights.”

Whoever said they weren’t??? Whoever was challenging that notion? No one.

And this echo-chambered existence is why all my liberal friends… 
1. are believing that the White House page change no longer having an LGBT page is the end of their rights
2. are believing that Trump calling out fake news is somehow bullying to CNN because that is one of my liberal friends’ news sources
3. having anxiety attacks and breaking down
4. calling themselves the resistance, not just calling themselves anti-Trump but calling themselves the straight up “resistance” like holy fucking shit, chill, we don’t have a Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine situation, put down the blaster.

And this is all because they just can’t deal with this massive bubble of theirs having been popped. Since at least the Obama presidency began (referencing a time point, not setting blame here), my friends have lived in these echo-chambers and because they have no balance of viewpoints, they’ve grown intolerant and unaccepting of anything not liberal, that’s why Trump being president is the end of the world to them, they have no other way to see it. 

And what bothers me most is not that my friends have allowed themselves to become so gullible and narrow-minded in their views and sources, no it’s the fact we have let the media become this polarised, because it is doing damage. Big time! The news media is supposed to just report facts, not be biased, yet it has been for a long time now. This may very well be the biggest chaos ever seen in light of a presidential election, and we have the media to blame for it, we really do. The media and in turn those they’ve indoctrinated and spread so much fear into and used as tools to spread fear with, are the problem right now and we need to address it and find a way to reverse the psychological damage in these people who have succumbed to it. Being this hysterical and paranoid and fear-ridden is not normal, by far! 

So this is what happens when you live in an echo-chamber, you may live peacefully as long as things go your way and how you think they should, but you enter this complacency in believing the world is in your control and when you discover it isn’t, your mind and your fellow ideologues’ minds just descend into utter chaos. What happens when you live in an echo-chamber is you lose touch with reality. Never do that, always seek balance and truth, always.


Almost - I feel it quite everywhere
In the moments when I wake up
And listen to the birds in front of my window
I feel it in the sunlight on my face
I taste it in my breakfast oats
And I see it in the smiles of people I love

Almost - I feel it in the morning
But it’s worse when the sun’s going down
I feel it in my happiness
I feel it in my sadness
Life’s barely enough, you know?
But it’s also too much
Way too much

Almost -
But never completely
Almost -
Ninety percent
Almost -
A hole in my soul that stays
No matter how much I feel
No matter how loud I laugh
How hard I cry
Almost -
It’s always there

And everytime I think
“It’s gone now, I’m full”
Again life reminds me that I can never be
I’m broken from the start
And maybe, even if I could
I don’t wanna be fixed

If you made hell your home,
Heaven seems like a strange place
It’s so ironic
How the past keeps you sane
How you feel comforted by loneliness
And how a gun barrel in your mouth still feels safer
Than laying in the arms of someone you love

Almost -
I’m sick!
I really am
Sick of striving for more all my life long
Sick of feeling too much and feeling nothing
Sick of thinking I’m better, repetitive, so naive
Because I feel like a teen but my energy to live
It’s less than the energy of any 80-year-old man
I’m sick
I really am

Walking through a hall of dark green
I want the sunlight to taste like cotton candy again (Although I know, it never stays)
What’s the point in playing notes
When you cannot hear
It’s a way to big word for me -

End of Goblin thoughts

I’m still in shock
I can’t believe it’s over
I think the only drama I will love above this is probably Master’s Sun, only because the ending of this one killed me
I feel so bad for my baby, my Kim Shin, who will be so lonely everytime he waits for Eun Tak’s next reincarnation. He will be so sad when he sees Eun Tak grow old, but not him.
It’s certainly a “sad love” ughhhhhhhhhhhh

But I think it’s a fitting end for this drama… even though I will never be completely satisfied.

My favorite scenes from the last couple of episodes would have to be (well, basically all the ShinTak scenes, but to be specific and no particular order):

1. When Eun Tak remembered Shin- her crying “I missed you, I miss you, where are you?”… MY HEART
But I almost laughed when I saw her running because idk it was funny how she ran? LOL probably because she was in heels
And then their kiss ahhhhhh

2. The morning of departure in the Hotel!!!!!!! Just like a real couple
“One more minute”

3. The scene after their vows when they are so deeply in the honeymoon phase and they’re singing too each other. omg Deok Hwa’s face was the best!

“CEO, over here!”- his smiles killed me

5. When Shin got jealous of the blind dates and cut up the friend’s bag LOL
5 year old diety is back!

6. The reincarnations of Wang Yeo and Sunny- sooo cuteeee (at least they finally got their happy ending)

7. AND OF COURSE THE KISS SCENE AFTER CANADA (but I sort of wanted a Coffee Prince scene, if you know what I mean)

Something else I noticed was that people thought that Eun Tak would grow older because in the poster, she looked mature with long hair, but she got short hair instead to become mature xD

Anyways, I’m going to miss this drama so much. I’m going to miss the bromance, Deok Hwa’s ignorance and humor, ShinTak bantering, I’m going to miss Secretary Kim, the epic sad love, the OSTs…. (Ailee’s was my favorite- maybe I’ll upload a cover??)


There is one solution my brain is telling me:
Go watch another kdrama LOL
So any suggestions?

I keep seeing people saying it’s implied that Yuuri had a crush on Yuuko and I’m just like… where???? I mean seriously, someone explain, because I didn’t know that was (supposedly) a thing until people started trying to argue for bi Yuuri. Like where is the Evidence™ or is this just based on the idea that m/f friendships can never be completely platonic?

A woman must continually watch herself. She is almost continually accompanied by her own image of herself. Whilst she is walking across a room or whilst she is weeping at the death of her father, she can scarcely avoid envisaging herself walking or weeping. From earliest childhood she has been taught and persuaded to survey herself continually.

Every woman’s presence regulates what is and is not ‘permissible’ within her presence. Every one of her actions - whatever its direct purpose or motivation - is also read as an indication of how she would like to be treated. If a woman throws a glass on the floor, this is an example of how she treats her own emotion of anger and so of how she would wish it to be treated by others. If a man does the same, his action is only read as an expression of his anger. If a woman makes a good joke this is an example of how she treats the joker in herself and accordingly of how she as a joker-woman would like to be treated by others. Only a man can make a good joke for its own sake.
One might simplify this by saying: men act and women appear. Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at. This determines not only most relations between men and women but also the relation of women to themselves. The surveyor of woman in herself is male: the surveyed female. Thus she turns herself into an object - and most particularly an object of vision : a sight.

Ways of Seeing, John Berger