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Jackson for Never Ever and Q Stages on Music Core: 170325


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It's actually weird that Eleanor's not in Miami. This weekend is a big deal for Louis both personally and professionally. He should want her there. She has the availability and resources to be there. His friends would certainly understand her being there. If you have the opportunity to support your significant other on a big occasion, you take it.

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Exo Reaction: When The Baby Doesn't Want Daddy To Leave


*His daughter begins to cry and starts making grabby hands while sitting in the high chair*

“But baby,Daddy has work”

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Toddler: “I don’t want daddy to leave”

“i’ll come back as fast as i can,you won’t even notice that i’m gone”

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*Ends up taking his daughter with him*

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You: “Give daddy a kiss before he goes then baby”

*He’s heartbroken*

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*Feels like he’s never there for the baby and has a heavy heart*

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Toddler: “You’re always gone daddy”


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“Don’t cry sweetheart”

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*He also ends up taking the baby with him to work*

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“But mommy is here”

Toddler: “I don’t want mommy, i want you”

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anyone else wear something new that’s a little out of your comfort zone for the first time and like get really anxious about it and think everyone will be looking at you

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Damn. Your answer... it's devastating knowing that I'm a negovanman trash and knowing that my babies will never get together irl. I know it's crazy but since I got here in this fandom all I think about is Hollstein everyday, even before I sleep and the first thing I think about the next morning. I turned down all my friends' invitations to go out cause i wanna go home right away and read hollstein fanfics. I know it's wrong to force them to be together but i'm a hollstein trash :'(

So Elise isn’t single. Oh okay. I was expecting too much that there is something going on between them :(

Uhh you really shouldn’t let a stranger’s relationship status effect your life…  And there’s a major difference between Hollstein and Natasha and Elise.  Ship them but like, don’t get delusional about it.  Accept their friendship, enjoy their interactions without trying to find a deep meaning about it and you’ll have a good time.

And clouds full of fear
And storms full of sorrow
That won’t disappear
Just typhoons and monsoons
This impossible year

Have some slow dance-melancholic Zutara I made while listening to this song on repeat


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago


Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun