never apologies for selfies


@memesyoongi tagged me in the lockscreen/background/last played song/last selfie thing so….njoy 👻👻👻

Plz don’t feel obligated to do it if I tag you, I’m just picking mutuals at random @jinslefteyebrow, @jacks0nwang, @jhs1994, @chelseadrag, @springdaymv, @taehobin 

Apologies for never posting! I have so much I need to share with you guys here. Lately I’ve been rather in love with Yuri!!! on Ice. I received my first lace front in te mail the other day and did a young Viktor test. I still need to get some blue roses. I didn’t expect it to come so soon.

I’ve already cosplayed short hair Viktor as well with a Yuri and Yurio. I’ll have to show you guys later. ~

it makes me sad when people apologize for posting selfies. you should never feel bad about posting pics of yourself to your own blog. you’re allowed to feel confident and want to share how you look with others. never apologize for that, especially in a place that you’ve made for yourself. it’s like apologizing for sleeping in your own bed.