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RULES: if you can, list the top ten songs you are listening to lately, and tag ten mutuals to do the same!

*proudly wears her ‘i rarely listen to anything new and idgaf badge*

1. Know Your Enemy :: Rage Against the Machine (and now for a brief monologue about how I just discovered this song and even though I honestly never got into this band very much I LOVE THIS SONG. It’s an older song off their first album and I think it’s freaking amazing. Anyway.)

2. King Nothing :: Metallica

3. Vasoline :: Stone Temple Pilots

4. Blind :: Korn

5. Black Honey :: Seether (JFC everyone so listen to this it’s angsty but so beautiful and I think of James Flint and want to die)

6. The Outsider :: A Perfect Circle

7. Numb :: Linkin Park

8. To the Moon and Back :: Savage Garden (they keep playing it at work but also I love it)

9. Larger than Life :: Backstreet Boys (also at work but again I love)

10.  Let There Be Rock :: Foo Fighters

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Dear RPers who have wanted to interact.

I feel like i need to address this because i find it’s an issue many people, especially newcomers, have in RP.


There’s no reason to be anxious or hesitant if you want to talk to me. I will happily accept a random starter, or a random tag, or an inbox message! Even if we’ve never interacted or even acknowledged one another, i will still HAPPILY interact with you!

You’re not bothering me. You’re not annoying. You’re not making me uncomfortable. I LIKE to interact with new people, it’s very exciting and fun!

Please, PLEASE, don’t be hesitant when sending in ANYTHING. I’m having a lot more fun than your anxiety tells you!

only reblog if youre autistic

reblog and tag your autism brand
tired autism:
- has insomnia
- autism is backed with major depression and eight thousand metric tons of trauma
- always has a headache/chronic pain
- has meltdown if strict schedule is disrupted
- is mentally 51 years old but also mentally 9
- eats a certain handful of food and wont eat anything else
- never tries new things
spicy autism:
- hyper empathetic
- loves friends but has a Hard Time
- loves spicy foods and foreign food
- has screaming crying tantrums/meltdowns
- makes weird noises
- tells stories of their life alot
- wears the same few shirts and one pair of jeans
stay at home autism:
- likes to be taken care of by others
- can cook kinda good though
- has one thousand pets
- never not dissociating. Always
- skips school a whole bunch and sleeps instead
- probably like five textures theyre okay with, the rest make them die
- has one friend maybe
manic autism:
- hallucinating right now
- “i promise ill stop!” They Didnt.
- tries really hard to do their makeup but is bad at it
- gets lost in fantasy worlds nonstop
- texts everyone, cant take a hint when they dont respond
- has eaten mcdonalds for a whole month straight and considers it an accomplishment
- identity changes every five minutes


[ insp ]

types of discovery fans

1. voq cosnspiracy theorists

2. Everything Is Femslash

3. lorca fuckers

4. here’s how georgiou isn’t dead conspiracy theorists

5. just here for culber and stamets

6. ash tyler defense squad

7. here for the klingon plot

8. michael has never done anything wrong in her life, ever

9. just using the new canon as fuel to flesh out spock’s backstory

10. fixation on lorca’s tribble

11. protect saru squad

12. sarek is a dilf

13. sylvia tilly, o captain my captain

God I was reading Yuri on Ice fanfic the other day and reminiscing, and I still get fucked up thinking about its plotline.

Like, okay, so the big twist that shook the entire fandom was that Victor had been in love with Yuuri from the very start, and Yuuri just didn’t remember what happened because he was blackout drunk. Which, if this had happened with a straight couple (if either of them had been women), would have been a twist, but not as big of a shock as it was with the actual show.

I mean, I started watching when episode 2 came out. The fandom was brand spanking new. There were some people already drawing fanart. There were a few shippy ones going around of Victor and Yuuri, but that wasn’t anything new. There were some gifsets that caused a few raised eyebrows, and some people in the tags were all “omg do the creators know how gay this sounds? Are they trying to make this suggestive??”

But everyone knows how silly the fangirls are, right? Haha, so crazy, no way would they make Victor actually be gay. It’s probably just something lost in translation. At best it’s good old fashioned queerbait with a sly wink at the fans. So crazy, no way they actually have sexual tension!

Knowing full well it would never be canon I still ended up watching, because I like sports anime and deliberately misinterpreting canon so I can read it as queer. Except. Except that Yuri on Ice wasn’t giving me much to misinterpret. Victor was outright flirting with Yuuri from episode 2 onwards. Yuuri definitely had some sort of crush on Victor. As everything ramped up to episode 7, the common mantra among the fans was “HOW MUCH GAYER CAN THIS SHOW GET??”

And then the kiss happened, and the fandom fucking exploded.

We had a canon kiss between two male characters in a sports anime, a really really good sports anime, and the creators were kind! And understanding! And clarified that it was a kiss (though slightly censored) and that their world was free of homophobia so we wouldn’t get wrapped up in the real life ramifications of such a kiss and just enjoy the moment.

And then episode 10 happened. The twist happened, and the show was put in a whole new light. Victor had always loved Yuuri, and the entire show he had been pursuing him romantically. It changed the tone of every single episode, to the point where a rewatch would change the tone of entire scenes for me.

It’s just amazing how Yuri on Ice changed the entire game, not by doing anything crazy like give their characters a near death experience or some sort of dark past but by just revealing a character’s romantic feelings. And they succeeded in part by having it be a queer relationship.

Lesson for content creators: surprise your audience by making your show actually gay.

The Folklore & Superstition of Tea and Cake

The superstitions revolving around teas and their rituals, along with certain aspects of cake are at times forgotten.


The supernatural use of tea:

  • Protection - dry tea leaves were sometimes scattered on the front-door step of a new home to protect it from evil spirits.
  • Tea can be used to predict strangers - If a single stalk floats on top of a cup of tea, it means that a stranger is coming - a hard, woody stalk indicates a male visitor and a soft stalk, a female. The length of the stalk tells you whether he or she will be tall or short. To find out when they will come, lay the stalk on the back of the left hand and hit it with the right. However many hits it takes to knock it off tells the number of days before they will stand at your door.
  • Fortune telling with tea leaves - To tell fortunes from tea cups, the tea must be brewed with loose leaf tea and poured into the cup without using a tea strainer. The person whose future is to be divined must turn his or her cup three times in an anticlockwise direction. To do this the cup should be held in the left hand and turned by the handle. Then it is tipped upside down to drain off the last few drops of tea. It is a bad sign if there are a lot of leaves left in the bottom of the cup. But it is a good sign if the leaves are scattered evenly over the bottom and sides. The fortune teller then analyses the pictures and images that are visible in the leaves in order to foretell the tea drinker’s fate. If the leaves are deposited in the bottom foretell the distant future. The sides of the cup represent the not-too-distant future, and leaves that lie near the rim predict imminent events.

Common tea herbs & their properties:

  • Chamomile - It is connected to the element of water. It helps cleanse the throat chakra. It promotes calm and tranquil energies, as well as a peaceful sleep.
  • Vanilla - It is connected to the element of fire. It is used for confidence, love, and prosperity. 
  • Thyme - It is connected to the element of air. It is thought to help evoke the ability of clairvoyance, as well as psychic development.

Tea superstitions:

  • It is a bad omen if boiling water was poured into an empty pot - that is, if the tea-maker forgot to put in any tea-leaves.
  • If the tea was weaker than intended, a friend will turn away from you; but if it came out too strong, a new friendship was on the horizon.
  • It is unlucky to stir the pot prior to pouring - it will result in a quarrel. It is also ominous to stir tea with anything other than a spoon.
  • To spill a little tea while making it is a lucky omen.
  • To put milk in your tea before sugar is to cross the path of love, perhaps never to marry.
  • Tea spilling from the spout of the teapot while being carried indicates a secret will be revealed.
  • Undissolved sugar in the bottom of your teacup means that there is someone sweet on you.
  • If the tag falls off the teabag while it’s in your cup, you will lose something within a week.


Birthday cakes:

  • The Ancient Greeks were the first to write Happy Birthday on a cake in edible writing - relating to the worship of the moon goddess ‘Artemis.’ Her birthday was celebrated by eating moon-shaped honey cakes with candles on the top. It was said that bad spirits were attracted to celebrations so it was very important to wish a person a 'happy birthday,’ blow out the candles and read any wishes inscribed on the cake as a kind of magical protection.
  • Many believe that candles blown in order to make a wish are only fulfilled if they areblown in one breath. It is said by some, that the smoke from blown out candles carries their wishes to the Heavens.

Wedding cakes:

  • The tradition of a wedding cake comes from ancient Rome, where revelers broke a loaf of bread over a bride’s head to increase the chances of fertility.
  • Legend says single women will dream of their future husbands if they sleep with a slice of groom’s cake under their pillows.
  • Eating the crumbs of a wedding cake will bring you good luck.
  • In the 18th century, newlywed couples would try to keep the cake until their first anniversary to prevent them from marriage problems in the future. This is one of the reasons why cakes in the 18th century were made of fruits and blended with wine.

Christmas cakes:

  • People tend to save a piece of Christmas cake for New Year because not doing so is said to bring bad luck in the subsequent year.
  • Cutting a Christmas cakes before Christmas Eve is said to cause bad luck.
  • The dumb-cake was made at midnight on Christmas Eve is prepared in complete silence by the bachelors and spinsters. One who made it left their initials on the upper surface of the cake. If the silence remained unbroken, the future partner was believed to come and leave their initials on the cake. If one walked backwards to bed after eating dumb-cake, a dream about a future spouse was sure to visit them.

Other cake superstitions:

  • A Victorian superstition states that placing a piece of fruit cake under one’s pillow will cause a dream of their future spouse.
  • If food is being served at tea-time, the person to take the last piece of cake from the plate will be the first to get married.
  • Tipping over a slice of cake while serving a guest is said to bring bad luck.
  • The ancients gave cakes away on days of new beginnings and celebrations, believing they had some magical way to guarantee fertility, good luck, riches and drive away evil.

Just a little reminder for all #Earpers/Fans (and some general rules to preferably follow in this fandom)

  • If you happen to see any material that has NOT been officially released by SYFY or anyone else related to the show for which they got permission to do so… REPORT THIS. Leaked footage is illegal. 

For both old and new Earpers/Fans - THE PERSONAL LIVES OF OUR CAST/CREW are a NO GO ZONE.

Their personal lives are exactly that… their personal lives. If they decide to share anything about their personal lives, it should be of their own free will. Not because so called ‘fans’ hound our cast/crew for information. 

(note: yes this is getting tagged in as many tags as I can think of because it is important)

(also note: this may be amended in the future if I think of more stuff or more stuff is suggested)

lawful pan:
-the smolest bean
-everyone’s best friend
-always has snacks
-their friends’ number one fan
-likes keychains
-probably never done anything wrong ever

neutral pan:
-tired, but trying
-sarcastic as hell
-mood: *shrug*
-probably likes animals more than people
-has lots to say but doesn’t always say it
-likes to doodle

chaotic pan:
-done with everyone’s bullshit
-can never make up their goddamn mind
-will fight everyone
-probably just needs a hug or something
-likes rain
-sleep schedule is A Mess

tag yourself, I’m chaotic pan with a dash of neutral pan

I am proud to say that I’ve successfully drawn every single armour set in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

  1. Gerudo
  2. Zora
  3. Desert Voe
  4. Ancient
  5. Hylian
  6. Snowquill
  7. Barbarian
  8. Stealth
  9. Climber
  10. Radiant
  11. Rubber
  12. Flamebreaker
  13. Soldier
  14. Wild
  15. Tingle
  16. Champion
  17. Dark
  18. Fierce Deity
  19. Hero
  20. Sky
  21. Time
  22. Twilight
  23. Wind
  24. Phantom

Here are the individual drawings if anyone is interested:





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Clonepocalypse 2k17

Alright kids listen up, since this is the last season of Orphan Black let’s bring back an old tradition; the clonepocalypse!

Originally posted by lez-be-honest-bethyboo

What’s that?

Well my friend, on the day of the premier (June 10th) we all change our URL’s to a clone name (saving our original ones of course) and act as that clone for the day or just post funny orphan black jokes. I couldn’t find examples but you can search ‘clonepocalypse’ and it might come up with the posts from years ago.URL’s can be anything from sarahmanning989 to ferdinand123 so long as it relates to orphan black then its all cool


It’s loads of fun, just following anyone and everyone who has a clone or other character as their url. It allows people to follow each other no matter how many followers they have because we’re all just here showing our love for our show. It also creates hype for the upcoming season and since it’s the fifth and final trip, why not get pumped up about it.

What kind of stuff should I post?

Anything!! That cophine fan fic you’ve been working on ,the manip you’ve created but never got around to posting, some classic orphan black memes! And as it is the final trip let’s try something new: You could write a thank you note to the cast/crew/clone club in general to show how much the show has meant to you and tag it as #ThankYouOB . (I actually want you guy’s opinion on this because idk if it should be before the final season or at the end, send me an ask with your opinion)

Alright I’m in, when does the clonepocalypse start?

As clone club spreads all over the world it’s hard to set an exact time, so as soon as your clock hits 12 midnight on 10th June 2017 you can get the party started! 

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

What should I tag the posts as?

Because not everyone has solely orphan black blogs following them, we will be using the tag clonepocalypse or clonepocalypse2k17. This will also help us find new friends on the day and get in touch with each other

But what if I don’t want to join in?

That’s totally fine my friend! 

So that’s the general idea of the event. I just thought it would be nice to connect with each other one last time and celebrate our beloved show! Happy season 5!

Originally posted by evelyne-delphine

Taking Risks

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: After a few months of fooling and sneaking around with Bucky you both agree to not celebrate Valentines Day, but when the day rolls around he just can’t help but tease you, even if it means risking the others finding out. (Loosely based off of an anon request for Bucky + the letter R from @timeforsmut‘s NSFW ABCs)

Warnings: sprinkles of smut and fluff

Word Count: 3009

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hi so i wrote out that priest au i was thinking about the other day

warning: this is LONG. this is SO DAMN LONG i’ve never written anything this long in my entire life. i hope it’s worth it??? props if you read all of it honestly.

tagging @bridegore and @klutzymoi because they said it was a good au idea (hope you don’t mind!) so here it is, way more fleshed out than necessary tbh

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uhhh im late but i had these saved anyways

you’ve had three mugs of herbal tea while sitting by your tiny fireplace and you still feel so lost and sad but then you look at the window and you notice there’s a light snow outside and suddenly you understand you’re just in the rough patch of your own indie film.

you’re completely irrevocably in love with your best friend but he likes a girl you guys know except he actually loves you too but thinks you’re not gay and things go horribly until you talk it all out and realize it’ll all be alright.

you see some person on the street and you know that you will NEVER see them again but there is something so momentarily startling about them that you imagine an entire life with them but then somebody bumps into you while getting on the subway train and you keep moving.

when you’re moody as fuck and you can’t tell if you wanna be happy or if you wanna curse the world and tell it to fuck right off so you manage to do both while you drive your car with the windows down and scream the words to every song.

when you and your gay girlfriend are sitting on your balcony in an urban area but you have flowers all over the place so it feels like a small forest and you make eye contact while she’s reading her book and you’re checking your phone and it’s so clear you’re in love.

love is fleeting and maybe you’ll never say that you love each other out loud but you both know its true, right here and right now, so you’ll keep living life and moving forward with each other during the late night drives and midday fist fights at arby’s you keep getting in with strangers.

you’re an 18th century lesbian vampire and you’re so tired of living until you meet this really weird girl but you think you would do anything for her and her ragtag group of friends if it means you can look at the smile on her face again.

you woke up one day and realized that you never actually did any of the things that you always wanted to in those books you keep stacked in your dusty library of an apartment and you decide that now is your time so you pack your bags buy a ticket and end up in a new country to do everything you’ve always wanted for a month.

anonymous asked:

Do only certain members of the crew get called out sometimes? If so, what's the usual reaction upon returning home?

“Just Indy. But then she ain’t goin’ out to fight without us or anything, she’s just the only one of us who can see the things she does. People want her for that.  I never knew her before she could do it, but I’d say she’s still gettin’ used to the whole ‘psychic’ thing.”

“A’course, when she comes home I’m always totally cool and not at all weird.” -BTDD

Avatar World Week 2017

No matter who your favorite character is, no matter what you ship, one thing this fandom can agree on is we all love Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. I invite you to join me in showing that love.

Originally posted by shawciopath

It’s fall again. Time for Avatar World week.

Monday, November 20 - Wedding

Tuesday, November 21 - Tea time with Iroh

Wednesday, November 22 - First date

Thursday, November 23 – Cactus juice flim-flammery

Friday, November 24 - 10 years later

Saturday, November 25 - “Where do we go from here?”

Sunday, November 26 - Free day

Also, it would be great to spread some love to others in the fandom. Take the time to send someone a nice message. Tell them you like their art, or writing, or that they’re just a great person. Try to send at least one message to a new person each day, you never know, you might make a new friend.

Things to remember.

1)            All art is welcome. Pictures, gifsets, crafts, fanfiction, whatever. You can make one thing for one day or ten things for each day or any amount in between. If you made it, we want to see it.

2)            Use the tag avatarworldweek so we can find your work.(Because the tags don’t always work, please send a message or tag the blog on the work; @avatarworldweek)

3)            Use the NSFW tag if it applies. Just stay away from anything that can be considered pedophiliac. I know we shouldn’t have to say that, but we’ve all seen the tags.

4)            No Bashing. Everyone has a notp, Avatar World Week it not the time to talk about it.

hey yall my tumblr dashboards been kinda dead lately bc i have this account for like 5???? or 6 years but i never really follow anyone new and people are disappearing so imma tag some stuff i like and if yall could like this post or follow me so i can see u and follow u guys cause i need LIFE in my dashboard id be very grateful thankssss bye

what to expect from every “rebooted” cartoon

  • complete removal of everything that made the original series good
  • memes and popular slang thrown in for no good reason other than for the creators to seem “hip”
  • creators bragging that upcoming episodes will “touch on serious issues in the world today”, only for said episodes to air and have little to nothing to do with the issue they said it would
  • wildly different art styles, making them look nothing like the original
  • shallow plots chosen at random and stretched out for as long as they need to be to fit a 15-30 minute time slot
  • plots revolving around common bullshit cartoon tropes instead of the plots prevalent in the original series
  • flanderization of characters until their entire character revolves around a tiny bit of their personality from the original (ex. robin turning from a serious leader who formed calculating plans with a rational and lowkey crush on starfire in the original teen titans to a crazy perfectionist who can’t focus on anything and essentially stalks starfire in ttg)
  • pandering to a completely different audience than the original, making it feel like an entirely new show with old characters there solely for the sake of nostalgia instead of a continuation of the old show
  • creators acting like the old show never existed outside of a few references shoehorned in, hoping such references will attract old fans
Why I never get anything done

Me: *sits down to be 100% productive, with a well-plotted study plan, completely focused and ready*

Also, me: *checks phone; new update on a manga*

Still, me: *collapses into bed, snuggles up, 100% ready to spend the next half an hour reading and the next 7 hours on Tumblr discussing about the new update*