never always

This Always Happens

Brain: Wouldn’t it be so cute to draw this?

Drawing Ability: If I actually could, yeah

Brain: Okay, what about this?

Drawing Ability: Nuh-uh

Brain: Or this?

Drawing Ability: Nope

Brain: Can you actually draw anything?

Drawing Ability: Yes but not any of your ideas ;)

Brain: -_-

Imagine having a text conversation with bestfriend!Woozi but only using memes as you guys’ way of replying to the other person.

honestly… promising to always protect someone is some hardcore mother fuckin shit my dudes.

i mean, i get it, Kara is a fucking ride or die for her friends and family. of course she is. but that was like, wild? to me?? like she ain’t even say i love-ddlhkdks in any capacity to mongoose, who she’s in a relationship with??? but she promised to be Lena’s friends, always, and to protect her, always.

that’s love bitch?? i’m-

So my good friend @sailershanty is having financial difficulties; I like them and I would rather not have them starve. They have a commission page and everything - that I keep on reblogging, sorry not sorry about that - but perhaps I could interest you in a 100-500w ficlet on the fandom and the prompt of your choice? From yours truly? I cannot write smut or torture to save my life but everything else is fair game. Donate to sailer, send me proof and ask for your ficlet :D 

im not crying you are

I love how they always leave THAT space for Yixing…