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I’ve just figured out my top shinee songs guys…

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1000 years, still with you
An Encore
An Ode To You
Alarm Clock
Always Love
Beautiful Life
Because of you
Become Undone
Best Place
Better Off
Black Hole
Boys Meet U
Breaking News
Burning Up!
Sleepless Night
Close the Door
Colors of the Season
Dangerous (Medusa II)
Dazzling Girl
Diamond Sky
Do Me Right
Don’t Let Me Go
Don’t Stop
Downtown Baby
Dream Girl
Electric Heart
Excuse Me Miss
Farewell My Love
Feel Good
Fly High
Forever Or Never
Four Seasons
Get Down
Get It
Get the Treasure
Girls, Girls, Girls
Green Rain
Haru (Day)
Hit Me
Hold You
Y Si Fuera Ella
I’m With You
In My Room
Jo Jo
Keeping Love Again
Kiss Kiss Kiss
Kiss Yo
Last Christmas
Last Gift
Like a Fire
Love Like Oxygen
Love Pain
Love Should Go On
Love Sick
Love Still Goes On
Love’s Way
Lucky Star
Married to the Music
Moon River Waltz
Mr. Right Guy
Nothing to Lose
Odd Eye
One For Me
One Minute Back
Perfect 10
Please, Don’t Go
Punch Drunk Love
Queen of New York
Ready Or Not
Ring Ding Dong
Romeo + Juliette
Run With Me
Selene 6.23
Shine (Medusa I)
Shinee Girl
Shout Out
So Amazing
Stand By Me
Sunny Day Hero
Talk To You
Tell Me What To Do
The Name I Loved
The Reason
The Shinee World
The World Where You Exist
To Your Heart
U Need Me
Up & Down
Why So Serious?
Winter Wonderland
Woof Woof
Y.O.U (Year of Us)
Your Name
Your Number


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How did you learn to draw all those cool poses?

Ahhhaha, I’m flattered you think they’re cool, anon!!! I feel like I’m constantly drawing the same thing over and over again with just the slightest variations on color palettes lmao, my poses and composition are sooooo base level in my own eyes, and I’m constantly frustrated that I can never EVER capture on paper what I see in my head purely because my foundation of fundamental skills (such as perspective, backgrounds, anatomy, etc) is lacking; I never went to schooling for art, just started doodling in math class one day of my Junior year and decided I’d teach myself (skipped over learning anything I didn’t deem interesting tho LOL)… so I don’t really have a whole lot of advice other than:

A) study and learn from real life! look at the people and things around you CONSTANTLY! don’t just look at them (and this sounds dumb but I don’t know how else to explain it), think about how you would translate every line your eye is interpreting onto paper. what motion your hand would have to make to get that silhouette, etc. this skill is essential. but don’t worry about being realistic at first, just try to find your style & what makes you happy to draw because TBH there are a million+ artists that have captured realism perfectly enough to where they can copy a photograph identically but it’s way more impressive in my eyes when somebody has art that is DISTINCT……. art you would pick out from a crowd and recognize a definitive style in, and art that expresses something personal and original is more important than copy-pasting exacts.

B) I sound like a fucking broken record but  I’m promoting it again: almost everything I learned about anatomy (and therefore posing, because anatomy is the basis of gesture drawing which is the basis of coming up with poses in the first place: i hate working from refs because I find them static, and typically collect them for atmospheres or palettes only..) is from ‘Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth,’ delivered unto us unworthy mortals by the glorious god of artistic tutelage, Andrew Loomis. check out his stuff and bask in the knowledge. not sure if they’re still out there anymore, but there were links to free rips of the New Masters Academy series of videos circulating on tumblr a while ago, if you can find them I HIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHLY highly HIGHLY recommend watching the few hours of footage taught by Glenn Vilppu; I consider him one of the best there is anatomy and gesture-drawing-wise, and watching him work and listening to him explain his knowledge as he works taught me LITERALLY (and I cannot stress this enough) SO MUCH stuff that I use in the basis every single one of my drawings. 

as a beginner artist, tutorials like this were so unsatisfying to me because watching the masters work and then copying them step-by-step was nothing but a sad reminder of how bad my art was which is why I say that finding a style and satisfaction in your work FIRST is more important than trying to draw “well” right off the bat, but for a mid-level artist who has some idea of what they want to do but is lacking in all the small little things that come together to get your drawing to the next level, learning from the masters is so important. gah. i got off on such a ramble here. 

final thought: though i’m not a huge fan of picasso, i really got into him as an artist when i discovered some of his work from his youth/teenage years… guy could fucking paint the most beautiful, realistic portraiture like you’ve never seen, but he spent his entire life mastering such a supposedly “simple” and “anatomically incorrect” style that he felt properly expressed himself, and ended up pioneering an entire artistic revolution… TLDR draw what calls to you, the rest just comes naturally.

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*


Drabble based on the conversation above 

“We’re leaving Hogwarts in a few days. I can’t believe it’s almost graduation.” Blaise muttered, nursing a butterbeer bottle in his hand while eyeing the crowd. The professors decided to throw a ball before the most awaited event and 5th years and up were invited. On his right was Draco Malfoy, staring pensively at a bushy haired girl just a few feet away from him. Blaise knew of his mate’s obsession with the muggleborn chit even though the former denied it time and again.

“We might never see some of these folks again you know. If i were you, I’d kiss the one you want most.” He smirked when he saw color staining Draco’s cheeks. The blond still didn’t say anything, fidgeting where he was seated.

After a few minutes of utter quiet, Draco suddenly stood up.

“Where are you off to?” Blaise asked, trying to rein in his glee. Fucking finally! It seems his best mate already has the courage to make a move.

“Where I should have been long ago.”

Draco trudged on, determined to reach the girl who occupied his dreams for years. Blaise’s words kicked him into action. He might never see this witch again. She might, after graduation, finally decide to take notice of her numerous suitors. The only thing that kept her attention off romance was her priorities. School comes first. This will drastically change when she’ll finally have the time for other..things.

She was almost within reach when a petite witch with a dark hair and hazel eyes suddenly blocked his way.


“Yes Draco?” Astoria blushed coyly, eyelashes fluttering as she glanced at the blond’s stormy eyes. Draco touched her arm - and gently pushed her away.

When she wouldn’t budge, he said “Can you move? I’m trying to get to Granger.”

Her jaw dropped, shock marring her face, making it easier for Draco to move out of the way and continue his stride towards the Hermione.

Her back was turned when he reached her. Ever the shy bookworm, she tried to stay out of the festivities while her friends were having a fun time on the dance floor.


She turned and eyed him curiously, he was staring at her with that soulful grey eyes of his and it was making her nervous. “What do you want Malfoy?”

It took a few seconds before he was able to answer, seemingly steeling his resolve. When he spoke, her world came to a screeching halt.

“You. I want you.”

Her lips parted in surprise, eyes widening at his profession. Draco took full advantage, closing the distance between their lips — caressing, nipping, coaxing a response from her.

He moved his body closer, one hand plunging into her soft curls and the other gripping her hips, wanting her near.

She was warm, sweet..and she was not kissing him back.

He stopped.

Breathing deeply, Draco tried to compose himself after the blatant rejection. The urge to kiss her again was so strong but his confidence was waning. This wasn’t how he had imagined it! Well, if he was being honest, he really didn’t know what the outcome would be, but it seems his worst fears were realized when she stayed stiff in his arms.

Merlin’s left testicles! Just when he thought she also felt the same way with all the stares he’d been getting while he’s ‘busy’ faking his reading time in their common room. Guess his affection was a one-way street. Too bad, that.

Easing his hold on her, he was startled when he felt her dainty hands tugging his dress shirt.

“Don’t you dare stop now, you git.”

His confidence returned with a vengeance. He smirked and grabbed the witch, making her squeak in surprise.

“Never even crossed my mind, Granger.”

Pink Tea

Summary: Levi actually doesn`t like black tea very much. [Canonverse}

AO3 Version: Pink Tea

It was a known fact that Captain Levi enjoyed tea, some even thought his entire diet consisted of it. Because he liked tea, everyone who liked the Captain made it for him, in order to impress him and gain his praises, but they never did, it was always `thanks` in that flat tone of his that always insinuated `it`s not very good, try again`. Little did they know it wasn`t because they`d steeped it too long or used the wrong blend, or even the wrong tea cup, but because they all assumed Levi liked his tea black and bitter.

Levi loathed straight black tea, despite popular belief, and whenever someone made him a cup he`d make sure add about a hundred spoonfuls of sugar to it. It`s why no one ever saw him preparing his own tea, or drinking it after they`d served it to him, what would they think if they saw their war hardened Captain pouring all that sugar into his tea because he couldn`t have it black?

Drinking black tea in a plain white mug was manlier than sweet tea with lots of cream in his favorite baby blue tea cup, and he had an image to uphold. It was like if he asked for strawberry milk instead of a beer, like choosing a unicorn over a horse, you just didn`t do it. So Levi kept his little sweet tooth secret, never would anyone see him pouring half the bag of sugar into his tea, or the fact that the tea in the black tea tin was actually his favorite rose blend.

He`d sit up in his office, choose one of his favorite tea sets and drink his feminine choice in drink in peace, it`s where he thought he was completely safe from prying eyes and mocking gazes. He liked having his fluffy quilt of cotton and floral fabric, an old one he`d found, but was able to mend himself, and a good book, particularly romance novels where one couldn`t be with the other due to their age difference but somehow they would love one another anyway and live happily ever after.

No one ever dared disturb him during this time, everyone around knew they were his designated relaxation hours. Everyone who`d been with him for long enough knew that, everyone except Eren. Eren who looked up to him the most, Eren who would lose all respect for him if he knew how soft his Captain really was, Eren who never fucking knocked before coming in.

“Captain! I was looking all over for… you.” Eren shouted coming in, only to pause at the scene before him. Captain Levi curled up in his way too big desk chair bundled up in a rose patterned blanket that seemed to swallow him whole, a book with a romantic title, “To Love Him Is Wrong, But I Cannot Bring Myself To Be Right”, and was that two guys on the cover? But most of all he had a well made, pearly pink, china tea set with cherry blossoms and rosy branches painted all over it and a tea cup full of creamy looking peach colored tea, definitely not the dark black he usually drank.

“Captain what are you…?”

Levi looked like a cross between furious, embarrassed and ready to cry.

“You`re so…”

Here it comes, he`s going to cut into his ass and never respect him again. Levi would have to beat him harder than he had at the tribunal to get him to take him seriously ever again.



“Wow, seriously sir, you`re just adorable if you don`t mind me saying so!” Eren squealed, holding his own face in his hands. Levi blinked, technically, this was what he`d been dreading, to be seen in a soft, weak light, but… it didn`t feel so bad with Eren doing it.

“Is that so?” Levi had to be sure, Eren nodded eagerly at the question.

“Mh! It`s awesome you can be cute like this but still kick ass!” The boy praised. Levi hadn`t ever thought of it that way, but still…

“Ahem, thank you Eren. But you can`t say anything about this okay?” Levi said, Eren looked confused for a moment, like he wanted to ask questions, but then understanding filled his green orbs instead.

It looked like Eren was going to give him some lecture about pride or something so Levi shut him up quick, “It`s our special secret.” He whispered, immediately Eren`s face lit up like a Christmas tree, not just anyone got to know about the Captain`s special secrets so he must have really trusted Eren in particular! Aa, he wanted to brag about it but, if Levi trusted him to keep it a secret then he wouldn`t say a word.

“Yes sir! My lips are sealed!” Eren promised,

Levi had never been more relieved it was Eren who`d barged into his office.

Once Eren had found out about his little secret the boy had pestered him until he`d given him the recipe for his ideal tea, five spoons of sugar, three splashes of cream and use the rose blend on the top shelf of the pantry, and the shifter took it as his duty to prepare Levi`s tea from then on, because he knew Captain`s secret now so he could prepare what he liked, and Levi let him. Only because somehow the brat`s tea was a hundred times better than his own. When he made it, it was just sweet enough, always steeped to perfection, always had a creamy texture and was never gritty, sometimes he`d even put actual rose petals in for extra flavor.

No longer did Levi have to tiptoe about just to get a cup of tea, because Eren always seemed to know when he was craving it and would be at his door with a steaming pot ready for him. But it became more than tea too, he brought him warm sweaters, Captain always looks so cold in that blanket, new books, I didn`t know what you liked to read but this one has guys on the cover too, and kept him company.

Levi didn`t know how close they were becoming, how he would let Eren share his quilt because it was big enough for both of them, let Eren blush himself silly trying to read his romance books aloud, let the cadet lay his head on his lap when he got sleepy. And when he finally did notice, he didn`t mind as much as he should, at all really. He could admit it, if only to himself, he really liked Eren. In the kind of way his novels described, his heart would beat fast, his hands would sweat - disgusting - and he would feel light whenever he was near. Geez he really was turning into a girl wasn`t he?

Still, he should have guessed such bliss couldn`t last.

It had been another day, pretty slow in terms of training and such since there wasn`t anything urgent to learn so Eren had come to his office earlier than normal, baring his usual gifts of a large blanket and tea and cookies to share. Levi had looked up from his blasted paperwork to find the boy smiling down at him and he allowed himself a small one in return. He pushed his work aside, Eyebrows would get it when he finished dammit, and opened his arms to invite Eren over into the large chair like always. Eren had happily squeezed in next to him, draping the big blanket over their heads and shoulders and poured the two some of his delicious tea.

Right as they were settling in, Eren laying his head on Levi`s to read over his shoulder, they`d switched out romance novels for action/adventures, the door was flung open in a flurry of `I`m sorry for intruding` and bad undercuts. Oluo stood in the doorway bowing until he was almost in half and holding out more paperwork, seriously, more Erwin? Do your own damn paperwork! Straight out in front of him. Instead of jumping up Eren had pulled him closer protectively, not knowing who had been coming in at first and Levi sat completely still.

“F-forgive me sir! You weren`t answering your door so I…” Oluo had started up with his rambling apology and raised his head to do so properly, but he was met with the sight of Captain Levi looking terribly small wrapped in a giant fluffy blanket with… with the newbie! And what was with that tea? It was pink! Just what exactly was he seeing here!?

“What is all of this?” Oluo yelled, of course he bit his tongue in the process.

Eren`s eyes shot over to look at Levi who was still frozen with shock and looked ready to cry again, he had to do something to keep the Captain`s secret, as painful as this would be for him, he couldn`t let his Captain take this, it was time for him to repay all his kindness these past days.

“Ahem, this is all me.” Eren said seriously, his voice was really out of place in the fluffy scene. Levi shot him a look of disbelief but he didn`t stop, let me do this for you sir, he thought. “I… I like all this kind of stuff, and I dragged Captain into with me, and because he was kind he stayed, even though he doesn`t like this kind of thing at all!”

Oluo sneered at him, “Hah, should have known you were a weirdo, what are you some kind of girl? Hah! You`re lucky the Captain`s such a good man, I wouldn`t have let a rookie like you get away with it though, I`d-”

As Oluo continued to lecture Eren, Levi couldn`t tear his eyes away from him. This boy, with so little already, had taken such a hard blow to his pride, saved Levi from humiliation, without even being asked to. He was sitting through the harsh words hewas supposed to be getting, he was the one who liked all this, in fact, Eren was the one who liked his tea black without anything else between them. Eren had taken the bullet for him like it was nothing, he would have never imagined he cared that much.

“Enough Oluo.” Levi ordered, he couldn`t let this continue.

“But sir! He`s the one who dragged you into-”

“Hoh? Did I stutter? That was an order soldier.” He told the man darkly, and with a not manly at all squeak he scurried out of the room, making sure to close the door behind him so Levi wouldn`t give chase.

After he`d left Eren let out a nervous laugh, “Haha, that was close wasn`t it sir?”

“Why did you do it Eren?” Levi cut in, why would anyone, no matter how close, take that kind of pain for another?

Eren`s eyes darted around uneasily as he let out another laugh.

“W-well I promised to keep your secret didn`t I? And I-”

“Eren. Don`t lie, what`s the real reason? Even if you were keeping my secret you didn`t have to take the blame.”

Eren sighed.

“I-I guess there`s no hiding it then huh?” … “I-I like you Captain.” The boy admitted, ah, Levi`s heart was skipping every other beat again.

“And because I like you, I had to protect you sir. Please forgive me for having these weird feelings for you!” Eren pleaded, he pulled the blanket they`d been sharing over his head further to hide himself completely from view.

Eren liked him. Eren liked him. He could feel not only a burning blush covering his cheeks, but a big - big for him that was - smile spreading on his face as he let out a breathy laugh, there was nothing really funny about it, but it was more of a relief kind of laugh. If Eren was weird, Levi supposed he was too right?

He wiggled his way under the blanket with Eren, even as he tried to shift away and hide more, and pulled him into a soft kiss that stopped his struggling instantly. Levi wasn`t very experienced, he just sort of, held their lips together, but Eren hummed contently and it felt good, really good, even if they weren`t doing anything. When he could bring himself to pull back a minute or so later he whispered to the boy,

“I like you too, Eren.”

Eren gaped when his lip fell away from his, his eyes growing impossibly larger - because they were already so big - at his superior`s confession. Levi was a bit nervous, maybe he had read his words wrong and Eren didn`t like him that way. Maybe Levi had made a comeplete fool of himself and really made Eren lose respect for him that no beating would restore.

But then Eren`s dropped jaw formed a smile, a happy, joyful smile, like Levi had promised him the world in just one confession.

The grin on Eren`s face made his own small smile grow just that much more as the kid pulled him into a bear hug and laughed like he`d heard the funniest thing in the world. His laughter was deep and contagious and Levi started laughing too, his lighter, quieter giggles mixing with Eren`s well.

What were they even doing? Giggling like two teenagers - technically one of them was - underneath a blanket like it was their own little world. But Levi didn`t care, for once in a long, long time, he was just happy. The two eventually calmed down enough to form words, Eren`s first ones were thanking him for accepting his feelings. Speaking of thanks, now that they were technically together he could…

“Eren, I want to thank you for saving me before.” Levi said lowly, shifting himself closer to Eren`s lap. Eren looked at him strangely, reminding him he`d already said that. Sigh, this brat had no idea how to take hints did he? Figures he would fall for someone like that.

“No, I want to… repay your kindness Eren.” Levi purred, taking the boy`s face in his hands as it finally clicked for him, you could practically hear it.


“Mmhm, would you like that Eren?”

Eren nodded.

Taking that as the approval he needed, Levi pulled the blanket away from their heads and let it fall to the floor. Eren laid back on the plushy chair when Levi`s hands pushed him against it, using his shoulders as leverage to crawl over him and straddle his waist.

They looked at each other for a moment, breath quickening at what was to come, Eren made the first move with a noisy `gulp` and pulled Levi close by the small of his back with one hand and tilted his head forwards with the other, closing the gap between them second time. Eren was more forceful than Levi had been as he worked his lips against Levi own, loving the sound of his stuttering gasp when he dared dart his tongue out to slide across his plump bottom lip to coax them to part.

He let his hands wander down this body he`d admired for so long, caution slowly slipping from his mind, running along Levi`s back, his arms, his hips, before settling on his ass to give it a timid squeeze, causing Levi to let out a scandalized squeak, making the mistake of opening his mouth to let Eren enter it easily. Levi didn`t seem to understand at first, why his mouth was suddenly so hot, but he still moaned at the feeling of Eren tongue inside his mouth, against his own, rubbing against it and exploring every part it could reach.

Eren pulled back, Levi`s lips chasing after his as he did so, to tug at the Captain`s shirt, his implications clear. Levi blushed harder but lifted his arms so Eren could pull the cloth away. Eren`s hands instantly stroked his sides and grabbed at his hips, muttering to himself `so smooth` and `pretty, you`re very pretty sir` as he was captivated by the newly exposed skin. Levi felt flatter but, also cheated. Eren was still fully clothed…

“N-now you.” He insisted, trying to sound firm. Eren held back a smile, he was being shy again. Either way Eren obeyed, taking his shirt from the bottom hem and slipping it over his head confidently, though he did feel a bit exposed now since Levi was no longer the only one like this and was staring at him so intensely. Silver eyes roamed his chest and abs shamelessly, but his hands were a different story, hiding themselves deeper into his brown locks, too frightened to venture down.

“Hey, it`s okay, go ahead.” Eren encouraged, wanting Levi to feel free to touch him as he pleased, and to feel those hands on his body. Levi nodded a bit, mostly to himself and placed both hands on his chest, biting his lip in concentration. He stayed in that position, unsure of what to do next, Eren couldn`t help himself as he reached out to cup his face with his hands.

“You`re so cute Captain, please do as you wish with me.” He cooed, Levi looked up at him through his black lashes, flushing at the compliment, before letting his own hands wander as Eren`s had been, carving out all the harsh edges and dips in his muscles, getting startled whenever Eren couldn`t hold back a shudder. Levi let his fingers trail back up over Eren`s body, tickling the back of his neck and… oh.

“Ah! Levi!” Eren gasped, Levi forced himself not to jump right off his lap in fright, he was nervous after all, but that passed all too quickly when Levi realized he was the one to make such a sound spill from Eren`s mouth so forcefully, it gave him quite the boost in his confidence and he boldly brushed the spot on the back of the brunet`s neck again, earning another loud pant.

It was something like a titan wasn`t it? The weak spot at the nape, and Eren was a titan too so… it made sense didn`t it? Idly Levi thought of Hanji having an out right fit at the information, but she wouldn`t be getting it, Levi decided this would be his own secret as he kept rubbing Eren`s nape, he was the only one who was going to know exactly what Eren liked. He felt like he had some kind of special position by knowing it, and he was selfish so he wouldn`t be letting anyone else find out.

“You like it, Eren?” The raven mumbled softly to the shifter, who had gone limp against his shoulder, shuddering every other second. He could feel him nod vigorously from where his head lied. To his surprise though, Eren pulled his head, and neck, away from Levi`s grasp suddenly. He shook his head, like he was trying yo convince himself, and told him,

“S-sir, I want to be gentle with you, but if you continue to do things like that… I don`t think I`ll be able to hold back.”

Levi blinked, then a blush took over his face when he realized what the cadet was implying.

“W-who said anything about that you idiot! Don`t get so ahead of yourself.” He hissed, Eren opened his mouth to apologize then, his eyes wide at the realization of his own statement and face looking a bit disappointed but Levi stopped him before he could say anything.

“B-but since, since I`m repaying you…”

Eren immediately perked up like some puppy. Tch. That was annoying.

“Don`t be so eager.”

Now he was a kicked puppy and Levi felt bad.

“Ahem, since I`m repaying you, please… do what you wish with me.” The captain forced out, repeating Eren`s own offer from earlier, looking away from Eren`s intense gaze as he took in what he was saying. But that`s all he was doing, just looking and damn it all if Levi wasn`t embarrassed enough already.

“Well? Say something you- AH!”

The moment he was fed up with the silence was the moment Eren pounced on him, pinning him to the desk in front of them - behind him? - and staring down at Levi with an animalistic glint in his vibrant green eyes. Levi`s silver slivers widened at the sudden, but slight, pain in his back from being slammed against hard wood.


“I really tried holding back sir, but when you talk like that… Please forgive me for this.”

With that Eren dove forwards, pressing their bodies together as tightly as he could, almost crushing Levi in the process with his weight, and began to rock back and forth, rubbing their arousals together. Levi covered his mouth to muffled the girly noises that were spilling from him, his other gripping Eren`s back for dear life as the boy grinded onto him.

Eren wouldn`t slow down, going full force the moment he was upon him, panting harshly like a dog into his ear, mumbling things like `captain`s skin is so soft` and `your voice is so sweet sir, let me hear it more`. The desk protested at the constant rhythm of back and forth, back and forth, creaking it`s complaint loudly beneath them.

“Ah! Eren, Eren slow down,” Levi panted, becoming overwhelmed with the sheer amount of contact. Eren growled lowly, like it was the worst thing to pull away from Levi even for a second.

“No.” He told him.

At any other moment Levi would have been furious, but right then he couldn`t possibly think of anything other than Eren caging him against the desk as he grinded his back against the smooth wood. It felt like hours Levi lied there, just taking whatever Eren had left, he didn`t notice his own moans rising in pitch, coming at a faster frequency, didn`t feel Eren`s thrusts becoming erratic as his own hips bucked with a mind of their own.

“Mmh, mn, I-I`m- ah!” For the love of Maria he couldn`t even warn Eren he was about to-


White spots danced across Levi`s tightly shut eyelids as he reached his high, Eren still frantically rubbing against him, before finding his own relief with a long groan, then plopping down onto Levi`s heaving form in exhaustion. They lay there, panting as they calmed down. Eren lifted his head from Levi chest to smile a dopey smile up at him, and Levi couldn`t do more than ruffle his brown locks lovingly in return.

He could chew him out for ruining two perfectly good pairs of uniform pants later.


hello it’s kam from @fysookai (if you remember the orange x chen mb and a kaisoo mb based on a fic of mine). i wanted to share recent ones im proud of :D chanyeol x the sea, chanbaek x b&w and chen x teal&pink. i hope you like these ^o^
also since i never responded to my last submission about my fic(someoNE ASKED TO SHARE AAH), i’ll do it here before i forget again lMAO. it’s “the bad boy has a daddy” under bbubbleddae on asianfanfics. but i think it’s kinda trash for now lol

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one from each okay? Maybe? You're so beautiful/Can we do it again?/Don't make me forget, please.../Unbelievable!/I never thought love existed until I met you.../Prompt#1/ Drarry. Maybe?

Hey! Totally fine for more than one. Gonna drop some off though, and just do a few. Heh. Also in mobile sorry if it turns out a little janky.


Harry leaned against the corner of the wall, smiling to himself as he watched Draco huddle into his sweater. One that was an ugly dark orange color with a dark green ’D’ knotted in the center. Molly gave it to him for his birthday, last week, and he had yet to take it off unless he was showering.

Which was funny since he only bitched about the fifty of so Harry had laying around the house, and called them all “ugly, hand me downs” but he wore them anyway and Harry generally kept quiet, Draco cuddled up against the arm of the couch and buried his nose against the collar and held up his book settling in, when Harry stepped into the room.

“You look so young, baby.”

“Look?” Draco raised an eyebrow, “I am young Potter.”

Harry smirked, “I don’t know if I would call 35 young.. so much Draco.” The blonde glared, “but, but,” Harry hurried to continue, “you only look 25. And younger when you’re all huddled up.”

“Potter,” he groaned, “would you shut up?”

Harry laughed and leaned forward capturing the blonde by the chin and pulled him forward, “make me.”

“I could do that,” Draco smirked, lifting a brow, “but…”

“But what?” Harry whined quietly. He had been working long nights all week, every night and it was his first day in almost a month. He wanted to just spend time with Draco, spend quality time with his husband.

“I think I might want to hear more about me looking young,” Draco smirked and leaned back slightly, pushing his legs out.

Harry shifted so he was straddling the legs as the stretched out, it was a pretty normal pose for them so second nature as the man moved, Draco ran his fingers through his long hair giving it a playful tug.

“Mm, you have such nice skin,” Harry nuzzled his alabaster skin, “and soft lips,” he moved to kiss him but Draco chuckled and pulled back. “You’re so beautiful, Draco,” Harry whispered and pressed forward quickly taking his lips for a kiss.

The blonde gave in quickly, whimpering when Harry pulled back for air, “can we do that again?” The Gryffindor smirked at his husband, and tilted his head back with a small laugh. “It’s been so long Potter, c'mon!” He gave his hips a thrust, bucking against the man on his laps.

“You’re unbelievable!” Harry laughed at his flushed husband, cupping his cheeks. “You should let me take you to bed, Draco..”

“Should I?” Draco chuckled, rubbing his nose against the brunette, “and why’s that?”

“Because, ‘it’s been so long Potter’!” Harry whispered against his lips, shutting his eyes.

“What did I tell you about calling me that?”

“Oh Merlin!” Harry laughed, sitting back on his thighs, “we’ve been married for ten years.”

“And for ten years I’ve been telling you not to call me that,” Draco grinned and jerked his sweater off, folding it together at the sleeves and laying it over back to the couch.

“And for ten years I’ve been trying to call you that.”


“It’s why you love me,” he lifted a shoulder running his hand up the others now bare chest, “stubborn and annoying as I am.”

“Few reasons I love you Potter, but that is not one of them.”

Harry pouted openly, dropping his hands, “don’t do that,” he whispered shaking his head.

Draco’s smile fell and he reached out quickly, the whole mood changing, pulling Harry against his chest and holding him tightly. “Harry,” he whispered, rubbing his shoulders, “baby, you know I love every single thing about you. All of it, all of you.” Draco kissed his neck, then his cheek, then his shoulder, “all your stubbornness, and annoying traits, and the way you can’t cook a single thing, the way you leave your wet towels on the bathroom floor, the way you leave your cups all over the house and buy too much food at the store and spend money on things you never use and write a bunch of shitty poetry on parchment and leave them all over the damn place.”

He leaned back and smiled at Harry, running his thumb over his lips, “I didn’t know what love was until I met you, Harry Potter.” Harry’s grin broke out in record time, his eyes bright and swimming with emotion. “Sometimes I forget…I’m sorry baby.”

Harry blushed, looking down, “s-sorry.”

“Don’t ever apologize for who you are, Harry.” Draco shook his head, leaning forward to kiss him softly, “it’s okay to need those words, Harry and it’s okay for me to give them to you.”

“I try..”

Draco smiled, shaking his head again, “you don’t have to try. You’re perfect, the way you are.”


The blonde nodded and hugged Harry tightly, “I married you, didn’t I?”

swampcrow  asked:

Do you have any tips on doing comics?

I wrote a post on how I do layouts for pages - but I know I still have a great deal to learn on paneling and such.

Other than that, I dunno… write a “screenplay” and do your layouts all at once ahead of time instead of planning pages one-by-one. Set some reasonable deadlines for yourself. That way you won’t procrastinate and end up with 2-year-old pages you want to redraw the next time you pick up your comic. (Like we did, and like so many others do and then some get stuck on it and redraw the first 5 pages again and again and never progress.)

I’d also advise that you develop a style for your comics that’s relatively quick to do. I probably shouldn’t be giving this advice in the first place, considering that ours are full color. :P


Originally posted by chocosicheng

§  Constantly late for almost everything
§  Quirky
§  Sneaky
§  Likes to cook
§  Sassy
§  Flirts with everything and anything that breathes
§  “Yuta stop scaring the servants, they didn’t do anything to deserve this “- Taeyong
§  “But it’s funny” Him
§  He’s a suck up tbh
§  Family crest is on his upper chest; Where his heart is located
§  His cloak color is mauve
§  Never takes off his crown
§  Likes to show it off
§  Hides taeyong’s things; His crown specifically
§  “Who touched my crown again?! YUTA!”- Taeyong
§  “Oops I suddenly have to leave g o o d b y e” – Him
§  Secretly kind and caring, he just doesn’t know how to show it
§  Fearless
§  Savage
§  Can be very intimidating at times
§  Talks a lot
§  Currently taking fencing classes
§  Because it gives him a reason to poke haechan with pointy things
§  “If you go anywhere near haechan, I’m telling mother”- Taeil
§  “Thank the lord” – Haechan
§  Likes playing soccer
§  Smart but also very stupid there’s no in between
§  Doesn’t like being told what to do
§  Unless his mother asks him to do something
§  Mommas boy
§  Stubborn
§  Also likes to brag
§  But won’t admit it


§  Once ran away from the castle because taeil was scolding him
§  Came along this small cottage by a river
§  “You in there! Come out here!”
§  And when you did he was stunned
§  He didn’t think someone like you could exist
§  You were everything he wanted
§  He loved the fact that you were mysterious and hard to figure out
§  Because that just made him want you even more
§  He came back almost every day to talk to you
§  This went on for at least 3 months
§  He wanted to come in but you would never let him
§  “Who knows what you could do to me? For all I know you could be some sex maniac”- You
§  “That’s not exactly true but it’s not false either” – Him
§  But you both would sit on the steps outside and talk about life
§  He would talk the most because he had more problems than you did
§  You both are completely different people who live 2 different lives
§  But that’s why yuta wanted to keep you close to him
§  Because you were like a breath of fresh air
§  He once came to your cottage, crying his eyes out
§  You never knew the reason why
§  “Yuta..” - You
§  “I didn’t mean to,,” - Him
§  That was the only time you ever let him inside your house
§  He fell asleep in your arms that night
§  Even though you hadn’t known him for very long
§  It broke your heart seeing him cry
§  You opened your eyes the next morning
§  Only to see Yuta giving you the most adoring and loving look
§  “Why are you looking at me like that..?” You
§  “They say that if you really love someone, you should tell them or show them through actions..or otherwise, you would have to watch them be loved by someone else..and I would rather not take that chance” – Him
§  You never realized how much you really loved and cared about him until those words came out of his mouth
§  He then asked you to move to the castle and meet the queen
§  Which terrified you, but you had a good feeling about this
§  “Wow Yuta..she’s quite the opposite of you, Pure and innocent”-The Queen
§  “Mother don’t expose me like that” – Yuta
§  “He has his moments though” – You
§  As you said that you grabbed his hand and looked into his eyes
§  He knew then that he wanted you to be his queen
§  But in his eyes, you already were his queen
§  And he was your king
§  And nothing would change that

I swore I’d never do it again but you all know I’m a hypocrite ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Weird 80s-esque face posters, message me on here (use tumblr messenger) or email me to inquire. More info below

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coffee-your-teapot  asked:

Rosvolio prompt: "If I promised you'd never see me again would you kiss me?"

read on ao3

The Royal Guard snuck up on him unceremoniously. One moment he was in the market, fingers trailing over different pieces of fabric, delightedly thinking about how much it would irk his fiance if he had a dress commissioned for her in a color far more interesting than blue, when two men snatched at his arms. “His Grace wishes to speak with you, Signore Montague.” 

Benvolio is sure that his answering smirk can only be described as glib when he replies, “As my sovereign commands.” 

They drag him to the castle with little thought to the sizable crowd hungrily watching the events unfold. 

The prince is awaiting him in his lavish office, reading through missives that Benvolio half suspects are there just to make him appear busy. In truth he harbors little affection for Prince Escalus and always has, though it has no doubt been aggravated by his troublesome behavior regarding Rosaline. Still, the Montague heir has enough respect for decorum to give the other man a slight bow. 

Prince Escalus sets down a letter and nods in greeting, “Montague. Thank you for coming.” 

“Well, this worked best with my schedule.” Benvolio says wryly. His societal respect for propriety only goes so far, after all. 

A more adept leader would start off with some meaningless small talk, try their best to disarm their prey and put them at ease. Benvolio has no doubt it is what the prince’s sister would do. Prince Escalus, however, is not his sister. “I am sure that you are as aware of the chaos in our streets as I am, Montague, as I am also sure that you can clearly see that your engagement to Lady Rosaline has had no effect to calm the masses. The people are crying for blood and it does not appear as though they will stop.” 

Benvolio grits his teeth. “Forgive me, Your Grace, but I am vividly remembering you forcing Rosaline and I into this engagement. Are you now saying that you made a mistake?” 

“Precisely.” Escalus nods vigorously, his dark eyes annoyingly earnest. “I naively thought that I could achieve peace where countless generations of rulers have failed. I understand now that there will never be peace between House Montague and House Capulet, only uneasy coexistence. We must go back to the status quo if Verona is to survive.” 

“And how do you propose that happens? We were bound before God, it would be the greatest sin to turn back on those vows.” His blue eyes narrow as he follows that line of thought. “You would be condemning Rosaline to a life of servitude by reversing your choice.” 

“Oh, I cannot possibly tell the public I regret my decision. A leader must be strong, above all else, and admitting fault at a time like this would be detrimental to my ability to rule Verona.” Escalus explained, apparently perfectly happy with his self-serving reasoning. “No, you will have to flee Verona. Immediately.” 

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I’ve always been scared to do one of these because I thought I might not show much, or even any improvement. I am glad I did this. I also had to because The Prince of Tennis turned 10 this year or last year and I HAD to do something for one of my all time favorite anime!

little-red-witchy-wolf  asked:

I like this blog already! *-* How would a first date with Sans, Stretch, Red, and Rus go? Please and thank you! :D

Glad you’re enjoying this strange place! And aw, first dates. I’m already blushing…

I’ve never been on a date. Whoops.

Undertale Sans (Classic/Sans)

When you first see him, he hasn’t seen you quite yet. He’s repeating his greeting to you over and over again, prayers for the date to go well mixing in. In one hand, he’s holding a huge bouquet of your favorite type of flowers, the wrapping around it your favorite color as well. He actually sees you for the first time when he turns around to continue his pacing. When he realizes that you had been listening, his face flushes blue and he stutters out a butchered version of his greeting.

Once he realizes that there’s no way to recover from that, he shoves the flowers in one of your hands and grabs the other to lead you to the cafe he picked out (one of Muffet’s). The entire time he’s a blushing mess, only managing to make a few shitty puns here and there.

After having a snack, he takes you to a planetarium to see the stars. If anything, the only stars you’re looking at are the ones his eye lights turn to at the sight above him. He apologizes after, stating that he had meant to point out all the constellations to you but got sidetracked. He walks you home, admitting that he flubbed up this date.

If you give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him that you’d love to go on another date, he’ll be on cloud nine.

Underswap Papyrus (Stretch)

Stretch is a more laid back date kind of guy. After picking you up at your house, the first thing on the agenda is going to some little-known sandwich shop for lunch. The two of you share some nice conversation and Stretch makes so many puns related to the shop that you lose count. “lettuce get to know each other better, honey,” he says when a piece of lettuce falls off his sandwich. “my jokes are pretty good, hamirite?” as someone orders a ham sub. “now romaine calm, but I think some skele is thinking about how gorgeous you are.”

Once your stomach hurts from laughing, he brings you to a nearby shopping mall to do some window shopping. The two of you go into all sorts of shops, trying on nice clothing, silly things, and the such. When a certain time arrives, he brings you to the closest movie theater to see whatever movie you think looks the best. Near the middle of the movie, he leaves to use the restroom and ends up being gone for a good ten minutes before coming back like nothing happened.

After the movie, Stretch walks you back, making up plenty of jokes about the movie. At your house, he produces a bag from one of the shops you two had been in. Inside is one of the things you had actually admitted to wanting to go back and buy. With his face bright orange, he stutters out a request to “do this again”. If you agree, he lets out a sigh of relief and promises to text you to set up the next date. He actually ends up going down the sidewalk with a skip in his step.

Blueberry had to ask him what happened since he was just staring into space for an hour with a smile.

Underfell Sans (Red)

Red isn’t exactly the date sort of guy. His ideal date would be bringing you home, so he’s clearly out of element when it comes to preparing an actual date. Since he wants a familiar environment, the date will be a dinner at Grillby’s. You end up meeting him there, Red having sat in an actual booth instead of at the counter. Your favorite drink is on the spot you sit down, along with a small box. He admits that his brother, Edge, picked out the gift since, “NO BROTHER OF MINE WILL MAKE A FOOL OF HIMSELF IN PUBLIC.”

The first five minutes or so of the date go by in awkward silence. While you shift uncomfortably, Red gets up to get the two of you more drinks. A monster comes up and tries to flirt with you while he’s gone, having noticed how uncomfortable you were. As you back further into the stall in order to get away from the creep, he gets surrounded by a red light and slammed into the ground.

“that’s my date,” Red snarls out, calling the monster a slew of awful things. Grillby glides by and escorts the monster out with a swift kick to the tush. He shows up later with a drink on the house. After the incident, Red apologizes and manages to make decent conversation the rest of the night. On the walk home, he gives your shivering form his sweatshirt. At your door, he apologizes again for what happened. When you tell him you look forward to another date, he wraps you in a big hug before taking a short cut away.

He forgets his jacket. When he gets it back on the next date oh god you’re wearing it still and it smells like you.

Swapfell Papyrus (Rus)

Rus doesn’t like being in public. It makes him nervous. So, his ideal date is taking you to his house on a day Black won’t be there. He brings your favorite take out to snack on while you two binge-watch a television show neither of you have seen before. It’s comfortable. When the sun sets outside, Rus mentions he was somewhere else to go. He makes sure you’re perfectly ready before taking a short cut to a secluded section of nearby beach where you can perfectly see the stars. He points out all of the different constellation, excitedly telling you the stories behind them.

When you inevitably start to shiver, Rus hesitates just a minute before giving you a sweatshirt. It’s super comfortable, and when you tell him that you need to get yourself one just like it, he nearly faints. Wearing something of a different monster’s Underground was like proclaiming that you were theirs. Oh no, you’re too amazing.

You fall asleep cuddling against him. When you wake up, you’re in his bed. He’s asleep on the floor next to you, one hand holding yours. He wakes ups shortly after you, face covered in a blush when he realizes where his hand is before he practically flees, saying he’s going to make breakfast. The next day, a package arrives at your house. Inside is a sweatshirt that looks just like his.

Irezumi no ren'ai (Tattoo Love Affair)

(NaLu Week Tattoo Prompt- 7/6/17)

When Natsu walked into The Dragon’s Den he was a bit nervous about getting his first tattoo.  His cousin Gajeel was one of the artists at the shop and would tease the young man that he couldn’t handle the pain, so to prove he could he agreed to let him put a small one on his bicep, an insignia from his favorite band.   As soon as you enter the place, drawings and photos of dragons cover the walls.  The owner, a man named Laxus Dreyar, had a fascination for the mythical creatures and it was Gajeel’s skill at creating beautiful renditions of these beasts in ink that landed him the job.

“Hey Levy.”  He leans over the reception counter smiling.

“Hi Natsu.  Are you here to see your cousin?”

“Yeah, he’s supposed to do a tattoo for me today.”

“Well, he should be just about done with his client.  Go on and head in the back, you know where his studio is.”

“Thanks Levy.”

As he reaches his cousins room he stops at the door when he realizes Gajeel is still working on someone.  He’s about to turn and leave when the client catches his full attention.  Lying on her stomach was a young topless, blonde female, with her head resting on her left arm, and her right one lying to her side.  Natsu blushes at the picturesque sight, the curve of her buxom mounds peeking out from under her body, the pale milky skin that looked so silky to the touch, the beautiful arch of her back down to a tiny waist… “Wow…” he whispers under his breath.  She’s only wearing short shorts and the lithe long toned legs, supple thighs, and voluptuous hips… A fire grows in his loins. 

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@berrysweetboutique , we were with the red knight! He passed out the carnations and I caught one! haha, I was one giddy lady. My favorite part was the white horse. (Reminded me of Zelda BOTW.) =D  Very majestic. Unfortunately, Our knight lost the very last tournament to the blue knight. Poor Jordyn was in a rage! Tears ran down his face as he vowed blue to never be his favorite color again. lol 

My Dream Superman Movies

Well, I said I’d do it.

So yeah. If I had all the money and influence in the world, you bet I have some ideas for what I’d want with free reign over the Superman movies (as opposed to my pitches as-requested for Man of Steel 2, a blue-skies no-creative-limits version of the same, or Lego Superman).

In terms of the creative setup, for the first movie at least I’d actually like the Wachowski sisters heading it up as the directors. This would likely be the main reason none of this could ever happen, because by their own admission they’re never going to be handed a tentpole movie again, but based on Speed Racer I know they can do colorful, fun, stylish, sincere blockbuster work, because of The Matrix I know they know how to show super-people kicking ass, and from what I’ve seen in commercials for Jupiter Ascending they design cool alien vistas and technology. I’d have Alan Silvestri from Back To The Future and Captain America: The First Avenger put together the score, and if these were standalone movies I’d cast Oscar Isaac as Superman; if this were part of a larger set of DC movies (in which case the Superman movie would be the fourth or fifth in the series as I’d plan it out) I’d have him cast elsewhere, in which case Tyler Hoechlin, he’s turned out pretty much perfect. Don’t have anyone in mind for a script, but Markus and McFeely have proven they can make this kind of character work in a bunch of different tones and setups with Captain America, so they’d be ‘placeholders’.

For the first movie and prospective franchise reboot, Superman actually isn’t exactly the main character - that’d be Lois Lane (as still played by Amy Adams, she’s the best part of the current Superman movies), following her point of view on him and his world. It’s several years into Superman’s career, more than long enough for him to have faced off against all kinds of wild threats and built up his reputation and status quo, but while he and Lois have obviously met a fair number of times, it’s been more a kind of distant attraction than a proper relationship. However, she’s been invited to the Fortress for a proper look at it since it was recently revealed to the world, and along with shining a spotlight on his weird hidden treehouse at the top of the world (this being a prime opportunity for the Wachowskis to redefine it visually after almost 40 years of the barren ice cave, and a chance to throw in visual references to villains there won’t be time and space for like Zod and Solaris and Mxyzptlk, as well as a solid bench of iconic adventures), she starts to actually get to know Superman, The Guy for the first time. 

Her viewpoint is the same as that of the prospective average audience member: she knows about Superman, she likes him just fine, but she essentially thinks of him as a living statue, cultural background radiation. But as she gets to know him and understand him and fall in love with him, we do too, until by the time of the finale with the coming of Brainiac - framed as an antiseptic alien being beyond mortal understanding, a contrast to the deep humanity and vulnerability we and Lois learn to see in Superman, his super-ness with his clubhouse and his costume and his hobbies an extension of his passions and insecurities as a guy - it’s not a thrilling hero vs. villain duel, but watching Our Pal Clark from the ground getting in over his head and hoping he’ll be okay.

(Speaking of Clark, he’s around, but as a separate character hanging around the Planet, with no indication until near the end of the movie that he and Superman have anything to do with each other - Lois admitting she’s pieced it together right before the fight with Brainiac, and Clark bearing his soul on why he spends half his life in a bad suit pretending to trip all over everything, being the big emotional climax.)

Tradition suggests the sequel is supposed to be the dark one, and along with wanting to keep things a little more experimental, the followup would actually be an anthology-format film - five 25-30 minute explicitly-divided individual stories, linked together in ways that don’t become obvious until the finale. A pretty traditional scrap with Metallo and his techno-cult gang (if each of these segments would have a different director, I’d probably get Brad Bird for this one); a horror story of a drained Superman trying to survive the night against a monstrous Parasite; an indie-movie, slice-of-life comedy style segment of Superman hanging out with Bizarro and attempting to reach an understanding with his ‘brother’; a trippy cosmic adventure, probably by the Wachowskis again, where Superman goes head-to-head with Darkseid* in deep space in a battle that ends up far more a conflict of ideas than brute force; finally, a quiet confrontation with Lex Luthor (played by Bryan Cranston, because everyone and their mother wants him to play Lex) in his office, where they both lay all their cards on the table and all the plot and thematic threads from throughout the movie come together. No final brawl (though maybe Lex has a deathtrap of some sort in mind, whether tangible or psychological), just a conversation about humans and what they both think humanity wants, out of themselves and out of supermen like the two of them. And maybe Darren Aronofsky can direct one of these, he apparently would really like to do Superman.

* I know “Superman villain” is at most a tertiary role for Darkseid, but it is one nonetheless, and he fits best for what I’d have in mind for this segment.

For the big finale - though I’d imagine this series going on unabated James Bond style, recasting as necessary, rather than needing to reboot again - is the most traditional blockbuster of the bunch, but on the largest scale possible with a relatively straight adaptation of Superman Beyond, whether on its own or as a lead-in to a prospective Crisis movie. There’d be some changes: a bigger role for Lois (she and the Daily Planet crew could provide a ground-level perspective on the multiversal catastrophe, though she’d still have to eventually end up in a coma since how Superman saves her is such a perfect capstone), some tweaks to the nature of the Bleed, Monitors and Overvoid to make it reflect film as a medium rather than comics, and it wouldn’t be exactly the cast of Supermen from the original comics. I’d go the obvious route of hiring largely actual former Supermen, but since having 6 near-identical versions of the same guy running around would rapidly get dull, they’d be playing different takes than those they previously had. Dean Cain’s a Kingdom Come-esque elder Superman. Tom Welling’s Ultraman, not as a knock on Welling, but because he always did his best work on Smallville when mind-controlled, high on Red Kryptonite, possessed, or otherwise made to act like an asshole, if potentially a redeemable one in this case so we can finally see him in the damn Superman suit by the end (though maybe some plot contrivance could get all these guys in more traditional getups at some point, since it’d be a shame to have them all together and not have them rocking their classic costumes). Brandon Routh’s the Red Son Superman, as he’s both more recognizable and more acceptable than Overman, and Routh did a good job with Sad Superman in Returns and could probably do far better in an actual good movie. Billy Crudup is straight-up back as Doctor Manhattan, since Captain Adam was always a stand-in and I suspect we’re about a year out from the announcement of Watchmen characters showing up in the DC movies anyway. And finally, Jon Hamm’s here as Golden Age Superman.

I hadn’t mentioned it earlier, but also in this universe where I get to tell WB what DC movies to make, @i-swordfish and I are in agreement there needs to be a sepia-tone Superman movie by Kerry Conran set in 1938 where he fights Nazi mad scientists and robots, and that version of Superman played by Jon Hamm is also in the Superman Beyond movie.

Anyway, there’s two scenes in particular I know would be in this movie. As the Supermen are having the nature of the Bleed explained to them, they’re seeing snapshots from other timelines, allowing cameos by the likes of Kirk Alyn and Christopher Reeve. Sometimes, the Monitor notes, it almost seems as if they’re aware of the higher order and their observation…and ‘our’ Superman jumps back, startled, because he was looking at George Reeves’ Superman, who turned to the camera and winked at him. Fast-forward about two hours to the end of the movie, and Lois and Clark are talking in the office about everything that’s happened, and as Lois walks away from Clark’s desk, she jokes that she hopes after having saved all of reality Superman doesn’t get a big head, and still cares about us mere mortals, not knowing just how far he went to save her alone. And as Clark smiles and mutters to himself “Maybe he does, Lois…maybe he does”, he turns, looks at us, and winks.

Those are the Superman movies I’d want to see.