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I hit a bit of a follower milestone today, so I thought I’d share with you guys my very first bit of fan art.

This is a pencil sketch, probably from sometime in January 2017. It was just a scribble in a notebook; I never planned on sharing it, and I had nobody to share it with. I drew it because I love these characters, and I wanted to see what they would look like if they came straight from me, from my hands, onto the page.

When I figured out that I could digital paint, that curiosity took on a whole new level; now I could play with colour, texture, shade, and light. I could place these characters into new situations, change their character with a few brush strokes,  explore their lives in binary ink. It was a wild feeling, and still is. That curiosity is a huge part of my motivation to create.

But I wouldn’t have kept painting on curiosity alone, not if all that met my work was silence. It was, and is, you guys–each and every one of you who messages me, sends me asks, reblogs with sweet tags, replies to my work–who give me the will to keep painting, pushing myself, and trying new things.

I cannot thank you guys enough for being here, for being so incredibly supportive of me as I venture into new territories, and for making me feel so loved. You all mean so much to me. ♥


i love you

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"Relationships in books are unrealistic"

Why is it “unrealistic” to want someone as patient as Sam?

Why is it “unrealistic” to want someone who cares and loves you unconditionally and does everything in their power to make you feel safe like Rhys?

Why is it so “unrealistic” to want someone who loves you for what you are, even if you’re completely shattered and broken like Rowan?

Why is it unrealistic to want to help each other grow like rowaelin?

Why is it unrealistic to show each other true emotions and not hold back like feysand?

I don’t understand why thats “unrealistic” Are my “standards to high”? Why is it wrong for me to want these things? People tell me constantly my standards are to high and I don’t understand why. I want someone who truly loves me for me, not to date people to look cute and be “goals” on twitter. And don’t tell me to give someone a chance when they straight up ask to date. I want them to know me, the REAL me. Not none of that “slide into their dms” shit.

Why is it so unrealistic?
I’m just going to have to wait.
Sorry I just needed to rant

Dating Tom includes...

  • when you first meet 
  • tom thinks you’re fucking beautiful and he can’t stop staring at you
  • but you think it’s kinda creepy, but he’s lucky because of his cute looks
  • then he finally got the courage to talk to you
  • and he didn’t leave empty handed too bc you gave him your number
  • soon enough y’all started dating
  • everyone shipped you for the longest times
  • inStAgRAM CAptions AbOut EaChOtHer 
  • and its indirect af
  • but everyone knows its about you two
  • taking that cliche beach picture of him holding your hand but you’re ahead of him
  • but let’s be honest he just wanted to see you in a bathing suit bc you’re perfect the way you are to him.
  • cuddles™
  • you on his chest sometimes
  • tom between your legs sometimes
  • tom constantly has to be touching you
  • he loves it when you have your hands in his hair
  • and you like touching his curly messy hair
  • its soft af.
  • being accused of being a gold digger
  • but you were oblivious to the fact that tom was famous for like a month or two
  • “tommy, why do you always hide your face when you go outside?”
  • “paparazzi”
  • “haha, no seriously.” 
  • tom feeling like he can’t take you anywhere bc of paparazzi.
  • once you had a panic attack in front of him and he held you for hours afterwards
  • sometimes your depression gets really bad and you stay in bed, but tom joins you.
  • but you’re up against the wall because you don’t wanna talk or be touched and he gives you time
  • then you give in and he cuddles, kisses, and snuggles you all day.
  • holding HANDS UGHH
  • you lucky bitch you
  • spooning
  • tom constantly taking pictures of you
  • you sometimes being mad because you say you look ugly
  • tom then being mad bc you’re not ugly
  • tom calling you cute names that make your heart flutter
  • princess™
  • baBY GIRL™
  • DarLING™
  • getting to hear his morning voice and that shit turns you on
  • speaking of being turned on
  • lots and lots of sex
  • but seriously
  • sometimes there’s the fluffy passionate days
  • sometimes there’s the rough angsty days
  • but overall it’s great
  • “don’t you dare hold your moans in, babygirl.”
  • tom found your sweetspot on your neck one time
  • and you moaned loudly
  • and he continued
  • “i- da- mhmm” 
  • tom pulling away. 
  • “huh, daddy, babygirl?” 
  • let’s just say it was an exciting night and one to not be forgotten of. 
  • going on set with him
  • and tom getting head after a long stressful day on set
  • getting to meet the avengers
  • and you almost collapsing
  • “tommy, i told you i had to pace myself meeting them. i almost died.” 
  • tom sleeping in your lap sometimes
  • “tommy, baby, you have gray hairs.”
  • “wut??!!!”
  • the holland brothers love you
  • mostly bc you’re a pro at roasting your boyfriend
  • quackson claxon™
  • “omg, tom, can we keep her?”
  • “harry, no. she’s mine.”
  • “i don’t recall being an object, stanley.” 
  • him deathglaring you and now you know your in for it tonight.
  • harrison constantly gagging at you pda
  • zenday and laura being your bestfriends
  • catching tom singing on camera
  • using it as blackmail
  • jacob being like the brother you always wanted
  • being the biggest prankster on set
  • “damn, i should be an actress.”
  • one time you two had a fight
  • and tom left and slammed the door
  • and didnt return or talk to you for a fucking week
  • and you were a wreck
  • then when he did come back, you were still in your bed crying over it
  • “i’m so sorry, princess. i’ll never do it again.”
  • makeup sex
  • “daddy’s sorry, princess.” 
  • and you guys being cute af together everyday
  • you end up being on the avengers gc
  • they all adore you
  • especially seb
  • and mackie
  • you all roast tom together
  • silent treatment.
  • “baby, we were just joking.” you would murmur, kissing his neck. 
  • hollywood’s young lovers™ forever. 

Inctober from the Mystery Best Friends series

yeah, i’ll always love you guys too :)


Inspired by a comment that @ghostocelot made on one of my asks.

The first time you called him “Glaio,” he didn’t really think too much on it. You missed a sound – it happens. Sometimes people speak too fast and they leave out sounds. It happens. The others didn’t say anything, either – well, Ignis had given you a strange look, but remained silent beyond that.

The second time you called him “Glaio,” he gave you a questioning look. You were unfazed by it, continuing the rest of your sentence without falter. He let it slide, but kept it in the back of his mind so he could ask you about it later.

The third time you called him “Glaio,” he did ask you about it. You dodged the question and steamrolled over his attempts to circle back around to the subject. After several more fruitless tries, he gave up with a sigh. 

The fourth time you called him “Glaio,” he’d had enough.

“Why do you keep calling me that?” he asked you, his hand around your bicep and his eyes boring into yours, preventing you from escaping the subject.

Still, you tried. “Calling you what?” you replied, tilting your head to the side and fixing him with an innocent look.

Glaio,” he said, exasperated, “You’ve been calling me that all day. It’s starting to bug me.”

Ohhh.” You hummed, smiling at him. “You haven’t given me the D yet, so it only seemed fair.”

“I haven’t–oh.” Realization dawned on him in that moment. He stared down at you, watching your expression go from innocent to mischievous and a smirk pull at your lips. He laughed, wrapping his other arm around your waist and pulling you close. He leaned down, his lips ghosting over yours. “Well… I can fix that.”

You grinned at him. “I was hoping you’d say that, Glaio.”

                                       HOLY SHIT THERE ARE A LOT OF YOU !!!

so, this is my 1,000th post, and i’m currently sitting at 337 followers, which i’m sure doesn’t sound like a lot when you compare the amount that a lot of people have, but i’ve only had padmé since january second of this year. that’s not even two full months, and somehow, still, over three hundred people have decided that my padmé is the kind of content they want to see. i’m still not sure why, but since i’ve hit such an amazing number and this is my 1,000th post, i wanted to do something nice for everyone and gush about how much i love you all. so without further ado, here’s my follow forever !!!

                                              THE DELEGATION OF THE 2,000

@aftcrshocks​ / @icaryian​ / @imhiscarer​ : to the shock of absolutely no one, i’m gonna take this moment to yell about my favorite person on this earth, kells. kells is probably my most staunch supporter on this website and in life, and it’s really……awe-inspiring ?? it’s amazing to me, the kind of love that kells has to give to her friends, and the unbelievably selfless ways she continues to show it day in and day out. my entire aesthetic on this blog was crafted by her, and she’s always willing to do anything at the drop of a hat, which is just !!! so much !!! we don’t deserve kells. i don’t deserve kells. she’s so talented and she’s so supportive and kind and i’d take a bullet for that woman. 

@jedibetrayer / @warcompass : in addition to being the best smad egg husband a senator could ask for, chloe is about 85% of the reason that this blog even exists, and i’ll always be forever grateful to her for that. her enthusiasm for star wars and for her muse is off the charts 100% of the time which is just A+ in my eyes. her writing is beautiful, her talent is off the fucking charts, and i just. straight up. adore that girl. 

@kybercore : sen is one of my newer friends and i’m so grateful that padmé brought me this lady because honestly ??? idk how i lived without sen in my life before now ??? sen’s writing is so amazing and her characterization is so on point and she’s always making me question my life choices every time she brings up a plot idea, but in the best way possible. i love her a lot ok.

@demandpeace : haley is just….my salt sister. like a soul sister, only closer, because we get salty about the treatment of our fave ladies and it’s EXCELLENT. i love haley even when she’s using her perfect writing to stab me in the back with padtine feels and i love her for giving me the powerful sassy space nobility girlfriends that i deserve. 

@masterofcraft / @triggrhappy : lillie was one of my first new friends on padmé and i’ll always be so glad and grateful for that. she’s been such a happy influence on my life since entering it, and has given me so many obidala feels it’s unreal. idk how i got to be so blessed but i’m so moved and grateful and never gonna stop being emo about it.

@coughbot​ / @crdered​ : MY SON. zach is my son whom i birthed and raised from infancy and is genuinely one of the sweetest and most talented souls i have ever ??? in my life ??? met ??? they write with the kind of elegance and cohesiveness that writers twice their age struggle with and i’m like. constantly amazed. also so fucking kind like call out post for zach for being TOO PURE.

@sempermemoriia​ / @penitenciia​ / @harlemforged​ : tj is pretty much my favorite of all time ??? tj is, first of all, unfairly fucking talented, and second of all, so thoughtful and observant and it’s kind of the best thing ever ??? i never have to worry that tj hasn’t read my rules or my headcanons because not only does he read all of them but also he incorporates them in everything he writes with me and honestly i love that man more than sharks love blood.

@rosecrime​ / @trustfunded​ / @redeemself​ : maddie aka my other best friend i’m so !!!! i love that girl !! i would die for her !! i’m so blessed to have so many talented friends in my life and i’m sure y’all are tired of hearing that word but EVERYONE !! IS SO TALENTED !! I’M SHOOK !! maddie is such a fucking powerhouse with her replies it leaves me shook all the time, and her characters are always so multi faceted and amazing. no one makes an oc like maddie, like you could throw an fc at her and she’d come up with a well rounded character in under an hour, i’m sure of it.

                                                THE LOYALIST COMMITTEE 

@tachiisms​ / @ofalderaan​ : liesl is hands down one of the kindest, if not The Kindest, person i have ever met on this godforsaken hellsite. i am like 100% sure she has done nothing wrong in her life, ever, and i am, frankly, in awe of her skill at writing and of the amount of positivity and love she graces my dash with on a daily basis. also her siri is so good i’m fucking Shook at all times.

@rebelsacrifice​ / @ofeffulgence​ : lyssa is so incredibly lovely it deadass amazes me all the time like what a machine with her replies ?? how do you do so many replies so fast ?? how are they all phenomenal ?? teach me ?? her characterization is always spot on and her replies are always so good and honestly I Die.

@rcbelborn​ / @eireniic​ : val pretty much constantly has me screaming, if i’m being entirely honest. i have never, in my entire life, looked at another writer on tumblr as ‘goals’ as much as i look at val as my life goal. her writing is so phenomenal and poetic and beautiful while still being coherent and concise and i stalk….everything….and it’s all amazing……i can’t believe this….

@scarificed​ / @warbones​ : i’m pretty convinced miriam is actually satan at this point and i’ve sold my soul to the devil or something but honestly if that means i get to read all of her stuff about oak and also padmé gets to kiss his face i’ll take it ?? i care so much about miriam’s oc’s and i can’t wait to read more of them tbh.

                                                   THE GALACTIC SENATE 

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idk why i’m posting this here but,,,,,,,my choir went on a little tour a couple of months back and i just got a hold of one the videos my roommate took when she came to see..(catch a solo from ya girl at :48) anyway it’s a really pretty song and i just…yea lmAo ok i’m just gonna post this and stop rambling.

Okay so I’m not done with this and legitimately when I have time this summer in the season break, will probably end up writing some Savitar fic and will probably make it coldflash if I do.

Mistah J’s Doll - Joker x Reader Imagine

Request: Sorry to bother you but I think your stories are great and I would like to request a jokerxreader where it’s Halloween and the reader dresses up as a sexy doll just for her mistah J. Again, sorry to bother you.

You guys are never bothering me, with that being said I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything in ages I am back now and will be updating regularly. 


Y/N’s POV 

It was early in the morning when woke I woke up to cold sheets lying next to me, showing me that J had left earlier this morning for his business meeting. I stretched my tired bones out, popped a few joints then slowly wandered out of our bed. Today was halloween one of my favorite holidays and you know damn well I was about to get spooky maybe a little sexy for Mistah J. 

I went threw my morning routine of getting ready, I started with my hair and makeup then moving to my outfit for the day. I found a my long jean jacket, pairing it with my white cropped tee and black jeans. 

Grabbing my keys off the mantle I wandered over to my black Ferrari that J had bought for my birthday last year, smiling at the memory I got in and headed to my favorite halloween shop. 

It was easy for me to go out in public since the press hadn’t figured out who the Joker’s queen was, to everyone on the streets I was a normal citizen of Gotham. Which to me is more terrifying for the people since a criminal was lurking in the store shadows.

I wanted to give Mistah J a treat tonight so I needed to find a sexy little costume to play around in. Moving through the aisles I went to the adult section gazing at all the costumes. 

A small black costume caught my eye it had gold and black jester signs labeled all over the corset of the costume. I picked it off the rack and some small black booty shorts that were next to it. The fish nets across from the costume would fit perfectly with the rest of the ensemble, I payed the cashier with money from my account even though I haven’t worked in months I still have quite the savings account even though Mistah J says I don’t need to pay for anything, but we all know what his method of payment is. 

Shortly after arriving back at the penthouse I played the outfit on the bed and heading to take a shower so I could be all fresh for the rest of the night. Mistah J would be home in a couple hours and I wanted to make sure I was ready for our little spooky night. 

J had planned to go out on a murder spree tonight in order to wreck havoc on his favorite holiday but I had convinced him otherwise. I styled my hair in beauty waves with a bit of definition and I did my makeup in a doll look that had a sexy touch to it. 

J would be home in a half hour so I slid into the tight costume that should my mid drift and quite a bit of my butt, it was more of lingerie then a costume at this point but I knew that J wouldn’t mind at all. I slid into the black heels that sat at the bottom the bed and whipped around to look at myself in the mirror. 

Damn did I look good, J will be ecstatic to see me in this. 

Downstairs I heard the door open and the sound of J’s voice echoed throughout  the penthouse calling out for me. Strutting down the hallway to the balcony that overlooks the living room where J was standing I mischievously giggled catching his attention.

“My my doll don’t we look ravishing.” J spoke with a low growl that always seems to get me a little worked up.

“I got all dressed up just for you, J.” The words flowed out of my mouth as if they were made of silk. 

“Now why are you just standing there doll come give me a kiss.” He speaks slowly after stretching out his arms signaling for me to come to him. 

Gliding down the stairs moving my hips ever so slightly to tease him, I couldn’t help but get excited for what was coming. 

A low growl escaped his clenched teeth as a strutted towards him embracing myself in his strong arms and catching his lips with mine. J had pulled away after a short kiss and spun me around checking out my entire outfit. 

“You did this all for me doll?” J asked with a sly grin slowly spreading across his pale face. 

“Yes Mistah J.” 

J looked as if he was pondering for a second before demanding that all the henchmen leave the main area of the penthouse. His grin growing larger. 

“Now doll, lets enjoy our halloween shall we?” 


Im so sorry this was so dreadfully awful I will be posting more better quality imagines!

Requests are still open so let me know what you guys want! 


The River Part 2

Jughead Jones x Reader

Part 1

Once 6:30 rolled around I had to pick myself out of bed and face yet another painful day at Riverdale High. Except for this time, it would be worse because Jughead clearly wants to talk to me.

I turned on my phone and put in my headphones, wanting to listen to music on my walk to school. 5 missed calls, 7 texts. Gee, I wonder who left them there. After deleting them all, I blasted my choice of music into my ears, ignoring the world around me.

Walking into the school, I knew I’d have to make an effort if I wanted to avoid Jughead. We have 4th period together so I’d have to sit somewhere where he couldn’t notice so that’s going to be hard.

“Hey (Y/n). You okay?” Reggie questioned in a sympathetic tone. I don’t know why he is caring toward me, I assumed he would be a stereotype jock, dick kind of guy. He was never nice to Jughead, so he probably just pities me but I’m not going to turn down my only friend at the moment.

“I’m doing okay, Reggie. I could be better. But I was wondering if I could sit by you in 4th period?” I said hopefully. Jughead normally goes straight to the back, and Reggie sits in the middle of the class by the wall, plus his friends are super tall so I’d be hidden.

He smiled before agreeing, saying he’ll save me a seat. I smiled and waved goodbye heading to my first class. Up until 4th period, I had no problem ignoring Jughead. Archie saw me once and went to tell Jug but I left to a different place before he came. If Betty sees me she just doesn’t do anything and continues on with her day.

I ran all the way to 4th period, so I’d get there before Jughead did. Quickly sitting down next to Reggie, as his other football friend filled in the rest of the class. Jughead walked in and didn’t notice me.

The period was about to end when I felt something hit my back. Looking behind me I saw that Jughead had thrown some paper wadded up into a ball at me. I acted like I didn’t see it and heard an angry sigh from Jughead.

By lunch, I grabbed my food and peacefully walked to a part of the school where no one is and no one knows. I can’t stay in that lunch are. 1, Jughead would try to talk to me and 2, the other days Betty is always flirting with Jughead.  Betty is super nice and I can tell she feels a little bad. I guess just not enough to talk to me.

Once the bell for school to be let out ended, I bolted out the door to get home. I was walking behind the school when I got shoved against the brick wall.

“I swear to God, let me go!” I yelled squirming, trying to make the stranger let go.

“Dammit (Y/n)! Just let me talk to you!” At the sound of his voice, I froze. Looking up, I saw the familiar green eyes of the one and only Jughead Jones.

“What do you want?” I asked bitterly.

“I want you to talk to me! Just let me explain!” He sighed, frustrated.

“There’s nothing to say, Jug. Now let me go.” My voice faltered and I looked to the ground.

“Yes, there is. And I’m not leaving until you listen.”


“I messed up. I’m so sorry, and I want to make things right. But I can’t if you keep ignoring me!” I wanted to protest but kept my mouth shut, waiting for him to continue. “I broke up with Betty, I love you. I really do. With you, I feel different than with her. It scares me shitless, So I went to her… It’s just that I don’t want to end up like my dad. I wouldn’t want to hurt you like that.”

By the end of his speech, I was tearing up. With anger or something else, I didn’t know.

“Jug, You hurt me anyway.” I finally looked him directly in the eyes. They were filled with sincerity and sadness.

“Please, (Y/n). I can’t live without you anymore. I messed up and it’s killing me.”

“I don’t know, Jug. Everyone else hates me.”

He sighed once more, still holding me against the wall. He leaned in and put his chapped lips against mine. It felt like I was right back at that river again.  Once he pulled away he let me go off the wall and looked at me for an answer.

Thinking, I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair, “Jug, Don’t ever hurt me again.”

He quickly wrapped his arms around my waist and thanked me over and over.

“I never will, I’ll never let you go again.”

This one isn’t that good sorry :(. Hope you guys like it!

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The One That Got Away Pt.2 | Jeff Atkins

Originally posted by machikono

Part 1

“What are you doing out here y/n?! You’re going to get sick!” A familiar voice yelled at me.

The person lifted me up and carried me to I assume somewhere dry, I leaned my head against their wet shirt and surprisingly could hear their heart beat. The sound of the rain faded from my ears and my attention was captured by the boy who’s arms I was in. 

I knew that heart beat but it couldn’t be.

He was in an accident. 

I must be dreaming.

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Serious talk here for a minute. I had an old blog on this site and it had about 400 followers before I deleted. The reason I deleted is something I don’t want to talk about because it makes my heart hurt. But I wanted to thank all of my followers on this new blog. You guys are wonderful sweeties and the mutuals that I made make me smile so much. I have 69 followers on this blog and I love them all. I don’t care about the number. But being this happy and loving every single one of you is something that I never expected to happen. So thank you all. All my followers, all my mutuals, even just someone who glanced at my blog for a minute. Thank you all.