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"Relationships in books are unrealistic"

Why is it “unrealistic” to want someone as patient as Sam?

Why is it “unrealistic” to want someone who cares and loves you unconditionally and does everything in their power to make you feel safe like Rhys?

Why is it so “unrealistic” to want someone who loves you for what you are, even if you’re completely shattered and broken like Rowan?

Why is it unrealistic to want to help each other grow like rowaelin?

Why is it unrealistic to show each other true emotions and not hold back like feysand?

I don’t understand why thats “unrealistic” Are my “standards to high”? Why is it wrong for me to want these things? People tell me constantly my standards are to high and I don’t understand why. I want someone who truly loves me for me, not to date people to look cute and be “goals” on twitter. And don’t tell me to give someone a chance when they straight up ask to date. I want them to know me, the REAL me. Not none of that “slide into their dms” shit.

Why is it so unrealistic?
I’m just going to have to wait.
Sorry I just needed to rant



Inctober from the Mystery Best Friends series

yeah, i’ll always love you guys too :)


idk why i’m posting this here but,,,,,,,my choir went on a little tour a couple of months back and i just got a hold of one the videos my roommate took when she came to see..(catch a solo from ya girl at :48) anyway it’s a really pretty song and i just…yea lmAo ok i’m just gonna post this and stop rambling.


Inspired by a comment that @ghostocelot made on one of my asks.

The first time you called him “Glaio,” he didn’t really think too much on it. You missed a sound – it happens. Sometimes people speak too fast and they leave out sounds. It happens. The others didn’t say anything, either – well, Ignis had given you a strange look, but remained silent beyond that.

The second time you called him “Glaio,” he gave you a questioning look. You were unfazed by it, continuing the rest of your sentence without falter. He let it slide, but kept it in the back of his mind so he could ask you about it later.

The third time you called him “Glaio,” he did ask you about it. You dodged the question and steamrolled over his attempts to circle back around to the subject. After several more fruitless tries, he gave up with a sigh. 

The fourth time you called him “Glaio,” he’d had enough.

“Why do you keep calling me that?” he asked you, his hand around your bicep and his eyes boring into yours, preventing you from escaping the subject.

Still, you tried. “Calling you what?” you replied, tilting your head to the side and fixing him with an innocent look.

Glaio,” he said, exasperated, “You’ve been calling me that all day. It’s starting to bug me.”

Ohhh.” You hummed, smiling at him. “You haven’t given me the D yet, so it only seemed fair.”

“I haven’t–oh.” Realization dawned on him in that moment. He stared down at you, watching your expression go from innocent to mischievous and a smirk pull at your lips. He laughed, wrapping his other arm around your waist and pulling you close. He leaned down, his lips ghosting over yours. “Well… I can fix that.”

You grinned at him. “I was hoping you’d say that, Glaio.”

                                       HOLY SHIT THERE ARE A LOT OF YOU !!!

so, this is my 1,000th post, and i’m currently sitting at 337 followers, which i’m sure doesn’t sound like a lot when you compare the amount that a lot of people have, but i’ve only had padmé since january second of this year. that’s not even two full months, and somehow, still, over three hundred people have decided that my padmé is the kind of content they want to see. i’m still not sure why, but since i’ve hit such an amazing number and this is my 1,000th post, i wanted to do something nice for everyone and gush about how much i love you all. so without further ado, here’s my follow forever !!!

                                              THE DELEGATION OF THE 2,000

@aftcrshocks​ / @icaryian​ / @imhiscarer​ : to the shock of absolutely no one, i’m gonna take this moment to yell about my favorite person on this earth, kells. kells is probably my most staunch supporter on this website and in life, and it’s really……awe-inspiring ?? it’s amazing to me, the kind of love that kells has to give to her friends, and the unbelievably selfless ways she continues to show it day in and day out. my entire aesthetic on this blog was crafted by her, and she’s always willing to do anything at the drop of a hat, which is just !!! so much !!! we don’t deserve kells. i don’t deserve kells. she’s so talented and she’s so supportive and kind and i’d take a bullet for that woman. 

@jedibetrayer / @warcompass : in addition to being the best smad egg husband a senator could ask for, chloe is about 85% of the reason that this blog even exists, and i’ll always be forever grateful to her for that. her enthusiasm for star wars and for her muse is off the charts 100% of the time which is just A+ in my eyes. her writing is beautiful, her talent is off the fucking charts, and i just. straight up. adore that girl. 

@kybercore : sen is one of my newer friends and i’m so grateful that padmé brought me this lady because honestly ??? idk how i lived without sen in my life before now ??? sen’s writing is so amazing and her characterization is so on point and she’s always making me question my life choices every time she brings up a plot idea, but in the best way possible. i love her a lot ok.

@demandpeace : haley is just….my salt sister. like a soul sister, only closer, because we get salty about the treatment of our fave ladies and it’s EXCELLENT. i love haley even when she’s using her perfect writing to stab me in the back with padtine feels and i love her for giving me the powerful sassy space nobility girlfriends that i deserve. 

@masterofcraft / @triggrhappy : lillie was one of my first new friends on padmé and i’ll always be so glad and grateful for that. she’s been such a happy influence on my life since entering it, and has given me so many obidala feels it’s unreal. idk how i got to be so blessed but i’m so moved and grateful and never gonna stop being emo about it.

@coughbot​ / @crdered​ : MY SON. zach is my son whom i birthed and raised from infancy and is genuinely one of the sweetest and most talented souls i have ever ??? in my life ??? met ??? they write with the kind of elegance and cohesiveness that writers twice their age struggle with and i’m like. constantly amazed. also so fucking kind like call out post for zach for being TOO PURE.

@sempermemoriia​ / @penitenciia​ / @harlemforged​ : tj is pretty much my favorite of all time ??? tj is, first of all, unfairly fucking talented, and second of all, so thoughtful and observant and it’s kind of the best thing ever ??? i never have to worry that tj hasn’t read my rules or my headcanons because not only does he read all of them but also he incorporates them in everything he writes with me and honestly i love that man more than sharks love blood.

@rosecrime​ / @trustfunded​ / @redeemself​ : maddie aka my other best friend i’m so !!!! i love that girl !! i would die for her !! i’m so blessed to have so many talented friends in my life and i’m sure y’all are tired of hearing that word but EVERYONE !! IS SO TALENTED !! I’M SHOOK !! maddie is such a fucking powerhouse with her replies it leaves me shook all the time, and her characters are always so multi faceted and amazing. no one makes an oc like maddie, like you could throw an fc at her and she’d come up with a well rounded character in under an hour, i’m sure of it.

                                                THE LOYALIST COMMITTEE 

@tachiisms​ / @ofalderaan​ : liesl is hands down one of the kindest, if not The Kindest, person i have ever met on this godforsaken hellsite. i am like 100% sure she has done nothing wrong in her life, ever, and i am, frankly, in awe of her skill at writing and of the amount of positivity and love she graces my dash with on a daily basis. also her siri is so good i’m fucking Shook at all times.

@rebelsacrifice​ / @ofeffulgence​ : lyssa is so incredibly lovely it deadass amazes me all the time like what a machine with her replies ?? how do you do so many replies so fast ?? how are they all phenomenal ?? teach me ?? her characterization is always spot on and her replies are always so good and honestly I Die.

@rcbelborn​ / @eireniic​ : val pretty much constantly has me screaming, if i’m being entirely honest. i have never, in my entire life, looked at another writer on tumblr as ‘goals’ as much as i look at val as my life goal. her writing is so phenomenal and poetic and beautiful while still being coherent and concise and i stalk….everything….and it’s all amazing……i can’t believe this….

@scarificed​ / @warbones​ : i’m pretty convinced miriam is actually satan at this point and i’ve sold my soul to the devil or something but honestly if that means i get to read all of her stuff about oak and also padmé gets to kiss his face i’ll take it ?? i care so much about miriam’s oc’s and i can’t wait to read more of them tbh.

                                                   THE GALACTIC SENATE 

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Okay so I’m not done with this and legitimately when I have time this summer in the season break, will probably end up writing some Savitar fic and will probably make it coldflash if I do.




turns out after i told him where i was he came to the building i was studying in but he was in a different room getting his more important stuff/heavier assignments (aka the ones he actually needs to focus to do well on) done and then after he was done with that he came over to where i was 

it was kind of like a scene from a drama?? haha like i was studying literally with my face in my book when i heard these footsteps. i didn’t look up because i didn’t want anyone to come over and sit with me, but then i heard his voice and he was like,

“you’re still here? 👀”

and i turned and it was him!! i was like ??? lol so i was like what are you doing here? and then he told me he came a couple of hours ago and was studying in one of the adjacent rooms getting some stuff done. he told me that he knew he wouldn’t be able to get it done if he stayed with me from the start because all we do when we “study” together is talk LOL (which is true, i can’t blame the guy for prioritizing his school work in that sense lol)

but yeah the reason i was ranting in my previous text posts was because i was kind of testing him by telling him to come and study with me. he kept saying that it was hot and his room was cool and then he kept avoided giving me a straight up answer of whether he would come or not. then he told me he was going to take a nap so i was like uhh okay wtf he obviously isn’t interested in me/hanging out with me (because i’m CLEARLY giving him an opening to do so) and yeah that kind of hurt me. but after his nap he must have come to the building i was in, got his stuff done so he could talk to me without being pressured by school work, and then actually sat with me to “study.” 

i was at a loss of words when he actually came because idk… it’s those actions that speak louder than words. he came… and i really thought he wouldn’t. that means he wanted to hang out with me, right? it’s safe to say that right?? the interest might be mutual?

augh i don’t know, but eitherway I’m glad he got his homework done before hand though because we literally just talked for the whole two hours we were together haha. he’s interesting. 

Exposing The Fakes

I want no part in the old blog, it doesnt mean attack me or assume shit that i lied or whatever I was done for awhile ask dakota, chelsea, mel, cait, jazz and my other friends from that account I was done for awhile. I’m not having anymore of my family or friends dragged into a situation that isnt about them. When I contacted shirs band it was a last resort thing and I assure you her band deserved to know their image rides on her. As for Cristina Ive not seen her blog but Megan told me she recieved asks that Cristina said I called her mom or some shit. I said this before, I’ll say it again Megan is not me, She has her own fb and social media’s and is a real person. She wont share them cause they have nothing to do with the exposing account. Megan and I only met recently, She is someone who doesnt even fully believe me. She told me she was contacting cristina mom regardless of my input despite what you think I’m not for that I knew cristina fb i could have contacted her mom myself if I was wanting to i didnt. I didnt even look through her fb megan did it and sent screenshots. I know more than you guys realize regarding fakes snd I dont expose them the way I should of, I was too nice. Megan isnt me and when it comes to the fakes she isnt nice. Shes her own person and I am mine. I gave her the account cause shes good at exposing. I didnt give it to my friends because like me, they’ve had it. They like me have gone through months of torture at the hands of the fakes and we are all tired. They have recieved hate, rude remarks, been called fake as well as other horrible things simply because they associated with me. This post is long and about to get longer when I thank all the people who have stuck by me and been true friends.

@dakotagrey5sos A girl I met on here who is my best friend now. I love you so much and thank you for tolerating whatever I throw at you. Thank you for all the times fakes made me feel low and you were there through dms picking me up and being a friend, a friend I needed. Thabk you for helping run exposing the fakes and being apart of my life now. We have the best convos ever and its never a dull moment. I wish I could share our dms with the world so they could see the funny, random and crazy things we talk about. You’re one of the only ones I’ve introduced to my bf and let be part of my actual world and I do not regret it. You’re a true friend, I know I frustrated you at times but you stuck with me and I love you. You stuck by my side no matter what and helped me through so much. I will never turn my back on you. You are my sister from another mister.

@fangirling-full-timex Chelsea, my biggest fan and Calums. You are like a sister to me and I love you. You have personaally attacked the fakes in my defense and had my back. I love you, our convos like dakota are random and hilarious and I love them. I want you to know I never ignored you on purpose and thank you for sticking by me no matter what fakes said or tried to convince you about me. We had our moments but thats done and our friendship is only stronger for it.

@xxheyitzcaitxx My girl, I love you so much. I am so glad we met. You have had my back from day one. You never let the fakes win and have been my friend. Youve made millions of vids in my defense. You have prob been one of the ones who’s really been brought into this for that I’m sorry. Your following all your beans scare the fakes which is why they target you. Anyone who can convince ppl they lied they fear and attack. Ive in trusted you with things about my life no one knows I dont regret it you have been amazing and are truly one of my best friends.

@meldb74 Melanie, I love you. I thank you for standing by me and being my friend and trusting me. You have been at this with me for awhile. You have become like a big sister to me. I love you and our talks even if they consist of mystal at times lol. You have been a true friend and proved to me you have my best interest at heart I love you.

@sleepingpixiee I love you, thank you for helping me in exposing fakes and being my friend. You have talked to me when I am upset and have had my back you are one of my best friends on here. I love you and we will still talk.

@exposing-the-fakes and all my followers there and friends i forgot to mention, THANK YOU. You guys have been amazing supporting me and helping me through. You guys never gave up on me. I love you guys and want you to know that. Queen D is still here but for now I am laying low and not on that blog I may never be again. I love you guys, I am sorry but anyone who is interested in still talking to me you can here and ask me whatever you want. I know who I know and thats all I will say. I will not however discuss my personal life anymore. I hope you guys understand. I love you all.


Counterfeit, Simple Plan - Prague

A Call For Help

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: A Call For Help

Pairing: LaSalle x Reader

Word Count: 1,521

Warnings: pew pew, angst, fluff

A/N: This is part two to the fic earlier ( Think Again )! This was a request from @flufy07! I thought it would make a great part two! I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much <3

A year later, you were on your way back home to your place after a hard day at work.  You moved out of your old apartment and into a small house.  After an incident involving your stalking and abusive ex, you decided that you didn’t want to live in your apartment anymore.  LaSalle helped you find a place you were comfortable with.  Thankfully, LaSalle found you one only a few days after it happened.  Even though the two of you were still dating, you didn’t want to burden LaSalle.

You heard your phone ring, but you let it go to voicemail.  You would listen to it when you got home.  You were sure that it was only your mom calling to check up on you.  Ever since the incident, she checked on you a few times a week.

As you pulled your car into the driveway, you unlocked your phone.  You took the keys out of your ignition, getting out of the car as you listened to the voicemail.  It wasn’t a number you recognized.  You stopped dead in your tracks as a familiar voice came through the speaker.  It was your ex, Mike Bowlan.  He was out of jail and hell bent on making you pay for putting him there.

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This AU starts with bad news for both Kent Parson and Jack Zimmermann. Pictures of both of them being huh, cozy, during a HAUS party surface on the internet. It’s dark and grainy, but their faces are easily visible and Kent’s hand on Jack’s ass is even more.

At the moment the twittersphere explodes, the Falconers are playing, so Kent is accosted first, on his way home, with a bag of groceries on each hand. There are like, thirty reporters all shoving their mikes up Kent’s face and he’s tired and sore after practice and is feeling lonely and sorry for himself and let’s be honest, mentions of Jack Zimmemann and his stupid butt and times where he was able to grope said butt bring out the worse in him.

“Yeah, sure I’m gay, who wouldn’t be for the best ass in the NHL. Jack, if you want to catch up for lost time, just call me, baby, you got my number!” Cue outrageous wink.

And then the Falconers win against huh, let’s say Boston because I may not know much about hockey but I’m from Montreal and fuck the Bruins.

Jack is feeling okay, they just won by a point but it still makes him feel lighter and chirpier than usual. And then he goes to change and gets attacked by all the mikes in a ten miles radius, all asking about his gay relationship with Kent Parson.

The experience is so surreal that the only thing he manages to blubber is

“… no, I have a boyfriend.”

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