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Persona 5 review

Persona 5 is a beautiful, hilarious, challenging, super weird, super long JRPG that’s not afraid to mix up its established formula. It’s also not afraid of pushing buttons. 


– FREAKING GORGEOUS: Style out the butt. In-your-face pizzaz. Bold and flashy, but also intricate and detailed. This is way more than Persona on the Catherine Engine. The monsters are beautiful. For fellow SMT fans that have seen these faces a million times, seeing them in this new light is a thrill. Color splashes, red zig zags, hands slapping on screens, crazy font design, ridiculous almost JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-level poses – it’s wonderful. 

– Friends for days: The best part about Persona games is the social interactions. They jammed a huge cast and tons of actions and interactions in P5. If you’re a see/do/hear it all kind of JRPGer, you’re never going to finish this game. I won’t go into any of the details because meeting these people for yourself and learning their backstory is the true joy of this game.

As always, your friendships power you up in the game. Cool mechanics ties abound. They’re still teaching that ‘it pays to have friends’ lesson.

It’s less Scooby Doo and more realistic, too. Well, as realistic as a Persona game can get. Here are a whole bunch of people from different walks (but all from school, haha) getting together under a common theme and goal. And now they’re stealing hearts and changing the world in their own way. They’ll feel like your real friends. It’s that Persona magic all over again.

– Huge world: The early Persona games let you find new areas and explore them, but P3 and P4 got farther away from that. It’s all back. There are so many cool locales to visit. Tons of shops. Hidden areas. Shortcuts. 

There’s a super faithful recreation of Shibuya Station, complete with step/turn accurate exits to other lines. You’ll be amazed by Hachiko’s statute. I was amazed that one exit’s turn down a stairwell accurately led to the Den-en-tosh line, leading out to where I used to live in Tokyo. My jaw dropped.

It’s so big that you can actually get lost. And getting lost is a delight. All of the obscure stores in back alleys gives me good Persona 2 vibes. There’s even a good pharmacy song.

You’ll love all of the downtime activities. It’s not to Yakuza 0 level yet, but it’s leaning that direction. I love the food shopping for some reason.

– FUN ASS DUNGEONS: There are people that play Persona games that hate dungeon crawling. That just seems bizarre to me but I know they’re out there. They’re going to like these. You’re going to like these. They’re themed so you get a lot of variety. And new stealth and platforming elements keep things fresh. They’re big and convoluted and there’s a good save/checkout system for exploring for as long as you can before you run out of MP and goods.   

Outside the theme/main dungeons, there’s an overall world dungeon you can visit at will for leveling and story expansion. And it’s crazy. And its music is crazy.

– GOOD ASS MUSIC: speaking of music, Shoji Meguro did that mid-career thing that all good artists do where he says, hey, you don’t know me. I’m capable of more. Of different. 

Persona 5′s soundtrack is a HUGE departure from previous games. More grooves. More funk. More live instrumentation. More performances. It’s every bit as vocal as the previous couple, but the style is so different. This change gives a subdued initial impression, but this music is so carefully crafted to fit the world that you’ll love it even more than the flashy weird-to-be-weird songs you know from before. 

One really slick thing is how the soundtrack is built around the long haul (this is a 100-hour game). I don’t want to spoil anything, but know that the songs you’re hearing in hour 10 will change eventually. Evolve. It’s so subtle that I wonder if some even notice! 

I LOVE this soundtrack.

– Your Turn…based: I was relieved to pick up a turn-based RPG after Final Fantasy XV. Love both games but man, I need my strategy time! It’s the same ol’ battle system with a few new tweaks. You already knew that so I won’t go into it. But the challenge level is nicely done. Encounters are handled well. Persona availably is limited early on (which is to say that enemy variety is strangely limited), and that kind of sucks, but you can always blend to make your own. You know the drill. 

I really dig the baton pass ability that let’s another party member take over once you land a good hit. It let’s you dig deeper into resource management strategy if  you’d like. I also dig the gun attack addition, though it isn’t used as much as I’d like. 

Boss battles are big and beefy, and they have some interesting mechanics that tie into the game’s world. And the challenge level is nice overall. Just…nicely done!

– STORRRRYYYEEEEEE: If you want a story with nooks and crannies you can sink your teeth into, P5 is gonna fill you up. It’s deep and multilayered and super stylized and so much more than you’re used to as a Persona 5. They really packed this sandwich. The us-against-the-world story has lots of sub stories, loopbacks, world ties, and surprises. And it plays out over such a long overall arc that you’re going to just kind of suddenly draw connections during your workday and be, like, Oh WOW! 

The story is kind of heavy. Darker than usual. Perverted in places. Just plain weird in others. Plenty of moving moments too. There’s lots of social commentary piled on. This plays internationally, but man, it’s really Japan-focused if you know your J-culture. And I love that. 

– Curry: Japanese curry plays a part in the story. That’s awesome. 


– TIME MANAGEMENT: After about 10 hours of play you’ll feel overwhelmed with your downtime choices. And there are so many things to chase after (story, stats, locales, etc) that you can easily lose your way. There’s a need for a good tracking system for all of the possible actions and interactions. It’s surprisingly messy! The feeling that you’re always close to running out of time is real. And kind of annoying. The game’s loading icon tells you to “take your time” but it often feels like you can’t. 

– Stealth Controls are SHIT: I can’t believe how bad the “cover” system is for this game. Latching onto and off of walls in dungeons is a fun mechanic, but the system is so wonky that you’re sometimes finding yourself dancing like an idiot in a room full of baddies. They’ll run you down while you’re fumbling with the controls, and when they attack you’re automatically at a battle disadvantage. It’s scream-at-your-TV bad. 

– Morgana, shut the hell up: You’ll see. Especially in battles. You’re cute and I love you, but shut up.

– Busted-ass Japanese names: Ugh. Some of the Japanese proper noun pronunciation is rough! Which is a shame as the voice work quality is outstanding. Your eyes will pop out of your head with some of the pronunciation, sorry to say.


You should play this. But I can’t really imagine a world where someone needs to be told to play a Persona game. It’s the best Persona game of them all. 

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What bands do you think the boys would like?

I just used my playlist to pick bands and it’s just mostly Shinedown and Seether soooo…. I tried? Just keep in mind that they’d probably listen to anything (except for a select few) so I just went with what’s in my playlist to give me a challenge and make me feel bad for never listening to anything other than the Amaryllis album…


Shu - Bach, secretly was a huge D12 fan at one point but barely listens to them anymore

Reiji - Mozart, secretly into Avenged Sevenfold

Ayato - Hollywood Undead, ICP, probably Twizted as well, and Rise Against

Kanato - Jack Off Jill, Marina and the Diamonds, Melanie Martinez, Chris Garneau,and Creature Feature

Laito - Pierce the Veil, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Chris Garneau, Hollywood Undead, Jimmy Eats World, and Imagine Dragons

Subaru - Seether, Shinedown, Bullet For My Valentine, Pierce the Veil, and Black Veil Brides (My Son)


Ruki - More into the classical musics, just don’t tell anyone about the Mindless Self Indulgence and The Left Rights merchandise he owns (his brothers know but he doesn’t think they know)

Kou - Marina and the Diamonds, Studio Killers, Paramore, Simon Curtis, and Chris Garneau

Yuma - Cage the Elephants, Rage Against the Machines, White Stripes, and Rise Against.

Azusa - Cage the Elephants, Blue October, Studio Killers, Gorillaz, Jeffree Star, Creature Feature, and Hollywood Undead

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Some time ago you talked about things that get you excited in games (like the dialogues in Uncharted 4). There are any upcoming game this year that are you looking for?

Persona 5 in two weeks, hands down, end of story. There are very few games I actively look forward to - the majority of games are usually more of a “Oh, that’s coming. I’ll probably get it” type acknowledgement than anything else. I know how much work goes into AAA game dev, and I enjoy my time with them, but they don’t really excite me much. I like playing them, and they’re interesting, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out if I wait a bit and pick it up later (or sometimes not at all, like how I never purchased a WiiU). My exception to this is the Persona series. I’ve been a huge fan since playing through Persona 3 on the PS2, and I love it from so many different angles. It is the one series I actually get excited about.

For those who are unfamiliar with this series, it’s an utterly bizarre combination of Pokemon-style battle and collection gameplay, Visual Novel Scheduled Dating Sim character and relationship building, and randomly-generated dungeon crawler all wrapped up in an urban fantasy JRPG setting, and it is wonderful. I didn’t think that such disparate core gameplay systems could work so well together, but they synergize like peanut butter and chocolate in a way that got me hooked from the get go.

The metaplot moves forward through day-to-day scheduled gameplay, where the player’s protagonist character meets and befriends characters in a Japanese high school setting over the course of a school year. Each character relationship is represented by a specific tarot arcana, and the strength of your friendship with that character also affects the strength of the pokemon you can collect and summon of that tarot arcana. The pokemon are necessary to battle the enemies in the randomly generated dungeons, which you must complete in order to advance the plot, which opens up access to more of the individual character storylines, which let your pokemon get stronger, which makes the dungeons easier, which lets you advance the plot… and so on. The relationships you build with your teammates translate into improvements in battle. The pokemon you collect also help build closer relationships with your friends. The money and items you collect in the random dungeons are used to buy better equipment, but also gifts for friends and toys and books for stat increases. It’s a fantastic multi-level synergistic feedback cycle that kept me playing for hours because of how many connection points there are between the different core gameplay systems. 

From a developer’s perspective, Persona 5 specifically has got me very interested in their presentation and user interface design. The game is highly visually stylized, and that extends to the UI as well. But it isn’t something particularly basic either - the fonts, the color scheme, the lettering are all highly stylized as well. Just thinking about how they managed to get the fonts to work with that kind of stylization must have been a huge design challenge… especially because they knew they had to localize it to a whole different writing system, while still maintaining the style of the game. I’ve done localization before - fitting stuff from other languages into limited text space is already a challenge, but doing so while adhering to this gorgeous visual style guide is a super daunting task. Are they only rotating or highlighting specific letters? Is there some kind of special preprocessing pass for the the text? Is everything drawn separately and simply treated as a texture? My mind is abuzz with possibilities.

As a player, I love great character development, story development, and deep RPG combat systems. As a developer, I really like seeing how different and deep gameplay systems interact and intersect with each other. The Persona series has managed to keep me fascinated as both a player and a developer for quite some time. Combine this with the totally addictive genre-bending fusion score by Shoji Meguro and I’ve got a game that I’ll easily sink 80+ hours into without blinking and still go back for more. Persona is the only game series I actively avoid spoilers and marketing for, because I know for certain that I will be buying it and I want to remain as unspoiled as possible. 

Got a burning question you want answered?

I think that bughead will remain end game.It’ll not be smooth sailing for them though, as we have already seen so far.These kids can never catch a break with shit hitting the fan all the time. I think they’ll nearly always have these bigger and serious issues happening around them and their bond will be defined by how they deal with these situations, thus bringing them closer together like an unstoppable force. Even if there is turbulence and temporary breaks between them, it’ll not be because one or both of them ran off with other people. Our bughead are more mature and have more integrity than that. I can imagine Varchie having that sort of on-off romantic drama between them but never Bughead. Bughead will be tested through huge trials while fighting for bigger causes or facing their inner demons and insecurities which might sometimes lead to misunderstandings as we know that both of them carry great and uncomfortable secrets and inner darkness which will come up for purging and clearing. I don’t see them catching a break or relaxing and enjoying a bubblegum romance. It’ll be dark and gritty(because they are our ultimate badass noir detective ‘power couple’) but in the end,after the bumpy ride, they’ll have earned an bond  that was forged by fire and fierce love and trust.  Jughead’s dream will come true in the end because they both will have done their inner work individually and collectively and let go of all the baggage. So, put your seat-belts on and hang in tight for this bumpy ride.It’ll be so worth it in the end.


AoEx Casts’ Reaction to Their S/O Being Tattooed! 

(Requested by @glitter-nymphet! I hope you like this!! c’x <3 ) 

Rin Okumura! 

  • isn’t a huge fan of tattoos or piercings 
  • never pictured himself with any (never pictured his S/O with any either) 
  • but he wouldn’t stop you from getting them 
  • if you love them and they make you happy - they make him happy 
  • secretly thinking about getting a tattoo for you ?

Yukio Okumura! 

  • never liked tattoos or piercings either
  • if you already have the tattoos - there’s nothing he can say about it 
  • but if you’re talking about getting a new one he might try and convince you to not 
  • which is honestly really rude 
  • but if you’re adamant about it - he’d drop the subject 

‘Bon’ Ryuuji Suguro!

  • he loves your’s
  • loves looking at them and tracing them with his fingertips 
  • secretly jealous you got to get a tattoo before him lmfao

Shima Renzo!

  • he also is a big fan of tattoos and piercings 
  • although he’s too nervous to get them himself
  • wants to go with you when you get your next tattoo so he can see how bad they are(n’t)
  • he thinks they make you look sexyyy~

Konekomaru Miwa!

  • doesn’t believe the body should be embellished (tattooed or pierced) 
  • granted - he understands that he only feels that way because of his religion 
  • so he never pushes you about your tattoos 
  • (although they do make him nervous) 
  • he prays for your forgiveness anyways (just to be safe) 

Shiemi Moriyama! 

  • she always thought tattoos were scary and a sign that someone was bad/evil
  • she realizes that’s silly though cause you’re neither bad nor evil 
  • so she smiles and looks at the artwork on your skin and asks you questions like 
  • “How bad did this one hurt?”
  • “Why did you get this one?” 
  • stuff like that, just trying to understand

Izumo Kamiki! 

  • would probably say your tattoos are stupid and have no meaning 
  • and if you fought her about it - she’d realize how insensitive and rude she was being
  • she wouldn’t apologize tho 
  • but she actually likes your tattoos - especially after you defend them - it proves they do mean something to you 

Mephisto Pheles! 

  • finds tattoos amusing 
  • many times throughout his long life has he thought about tattooing his own body - but he never has 
  • he thinks tattoos are very impressive and would enjoy coming to watch you get your next tattoo because he wants to see a tattoo artist in action 

Ive said it before and I’ll say it again…I believe the REAL Liam Payne has a huge heart. He loves his fans and always wants to make them happy. He worries about those he never gets to meet. He puts a big smile on when he takes photos with them. Liam has always shown his true appreciation for us and I will NOT believe that suddenly all that has changed. I always see how we believe other certain members of the band don’t have full control of their social media so why can’t we apply the same to him? Why is his case DIFFERENT when it looks to be that hes about to go thru the SAME thing another member of the band is going thru?? Be fair even if hes not the one you stan. Liam always gets so underrated and easily judged. But Im going to be here for him until the day he is free from all this BS and the world can see him for the beautiful, talented loving human being he truly is.

My Uninformed Impression of Kingdom Hearts

*Everyone contains a Hot Topic version of themselves
*Sora’s heart must be huge cause he has like 50 dudes in there
*Final Fantasy but with big hands and feet so they match Mickey?
*Game releases are measured in decimal points and tears
*No design of anything is practical ever
*Is rated E but has no problem dropping you into nightmare fuel
*Once a fan, You Never Leave
*Bedhead only possible in zero G
*Everyone’s eyes are like a slice of the ocean
*And their teeth are probably fluorescent light bulbs
*Buncha trenchcoat punks eating salty ice cream
*I only ever see people drawing them happy
*Does that mean the games are really sad
*What did they Do to you


Honestly speaking,since that first trailer I can’t wait for the song “dystopia” cuz man I am a huge rock fan !
And that instrumental sound DOPE
And I know that wake me up is the title song but still I mean DYSTOPIA sounds AWESOME
And for this comeback,I decided to just enjoy the boys and the music and support them and stop being pressed about how kpop fans sleep on the huge talent that it is B.A.P
Cuz i’ve had enough seriously,its so fucking tiring so Babys just enjoy and have fun cuz u never know when will be the last comeback OT6
Lets support them with everything we can,from streaming the MV,talking about them here on facebook;twitter even youtube,buy their songs and album and vote for them !

That’s Good to Know (Mark)

For: Anonymous

Prompt:   Mark joins you on a big family holiday, with fluff. (I didn’t know if you meant holiday as in vacation or holiday as in Christmas or New Year so I went Christmas)

When you’d asked Mark if he’d like to spend Christmas day with your family he’d been nervous to accept the invitation. You’d been dating for a while, almost six months, but with his busy work schedule you hadn’t yet had the chance to introduce him to your parents never mind the rest of your family and there you were asking him to meet them all at once. But he’d accepted, despite the nerves and now he was standing beside you, holding your hand in a vice like grip, a somewhat stiff smile on his face as you waited for your parents to answer their door.

“You’ll be fine.” You murmured, giving his hand a squeeze. You felt a little nervous too, your parents hadn’t been a huge fan of your last boyfriend, your brother and your grandmother hadn’t been either. But this was Mark, you reminded yourself, trying not to let the nerves show. You’d been younger then, your judgement hadn’t been the best. But you knew better now and Mark… Mark was everything your last boyfriend hadn’t been. He was kind and polite and respectful. He was perfect boyfriend material. Surely they would see that. “They’ll love you.” Not sure which one of you that you were trying to convince the most.

Mark turned to you, eyebrows raised. “And you know that for sure, do you?”

“Yes.” You insisted. If you liked him, there was no way they wouldn’t like him too but before you could tell him this you heard footsteps coming down the hall and you snapped your attention back to the door.

Mark did the same, forced smile back on his face.

And it was your mother who answered.

“Y/N.” She exclaimed, immediately pulling you into a hug. You felt Mark reluctantly let go of your hand and you returned the hug, wrapping your arms around your mother and squeezing her tight. Your own work schedule was almost as busy as Mark’s and it felt like forever since you’d last seen her.

And then she was letting you go and you were taking a step back. “Mum, this is Mark.” You told her, gesturing to your boyfriend. “Mark, my mum.” You said next, nodding at the woman in front of you.

“It’s nice to meet you Ma’am.” Mark said, bobbing his head respectfully.

For a second your mum said nothing and you caught Mark scuff one shoe across your doorstep, obviously worried. “Ma’am.” She repeated at last and for a second you thought she might be offended. And then she smiled. “Well aren’t you precious.”

“Um…” Mark mumbled, obviously unsure of how to take that. “… thank you?” he ventured.

“You’re welcome.” She said, still smiling brightly. “It’s nice to meet you too.” She stepped back from the door and gestured down the hallway. “Come on in.”

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Your mum was smitten. She kept saying things like “He’s adorable” and “Isn’t he sweet” whenever she thought he wasn’t listening. And she was right. Mark was adorable and he was sweet. You just didn’t know if that was enough to endear him to your brother and your father. Adorable and sweet didn’t appeal to them as much as it appealed to her.

But you needn’t have worried. When your brother asked the question “Do you follow basketball?” and Mark had answered with an enthusiastic yes that was your brother sold. He was a simple man.

Your dad had taken a little longer to come around. All Mark got out of him for a while were one word answers, curt nods and the odd brusk question about his line of work. But you’d been expecting that, you knew that was what was worrying him the most, Mark’s profession. When your relationship went public he knew you’d be under scrutiny too and he didn’t like that idea, he’d told you so more than once. And he didn’t like the fact that Mark had so many other admirers, so many fans, all telling him how great he was. Wouldn’t that go to his head, make him arrogant? You’d argued of course, told him Mark wasn’t like that. He had his head screwed on properly, he was mature for his age, sensible. Your dad hadn’t listened.

It was over dinner that his attitude began to thaw. Mark had started talking about how much he missed spending the holidays with his family. He’d started singing his own parents’ praises and boasting about how amazing his brother and sisters were. He’d pulled out his phone so he could show your mother and grandmother pictures of his nieces. Using your phone at the dinner table was usually a no in your house but they’d asked. And when your mother and grandmother were done cooing over how cute his nieces were your dad had taken a look too before handing the phone back to Mark, the stony look he’d had on his face since you’d both arrived softening.

Then dinner was over and Mark well and truly earned himself a spot in your dad’s good books by offering to help your mother clear the table and fetch dessert. Your mum had tried to refuse the offer but Mark had insisted saying she must have been cooking all day and it was the least he could do and she’d given in.

“He seems very down to earth.” Your dad had said when Mark was out of earshot and you knew right then that Mark had won him over, coming from your dad that was a huge compliment.

And with your mum, dad and brother all on side the only person left to impress was your grandmother. Your grandmother, being your favourite person on the planet was the person you wanted to warm to Mark the most. She was incredibly important to you and as such you wanted her to get to know your know your boyfriend, to get to like him. But your grandmother was notoriously hard to read and other than tell him how cute his nieces were she hadn’t said much over dinner. You just hoped she’d decide she liked him before the day was over. If she didn’t that wasn’t going to make you like Mark any less but it would be upsetting. 

~~~~~ ~~~~~~

A few hours later and Mark was sitting beside your grandmother on the couch. Your grandmother had a family photo album open in her lap and was showing him pictures of your brother and yourself when you were children. You watched them from the doorway with interest. Mark was giving her his full and undivided attention and your grandmother was clearly in her element. They looked completely comfortable in each other’s company and you couldn’t help smiling.

“So Grandma seems to like him.” Your brother said from behind you and you jumped slightly, your hand going to your chest.

“Yeah, she seems to.” You agreed, ignoring the amused look on your brother’s face. Sneaking up behind people wasn’t big and it wasn’t clever.

“Mum and Dad do too.” He added.

“I guess.” You said, your gaze going back to your boyfriend. Your mum was sitting beside him now, reaching over him to point to one of the pictures in the album your grandmother was still holding, your dad sitting in an armchair to their left. You watched as he said something and Mark smiled, not the forced smile he’d used on your mum when she’d answered the door earlier, this smile was wide, genuine. Then Mark nodded, said something in reply and your dad laughed. You felt your heart swell. He was surrounded by your family and he looked at home. He looked like like he fit.

“You really like him, don’t you?” your brother said quietly.

You’d been so caught up in watching Mark that you’d almost forgotten he was there. “Yes.” You said, not able to tear your gaze away from the scene in front of you. “I really like him. He makes me happy.” You admitted. It wasn’t something you’d voiced aloud yet but you more than liked him, you loved him and you were so incredibly glad your family were on their way to loving him too.

“That’s good to know.” Your brother said, apparently satisfied. “As long as it stays that way then I’m okay with him sticking around.”

You resisted the urge to roll your eyes and repeated the words “That’s good to know,” instead. Mark didn’t need his permission to stick around, that was up to you, but you appreciated it, it was nice to hear.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

“See, you had nothing to worry about.” You said as Mark pulled out of your driveway. Your grandmother especially had been reluctant to let him leave, telling him he was welcome to visit her any time. “I told you they’d love you, didn’t I?”

“Love’s a strong word.” Mark said, “but yeah, they didn’t seem to hate me, that’s something.”

You shook your head. He’d never been the best at taking a compliment but that was ridiculous even for him. “I know my family.” You informed him. “Believe me, they loved you.”

“If you say so.” Mark said, still unconvinced.

“My dad thinks you’re ‘a down to earth young man’,” he’d said it again as you’d been getting ready to leave, Mark had really left an impression on him if he’d said it twice in one day, “my brother didn’t try to warn you off, my grandma kept telling me to make sure you eat properly and I’m pretty sure my mum is almost as in love with you as I am.” You finished as you pulled up at a red light.

“Really?” Mark asked, turning to look at you.

And it was only then you realised exactly what you’d just said. ‘Almost as in love with you as I am’… that was tantamount to a confession. You felt your face flush red. “Um… yes?” you ventured, not sure how Mark was going to take it, or if he’d even noticed what you’d said. Maybe he hadn’t, maybe you were safe…

“And just how in love with me are you?” he asked. His tone of voice was light but you couldn’t quite decipher the look on his face.

You could tell him that it was just a figure of speech… or you could tell him the truth. You took a deep breath and decided to go for it, if it wasn’t what he wanted to hear after six months of dating then it probably wasn’t something he was going to want to hear ever. “I’m ridiculously in love with you.” You admitted, the words coming out in a rush. You really were. When you were together you were blissfully happy, when you were apart you couldn’t stop thinking about him. You loved him, there was no denying it.

“Seriously?” he said, his expression still unreadable.

“Seriously.” You told him.

“Good.” He said, and noticing that the light in front of you had turned green he moved his attention back to the road.

“Good?” you echoed. Good? You’d told him you loved him and all he could say was good?

“Hmm.” Mark hummed with a nod as you left the traffic lights behind you and you continued on your way. “That’s good to know.”

Was he serious? “Glad I could help.” You said shortly, irritation mounting. Why wasn’t this as much of a big deal to him as it was to you? He might not love you but you’d thought he at least cared about you. That hadn’t been the reaction of someone who cared.

It was a good five minutes before either of you broke the tension that was mounting between you and Mark was the one to break it. “It’s good to know…” he said quietly, “… because I love you, a lot and I didn’t know if you felt the same way. You do though, so that’s nice.” And with a cough he leant forward and turned on the car radio.

Relief washed over you. When he hadn’t responded the way you’d thought he would you’d thought a break up was on the horizon. Your family had only just gotten to know him, they’d have been devastated. And then his choice of words caught up to you. “Nice? That’s the best you can do?” you asked, unable to help a smile.

“Yes, nice.” Mark grumbled, not appreciating your teasing tone on the slightest. “Do you want me to take it back?”

“No…” you said quickly, smile widening. He was obviously embarrassed and that was adorable. “… no. Nice is good. I’ll take nice.”

“Good because that’s all you’re getting.” Mark told you, doing his best to sound gruff but the flicker of a smile that accompanied the words let him down. He was happy as you were right now, you could tell.


Part 1 of 2  (Here’s part 2)

I’ve gotten a surprising amount of Nathanael x Lila (ship name TomatoFox, apparently, lololol) kiss requests, and I’ve been putting it off because, since they’ve never interacted on the show, I have no idea what their chemistry would be. 

I didn’t want to draw them smooching just because. In my brain, IT HAS TO MAKE SENSE.  So I came up with a scenario that would lead up to some TomatoFox-ness.  I wasn’t originally planning to turn it into a comic, but it kinda happened, so… oh well~!

Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of Lila, but I do really love her design.  I’m interested to see what her role will be in season 2.  And I do love the tomato child, so I’m glad I got to draw so much of him.  ^_~ 

Stay tuned for part 2!

shitty non-romantic lego batman movie headcanons
  • joker used to vape, but one time he was doing Cool Vape Tricks in his hideout and accidentally set off the smoke alarm. he didn’t know how to turn it off so he ripped the smoke alarm off of the wall and smashed it, which he didn’t realize was an actual felony. he’s so embarrassed by it that he hasn’t started vaping again to this day
  • alfred secretly loves the Sex Pistols
  • robin recently discovered 2005 era AlbinoBlackSheep memes like The Llama Song and All Your Base and plays them on the batcomputer to everyone’s annoyance
  • joker is a huge fan of weird al and has practiced playing accordion on the side
  • batman once tried a bat food truck business, but all of the food was microwaved frozen lobster and it dissipated fairly quickly
  • robin played Club Penguin religiously and is mad that it’s being shut down
  • robin loves reading marmaduke comics
  • barbara is secretly a huge fan of quentin tarantino movies, her favorite is Kill Bill
  • bruce’s casual civilian wardrobe consists entirely of those “i’m not saying i’m batman but you’ve never seen me and batman in the same room” t-shirts
  • harley designs all of her own outfits, which as it turns out isn’t difficult when every shirt in this universe is just a decal on your torso
  • batman’s rogues gallery recently started a softball team, and they’re actually pretty decent

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wow i gotta say the amount of private info about their sex life that went public and more importantly the kind of info (like when and where their first time was, that was so private, so special!) makes me a little uncomfortable on their behalf but im prob just overreacting, are they really ok with it and used to it? yuuri especially? as a fan of your victuuri, their relationship and your fic im happy their sex life is so great ofcourse! i just feel bad they had so much divulged inadvertently lol

They are used to being celebrities and therefore they know they are never going to be able to be completely private. But neither of them care that much about the info that gets released in the TMI post because none of it is hugely personal. The most people can get from it is that they have very active, creative and satisfying sex lives which Yuuri actually kind of secretly likes people knowing because of the whole ‘I’m the only one who can satisfy Viktor’ thing he has going on in canon. All the things that really matter to him, the pet names Viktor calls him, what they say in their wedding vows, the things they say to each other when they’re lying in bed together and completely content with the world, that’s all private and just between them and that’s the bit he really cares about. 

As for the first time reveal, Yuuri is kind of mortified for a little while but in the end it doesn’t matter too much to him because no-one knows it was his first time ever, that’s still special between him and Viktor, and eventually he writes a book anyway to make sure people know the real truth and not just the speculation from the media so they would have found out in the end regardless. 

I’ve seen more representation in fan fiction, fan art, headcanons etc than in 99% of Young Adult literature.
Do you know what a difference it makes to an LGBT kid to be able to read about a queer Sirius Black, a bisexual Remus Lupin or an Asexual Charlie Weasley? Or for a little black girl to have her favorite character, Hermione, be black?
And most of the time it’s written by people who actually belong to those minorities, whose voices would never be heard if they had to go through a traditional publisher to publish their own stories.
So yeah, fan fiction and fan art is hugely important. Fuck the people who scorn them, fuck their elitist attitudes.

Being a MorMor shipper is, in my opinion, one of the easiest ships to go along with. Half of our ship doesn’t even exist in the same universe, and the other half is (supposedly) dead. However, it leaves everything else to thus wonderful fandom’s imagination. We write fanfics, we draw fan art, we make headcannons and imagines to make up for the lack of official material. We can design their lives, looks, and relationship however we want, without being hugely disappointed in Mofftiss for ripping them apart or never putting them together in the first place.
Thank you to all those wonderful people who write and draw to fulfill our wildest dreams about a ship that will likely never sail officially. Because of you guys, we get material without disappointment.

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Just a thought, but what would being Vladimir's mate include? She would be human though:) thanks!!

  • He would treat you like a queen
  • He’d compliment you in romanian
  • You would probably learn romanian to know what he’s saying
  • Prepare to be spoiled in presents
  • He’d give you them without a reason
  • Stefan being annoyed because he says with you around Vladimir has lost his focus on trying to tear down the Volturi
  • But Vladimir would make him shut up real quick
  • Being the only able to call him Vlad
  • He would never admit but he’s a huge fan on cuddles
  • Sweet nose kisses
  • Not like eskimo kisses he’d actual kiss your nose
  • He’d be so sweet towards you and would be an amazing mate

~Admim Madz

I am honestly becoming anti KC cause it seems the writers killed off Cami AND Stefan to get Klaus/Caroline together. I don’t mind Klaus/Caroline but I was never huge fan. I fell for the I will be your last love and stuff but Klamille just stole my heart. I just feel Cami was the one for Klaus tbh. Then I fell for Steroline too. Stefan and Caroline could have been happy together.

Just from the storytelling it just seems they killed off two important characters so Klaus & Caroline can be together.

I just believe with all my heart that Cami & Stefan deserved better. Did you really have to kill them so Klaus/Caroline could happen?👌🏽

I think one of the reasons why a part of me doesn’t enjoy Marvel movies is because of the huge amount of discourse that is sure to follow. Especially if Tony Stark is in them because all of the antis crawl out of the woodwork and start blasting hate everywhere. It just puts a negative light on everything and I have a feeling that even though Spider-Man Homecoming looks like it’s going to be an awesome film, that negativity is still going to be there because apparently, people don’t like others having a good time. 

Well, secrets out. I’m a huge Gorillaz fan. I’ve been dying to do something for their latest single Hallelujah Money, but I never really had any ideas until now. I think I might have gone a bit too dark for the Internet though. Not subject matter-wise, but in color. Idk, can you see the second or third shade of grey? I’ve gotten so used to subtle differences in starting to worry no one can see them anymore. AAAANNNYWAAAAAY….actually I don’t have anything else to say, heh. Enjoy Gorillaz!

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what did brianne mclaughlin do/say that was racist? i've never heard that before omg

not surprised you haven’t heard, it’s been a while since she’s been blatantly racist. 

Basically she’s a huge Cleveland ‘racist name’ fan (like their logo is this so they are pretty fucking racist ok) and during the 2016 World Series she kept tweeting about them and I was like, ok that’s awful but it got really bad when she tweeted out that she’d buy her kid, or her cousin or something a fucking plastic headdress, and that was just…beyond words I was so fucking pissed. So I tweeted at her something along the lines of “hey that’s kinda racist could you not?” and she was like “lol why?” and so I sent her some articles about how that team was racist and why cultural appropriation is bad and she was like ‘ok whatevs’ and just ignored it. so yeah she’s racist and doesn’t have any excuse. 


I have never been a huge fan of the movies, from the first time I saw the first movie. But even still, this date is important to me, because the hype of the first movie was what got me to read the books. And my life has literally never been the same since. Everything about me today, from my newfound career path to my significantly better mental health, has all been a result of reading these books. They’re not just a work of fiction to me, they were life-changing. They reached me at exactly the time I needed them most, and they got through to me in a way like nothing else ever had. I’ve met some of my favorite people because I read these books. I may become distracted by other things as time goes by, but nothing else ever, ever take the place that The Hunger Games has in my heart. It is still my favorite story, ever.