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Some Things Your Local Librarians Would Like You To Know

It is not a stupid question. Even if it is a stupid question, we have been thoroughly trained to answer your question without judgement or second-guessing. Besides, we’re mostly just glad you’re not asking us about the noise the printer is making again.

There are probably (at least) two desks in the library. One is where you check out books and is mostly staffed by people wearing nametags that say “Circulation Clerk.” These people can answer your questions about damaged or missing books, fines, and how many forms of identification we’ll need if you want to get a library card but your mailing address is in Taiwan. The other one is closer to the books and computers and is mostly staffed by people wearing nametags that say “Librarian.” These people can answer your questions about spider extermination, how to rent property to the United States Postal Service, and the number of tropical island nations in which you could theoretically establish the first United States Embassy. We would love to answer these questions for you. It would be a nice change from the printer.

We probably own a 3D printer by now. 3D printers, are cool, right? Please, please come use our 3D printer, it’s so lonely.

We spent a lot of money to hire this woodworker to come and teach a class at the library which you can attend for free. You will probably be the only person between the ages of ten and fifty in attendance, but your presence will fill the librarian with an unnameable joy. They will float back to their manager in a daze. “A young person came to my program,” they will say. You will have made their entire job worthwhile.

Every time you ask us for a book, movie, or music recommendation, a baby librarian gets their first cardigan.

Somewhere in the library, there is a form. If you fill out this form with your name and library card number and the details of the thing you are looking for, we will find you the thing. Sometimes the answer is “the thing is in Great Britain and they will not send it to us,” but more often the thing will just appear on hold for you, and one day you will pick up a copy of that out-of-print book you never thought you would read and maybe you will say, “Wow, the library is amazing,” and the librarian’s heart will glow. 

Please bring back book #2. The rest of its series misses it very much.

Five dollars is not a large library fine. Believe me, before I started working in libraries, I too wondered how someone could sleep at night, knowing they owed money to the library. When we laugh as you sheepishly apologize for your $2.50 in overdue fees, we are not mocking you, we are thinking of the ten people we sent to debt collection already today.

We really don’t care why you’re checking out Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe you have a specifically-themed ironic bachelorette party to plan. Maybe you’re working on a thesis paper about mainstream media’s depiction of female sexuality. Maybe you just got curious. We will give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Whatever you’re smoking in the family restroom, please stop.

Somewhere on the library’s website, buried under “Links” or “Research” or “On-line Resources,” is a page that a librarian spent a month’s worth of work on. It contains many links to websites you thought everyone knew about, and one to a page that you could never have imagined existed that perfectly solves a problem you never expected to be resolved. 

Imagine the kind of person who would think to themselves, “Library school sounds like a thing I should do.” For the most part, you are imagining the kind of person who is now a librarian. We want very much to help you, but we’re not entirely sure how to do that unless you ask. You are not bothering us. Please, come and say hi.


Summary: Despite his youth, Eren Jaeger is one of the best and most popular doctors of the Kingdom. Among those interested on his services is included a recognized criminal clan, which does not hesitate to use the youngest of the Ackerman as bait. Eren never imagined that this “harmless” girl in red dress would get him into so much trouble, turning his world upside down.

N/A: since I deleted my blog back in March, the “read more” of my old posts is not working anymore, so I decided to re-upload chapters 1 and 2 together to make things easier for anyone who’s interested.

Art by Dani ♥ the full version of Lawless’ cover is here and there’s more related fanart here - I still have to reblog everything again, so the tag will collect more beautiful things done by Dani soon. You can also read the rest of the chapters on

Chapter 1. Crimson

Mikasa crashed against the wall backwards. Despite the hit, the coldness of the bricks did little against her accumulated body heat. Today’s training had been tough, since she had to battle against the stockiest and tallest man at Kenny’s service.

Said beast was face down on the floor, knocked out. From her position she could see how the blood dropped from his broken nose. They called him Will.

“Is he dead?”

The girl shook her head slightly, without even looking at the man approaching the scene. She needed to catch her breath and calm her heart rate. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with her forearm while she thought that yeah, she could have killed him. The idiot would have deserved it only for trying to be too clever.

“He should be dead, huh?” murmured the man in an expressionless tone, but Mikasa knew him well enough to perceive his simmering anger.

“The fucking pig”, Levi turned Will over easily with a foot, without any care at all, so he could check his face. Mikasa had done a good job wrecking that stupid face, the guy was going to look uglier than before. Usually when a training session ended like this, it was because the practice puppets had said something disgusting to her or tried something they shouldn’t have.

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the thing is with social media is that so many people are used to talking on it all the time and spending so much time on it that they expect others to do so too. 

I spend collectively like 5 mins on fb a day, maybe a couple hours on tumblr a week, i check twitter once and week and check instagram like once every 2 weeks.

I plainly dont respond to many messages because im never fuckin’ online, im either asleep, at hospital, working or playing some dumbass videogame. 

I havent spoken to friends in months but they know we’re still friends because thats just what people do? im so confused by everyone wanting to be in contact with everyone all time time. jesus. 

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i feel very sad right now. i guess it's just cause change is scary and we don't know a lot. i really hope something is said soon

okay, there are a lot of you coming to me now saying you’re really upset/worried about the whole potential moving situation and as i’m feeling (shockingly) level-headed and calm here’s a response to all of you:

1. if they happen to move separately, if, they will without a shadow of a doubt make it as seamless as possible for us, so much so it’ll be hard to tell anything was different other than a different background which we would be expecting whether they move together or apart. they’re both extremely picky and perfectionists when it comes to their videos and editing, we know that, and they’ll try their hardest to make it so we’d never know

2. think about it logically: their careers literally couldn’t be any more intertwined. they both earn money 90/10 against dinof/ap views from their collective brand, dan AND phil. the gaming channel earns them both a ton of revenue, and if they lived apart, they’d constantly be at each other’s houses anyway for business and admin purposes, and it’s not as if they’re daily vloggers, it’d be near impossible for us to tell the difference anyway. i’ve seen people compare it to joe and caspar moving apart, but here’s the difference: joe and caspar’s careers were never linked other than the htr movies/their production company. they had solo projects all the time, their own merch and books etc, whereas dan and phil literally have everything together. the only exception is dan’s supergamers documentary back in the day, and there’s been nothing since, and the gaming channel has skyrocketed since then, earning him a fuckton more money than the solo project did.

3. they have both expressed multiple annoyances about living in the flat they’re in (discussed them together, in most cases) and have expressed wanting the same things in the future (mainly a dog which i am on board with) and yet neither of them have expressed wanting their own space at all (whereas joe and caspar both did before moving out) and phil being the age he is, bless him, should be settling down wherever he moves to next, and i’m almost positive he’d be talking about living in his own space if he were moving out on his own, private life guarding aside, he’d at least have joked about it, i’m sure.

4. the gaming channel. moving out separately would be so so damaging for their revenue. dinof/ap vids get amazing views, yes, but we know that they both, as i’ve said before, are such perfectionists about their main channel videos. whereas they can upload a spontaneous, unscripted gaming video at literally any time, any day and get over a million views and crazy likes/comments on it, and they upload far more regularly on that channel and it’s very beneficial to their bank balances, they’d be stupid to give that up, unless they both have some crazily successful solo projects lined up but would a one time thing beat constant high rates of revenue? you do the mental math

5. their interactions. this might seem as if i’m grasping at straws, but hear me out. their bond has only gotten stronger over the years. they’ve become so dependent on each other without it bordering on unhealthily, it’s a marvel to witness, and quite honestly, if they were to move separately, they wouldn’t keep apart from each other, they’d constantly be sleeping on each other’s sofas and having movie nights four times a week etc. it’s hard to imagine them being happy living alone when they’ve only gotten closer and gotten so used to having their daily lives blend into one.

6. ‘our legacy’. everything they’ve put out into the world that they’re most proud of has been a joint effort. tabinof, dapgo, tatinof, the 7sc app…. all under the dan AND phil umbrella. it’s more than a marketing strategy. they’d have stopped long before now if it was, nobody would put themselves through it for however many years they’ve been at this now if they were just in it for the money. their brand is together, but so are they. does this tie into the point above? yes. but i felt it was important to mention because some people are beginning to question if anything they’ve done is legit, and, just answer me this: would you have spent months on end in a cramped tour bus and cramped hotel rooms with the same person if you weren’t happy with them? i meaaan.

7. everything happens for a reason. if they decide to move separately, it won’t have been a decision made on a whim, they’ll have sat down together and thought it through thoroughly, considering how much would be changing in their lives. they’d be making the decision - whatever the decision - for the sake of their own happiness and though we’d all be sad for different amounts of time, i know that we’d all get over it in time to know that the people we admire are happier than they were before, they are grown men at the end of the day and all that.

8. maybe this is all for nothing! they might not even be moving out of the phlat and maybe they’ll be moving together after all, only time will tell (but if they do move together it’s gonna be permanent, like i said, phil being the age he is kinda warrants settling down by society’s typical standards) but please try to just enjoy the videos they give us in the meantime and remember that there’s always a possibility of a rainbow just as much a possibility of a storm :)

nurseydex and stress
  • dex being a stress tinkerer, nursey being a stress cleaner 
  • during finals week, dex once made 5 tv stands, a bookshelf, and Christmas lights out of repurposed beer cans 
    • lardo maintains that he should be an art major, dex just blinks at her, not understanding
    • they ended up selling some of the pieces for money for the pie fund
      • it’s how dex contributes to the sin bin because the ginger gayby doesn’t actually break any rules
  •  nursey gets pissed at dex for making messes in the spots he just cleaned
    • “I just swept there!” “this is the frONT PORCH” “So??” “YOU CAN’T CLEAN THE OUTSIDE NURSEY.” 
  • dex loses his shit when nursey puts his tools away so he has to actually go find them because they’re not where he was working last
    • it’s like that scene from bernstein bears where the dad is annoyed because he wants his tools out, but the wife keeps putting things away so he can’t find them
    • bitty is like the children that come up with the solution for dex to just have a designated spot for them because nursey keeps moving the tools around and dex hasn’t been his normal complexion in 36 hours
  • nursey is like a tornado, you either get clean or get tf out of his way
    • the dishwasher hasn’t been run for two weeks now because he’s cleaning things as soon as they’re dirty
    • he has been known to shove the last piece of pie into chowder’s mouth before
    • bitty has had to wrestle him to get him away from doing the same thing to tango and whiskey
  • and the thing is, when he does it, it’s still in his easygoing “chill” way???
    • “nah bitty, i can do this, it’s chill” “nursey i made this 25 minutes ago you don’t have to do that” 
      • nursey’s already at the sink, elbows deep in suds. “it’s chill brah” 
        • bitty is beside himself
    • just, nothing is more terrifying than a 6′2″ hockey player very calmly putting an entire piece of pie into the mouth of someone else before meandering off to go clean dishes
  • he’s only tried to wash hot dishes (like, still cooling from the oven hot) once before he quickly realized that that just wasn’t a good idea
  • the haus has never been as clean or as in good integrity as when nursey and dex are stressin’
    • even bitty is impressed
  • the chirping comes after finals (and everyone’s collective death) has passed
    • “nurse you pretty much lived in an apron for the past two weeks”
    • “i thought you were going for sandalwood body spray, dex, but it turns out it was just from you sanding wood”
    • so many chirps about dex and his wood handling skills, my god
      • ¾ of those come from nursey
      • dex would welcome the sweet release of death at this point
Brink, 3/?


But this woman was neither mermaid nor Brave, radiant but fierce — and the cool touch of steel to his skin reminded him of the sword she had pointed at his throat.

“My name is Emma Swan,” she said, in answer to the question he had yet to give voice to, “and I’m here for my son.”

Season 2 Canon Divergence; Hook never escaped Neverland, and once the curse breaks Pan comes to collect the loneliest lost boy of them all - the one in possession of the Heart of the Truest Believer.

A/N: chapter three! again, a longer time coming than I’d hoped, but it’s definitely shaped the way I wanted. thanks so much to everyone following this story, I’d love to hear what you thought! 
Rating: T
ao3 || one || two

If Emma had thought the heat would lessen the nearer Neverland drew to dusk, she was sorely mistaken. As the sun crawled across the sky and the pair of them continued to trudge through the jungle, the humidity levels seemed only to increase, making her head feel stuffy and her mood increasingly irritated the farther they walked. To make matters worse, the cacophony of ominous noises only grew louder as the day wore on, and left a lead weight of unease in the pit of her stomach. Her entire life she had only ever lived in cities, the patter and snaps of street rats the closest she’d gotten to wildlife until that goddamn wolf had run her off the road at the edge of Storybrooke so many months ago. Here, though, the forest had a life of its own. It practically chattered, anything from the muted and melodious to the sharp screeches of creatures she hoped were prowling miles away from where they were.

The entire island hummed with energy — with magic, although it still chagrined her to admit it. A modicum of the courage she usually took from her firm grasp of the hilt of David’s sword had slipped away with the dancing orange of early sunset across the sky, the weight of it finally beginning to settle and make her arms ache from the effort of keeping it aloft. Hook, irritatingly adapted to the island, carried his in a handy scabbard at his side. In her rush to get to Neverland, Emma hadn’t thought to bring one herself.

The only mercy was that for the last hour or so, Hook had grown silent. On the few occasions she had stolen a sideways glance at him he appeared deep in thought, dark eyes scouring the jungle shrewd and alert. Like an animal ready to pounce at any moment. Although their tentative peace lay between them, it still set her on edge to see him like that. His hook gleamed awfully at his side.

After forming their cautious alliance, he had suggested they return to his ship to regroup and find out if his crew had made any recent observations of Pan’s newest recruits. Emma had refused — she’d already lost most of the day, and she couldn’t think of a worse idea than following Hook into what, for all she knew, could be little more than a lion’s den. Her decision had irritated him, but he’d agreed to show her the last place Pan and his troop had been sighted. So far, it was the best lead they had.

“So,” Hook began loudly, snapping the silence between them like loosening an arrow. Apparently, her time for small mercies was up. “Tell me about this magic you possess. How did you come to be in Neverland?” His choice of conversation topic didn’t exactly thrill her, especially since she’d straight up lied to him about having an exit strategy sorted out. Jefferson’s hat had disappeared with Regina, and fuck knew where she was now. “A magic bean, perhaps?”

“A what?” Emma couldn’t hold back her snort of laughter, the suggestion so outlandish to her she figured he must have been joking. Hook only stared back at her evenly, eyebrow arched and looking far less amused. She supposed in a world with magic, something as crazy as a magic bean wasn’t so crazy at all. “No, not a — a bean,” she continued. “It’s a hat, it makes this, uh, purple vortex… thing,” she swallowed as Hook’s eyebrow inched closer to his hairline, “and you jump through.”

Hook left her sentence to mince in the air for long enough for her ears to redden, before merely turning his eyes skyward.

“You’re right, that’s far less ludicrous than a magic bean.”

Emma grimaced. “Shut up.”

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wow modern au hanschen hcs

- he’s like the same height as Melchior but he always looks smaller and its inexplicable

- he’s like pretty buff

- he’s also a part time barista and he works at the same place as Melchi, that’s how they met

- he and melchi are actually like really good friends

- his apartment is like so tidy and nice
compared to Moritz and Melchi’s

- he says he has a roommate but no one has actually met the roommate so he might be lying

- Hanschen who was always like ‘I’m never getting married lmao can’t tie me down’ but like after one week with Ernst he calls Melchior and just goes 'You know what? I think I kinda want to marry this boy.’

- he has an uncharacteristic yet surprisingly cute laugh. The keyword being cute because nothing else about him is cute he’s just hot

- 2 cats he has 2 cats

- he has a huge collection of romcoms in fact I they’re pretty much the only movies he’ll watch

- Melchior and Hanschen have sleepovers like once a week (but cause Moritz doesn’t like staying alone that pretty much means he and Ernst have sleepovers just as often)

- he’s weirdly good with kids which is funny cause he doesn’t like them much

- his shirts are so tight fitting he might as well not wear them TBH

- he does ballet, or at least he did do ballet

- he’s an (aspiring) acTor, he’s really good actor tho so he could probably make it big time

- whenever someone asks for his number (wether it be one night stands or strangers) and he doesn’t really want to give them it he gives them Melchior’s instead

- Melchior does not enjoy dealing with these people

Now, I’m a huge Batman fan. I have been since childhood. Much like Superman, Batman has been a huge part of my life for pretty much my whole life. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on. I’ve collected Batman comics for about 20 years now. I LOVE Batman.


The DCEU does not revolve around the Batman movie. Making a great Batman movie would surprise nobody. Of the 8 live action Batman movies (9 if you include BvS) only 2 have been poorly received by fans, and even Batman forever still has a lot of defenders.
The DCEUs future depends on the quality and success of movies like Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Basically, the movies we’ve never seen before.

So yeah, I’m fuckin gutted that Affleck isn’t directing The Batman. He’s a phenomenal filmmaker. But that’s okay, so long as that movie is good and they pick a bold, brave and visionary director, it’ll be fine.
Batman was largely made the cultural icon he is today because Tim Burton was brace enough to reinvent the character for new audiences. Batman comics weren’t doing very well in the wake of the 60s Adam West Batman. But in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s and beyond, you can’t go many places without seeing the Batman logo plastered on clothes, merchandise and even sometime people’s skin and hair (shaving a batman logo into your hair was a big deal in the early 90’s, I even begged my mom to let me do it).

But my hope is all on Wonder Woman and Aquaman right now. Because I’ve seen every goddamn version of Batman there’s been. But I’ve never seen a movie dedicated to these characters and that is so exciting. It’s exciting to think of new cultural icons being born, or existing icons like Wonder Woman becoming more prevalent. I want to see Aquaman’s logo shaved into people’s hair! I want to see little girls and boys carrying Wonder Woman lunch boxes to school. I want to see little kids dressed up as Cyborg and the Flash!
Let The Batman movie be great, but don’t let it distract you from the NEW movies.

some random iwaoimatsuhanas
  • oikawa loves taking baths!! even more so if one of his bfs are with him. they’re not into baths as much as oikawa tho and prefer showers but anything that makes him happy. oikawa has a huge collection of bath bombs and bath salts that he loves to use
  • iwa is about quick showers- 10 minutes max. he likes to save water and he never really understood people who took like 30 minutes in there. side eyes hanamaki. a certain someone, however, has a shower sex kink (side eyes hanamaki again) and sometimes iwa likes to indulge them
  • don’t ever let hanamaki shower without supervision. he will be there for hours (his record was 3 hours- “3 fricking hours takahiro,” “uhm?? excuse u?? it was only 2 hours and 47 minutes, thank u very much”). there’s even a house rule that under no circumstance is hanamaki allowed to shower when nobody else is home. so yes. pls keep ur takahiro under close supervision.
  • no one likes to shower with matsukawa because his showers are fucking 800°. whenever he exits the bathroom his skin’s always flushed red from the hot water and u can see all the steam escape and he- quote unquote- “looks like a demon from some scifi horror shit making his grand entrance into the land of the living”
  • before they started dating hanamaki used to be a camboy (it helped lots with his self-esteem) but then he stopped bc he felt his boyfriend wouldn’t like it. they actually don’t really mind tho and were fine with whatever made him happy but he still stopped
  • omg THE PET NAMES U GUYS. THE PET NAMES. u can bet!! hanamaki’s sweet ass!! that iwa has called everyone babe at least once!!! and it makes everyone absolutely melt. altho he usually reserves this for oikawa b/c matsuhana like to make fun of him for it ww
  • u know those popsicles u can get that split into two? oikawa hates those b/c mattsun and iwa always fight over who gets to split theirs with hanamaki (altho they only do this to get a rise out of oikawa ww. hanamaki also likes to add fuel to the fire. “oh what /ever/ am i supposed to do, how could i possibly choose between two hot men,” etc, etc). usually it’ll be mattsun who gives in and splits his with oikawa because he’s weak to oikawa’s pouty face ww more so than he’d like to admit www
  • oikawa and hanamaki sometimes get into heated arguments about?? the dumbest shit??? like iwa or matsu would be chilling in the bedroom or sth and all u hear from the living room is shit like “u call that spirit fingers? watch THIS” “those aren’t jazz hands, THESE are jazz hands”
  • yea
  • iwa walked in on this conversation, actually.. when hanamaki heard him come in he said “come on hajime, give me a-” quickly turning to him with that stupid look on his face and continuing- “jazz hand here” he never regretted his choice in boyfriends moreso than that point in time (that’s a lie)

(Yosie is a bit busy so I’m posting it for her. -Admin GK)

Glad you liked it! 


Her house is a combination of the nintendo series and the lovely series of furniture

Town fruit is peaches

KK bubblegum in every room

Her favorite villager are francine and crissy

She loves catching bugs! It’s her favorite activity

She’s really good at catching the rare beetles on the island

Her museum is 100% complete except for the paintings.

She only has 2 or 3 paintings because she can never pick which one is authentic from Redd

Her favorite NPC is definitely Reece

She steals your flowers and perfect fruit when she visits your town though >:(


Town fruit is oranges

His favorite villager is ribbot!

Ok if that one was too obvious his favorite villager is flurry

He’s collected pretty much every KK slider song, and

He never changes his outfit because he found his favorite

Changes his hair style and color every day though

Uses the nightlife town ordinance because his concerts run pretty late!


Her fruit is apple!

She mostly only plays with you

Thinks the emotes are really cute though

Her mayor always has bedhead

She likes the astronaut outfit!

Brewster is her favorite NPC she likes helping him make coffee

She has a pretty decent fossil collection in her museum, but almost no bugs or fish

Doesn’t play often so she forgets what she did and builds like, 12 park benches

Also so many clovers. She only pulls the grass weeds

> Captain Yosie!

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Its funny how everyone in season 7 is like "IF BUFFY DIES ONE OF US COULD BE THE NEXT SLAYER!!!" But no one like, puts it together that the girl has died 2 times since kendra/faith were called and giles never collected another ACTUAL slayer

Well, I don’t know how privy the potentials were to all of Buffy’s deaths and Kendra’s and Faith’s callings. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve rewatched season 7, but if I remember correctly, it’s only when Faith shows up in Dirty Girls that they learn there actually was another active Slayer. So it’s not that they were stupid as much as they were ignorant of certain bits of information. Maybe?

I mean, if they knew about Kendra and Faith, they were 100% stupid to believe someone would be called if Buffy died!

That dragon post made me sad because it reminded me of all my dragon ornaments. :( I’ve had 2 full boxes of dragons stowed away in our garage since I moved house years ago and I’ve never had the room to put them anywhere in the house.

I love dragons so much.

Alternate Reads of Aspirations:

To avoid falling into the rut of writing/playing/”reading” all of my Sims in similar ways based on their Aspirations, I brainstormed some different archetypes that could fall under the broader TS2 Aspirations. There could even be sub-types within these archetypes but I wanted to keep it flexible. Feel free to add your own! (Warning: Incredibly long post.)

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Mona from Nanalan

My child

Originally posted by zeekayart

  • What they smell like: Cereal
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Nanaland does not sleep.  Nanalan does not age.  
  • What music they enjoy: She has no ears.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: About 2 seconds and she doesn’ even take her clothes off when she takes a bath
  • Their favorite thing to collect: memories (not always necessarily her own)
  • Left or right-handed: ambidextrous  
  • Religion (if any): She is a god she has her own religion which i am a part of
  • Favorite sport: Flamingo wrangling 
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): Nanalan has never left the confinements of her home except when she is at nana’s house, so she does not know what it is like to travel, only to dream.  
  • Favorite kind of weather: Sunshine and lollipops.  She hates thunderstorms (proven in one episode)
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Although she is a god, she is afraid of those who question her power.  If they can question, they can rebel.  She has to keep them down.
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: Deal or No Deal

Thanks for the ask friend! :D

This isn’t ND-related or anything but I can’t really post on my main blog about it because people follow me who know the person im gonna be talking about

But holy shit the other night my girlfriend and I went to a reunion sort of thing with a bunch of people we went to college with and there’s this girl we have both had a crush on for a while but we had never really interacted much with her, so we made a goal that we would talk to her at the reunion even if it was just for a second.

What ended up happening was the literal best case scenario. We not only talked to her, we also smoked weed with her and hung out with her (and a couple guys I used to hang out with in school a lot, which took the edge off the awkwardness) until 2 in the morning! Both my girlfriend and I have really bad social anxiety and this is huge for us. AND she wants to start a zine collective/publishing house with us! She looked through my sketchbook and kept saying “Holden! Why have you not published this yet!!” While I was doing my best to not look like I was dying.

I’m really excited. I posted a while ago about how I was bummed that my chosen path in life might not work out for me because of my disabilities and now I’m feeling like if this works out I may be able to make it as an artist after all. She’s a few years older (and more knowledgeable about the art world) than us, and seems to be pretty good at the whole business aspect of things. I also find her artwork really inspiring. Joining a collective with her will motivate me and also allow me to not have to do all the business stuff involved in getting my art out there by myself. I’m really feeling like I can make it as an artist now.

The only problem is that since my girlfriend and I both have a crush on her, she’s kind of off limits to both of us so we don’t fight over her or one of us gets jealous if the other hooks up with her. That jealousy isn’t so much a problem for me as it is for my jealous Scorpio girlfriend, ugh. But I don’t want our relationship to be torn apart by this so I have to follow the rules no matter how much it sucks. Besides she’s way out of both of our leagues anyway.

All in all though- there is literally no better way that night could have gone. I’m really happy. Still can’t believe it happened.

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None of the anons from earlier but I reread the prison fic and just 😭😭😭 right now. The first time I read it I was too full of anxiety about what Peeta must have suffered to fully appreciate the story. Of course I still liked it b/c you wrote it. It's hard to imagine someone who was able to work through that anger towards forgiveness but our man Peeta is capable. 😍 Thank you for writing you stories and please never stop! 1/2

I love all of them and am so thankful for the time and effort you’ve put into them. But not just that, the care and love you have for Katniss and Peeta shines through in all of your stories. We are all united in our collective deep need for these two idiots to bone at every chance they can get. 😘 2/2

thank you so much anon, you are very kind <333 it’s been one of the greatest joys of my life sharing my love of Everlark with like-minded people honestly. i’m working on a drabble rn and i fully intend to make them bone at least one more time ;)


I was tagged by Phle-botomy! I was actually tagged like 2 weeks ago but it’s nearing the end of the semester and I’m trying not to die essentially. I finally have a free day today. So without further ado, my bookshelves!

#1 Bookshelf white: This is the first large bookshelf I bought. If you’re wondering why one of the boards is upside down, my brother helped me make this shelf and he flipped it upside down. But I love it so much I never change it. This bookshelf holds (from top to bottom) my comic books, then my mythology/folklore books and history, then my classics section, and then my collection of hardcover books. 

#2 Bookshelf white: This bookshelf I built all by myself, as you can see the boards are correct aha. The top shelf is my Harry Potter series and a few random fiction books, then my extensive history/biography sections, then more biographies mixed with fiction books, then the last of my hardcover books mixed with soft cover and my mass paperback Star Trek novels.

#3 The last shelf of bookshelf white 2. This contains all my art books. I have my actual art collection with Klimt, Assassins Creed, Van Gogh, and Howl’s Moving Castle to name a few. Next are my art tip books, how to use watercoloring books, acrylic paints, ect. Then are my paper dolls and color books. And the final stack of books are my cook books. 

#4 The little brown bookshelf. This is my first bookshelf I’ve ever owned. This bookshelf harbors children classics, very nice rare classics with beautiful covers, my Jane Austen book collection, and then of course my BEAUTIFUL collection of aesthetically pleasing hardcover books. 

#5 Bookshelf White AKA my FAVORITE shelf. I take a lot of pride in this shelf. It’s my most aesthetically pleasing shelf (it’s a little messy right now but I love looking at it). The first shelf is my favorite books I’ve read, those books are the ones that touched me or I just love love reading. The second shelf contains my poetry books and my small collection of plays. The third shelf contained my aesthetically pleasing James Bond books I’m still going through and my dictionaries/French workbook. Then the last shelf containing books are random paper backs, mostly fiction or historical fiction. 

#6 The little cabinet on my dresser. I use this for my jewelry and the old things that use to sit on my dresser. My cat Apollo will go up there and chew on my stuff so I had to buy this to make sure they didn’t get ruined. In here are my smaller paper backs. These are weird vintage novels, a childhood story my dad used to read to me all the time, and also some cute tiny poetry books and Beatrix Potter books. 

#7  My headboard bookshelves. Yes. I love books so much that my headboard is made up of smaller shelves. These are mostly my to be read shelves. The shelf in the middle are the books on my I’m currently reading through these or plan to read after I finish my current reads. The one to the left are the books I want to read soon and will replenish the “I will read SOON” pile as I make my way through them. The right side are books I’m super interested in but won’t necessarily read right away but I will definitely pick them sometime soon. The shelf on the right top are the LONG ASS READ BOOKS. These are books I’ve started years ago but haven’t finished. Essentially it’s my guilt shelf. I’ll get to them when I get to them. Could be next year, could be in 4 years. 

And that’s my bookshelf tour. 

I tag; xlyrawalkerx ,darkandstormyslash , and otabckaltyn .

you looked at me and compared me to flowers,
roses maybe; you knew i had thorns,
but you never expected the tear
in your heart to be anything more
than pleasant.

i kissed you, saint-like, on the cheek
but when you stole me away
i was poison on the lips- and a
nightmare to your city.

i guess that you could call me
a collective dream turned sour:
a girl who had no idea,
of the power her beauty could yield
or maybe, a girl with too much
on how to cause a biblical war

—  never try to fall in love a girl with a plan (fh)