Obsessed with this new jewelry from @mykitsch ✨
The bracelets are my favorite because they say #never give up and #inspire and that means so much to me! You guys know I work hard, and even though it gets insanely tough and stressful at times, I tell myself not to give up because I love it! 💕 I also love to inspire you guys through my makeup/outfit posts and youtube videos 💗
Thank you @mykitsch ✨✨✨
-I also DO NOT KNOW WHAT NAIL COLOR I HAVE ON because I got my nails done at a salon and they used uv gel polish. All I know is the name is “smoked purple” but I am not sure of the brand I’m sorry! A dupe for it is China Glaze “below deck"💅

Does Jeff realise how much potential liam has as a character? He’s cute he’s the youngest he’s still learning he has ied he’s helpful he has/had ptsd unlike some of the major, major characters. You don’t! Need! To make! Every! Main! Character! Straight! Like yeah maybe I sound bitter rn but this happened with stalia too with little to no development they started banging and I’m like …,okay?

And I LOVE Hayden she’s adorable but again there hasn’t been any real development between her and liam and no, having sports offs and smiling at each other once or twice doesn’t count. Making them get together for the sake of a young romance pisses me off idgi? I’m lowkey layden trash so this is a hypocritical post but……..briam

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what is chunky baby?

Oh lord. Okay. This is quite the tangent, I’ll bullet point to make it easier to follow. Are you ready?

  • senoritafoggy​ and I have an RP going in which we have a character named Theo Wilson (yes, Wilson as in Wade Wilson. This is his kid.) Our faceclaim for him is a guy named Colin Wayne:

The beefiest, I know.

  • So on my way home to Boston this summer I sat next to a guy that looked a lot like Colin Wayne. Beefy, tall, hot, I enjoyed it. He fell asleep and it was so cute, and then he hit his head when he woke up and stood to get into the isle. That is when I coined the phrase “Chunky Baby” because he was huge but also adorable.
  • So then I’m explaining this story to my sister manlyinsecurities​ and we found this picture of Colin Wayne on a plane:
  • to which manlyinsecurities​ points out that the guy in the background looks like John C. Reilly
  • and henceforth the Chunky Baby/John C. Reilly debacle has plagued me in the form of anons sent by manlyinsecurities just when i think that at long last she will have let the joke die…