Sithmas Countdown 2016 - Day 8: Darth Plagueis + glass of sherry

It’s time again for the kitschy festive thing where I do daily star wars characters + winter stuff! More here! Join in and tag your work as #sithmas.

James Luceno’s Plagueis is one of my fave book characters because he’s so evilly dramatic yet so unabashedly ridiculous when left to his own devices. His celebratory indulgence in drinking is somehow very endearing for a villainous character. He… might be a bit over-enthusiastic over that sherry here too. Scary.


Ahoy Creampuffs, Amandas, and fans large and wide, 

Sad about Carmilla ending? Don’t fret. It’s not the end. 

As we’re sure you’ve heard by now…

We’re making a movie. It’s happening. A MOVIE! An honest-to-goodness, Good Glorificus of a “buckle up creampuff” movie movie.


Watch the Teaser Trailer HERE!

This teaser was a snippet of what it can look like to “break the format” wide open. Glorious coverage, multiple locations, while at the same time, staying true to the heart, intimacy and what fundamentally works: Laura and Carmilla and the rest of the gang on a Scooby Doo-esque adventure. They do have a knack for getting into trouble. We pick up five years later, where everything’s hunky dory at the start…

So Where do you come in?

We want to make it an even bigger, better and badder movie - and we want you to be a part of it.

The feature is a love letter to the fans. We are financing the development ourselves, and in talks with various partners to come onboard. Help us prove to our potential partners that there is a dedicated audience that wants more Carmilla. Our pre-sales goals will go directly to production. When you scroll down and look at the various bundles, you’ll see option #3 also includes the S3 Bundle materials, as we’ll be including that content in this campaign. 


During October, November and December, we’ll be running short contests to win limited edition merch & signed props and other secret to be announced perks, from livestreams to more…Chinmilla? Stay tuned for an avalanche of GOOD STUFF. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on how the presales are going. You’ll see a progress bar that’s charting our progress. 

Gifting Perk: if you GIFT any of the packages to someone else and share the love, you’ll receive some of the aforementioned additional perks automatically. Stay tuned for more details on this. 

We’ve got three different bundles for you to choose from:


$9.99 USD

For those who just want the movie itself, this is the humble bundle for you. 


$14.99 USD

  • VOD Download of the Feature
  • Signed Script PDF
  • Feature Alternate Takes Compilation
  • Feature Miscellaneous Bits & Bobs Videos
  • Feature Bloopers
  • Making Of Featurette
  • Cast Commentary

The movie with all the BTS you can imagine! With 12+ shoot days, we’re sure to have a hell of a lot. 


Includes ALL The Feature Content PLUS the Season 3 Bundle

$20.99 USD

The OG Creampuff Bundle includes all the Carmilla Movie BTS content plus the forthcoming Season 3 Bundle, which will go live OCTOBER 30th. Instead of selling it separately, we’re including it as a bundle that’ll go towards the movie.

Everything from perennial favourites such as select episode alternate takes to the myriad of Season 3 Bits & Bobs. We’ll release the S3 Bundle two weeks after the finale, so you won’t wait long if you select this option!

Carmilla Movie

  • VOD Download of the Feature
  • Feature Alternate Takes Compilation
  • Signed Script Download
  • Bloopers
  • Making Of Featurette
  • Cast Commentary


Season Three Bundle


  • Over an hour of S3 Alternate Takes. We had five main unit days plus three splinter days after all! 
  • S3 Miscellaneous Production Videos
  • S3 Yearbook: Miscellaneous Production Photos
  • S3 Signed Scripts of Select Episodes
  • S3 Select Episodes Commentary
  • S3 Early Production Vlogs with Crew


Didn’t you say three seasons was it?

That’s true! This is it for Carmilla as you know it. We’ve learned a ton from our three seasons and those takeaways will influence the feature. We’re excited to take the format to a new level, break it wide open, and incorporate visual storytelling, score, and an omniscient camera. Ever wish Carmilla was a “traditional” full fledged production? (We do.) Coverage? Close ups? Multiple locations? The - gasp - outdoors? It’s going to be on another level.

Why are you doing this?

It’s a love letter to the fans. We also love this world to death and aren’t ready to put it to bed quite yet. 

Will the cast come back?

Natasha Negovanlis & Elise Bauman are set to return. But we are five years later after all, and we want to know what happened to all the gang…where are they? What are they doing? And what’s going to happen?! Stay tuned for announcements on who’s returning from the cast and which new faces will appear. 

Why have pre-sales and not a Kickstarter?

A Kickstarter is a pledge of interest, most of the time 100% dependent on the audience. Reaching our pre-sale goal will not determine whether we are making this movie or not - it is 100% happening. We are financing the bulk of the movie traditionally, but want your support in making it bigger & better and fill the gap. Given this is a direct transaction, you are sure to receive your copy when it goes live. 

How will it be available?

Our audience is online, and global. This is 100% a Digital First feature. We will release first and foremost to the audience who’s been with us so far and allowed the series to continue. Stay tuned for other partners where it will be available as well.

When will it be available?

We pledge to release in 2017. Indie features are subject to the whims of production, which is why we are only committing to the year we will deliver, and not a specific month. #Soon. 

Does the larger package include all the Season 3 Bundle?

It certainly does. From favourites such as ALTERNATE TAKES to cast commentary, when you choose to purchase that option, you get both the season three content available October 30th as well as the feature.  

Why are we paying for this if the three seasons were free?

As much as we’d like all of our content to be perennially free, as we continue making niche-focused VOD content on a larger scale, our budgets and resources need to increase, and we need to prove a scalable business model exists. Note that the three full seasons and over 100+ behind the scenes videos on the KindaTV YouTube will always live there for free and available worldwide. 

percy’s fatal flaw is so downplayed in hoo smh

here is a sixteen year old teenager who is willing to lay down his life for his friends. like dude. he will literally not give a shit about whether the gods win or lose but he will keep his friends safe and he doesn’t care about dying in the process. and like he goes crazy when someone he loves is in danger. remember in the last olympian when they find sally and paul in the sleeping city and percy is literally shaking and so distressed that the jar of hope appears??? and in tartarus when he’s literally layering curse after curse over himself just to get to annabeth??  like holy shit that’s so scary that even the gods acknowledge it and then in boo he’s like lol bye guys