So, my mom has a cousin that’s gay and I know I’m biased, but I’m pretty sure her and her wife are the cutest couple on earth. My mom’s cousin posted on Facebook about a long day at work and her wife commented saying she loves her and misses her and how much she wishes they could have a life where neither of them had to work so they could spend more time together.

Relationship goals? Uh, yeah.

NEVER provoke an Aries

they might kill you

NEVER lose a Taurus

they are the most loyal friends you’ll ever have

NEVER ignore a Gemini

they will tear you down with neglect 

NEVER discourage a Cancer 

they might never rebuild 

NEVER humiliate a Leo 

you won’t succeed anyway

NEVER leave a Virgo

that pain might destroy them

NEVER judge a Libra

they can judge twice as hard

NEVER reject a Scorpio

they know how to take revenge

NEVER question a Sagittarius

you will be dead to them

NEVER lie to a Capricorn

it will be impossible to regain their trust

NEVER confront an Aquarius

you’ll lose the fight

NEVER trust a Pisces

they are perfect liars

Dream big, they say, shoot for the stars. Then they lock us away for 12 years and tell us where to sit, when to pee and what to think. Then we turn 18, and even though we’ve never had an original thought, we have to make the most important decision of our lives. And if you don’t have the money, and if you don’t really have the grades, a lot of the decision gets made for you.
—  Hannah Baker, 13 Reasons Why