"IH fans are such hypocrites!!! They say we only spite ship Orihime with Ishida to get her out of the way of IR but they do the same with Rukia and RR!!"

This is just something I noticed Ichiruki fans saying last week. And like….

When though?????

Seriously, when though?????

Because a lot of Ichihime and Renruki fans I’ve come across so far have legit shipped Renruki hardcore too.

Some even shipped Renruki before they shipped Ichihime.

Soooo….??? How does that equate to us “spite shipping” Renruki??? If we shipped Renruki first, doesn’t that technically mean we “spite ship” Ichihime instead????

Just because someone shipped Renruki first, but Ichihime became their “ultimate OTP” or whatever, doesn’t necessarily mean that they dislike Renruki all of a sudden or like it any less.

Honestly, y'all need to learn the actual definition of spite.

Nice try, though. 😂😂😂

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If you ever are about to use or have used the phrase “Why does everything turn into about race?”, you maybe need to look at yourself. I seen plenty of people say this and miss the point why the topic of race has come up. I see people turn defensive, telling people to just let stuff go and it’s all good old fandom fun. Somethings shouldn’t be let go of.

It maybe easy for some to escape but for others they can’t. When people take a people’s culture and use it in a story for fun, perpetuating a painful stereotype, they can’t escape that. It’s one thing to be inspired by, it’s another to twist it into something harmful. You can take inspiration from other cultures, most love and are excited about it but do it right. Don’t needlessly pick and chose what fits for you while ignoring any important context, be respectful. That’s usually all is ever asked, if you are inspired, be respectful. It’s a small price to pay and one that at times gets ignored. If a people say please don’t use this or in this context, don’t fucking do it! Do a little research too if you don’t know and if you can’t find a clear answer, don’t use it!

If you do something and people start to call you out on it, think about it. Ask your self why this is happening. You are responsible for any content you produce, it doesn’t matter if you made everything up from scratch or just made a gif of something else. You still played apart of it and it’s your responsibility to be accountable for your actions. In fandom we do need to learn to be more forgiving but that doesn’t mean approving of things clearly wrong. Changing any minority into the majority is wrong. It doesn’t matter how much or how little, there is not acceptable amount. Your happiness shouldn’t come at the cost of someone else’s pain. We can be better and should be better.

percy’s fatal flaw is so downplayed in hoo smh

here is a sixteen year old teenager who is willing to lay down his life for his friends. like dude. he will literally not give a shit about whether the gods win or lose but he will keep his friends safe and he doesn’t care about dying in the process. and like he goes crazy when someone he loves is in danger. remember in the last olympian when they find sally and paul in the sleeping city and percy is literally shaking and so distressed that the jar of hope appears??? and in tartarus when he’s literally layering curse after curse over himself just to get to annabeth??  like holy shit that’s so scary that even the gods acknowledge it and then in boo he’s like lol bye guys