neve parker

Choosing (Peter Parker x Reader) Hogwarts AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Part three of the Improper series

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: Your and Peter’s friendship is growing more strained by the week, from his friendly attitude towards your bully, to your new friends, who seem to steal you away from him.

Warnings: Cussing, fighting, Quidditch injuries, Inigo being a lil bitch and violent beating.

Words: 4,000

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You allowed your body to rock from side to side, following the trains movements. Peter sat opposite of you on the Hogwarts Express, rambling on about something you don’t care about. It was sad, but these days you and him didn’t seem to have the same interests anymore, and that was becoming painfully obvious. If you listened for even a second, you would have heard Liz Allan’s name, or the words “beautiful” or “amazing”. As you found out, Liz had visited Peter in the Hospital Wing on one of the days you couldn’t come. Liz had no problem with Inigo, she was older, popular, untouchable. As a result, Peter was now in love with her. You ruffled the fur on Bear’s head and she barked, licking your hand. Thank god the Magical Menagerie found there are breeds of dogs that stay puppies forever, or Bear would be found by the caretaker and confiscated. Those are the kinds of thoughts that floated around in your head as Peter kept talking.

“-and she smiled at me and said ‘see you later’! What does that even mean?” Peter gushes. He opened his mouth to continue but stopped when he saw you weren’t paying attention. “…And you spaced out. Really?”

You blew a noisy raspberry at him. “I get it Peter, you’re whipped.” You tease, enjoying the cute defensive expression he wore. As soon as you thought that, you mentally choked. What. I thought I got rid of that lovey dovey shit in the first year! You could almost imagine your subconscious shrugging apologetically. Peter toyed with the cord of an Extendable Ear, wrapping it around his finger. His mood seemed to worsen the longer he looked at it and his gaze went from the toy to you a couple of times before he spoke.

“Hey, um… Can-can I ask you a question?” Peter stutters, suddenly very interested in his Extendable Ear.

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Roped In

Summary: Full of puppy love and jealously, Peter and Reader experience their first “argument.” 

Word Count: 1873

A/N: I had to rewrite this like four times because my computer wouldn’t save it (eye-roll) but I really wanted to get it up today, since I haven’t posted in a while! I also didn’t proof-read it, what’s new.  

“You should come tonight,” Liz grinned, “You can bring Peter,” she added with a shrug, taking a bite of her sandwich.

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