Summary: Max can’t really tell when it all started. He’s not sure he can place when he started feeling like this. Feeling like this about a man. He stares at the screen of his iPhone, buzzing for the second time in a couple of minutes as a reminder of the fact that there’s a text waiting to be read.

The words flash in front of his eyes: “I miss you”, followed by a frowning emoticon and a couple of x’s.

just posted a fanfiction! give it a shot if you’re into the Catfish TV show!

anonymous asked:

Omg, I had no idea you wrote that mega hot nevax story until I saw that anon's message and now I'm freeeaking out !! I loved that story so much ! Now you can totally ignore this part if you want but since you mentioned prompts: if you could ever make a story with either hurt/comfort or a getting together/first time/confessing feelings fic focusing around their reunion since max spent the first part of the season gone? If you're busy ignore all my silly prompts, just wanna say ily

ahahahaha yuuus i am the culprit; it was meeee~~ //// i am sooo happy that you enjoyed it like i’m so serious i cannot express to you enough. thank you!! :DDD you have prompts for me!?! you must be in my head already because your second prompt is EXACTLY what’s been brewing in my head. i was actually gonna write THAT one first before the pwp but look what happened lol. nonono i won’t ignore it!! i am more than happy to write it out; just gimme some time and i’ll have it ready~~ oh, but one thing, do you mind if it’s a little angsty?? that’s the original plan i had for it, but if not it can be sugary and happy! just let me know!! AGAIN, THANKS SO MUCH!!!