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Nevadans Agree: It's Time to Pass Marketplace Fairness

Nevadans Agree: It’s Time to Pass Marketplace Fairness

WASHINGTON, Sept. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) released the results of a Nevada-specific poll that shows that roughly two in three Nevadans support legislation requiring sales tax collection at the time of purchase.

“A significant majority of Nevadans support federal legislation and with precious few legislative days left in 2014 it…

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Nevadan's are Imbeciles

Nevadan’s are Imbeciles

Let me explain, for those who might not appreciate my broad stroke generalization of an entire state, which currently has a population of almost 3 million people. When I say the people of Nevada are imbecile’s I mean in with every fiber of my being. I’ve been reserving my opinion on this for quite some time now but I feel it must be said and I have just one argument for my conclusion: Senate…

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Artists:  Yours Truly

Entitled: ‘Shamir Bailey: Desert Son,’ a part of the Nowness: Sunrise, Sunset Series project, short film, American Dialogue, English Video, 4 mins, 2014

On the trail of the teenage musician in his native Nevadan landscape- North Las Vegas, known as Northtown, seems an unlikely musical inspiration—yet the area’s apparent absurdities and contradictions seem almost quintessentially American. A sprawling gambling resort surrounded by industrial parks and strip malls are all set against a backdrop of beautiful but unforgiving desert. Shamir Bailey, is himself a similar anomaly and a new voice of androgyny in America. “Shamir has the self-assured swagger of any kid who’s always known he had a ticket to ride,” says Will Abramson, co-founder of the bi-coastal Yours Truly film collective and co-director of today’s short. “Shamir could be from anywhere, the fact that he came from nowhere is a footnote in his story. Where he can go from here is what makes him so exciting.” The 19-year-old singer and musician’s debut EP was released on Godmode Music earlier this year, and immediately garnered praise from Vogue, Pitchfork and Dazed. He blossomed under the influence of a musical aunt, and it was his mother who bought him his first guitar, which he would string upside down, learning to play in the idiosyncratic way he still does today. “Driving around Northtown it’s all chain stores and cookie-cutter housing developments,” says Abramson. “The fact that anyone as unique as Shamir could have come from there shouldn’t surprise any of us, but it does.” 

The Production Team, Yours Truly Creative, are at the forefront of innovative music and old-fashioned letter writing (their name a nod to the latter), combining both for quaint filmic rendezvous with musicians. Their fly-on-the-wall directorial style creates revealing, intimate portraits of cutting-edge artists such as FKA twigs (for which the singer was shot performing in Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico), and Shamir Bailey, who was profiled in the Vegas desert where he was raised.

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'Born in the USA' boss of July 4th songs

‘Born in the USA’ boss of July 4th songs

Cover art for the 1984 album “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen.(Photo: Columbia Records) A woeful tale about a Vietnam vet disguised as a rousing anthem is the favorite Fourth of July song for most of the USA. But in a handful of states, residents prefer a country tune about driving around (with the windows down, natch). And Nevadans, a unique lot, get their independence on to the strains of…

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i’m not sure if it’s still this way, but nevada used to have a nice little dichotomy in that las vegas had the loosest marriage laws in the us while reno had the loosest divorce laws in the us

maybe us northern nevadans were trying to fix mistakes southern nevadans allowed to happen

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Daniel Pineda is a senior at Earl Wooster High School soon to be graduating with an Honors Diploma in 2016. He is an aspiring poet and part time short story writer. One of his poems, The Death of the Clam Man, was published in the Colts Tale 2015, a Wooster publication that is a collaboration of students works from all ages. Also, he is a mentor in the Wooster Writing Center and is always happy to help others with their writing. Aside from being a 17 year old Nevadan, he enjoys traveling to Mexico and taking long hikes with his dog, Lucky. As a young boy Daniel started to discover his love for writing through drawing comics and reading books from his godfather’s collection. His favorite book is Black Box by julie schumacher and his favorite poet is Shel Silverstein. Although Daniel mostly writes poetry, he also likes to challenge himself by writing spoken word poetry, horror fiction, comic writing.

the great american roadshit, p.2

after a fleeting few hours of rest the troops were awakened & rallied at approximately 3AM for a 4AM departure. with a handful of espresso shots pulled prior to leaving we lept in the trucks and struck straight out for Utah.

driving straight through Nevada into Utah’s Joe’s Valley was assuredly going to make for a long day on the road, but with two drivers between whom to alternate nothing is impossible. it was still too early for me to grab a replacement radiator cap for the leak I had sprung by the time we got into Reno, so it was decided to do as Nevadans do and hit the casino to test the luck.

the cigarette vending machine is certainly a concept I can get behind. as a smoker I can stand being inside these places with the smell, and I certainly catch a little kick out of lighting up indoors and in public, but I am also certainly happy to live in a smoke-free state like California.

i generally don’t gamble at all, and was the only one who did not initially put down any dough, but after watching Kyle, Wyatt, and Adam each go on a run & make some money I was inspired to throw a few bucks in. I did not, of course, win a goddamn thing.

somewhere along highway 80 in Nevada after leaving the casino Kyle and I found our first Mile 209 marker of the trip, something I watch for religiously whenever I travel and in this case subjected Kyle to posing next to.

around Salt Lake City while making a stop for gas it was decided that Adam and Wyatt would drive ahead of us, as Adam covers ground a good bit quicker than myself, and find a nice campsite for us to set up in. Kyle and I had been cruising South for a while and were almost to our turn West onto highway 29 which would take us into Joe’s Valley when we got a call from our companions letting us know that the reservoir was less-than-accessible due to snow lying across the entry. hearing this left Kyle and I both very confused, as we could see no sign of snow ahead, but we decided we would just catch up and scope out the situation. we were just outside of the reservoir when we received another phone call to tell us that Adam had attempted traversing this snow and gotten stuck.

in the end they were able to get his truck out and come back around the forest’s North end from the far Western side they had been on from us. Adam mtaintains his GPS took him that way, which put him on the same road as Kyle and I, but on the opposite side of the reservoir, which is unmaintained out of season. my phone’s map showed it as being closed, and apparently his did not, which is exactly why everyone with an iPhone should download Google Maps and cease use of the stock maps right away.

after all was said and done our first full day of the roadtrip was complete almost 20 hours later with all of our crew in camp & some chili dogs on the Coleman. and some beers. and a little bit of whiskey, maybe- but just to keep warm.

Got to spend the first day of Festival in “The Music of Menken”. So cool to be one of the four Nevadans in the show! Thank you Mr. Menken for shaping my childhood and this generation 😍🎭 #nvthespians #spanishspringshighschooltheatre #troupe6737 #dramallamas #themusicofmenken #patriotplayers #troupe6730 #greenvalleythespians #thesfest15 #internationalthespianfestival #ITF (at University of Nebraska-Lincoln)