Silver Queen - Virginia City, Nevada

Designed by owners Lee and Ruby Carel as a tribute to Virginia City’s once great Silver Mining industry - an industry whose production stabilized the Federal treasury during the Civil War and later altered the world’s monetary structure. The Silver Queen’s dress contains 3,261 Silver Dollars. The belt alone contains 28 Twenty Dollar gold pieces. The picture is fifteen feet high and eight feet wide. While only a few of the coins are of Nevada (Carson City) mintage, a large percentage of them undoubtedly contain silver that was first mined thousands of feet beneath this very building. One of Nevada’s most unusual Casino displays.


Scott Cutler
Los Angeles, CA
Canon T3 Rebel

What initially sparked your interest in photography?

I took a digital photography course during my freshman year of college. That was my true introduction to photography. I started drawing and designing at a very young age and I always discounted photography as an art form for people who could not draw. Low and behold, after finishing the course, I immediately purchased my first DSLR.

Have you had any mentors or people that have influenced you along the way?

I have not necessarily had any mentors, but I had a couple of friends who became interested in photography around the same time as me. Whether we were taking public transportation to explore LA or driving around the central coast, we made regular photography outings and helped each other learn along the way. Aside from my friends, the Tumblr community has really influenced the way I use my camera. From portrait photographers to cool-stuff-bloggers, the photos and images I’ve accumulated in my “likes” influence me and inspire me to improve my skills.

Tumblr: screwback
Instagram: cvtler