nevada here i come

T.A.P. ( this )

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week in the school house! I have no idea why when we want to show appreciation we think that we need to buy food that has no nutritional value whatsoever. Other than it gives you a slight high and makes you feel good for a quick moment. If that’s the only requirement for showing appreciation then why not a voucher to the local brothel? Give me something worth while.

So next time instead of buying candy bars how about just some green. Not veggies but cash. 

i’m convinced i can make a killing as a nerd pimp as long as i can make my break in the business before the sex robots make hooking a thing of the past. scout at cons for clientele and talent from both sexes (costuming and “masseurs”), give ‘em great benefits and regular health screens, let them foster their natural geek interests in their off hours, sell nonsexual services as well (roleplaying and videogaming partners, con appearances) and gray area stuff like cam services and online erp, get into the parody porn business, base the brothel on the x-mansion, etc.