neutron shake

from the inside of a black hole

summary: dan likes sometimes and maybe and the kingdom of life and death but when his car breaks down and is needing an extended period of time for repair, he finds solace in the home of a lost boy with red knuckles and ghosts: phil lester.

words: 8.2k

warnings: mentions of death, self-harm (wall punching?)

a/n: well shit this took a long time. fic written for londonhowell​ in commemoration for her birthday like 2 months ago; beware-phangirl​ is my light and saviour thank u for tolerating me and helping me out considerably with this i love u both a lot 

somebody told the stars you’re not

coming out tonight and

so they found a place to hide


I’m afraid of the dark, Dan thinks longingly as he screws his eyes shut.

He paints four in the morning onto his eyelashes with neutron stars and shaking fingers twined together with something too akin to hope to be real. It digs into his eyes, exhaustion staring at the dimmed clock on the dashboard of his car like fragmented lines, and maybe if his hands were steadier or if he could read any of the numbers printed in too painful of a blue, he wouldn’t be mumbling the same fucking unfinished lyrics he’s had stuck in his head since he passed the Coventry city line.

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