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Your skin looks so pretty! Any face wash recommendations??🎄

I use neutrogena makeup remover wipes or jafra royal jelly gentle cleansing milk. After my makeup has been removed I will use a rosewater & glycerin spray and a moisturizer!

For Black Girls that don't want to use their expensive make up on regular days these are my fave drug store go tos.

Primer: Nyx photo primer or the Nyx Angel veil primer
Concealer: Maybelline fit, La girl pro concealer
Foundation: Maybelline fit, Loreal infallible
Bronzer: nyx matte bronzer
Highlighter: loreal true match lumi powder glow illuminator
Setting powder: Airspun, nyx set it don’t fret it
Setting spray: loreal infallible, Nyx matte

Mascara: Maybelline lash sensational
Eyeliner: nyx liquid noir

You’re welcome 🤗

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what eye creams would you recommend for starting the day and stuff?

Eye cream is an extremely important yet often neglected part of skincare!  Last year I really got into eye cream when I began to notice that my under eye concealer was creasing a lot more than it used to.  Wearing eye cream underneath your makeup can actually help to prevent this instantly, because it plumps up the skin and will help you to use less product, but I also chose to incorporate eye cream into my lifestyle because I want to have youthful eyes for as long as possible!

Here are four of my favorite eye creams for every budget that work great under makeup!

Yes To Grapefruit Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream - $16 

This is a great, affordable eye cream that hydrates well and is great to start your day with.  Among other natural ingredients, this contains licorice root, which they claim will help to fade dark circles (but in my experience, licorice root is better for hyperpigmentation) A little goes a very long way, and it has a pleasant grapefruit scent - however, if you’re sensitive to fragrances, this might be too strong for you.  

Find on

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream - $13

This is a fantastic eye cream at a great price, and it’s ideal for people with all skin types, even sensitive.  It’s fragrance free, oil free, and hypoallergenic, and it contains AHAs which help to increase cell turnover and prevent aging around the eye area!  It keeps your eyes plump, smooth, and hydrated.


Origins GinZing Eye Cream - $30

This coveted eye cream is one of my favorites for many reasons!  It contains several sources of caffeine, which will help stimulate circulation underneath the eye and fade dark circles in the short and long term.  It has a refreshing, natural citrus scent that is hardly noticeable on the skin, and contains optical brighteners to visually brighten the under eye area as soon as you apply it.  


First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy - $36

This is a more recent find of mine that has me completely obsessed - I use it on every face I can get my hands on, and it helps me to color correct dark circles, instantly reduce puffiness, and perfectly hydrate the under eye.  First Aid Beauty is a brand I’ve talked about before for its gentle, reparative properties, and this is great for even the most sensitive skin and eyes.  9/10 times I don’t even need to put concealer on top of this because it brightens so well… and it helps correct imperfections over time as well!



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So I have a end of the year/grafuation banquet for my college scholarship program in two days and I just got some bad acne on my nose. Part of growing up is taking care of yourself hygienically, right? So how do I get rid of it quick?

Hydrogen peroxide! Make sure it’s diluted (3% - it’s sold this way & readily available in any drug store) and then just put some on a Q-tip and apply it to the acne. It’ll dry it up and really reduce it. There are lots of over-the-counter products that will do the same (or claim to, anyway) but many of them take a lot longer and can irritate your skin. They’re also a lot more expensive.

Honey is another great home remedy. Just put a little on the site and let it dry. Leave it for like an hour and then rinse it off with warm water.

Ice can really reduce swelling and irritation, as well.

If you’re someone that wears makeup, Neutrogena makes a really nice skin-clearing foundation and concealer (both have salicylic acid). Sometimes I put this on less for makeup and more for an acne treatment.

Whatever you use, make sure to wash your face in the morning and at night and then MOISTURIZE. I feel like one of the biggest skin care mistakes people make is not moisturizing. Drink water, too. The more hydrated you are, the better your skin will feel.

One last thing: change your pillowcase. If you’re someone that suffers from acne, do this often. At the very least, once a week. 

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What’s a good skincare routine for oily skin??

I’ll give you the basic steps, and in brackets I’ll tell you what products I like/know/use.


- cleanse with an oil-free cleanser (Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash)
- use a chemical exfoliant (Paula’s Choice BHA Liquid or Stridex Pads)
- let that sink in for a bit
- serums (depends on what you want to address)
- oil-free moisturiser (Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturise for Combo skin, or Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel)
- oil-free sunscreen (Neutrogena Sunscreen for Breakout Prone Skin) (wow I’m using a lot of neutrogena rn)


-remove makeup (micellar water or wipes, not important)
- cleanse 
- mud mask (I only use it on the breakout prone parts of my face) (any is good but I have had amazing results with the La Roche Posay Effaclar Mask)
- chemical exfoliant (if you have dry skin, only do it at night)
- serums 
- oil-free moisturiser

If you want more product recs, let me know and I’ll make a big list.

i NEVER do this but for some reason, i slept with my makeup on last night😖 so naturally i woke up and had to be extra kind to my skin so here’s what i did:

- removed all the makeup!! (i just used the neutrogena wipes and eye makeup remover)

- washed my face and neck with the juice beauty stem cellular 2-in-1 cleanser

- lifted everything away with the peter thomas roth peeling gel exfoliant. this stuff is amazing and well worth the $48 imo

- applied the peter thomas roth cucumber gel mask. meditated for 10 minutes while it set in

- rinsed the mask with cold water then toned with the olay active botanicals moisturizing toner

- patted the neutrogena hydro boost water gel eye cream under my eyes and then massaged my clinique turnaround revitalizing treatment serum into my skin

- lastly i used the clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion and now i’m admiring how glowy and hydrated my skin looks. gonna go make a vitamin c smoothie too ✨

Had a pretty good ass haul today. (:
Three wet n wild brushes (one for friend.) $2.97 each
Maybeline concealer - $7.97
Makeup bag -$8.97
Neutrogena makeup wipes $11.97 (we got a twin pack and split them)
4 Essie nail polishes - $8.97 each
GOOGLE WIFI ROUTER. - $124 (fuck yes I picked it up bc I was tryna get the $259 one but it was in the wrong spot so I walked out thinking I lifted a $259 electronic but honestly $124 is still good Lmao… I need to boost.)
Total: $207.76

Nike track jacket. - $60
Baseball globe $79.99 (my brother wanted this so bad but we couldn’t afford it. He LOVES baseball and made the school team so I had to reward him.)
Nike spanx (for friend) - $32
Total: $171.99

Victoria Secret:
Love pink shirt - $28.99
Maroon long sleeve pink shirt - $38.95
Total: $67.94

American Eagle:
Red men’s shirt -$19.99 (I know I had this but I swam in it and left it in my car so I wanted a new one)
Jeans - $49.95
Soft n sexy shirt - $24.95
Total: $94.87

Bath and Body Works
Suede cologne - $34.50
Womans perfume (forgot the type I got her.) - $36.50
Total: $71

GRAND TOTAL: $613.59

“I was encouraged by my fans to not wear so much makeup,” Zendaya revealed. “You know, especially being a teenager, we like to think that we need makeup every day, even for going to school—like, I can’t go outside without my eyeliner. It’s weird! I don’t know why we do that. So, I enforced this whole natural thing.”

Zendaya shared out her beauty secrets with Seventeen Magazine, giving out what products she uses for her skin and lips.

  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
  • Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes
  • Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes 
  • Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm 

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Your skin looks so clear! What is your skin care routine? By the way you look lovely💘 Have a nice day💋

Well it has something to do with genetics, I never had acne until this past year and then I ended up giving up milk which helped a lot. I also drink lots of water (and pee all the fucking time) and never ever go to bed without taking my makeup off and washing my face.

I use the Target brand knockoff Neutrogena makeup remover wipes to take off all my makeup and then with a Clairisonic, I wash my face with the Neutrogena Naturals Cleanser + Makeup Remover. And then I moisturize with the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream which says it’s just for your body but it’s the only thing that gets my face the right kind of hydrated. Lately I’ve been feeling extra dry so I’ve been mixing my moisturizer with Farmacy Honey Savior and Vitamin E Oil and making a thick ass paste to just marinate in while I sleep 😂

I also have a lot of texture on my skin so I exfoliate with the Murad Pore Reform Skin Smoothing Polish 2-3 times a week and like I said before, I do have pretty dry skin and I also use the GlamGlow ThirstyMud a couple times a week. And if I ever have a pimple, I use, again, the Target brand knockoff of the Neutrogena extra strength acne spot treatment. It’s supposedly better than the real thing and it really zaps them away fast and I have everyone in my life addicted to it 😂

skincare routine + fav products

hello everyone! about a week ago I did a skincare thread on twitter (in italian) and I wanted to translate it in eng! you can find the original thread here (and if you want to be mutuals, just dm me!)

firstly, I have combination/oily skin and not every product that I use may work the same way it does on my skin! 

usually I buy products in physical stores, but sometimes they’re not available in my country and I buy them online (e.g. bioré and neutrogena products, korean skincare/makeup products) 

let’s start with a basic skincare routine: 

  • when i wake up and when I’m going to sleep, I always wash my face with charcoal face wash and a konjac sponge! they’re both so useful and work perfectly together. sometimes i also use a spin brush 
  • after washing my face, I use rose water as a toner bc it’s gentle and kinda cheap 
  • lastly, I use a moisturizer for combination skin (a garnier one, but i’m gonna change it soon because it’s not suitable for my young skin)
  • to remove makeup, i use micellar water 
  • after taking a shower, I spray thermal water as a mist 

and that’s it! it’s really easy to keep up with this routine (especially when the weather it’s hot) 

some more tips:

  • sometimes i use innisfree volcanic foam cleanser in order to remove makeup and wash my face simultaneously, but after that i still use micellar water
  • there are a lot of konjac sponges, one for every skin type! I use the black one bc it’s suitable for oily skin 
  • once a week, i do a facial sauna in order to open up my pores and clean them well with pore strips and face masks (my fave ones are green clay mask and catastrophe cosmetic by lush!)   
  • once or twice a week I also use sheet masks to keep my skin well moisturized 
  • it’s better if you buy foundation or bb cream with sunscreen! 

i will do an update when i buy different products or when i’m changing my routine! 



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Hello Everyone! 


In this video, I show you how I remove my makeup and what I apply to keep my skin hydrated being that I have the driest skin on this earth! *rolls eyes*  Let me know in the comments what kind of skin you have and what you use for your skin. Disclaimer: I was so tired and turns up in this video. I was just coming home from a party so if you notice that my eyes are a little low and red then you know why, lol.

 P R O D U C T S - U S E D 

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How to hide pimples using drugstore make up ): it's a reckkk.

Step 1:

If you have a lot of pimples or blemishes, you can use color correcting concealers that come in variety of colors. Keep in mind that different colors are used to conceal different kinds of spots: mint green is used to cover red areas; yellow or orange concealers are used for dark spots (also can be used to cover dark circles under your eyes); lilac or pale green for a yellowish tint. You may need more than one color to cover the problematic area properly. I recommend Wet n Wild CoverAll Correcting Palette, $4. It contains all you need to balance out any imperfection in your complexion. 

Step 2:

Choose oil-free foundations with no or as little parabens as possible because foundations containing those ingredients may clog your pores and irritate skin, causing more pimples to appear. You can also look for foundations that contain acne-fighting ingredients, here’s some of them:

Step 3:

If you still see some pimples after applying foundation, cover them with a concealer. stila Stay All Day Concealer is amazing at covering spots and blemishes, plus now it costs only $5 instead of $23.

Step 4:

Finish off by applying a little bit of matte loose powder to help set the foundation and concealer. It will make your makeup last longer. Matte Maker Mattifying Powder, $12 provides good coverage and feels light on the skin. The powder creates a silky finish and controls oily areas while minimizing the look of pores and other small imperfections. Plus, it does not make your face look cakey.

Step 5:

Consider using products with tea tree oil to prevent new break outs. Tea tree oil kills bacteria that causes acne and break outs and prevents new pimples from forming. Apply tea tree oil on clean, washed skin.


Hi my loves! this is my skincare routine(s) list off all products that I use ❤

I have combination skin so depending on the weather my skin always bounces back and forth from being dry to oily, and remember everything that may work for me may not work for you.
I switch it up in the summer because I usually get a little more oily then the winter where I’m more on the dry side :(
WATER IS VITAL ! I drink at lest a gallon a day. Try to drink as much as you can throughout your day!

These are my usual routines but I do switch it up everyday, you don’t have to do all of this everyday because products are expensive but try to keep up with it.

-Neutrogena naturals purifying facial cleanser
i only use foaming cleansers * I don’t like the
way cream cleansers make my skin feel*
-Peter Thomas Ross Irish Moor Mud Purifying
Black Mask; * you can buy this at sephora *I leave this on for at least 25
-Thayers Witch Hazel *ROSE PETAL* I’ve never
used plain witch hazel only this one, this is also
a good toner.
-Sephora Under Eye Mask; My favs are avocado, rose, green tea & pomegranate.
-Rose Hibiscus ( PEABODY & PAISLEY APOTHCARY) which is my favorite or (Herbivore, u can get this a sephora)

Before bed-
If I have a pimple(s) I’ll use my Proactiv, a lot of people don’t like Proactiv but it has always worked for me.
Neutrogena Naturals purifying cleanse
Lush Ocean Salt - *Self Preserving* or Dark Angels by Lush ( i exfoliate with these )
Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer

Before make up-
Neutrogena make up wipes
Dr. Jart Masking All The Way
Celestial Moisturizer
Rose Hibiscus

Removing makeup-
Neutrogena Makeup Wipes
Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanse
Enzymion Moisturizer
Rose or Coconut oil

When I get Acne or blemishes I use
Rapid clear stubborn acne by Neutrogena
Celestial moisturizer
Clarisonic 1-2 a week ( This opens up your pores which makes your skin very sensitive so don’t use this everyday or even that often)
When I have acne scars I use Lemon juice and vitamin E oil, African black soap (ABS)

ABS works well for me on scars but it pulls all the oils and moisture out of your skin so I usually put skin drink on after I use this soap on my face.

Essential oils that I use
Vitamin E
Tea tree

It’s always good to exfoliate your skin just don’t over do it, & always use warm water on your face when cleaning because it opens up your pours :)

Hope this helps <3

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iridescent: what is your skincare routine?

hi!! thanks for sending me a q

in the morning i wash my hands and then cleanse with the kose white cleansing oil followed by the shiseido kiryo water cleanser (which i can’t seem to find online??). after, without washing off the water cleanser, i use either the shiseido perfect whip cleanser or the face shop herb day 365 peach cleansing foam or the face shop herb day 365 lemon cleansing foam. after, i use the face shop rice water bright cleansing milk. then i tone using the face shop green tea waterfull toner. after i moisturise using the shiseido kiryo moisturiser (which i can’t seem to find anywhere online either).

in the evenings, i remove all makeup usually using neutrogena oil free makeup remover. if i’ve been wearing a lot of makeup for all day, then i will double cleanse with my oil and water cleanser system again, but if not then i generally just go right into my usual cleansers. i tone once again, and apply the G9 white in whipping cream, or i do the face shop raspberry roots sleeping mask.

i use face masks 2-3 times a week. at least once a week i use the aztec secret healing clay mask as my skin can get quite oily. other than that i usually just use moisturising masks. 

send me questions from here!!

lil baby haul with happyhappylittledog 🌟💫🌟💫🌟

happy yogis organic superfruits (ew) - $3.79
eos shaving cream- $2.98
neutrogena makeup remover towelettes- $3.97
3d crest white toothpaste- $3.97

ardell pro lash curler- $6.95
femme couture primer- $6.99
femme couture highlighter- $9.99
femme couture skin tint- $8.79
femme couture pressed powder- $14.99
femme couture bronzer- $15.95
palladio rice paper- $4.99
fingerpaints nail polish- $5.99
real colors waterproof gel eye liner- $5.99
palladio herbal eye liner- $5.99

Saved about $100 🎀🎀🎀