neutrogena commercial

@peanutpollino:  I’ve always been kind of self conscious about the way my face looks when I laugh- like a thousand chins appear, my nose crinkles, and my eyes disappear into my face. 😶 I always wanted one of those *perfect Neutrogena commercial face washing smiles* but I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I look genuinely happiest when I’m laughing the hardest. We are sooo incredibly critical of ourselves and our appearances, but it’s important to remember our exterior appearance is nothing without our interior presence. Happy hump day, folks. Discover something new that you love about yourself today!

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Zayn looks like he has dry skin but pop some coppery gold metallic eyeliner on him and his eyes will sparkle I swear

I literally feel like a capillary exploded in my left eyeball at the accusation that Zayn has dry skin. I’ve seen some shit thrown his way on this site BUT the very implication that Zayn Javadd Malik, one of the premiere hair and skincare innovators of our GENERATION, does not moisturize and exfoliate and use serums is a slight on his character that I WILL NOT LET STAND. 


Look at that texture, LOOK AT IT. I bet even babies touch his face and are like 

Even in an amateur photo Zayn’s even skin tone and micro pores make him look like he’s starring in “The English Patient”. WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE EVER

This is a candid but he might as well tell everyone else to go home. He looks like he’s about to star in a Neutrogena commercial 

IN SUMMATION, Zayn has reached the heights of skincare at a mere 24 years old that most will never achieve in a lifetime.