The next four robots - Neutranurse, Peppercat, Phoenix and Samurai - from the “Medabots A to Z" feature on the first ADV Films Medabots DVD. Both Phoenix and Samurai received small, take-apart PVCs in Hasbro’s main Medabots toyline; though Peppercat never had one of those, her model’s predecessor, Magentacat, received a figure in Takara’s version of the line. For whatever reason, the Magentacat figure was never sold in the West (maybe to avoid consumer confusion?), but Peppercat herself did receive what I think was a Hasbro-initialized 5" action figure later on in the line’s life-cycle. Meanwhile, so far as I am aware, Neutranurse’s only merchandise was a Taco Bell kids meal giveaway clamp-shell case.

At some point, I realized that the three lead female robots on Medabots were modeled on a Japanese schoolgirl, a nurse, and a catgirl. In the face of what might have been a cringe-worthy series with characters defined by stereotypical gender roles, I have to say I found Medabots to be funny, intelligent, and respectful of its characters, no matter their gender. (At least until the series decided to jettison all its side-characters with nary a callback in the follow-up season, anyway…)

I keep seeing posts asking if people remember Medabots. Well, in fact, I do(never had time to forget) and amazingly, so does Bandai.

Right now Bluefin Tamashii Nation USA facebook page has been taking suggestions for whut figures should be made next. They have already made Metabee and Rokusho, plus they will be making a few others. But I personally want figures of Brass, Peppercat and Neutranurse(and I know a lot of other people do to).

So hey, can’t hurt to go check it out.  I’m heading over myself.