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Blakstag and Neutranurse

Saintstag (An extremely intimidating but effective goth combat medic)

  • Fusion music: Copied City (from NieR Automata OST)
  • Personality: Once you gain her trust and respect, she is downright loyal. Though she has a bit of sass, the care of others comes first and foremost, and she won’t let anyone get in the way of that. She is very independent and has a tendency to go off on her own. Often very serious and forthcoming.
  • Dynamics: Though the Neutranurse component is very easy to get along with, Blakstag tends to be more resistant to taking orders without good reason. She must have a good amount of trust placed in whoever is ordering her around before she’ll follow orders without question.
  • Her eyepiece gives her constant diagnostics data on all allies within her range of sight.
  • Chem Rush has 4 options: Attack boost, Speed boost, Defense boost, and Minor All boost. Attack, Speed, and Defense boost can each only be used once on one individual at a time. Minor All boost can be used three times before depletion.
  • Chem Rush cannot be used on herself, but DMG Undone is an area-of-effect ability that can also heal herself.
  • She’s not as speedy as most KWGs, but she packs quite a punch.
  • EdgyTM

( @thisnerdwithanotebook Because somehow I’d think Avi would like having her around. ^^)

Other Medafusions!

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The next four robots - Neutranurse, Peppercat, Phoenix and Samurai - from the “Medabots A to Z" feature on the first ADV Films Medabots DVD. Both Phoenix and Samurai received small, take-apart PVCs in Hasbro’s main Medabots toyline; though Peppercat never had one of those, her model’s predecessor, Magentacat, received a figure in Takara’s version of the line. For whatever reason, the Magentacat figure was never sold in the West (maybe to avoid consumer confusion?), but Peppercat herself did receive what I think was a Hasbro-initialized 5" action figure later on in the line’s life-cycle. Meanwhile, so far as I am aware, Neutranurse’s only merchandise was a Taco Bell kids meal giveaway clamp-shell case.

At some point, I realized that the three lead female robots on Medabots were modeled on a Japanese schoolgirl, a nurse, and a catgirl. In the face of what might have been a cringe-worthy series with characters defined by stereotypical gender roles, I have to say I found Medabots to be funny, intelligent, and respectful of its characters, no matter their gender. (At least until the series decided to jettison all its side-characters with nary a callback in the follow-up season, anyway…)