a random page from my moleskine :P hahah

If you loved me before

can’t you love me today?

I’ve not changed much

if at all

not much time passed away

love me now

when i need you the most

my heart beats faster

as time slows

if you loved me then,

can’t you love me now?

and if you cannot

was it ever love anyhow?

true love gives

expecting nothing in return

I realize I have a lot

left to learn


I miss my friends so so so much

but they don’t miss me lol

well atleast it doesn’t feel like it

like, you know when someone misses you and they make it really obvious and stuff and make an effort to be near you and stuff


not them.

It’s because i suck.

I consider people my best friend when I’m not even theirs.


thats what happens when youre lame like me :P

omg i sound like a baby


Just got back from a 7 mile run with my bff cameron

i am sweaty

and sticky

and gross

my “w” gang sign stands for weenie

because im a weenie


and i just found out a picture of my notebook has like 300+ notes :O I wouldve tried to make it look nicer omg

today has been meh

i mean its nice outside but meh

i look like a poopface

also, maybe i should make a different post for this, but I want to sell my artwork on etsy.. but I don’t know if i should sell the originals? because some people already want the same one so should i make prints? that way they can be cheaper?



thanks guise

i love you so hard

send me messages, check in with me, i wanna know wazzap, whats hip

i know im 19 but i feel like im 8239872 years old