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I loooooove the way you use color!!! Could I have maybe a tutorial or a step by step? :3 If you don't want to that's okay x)

Okay, let me explain this in a really stupid way but, the “Dx” seccion are colors that I can’t work with cause they’are so bright my eyes hurts, also I don’t really like saturated colors,

but this part here is really great for make my neutral and muted colors pop up!

Some of the neutral colors I use. I also work with complementary colors a lot, depends on the energy I want the drawing to have!

Here’s how I usually use them; detail some things or backgrounds with plain colors, sometimes it’s really hard cause I want it to have an harmony and composition but they really make the colors pop up and bring attention!

Or at least it’s vibrating.


neutral beginnings | a new paint palette

ig: peachy_gogh 

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