Apologies, I thought you were dead

The room is filled with her long before I enter
The briefly intoxicating aroma of flowers
The smell of fleeting life and beauty
A swan-song in scent
A crying out from dying,
Briefly intoxicating,
Inevitably nauseating,
She’s pulling coffee from the decanter
As the devil reaching up from the tastefully neutral colored floor
Is slowly pulling her down to hell
By the bags beneath her eyes
And she is a stone statue sanded far past the point of perfection
A slave to the eternal baking of the same sun that proved her bricks
Set her mortar
Now illuminating her as a withered figure
Returning to sand and dust
And the entire room belongs to her
A casket at the center
The dead flanked by the dying
Provided as a sacrifice
By the living
Waiting for my turn at the coffee pot
Awash in her redolence,
Begging she not turn around but she does
And that she not greet me,
But she does
And not because she’s not pleasant because honestly she is but
Today I’ve death on my mind and already
She’s conjured up the images of roses and corpses and hell
But hell,
And yourself?”
And wouldn’t you know it,
She’s great
And that’s great
And she’s not the dead, no
But the dying
And she’s come to peace with that
The way I’ve come to the oasis
To wet my parched throat
To stoke a cored flame,
A sleep deprived
Worker bee
In need
Of caffeine

anonymous asked:

i know you get lots of these so i'm sorry if this is annoying but I just love your sense of style- what do you recommend for spring essentials or like a basic springtime outfit? :-)

def a pair of birks bc they are so COMFY, green pants, jeans u can roll up, oxfords, big t shirts and collared t shirts, cute socks, a raincoat, thin sweaters in light neutral oatmeal-y colors

(and it’s not annoying ur cute ok)

I recently bought one of the Liquid Velvets from Ciaté over at Sephora. They’re $18 each, so right in line with the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks. I only bought one of the Ciaté’s because the color line is limited: they have five colors, neutral or reds. I bought Smitten, a rose pink (since I didn’t have a shade like that), and I have to say, very happy. I’m going to probably buy the other four shades. The scent is a bit off-putting, the scent reminding me of Halloween makeup for some reason, but once it’s dry, it’s gone. They apply like the ABH lipsticks, and it dries down very nicely into a non-tacky matte. You also get 6.5ml (0.22oz) of product.

So, another alternative for the Velvetines, and I very much like these, too!

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What about Dean and Cas adopting a kid, and debating what color to paint their room?

Dean might want to do it traditionally, in either pink or blue, depending, but Cas would be insistent on not pigeonholing their child and insisting on a more neutral color, one that’s been tested by scientists to improve cognitive function or something.

Sam’s the one who eventually finds a green paint they all like for the nursery.


… by bugsuit

Name: Grim Fire

Time and Date of exact moment: 6:08 pm, March 26th

Average hours of sleep: 6.5 hours

Last thing I googled: “How to calculate void volume of Blue Dextran?”

Nickname: Grim, NJ, & Nano (my mom called me that)

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: well, it’s time to come out and say that I’m asexual.

Height: 5’4”

Favorite Color: Black and Neutral colors

One place that makes you happy: Open places with wide landscapes, and gentle sunlight seeping through the windows of dark, abandoned places.(you can’t make me pick one)

What are you wearing: dark blue sweater, black leggings, and ballet shoes.

I tag: roxy-fancy7, royalblackheart, terrytoon, khool-khatz, wiseolddragon, ultramangoes, and mylifeisaprogressbar