I tried to make the makeup super dramatic and like, welp, a rather inexperienced but VERY ENTHUSIASTIC BOI might do

He likes glitter LET HIM LIVE


20 days ootd, day 3: sim wearing only your fav color

my fav colors atm are red, yellow, and orange. went for red bc it’s super obnoxious and i’m into that. while i was at it i was thinking “what could make this even more obnoxious??”, and that’s how i decided on the bg color.

madeline: hair @bobieplum / earring @waekey / choker @hallowsimss / top @waekey / skirt @sentate

valerie: hair @femmeonamissionsims / choker @hallowsimss / coat @theslyd / bodysuit @lucassims / pants @weepingsimmer / shoes @madlensims

poses: 1 @helgatisha / 2 @a-luckyday

i was tagged by my love jacqui @hipstersteve so here u go

  • Nickname: B/Bri
  • Star sign: Taurus
  • Height: 5′6″
  • time right now: 11:51PM
  • last thing I googled: “average filming time frame for a indie movie”
  • fave musical artist: All Time Low
  • song stuck in your head: My Sharona - The Knack
  • Last movie I watched: The Walk
  • Last show I watched: Elementary
  • What are you wearing: pjs and a hoodie
  • When did you create your blog: 5 years ago today
  • What kind of things do you post: mostly sebastian stan and his various characters
  • other blogs: aesthetics/photography blog, one direction blog, all time low blog and @mcusuggestion
  • gender: female
  • Hogwarts house: I used to feel more slytherin but i’m v much ravenclaw
  • pokemon team: excuse me
  • moral alignment: neutral good
  • fave color: blue, pink, grey, black
  • fave characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, TJ Hammond, Hernando Fuentes, Gina Linetti, Peter Pan 
  • dream job: Director with a focus on cinematography 

I tag anyone that wants to do it + stuckysquad

also i’ve talked about this before but i stand by the fact that discord is a really impressive character from a design perspective, because it is hard to design a chimera creature– the limbs have to be very carefully thought out and the color palette especially has to be designed meticulously because it can easily become overwhelming, and end up a hot mess. (hot tip– no neons for a character with lots of colors. the fact that the green and yellow are the brightest colors on him and the rest are earth tones, or blues, is very great design wise. neutral colors for a complex characters so your eyes don’t burn.) the fact that the mlp staff chose such good proportions and colors for him is pretty incredible, and while he isn’t generally animated as “cutesy” in the same way that the other characters on the show are, he’s still easy on the eyes, relatively speaking, and that really is a pretty impressive feat


Week 11/14 ❤ Finished my bujo session for next week. Working at my bujo is so relaxing and I somehow need to manage my anxiety since finals are in two weeks)(omg times passes too fast!!)
Happy journaling everyone anf thanks for 1.5k followers 😘


Okay so this is my little zine I made!

I googled many different ways to deal with dysphoria (since I don’t really know how to deal with my own dysphoria xL) and I found these 6 to be the best (in my opinion)