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BTS Scenario/Text/Snap Masterlist (11/9)

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Drabble - Cuddling + Morning Sex

Drabble - Cooking Together + Teasing + Romantic Sex

All Semester Long (smut)

Birthday Treat Drabble (smut)


Drabble - Make Up Sex + Hickeys

Help… (sensual smut)

Officially Missing You (slight angst to fluff)

Yoongi Smut ft. Namjoon

Follow Your Animal Instinct

Snow Day Anniversary

A Friend of Daddy’s

I Quit


In Love With Another Man

Devious (Male Reader)

Daddy Kink


A Bump in the Road (part 1) (part 2)


Drabble - Sexting

Get a Room (smut)

Yes, Mistress (smut)

Just Take a Break (J-Hope x Reader x V) (smut)

Art Museum (Fluff)

Feel My Lips

Fighting for Nothing

I love It (smut)

Light Up the Dark

I Don’t Need You

Angst and Fluff


Rap Monster:

Drabble - Make Up Sex + Blowjob

Drabble - Moving In + Pillow Fight + Cuddling

Drabble - First Date + Massage + Hickeys

Drabble -  Making out + Neck Kisses + Hickeys

Boyz II Men - I’ll Make Love to You inspired

Boyz II Men- Part Two

Just Being Neighborly

Such a Good Neighbor (Just Being Neighborly pt. 2)

Inconsiderate Neighbors (Just Being Neighborly pt. 3)

Yoongi smut ft. Namjoon


Can’t Sleep

Anything You Can Do (smut)

I’ll Make Love (part 3)


Drabble - Thigh Kisses + Striptease + Shower Sex

Drabble - Cuddling + Teasing + Romantic Sex

Drabble - Morning Sex + Sexting

Drabble - Massage + Hickeys + Fingering

Warm Up (smut)

Your Husband Will Take Good Care of You (fluff)

Are You Alright? (fluff)

Don’t Get Caught (smut)

Rough and Jealous Jimin (smut)

Forever (Angst fluff)

Birthday Treat Drabble (suggestive)


Routine Physical

Let’s Watch a Movie

Morning Love

Pancakes fluff

Bite Series

Forever and Always

Dead Leaves

Soaking Wet (smut)

Kiss Cam

Goodnight Mommy

Still Begging For More

Late Nights

Dance All Night


Drabble - Cuddling + thigh kisses + and eating out

Drabble - Sexting + Teasing + Hickeys

Drabble - Making Out + Eating Out + Morning Sex

Just Take a Break (V x Reader x J-Hope) (smut)

Shower (smut)

Sleeves (angst)

Jelly (smut)

First Love

Birthday Blues

Thunderstorm Cuddles

More Than Friends

Public Transit

Use That Mouth

You Want to Watch? (feat. Hwasa)

What’s wrong? (feat. Rap Monster)


Drabble - Moving in, teasing, romantic sex

Drabble - Cuddling + First Kiss

Drabble - Massage + Pillow Fight + Making Out

Drabble - Cuddling + Making Out + Romantic Sex

Drabble - Sexting + BJ + Orgasm Denial (reader)

Drabble - Cuddling + Thigh kisses + Orgasm denial (reader)

Rough (smut)

I Want Them To Know (smut)

A New Beginning (angst)

Handcuffed (smut)

Birthday Surprise (Alternative ending 1 Happy + 1 Sad)

Who Will Win?


Grind Practice

Ride me Baby

I’m Here

Touchin, Lovin part 1 (smut) part 2 (no smut)

Triple the Fun

Hiding Every Cloud Under a Smile

Drive Me Crazy

Giving birth to Jungkook’s child

Diablo (part 1) (part 2)


I Want Them to Hear

BTS FAKE SNAPS (all members unless specified)


Finding out you and Jungkook are dating

Sexy (Suga)

Adorable (Suga)

Body Positive (Suga)

Happy Birthday (Jungkook)

Needy snaps

Loving you despite height (V)

Jealous snaps (Suga)

Taking virginity

Cheering up their lover

Cute snaps to lover (Jimin)

Snaps to their boyfriend

Jealous snaps (Jungkook)

Sassy/flirting (Jimin)

Wondering why you’re dating their maknae (V and Jimin)

Cocky/annoying (Jungkook)

Grumpy because you didn’t spend the night (Jungkook)

Proving they’re hot to their crush (V, Jin, Jungkook) (pt. 1) (pt. 2)

When you fall off the bed laughing (Maknae line) (pt. 1) (pt. 2)

Stuck in the rain (Jungkook and J-Hope) (V and Jin)

Can’t sleep at 5 a.m. (V, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin)

When he wants attention (Jungkook) (Suga)

When you’re pregnant with another member’s child

Horny (Suga)

Jungkook being Jungkook

NSFW Birthday present

Missing you (Jimin)

Horny/sexy (V)

Letting you know you’re beautiful (Suga)

Birthday snaps (Jungkook)

Encouraging (Rap Monster)

Ignoring them for Pokemon Go

Surprise birthday (Jin)

Asking for nudes (Jungkook)

BTS Texts:

Bts Big Brother, Revealing Clothes

Yoongi Text: You are studying

You got a nightmare: text

Jimin: Proposal Picnic

Maknae line annoying you

Horny Suga

Arguing who tops (gender neutral)

Birthday texts

You Okay? (Namjoon)

Drunk texting your crush

They’ve been gone

On your period

The Party (OT7)

BTS (two or more members)

BTS x “Shy Girl”

BTS x “Shy Girl” 2

BTS x “Shy Girl” 3

Tongues Series (Jin) (Suga) (J-Hope) (Rap Monster) (Jimin) (Taehyung) (Jungkook)

Truth or Dare? (links on post)

Take a Walk (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Delicious (Yoongi & Jimin)

It’s Only Me When the Cameras Are On (Taekook)

More of everything to come!

glasses/sunglasses when ur in the sun alignments

clip-on sunglasses: lawful good

just wearing ur glasses and accepting the sun will hurt ur eyes: lawful neutral

transitional lenses: lawful evil

just wearing sunglasses even though u wont be able to see very well: neutral good

wearing ur glasses but switching to sunglasses when it gets Too Bright and switching back to glasses after: true neutral

wearing ur glasses and using ur hand to shield ur eyes: neutral evil

wearing sunglasses ON TOP OF ur glasses: chaotic good

wearing glasses and using an umbrella to block out the sun: chaotic neutral

wearing those 3D glasses from the movie theatre in place of glasses even though they have no real sun-protective properties: chaotic evil

More Weird Shit We Said At D&D

context: my character, Farrah, let some guy kill her love interest and slept with the murderer under his dead body

(wow wtf)


Me: I mean, he’s a smoother talker

Murderer: Yeah, see there’s a lot of things I can do with this tongue.


What is gender?? A LIE!!!

Kinda irked

So I came out to my mum officially at the start of the year but she’s known I wasn’t cis for a while. Anyway I told her I want top surgery and she started crying because she “doesn’t want to loose her little girl” and that she’s going to need to “grieve” for a while before she’ll come around like ??????? I’m still your kid ????? I AINT DEAD ???????


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 6.6.17

airy tunics by layoudesign

israeli design house layoudesign’s breezy, summery, airy fashion styles are ideal for a warm summery day — or night! check out their dresses, tunics, tops, pants and more for neutral pieces that look comfy and stylin’ layered or alone.

For a long time I’ve felt that talking about my hopes and dreams around top surgery would jinx it, but now that I know I’ll get it done here’s things I’m excited about:

  • Wearing necklaces without them disappearing down my cleavage or directing attention to it
  • Getting to buy new clothing and not being limited to giant boob fashion for women
  • Button-up shirts and t-shirts will actually look as intended
  • Strapless dresses :O
  • Cute delicate wireless bras
  • Bras in colors other than black, nude and ugly reddish purple
  • No more boob-fanatic random guys showing interest in me
  • I can actually do all the yoga and pilates poses now and not choke on my boobs!!
  • Summer: topless
  • No more underboob sweat
  • Close proximity cuddling
  • Doesn’t matter if I lean over and people see inside my top because THERE’S NOTHING THERE
  • No more back pain and strap chafing
  • I can go actually jogging for the first time in 15 years :OOO

im starting a capsule wardrobe on saturday and i think its going to be so good for me autistically

i’ve realised that i only really feel comfortable and confident + like myself when wearing leggings and plain-ish dark neutral tops. so my wardrobe will basically just consist of comfortable basics that can be dressed up and down.

im hoping it will relieve some of the pressure of clothing-related sensory issues and executive dysfunction, as having less choice + more of what i know i like/know i feel comfortable in should make it easier to choose outfits + get dressed on a morning (i’ve always had big big problems with confidence + body image and getting dressed has always been so stressful that it often triggers meltdowns + a lot of the time i end up melting down and then cancelling all my plans/ditching all my responsibilities)(so hopefully my mornings will be a lot less stressful which i know impacts my functioning ability greatly).

the aim is to reduce the amount i own enough that i can hang all my everyday/outdoor clothes on hangers in my wardrobe so that they’re visible + easily accessible, and then to have all my pyjamas and loungewear (home clothes) and seasonal stuff (like umbrellas + wooly hats) in the drawers underneath which i’ll label.

im still trying to work it all out logistically but im so excited to hopefully make my life a little bit easier. ive cut down a lot of my physical belongings lately + am living a little more minimally and being more considerate of my purchases and stuff and its honestly made such an improvement to my mood and executive functioning at home. so im really excited to do this with my clothes too!! especially because clothes and getting dressed has always caused me so much grief

also like realistically in times of peak burn out i could genuinely assign outfits to days of the week.. how nice would that be

so anyway yeah thats happening and im excited + above is a little moodboard ive been working on to try and help myself work it all out/visualise it (all the images are from pinterest, so if you see an image that belongs to you and would like it credited, please let me know)

coffee // optional bias

“you didn’t have your morning coffee today and the uni lecture and teacher you had were not helping with your cranky mood so as you burst out the doors of the cafe with your well needed coffee we bump into each other and your coffee spilled over both of us so you start cursing me out until i manage to calm you down” au

genre: fluff?? / warning(s): idk bad writing ig *lol*, written in lapslock, a little swearing

word count: 1.7k

note: wow i actually wrote something not angsty since the kisses drabble :0 reader’s a bit of a jerk in this yikes. but sorry for mistakes and enjoy??

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