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So I came out to my mum officially at the start of the year but she’s known I wasn’t cis for a while. Anyway I told her I want top surgery and she started crying because she “doesn’t want to loose her little girl” and that she’s going to need to “grieve” for a while before she’ll come around like ??????? I’m still your kid ????? I AINT DEAD ???????

How I got insurance to pay for top surgery

I live in a state that does not have laws requiring insurance companies to pay for transgender health needs. So how did I get my insurance company to pay for my top surgery?

Long story short, I got pretty lucky and kind of cheated the system a bit, but for anyone out there that might be in a similar situation as me:

I was eligible for a breast reduction because of my size. I was a 30E, but anyone who has large breasts and have experienced shoulder/back pain or any other problems stemming from your boobs might be eligible!

There was a MINIMUM amount that needed to be taken off for insurance to cover the procedure. BUT THERE WAS NO MAXIMUM. So, I was lucky enough to have a really cool surgeon and I explained my situation to him. I told him that I didn’t want ANY boobs because I didn’t even identify as a woman in the first place. I told him that I would like a man’s chest and showed him some pictures and he felt comfortable that he could give it to me.

So I ended up getting a double mastectomy COVERED COMPLETELY BY INSURANCE. Even though they really just think that I got a breast reduction because of my back pain.

Feel free to share so that anyone in a similar situation knows that this is an option! Let me know if you have any questions :)

M'name’s Holland. Portland, OR androgyne/gender-neutral lesbian. Top surgery in t - 38 days! I do integrals by hand in my free time (take that, Mathematica!) and I’m afraid of mailmen. I suppose that’s the “show-don’t-tell” way of saying “I’m a giant dork.” Huzzah.

Come say hi at, as I recently deleted (formerly barn-megaparsec) and my followers list’s a bit lonely. Queer folks in STEM (especially physics), sci-fi enthusiasts, and Armenian family, I’m looking at you!

Overwatch Reader-Insert: NSFW - Having sex with their partner

What it says on the tin. Reader is a gender neutral top and while there is some penetrating on the Reader’s part I’ve left it open if it’s via strap-on or penis.
(Also, I speak very little Spanish and Japanese and absolutely no Portuguese so please correct me if you spot any mistakes with the few phrases I put in there)

Featuring Reaper, Lúcio, Junkrat, and Hanzo. Warnings are listed as they apply, but it only gets really BDSM-y with Reaper and Hanzo.

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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 2.19.16

waxed canvas knife roll/chef’s roll by hawksanddoves

now, i will NEVER be a chef. i can totally be a wannabe fangirl of all of the big cooking shows from top chef to chopped, but i will never need this badass knife roll. however, if you know a chef or culinary student, this find’s for you! love it.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.20.15

theme thursday: rustic rucksacks for summer adventures

‘ness’ roll-top waxed cotton canvas backpack by fernwehuk

made with great care and high quality, fernwehuk’s roll-top packs are water-resistant, durable, and weatherproofed for years of radical hikes and camping trips. love the detail of the plaid interior, too. check out more of what this awesome shop has to offer today!