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Wedding headcanons // Hamilsquad

Prompt : First look at a wedding? First child? Type of flowers they would get you? EHH???


Alex would want quite a small wedding, close family and friends at a small church with an after party which would consist of a few more relatives and family friends, but would still be quite small. He would have you hold a bouquet of daises that were tied with a white ribbon! He would give you lots of kisses and he’d actually end up tearing up a lot, tbh.


Much like Alex, Laurens would want a small wedding with only a few friends and family members. However, that wouldn’t make it any less special for either of you! He would write his own vows in the form of a poem and (if you’re like me) would probably cry because of how sweet they are!! He would cry a little bit himself and he’d really like an Earth/neutral themed wedding or something similar? He would love to get married outside in the woods somewhere, something outside and sunny. Definitely in the summer and you would have a bouquet of lilies.


Hercules Mulligan isn’t really the kind of guy would want to get married. He wants to spend the rest of his life with you, make you happy, etc, but he isn’t really keen on the idea of getting married. He believes that you are already his, so he doesn’t need a certificate to prove that. He would still buy you a ring and he would still definitely make you a wedding dress and have a similar ceremony, not really a wedding though. In this ceremony, he’d want you to hold a mixture of white roses and smaller pastel pink flowers as well as him spending ages putting them in your hair.


He is the only one who would love a big wedding. It would be full of family, friends, drinks, music and laughter – the perfect princess wedding with a big princess dress and surprisingly, it would be outside. He would want to get married outside in the woods, much like Laurens, and he would show you off to all of his relatives in France. He’d have you hold lilies and roses.