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6. As the World Falls Down - David Bowie (1, 2

7. Fly Me to the Moon - Hwasa (1, 2

8. Can’t Help Falling in Love - Haley Reinhart (1, 2

9. Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley (1, 2

10. Earth Angel - The Penguins (1, 2

Bonus: Calico Skies - Paul McCartney (1, 2)

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Could you please do headcanons for Neji when he finds out his s/o is pregnant and what he would be like as a father? Thank you!

Heeeey Nonnie! Thank you for requesting Neji, I always have so much fun writing for him and daydreaming about him as a father. Too bad he didn’t live long enough to pass on those incredible genes. Rip. ANYWAY BEFORE I CRY, ONWARD TO DADDY NEJI! ~Admin Axel

Neji Hyūga Finding Out His S/O is Pregnant/Father Headcanons

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• Honestly, Neji would not have much of a reaction at all. He might ask you, “So… we’re having a baby?” Like he can’t quite comprehend what you just told him and he needs you to confirm that yes, you just told him you are pregnant. He would be stunned into silence for a moment, but he recovers quickly and starts listing off the household chores he will be taking over due to your “delicate condition” and outright forbids you to lift anything over 10 pounds until the first trimester is over. If he has to leave for a mission, he asks Hinata to drop by and make sure you’re alright at least once a day. Just because he doesn’t say it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you and the baby.

• He actually has a very good eye for tasteful decorating and quietly takes over the planning for the nursery. He’s sneaky in this respect because he does it in such a quiet, cunning manner that you still think that you made all the decisions – but when you take a look at the finished nursery you realize that every major detail was Neji’s idea, from the soft grey and pale yellow gender-neutral theme to the stuffed giraffes and elephants sitting in a net shelf in the corner to the delicate looking lamp resting on the nightstand beside the changing table. As irritating as it is, you can’t bring yourself to be too upset because, damn him, it looks good.

• Neji is very adept at noticing the small changes in your mood and altering his behavior to avoid stressing you out. If you’re angry, he is quiet and placating; if you’re being irrational, he is stern and logical; if you’re upset, he is calm and comforting – he’s just a perfect balance for you and all of those crazy pregnancy moods. Or he tries to be anyway, but more than once he has been driven out of the house because of his innate sarcasm.

• Neji is the first to hold his newborn (after you of course) and he was a goner from that moment on. He became the overprotective parent everyone laughs about, but he doesn’t care as long as his baby is safe and healthy. Up until his child is 9 months old he won’t let anyone hold him/her until he has seen them wash their hands with his own eyes – like he physically hovers behind them and tells them to make sure they clean under their nails and between their fingers with the antiseptic handsoap he provides them. Maybe you can convince him to lighten up a little, but he’s probably always going to be a little too vigilant.

• On the positive side, he is actually very helpful with his child when he/she is small and still waking through the night – he will take night feedings in turn with you, and he doesn’t need a lot of sleep to function properly so he’s more than happy to take baby outside while he trains and give you a break to take a nap. Outside, he will lay out a thick blanket on the ground and lay his baby on their belly so they can practice lifting their head and balancing on their little arms to strengthen their muscles while Neji himself does pushups. Show off.

• He’s a stern, but fair father to his child. He will push them to always do their best and practice until they can’t practice anymore, but he also knows when they’ve had enough and just need a little while to relax. He doesn’t reprimand them for it; he’d rather them take a break from practicing than to make a mistake and hurt themselves in their exhaustion.

• Even though he swears up and down that the pouting-teary-eyed routine doesn’t work on him, he’s lying through his teeth. He’s a complete sucker for it and has to send them to their room to save face and avoid caving. Any child of Neji’s will be smart enough to pick up on it and use it to their advantage.

Oh Shit (Part 2)

After the months of your pregnancy ticked past, the boys had finally persuaded you and Josh to stay living in the house instead of finding your own place straight away. And realistically, they had been amazing. Every single one of the boys had made sure to play their part up to the point where all of you were now getting the nursery completely ready.
Not knowing the gender of the baby, you had opted for a neutral theme with a pale yellow and animal style for the entire room.
“JJ that’s not fucking straight!” Simon laughs as JJ and him try to fix in the shelves.
“What? How?” Jide exclaims, stepping back to check and leaving Vikk to hold it up.
“How are my happy little helpers?” You grin walking in, carrying a tray of food and drinks for them all.
“Much better now!” Harry smiles and grabs some food from you.
“Babe put your feet up” Josh sighs, slinging an arm around you, “We can do this”
“Trust me, by the sound of things you need me since the seven of you can never get anything done” You chuckle.
“Owww holy fucking shit!” Vikk shrieks as the shelf falls flat on his foot.
“What was that about me putting my feet up?” You raise your brows to Josh who simply laughs at his friend and continues with his task.
Within an hour, the main work and biggest parts are done with only the accessories etc to put in now. You probably should’ve got this done way earlier but you still had two weeks until your due date… That was enough time right?
“Alright Nim, you and Ethan can set up the bears in a suitable way for a baby” You comment, handing over a pile.
“What do you mean? We’re very suitable people!” Ethan exclaims, giggling at himself as he does.
“And JJ and Tobi you can-” You stop and wince slightly at the twinge of pain in your stomach.
“What’s wrong?” Both Simon and Josh question at the same time.
“Nothing, just seems feisty today” You smile, one hand resting on your bulged stomach, “Anyway Tobi and JJ yo-” You stop again and grip onto Josh’s arm beside you.
His other instantly falls around your waist and you can feel the concern radiate from his hold, “babe what is it?”
“I think-” You wince, “I think my waters have just broken”
“Oh shit…” All of the boys mumble in chorus.
As though everything rushes in a blur, you’re taken to the car followed by the boys carrying everything you could possibly need all while Simon panics that he can’t find his keys and JJ is scared because you’re early and Vikk is still hobbling on his foot and Josh is in a craze making sure everything is in your hospital bag and Harry is simply following what anyone tells him to do since he’s usually the child of the group and Ethan is laughing still because of everyone’s reaction even though nobody is in the state to listen and Tobi, well he’s sat beside you in the car reassuring you that everything will be okay.
It’s overwhelming to say the least. All of them in a sheer panic about this new life entering their own lives and they’re terrified that things won’t go perfectly.
Deep breaths. Deep breaths.
~~~Time Skip~~~
“Can we come in and see her?” You can hear Harry question from outside.
The room now was tranquil. Only you and Josh and your baby girl. A tiny bundle of white and pink wrapped around her miniature frame and both of you holding her like she’d break under your fingers.
“Well there is quite a few of you…” The nurse comments.
“Oh come on I’m her-” Simon begins, “We’re all (y/n)’s brothers”
The nurse clearly doesn’t seem convinced but reluctantly steps aside to let them all in.
“Is this her?” JJ asks excitedly.
“No JJ this is just a random kid” Tobi laughs, hitting him round the head.
“Did you think of a name yet?” Ethan asks, joining the six pairs of bright eyes that looked down to the three of you.
“Hollie Rose” Josh smiles, beaming down to his new child.
“Can I?” Simon asks, arms extended to which you cautiously place the bundle in.
He looks nervous but natural. One arm folded to hold her head and the other loosely underneath her legs.
“Hey kiddo” He chuckles, a proud uncle already.
The way he looks at her, with sheer adoration, already tells you that she would be the most important thing to him now. His first niece.
“Guys can I just point something out” Vik says softly, “We’re all uncles…”
And in chorus, all of the boys state, “Oh shit…”
She’d be lucky to have all six of them. Definitely.