neutral sweater

Deity of comfy PJs and sweaters

Peter x Reader (I tried to be gender neutral.)

Description: Person A wears a hoodie that is waaaaay to big for them. The sleeves are way past their fists and the hood goes over their face. It takes all of Person B’s will power not to take them right then and there. Bonus points for if Person B eventually gives in to the adorableness. (from otpisms)

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Warnings: Implied smut I guess and kissing 

You had been looking for a sweater in Peters closet for five minutes when you found the perfect one. You put it on and the sleeves went way past your fists so much so that the sleeves actually went to the middle of your thighs and the bottom was almost at your knees. You wondered where Peter had gotten this sweater from because despite your size difference this sweater would be way too big for him too. 

You came out of his room wearing the sweater and sat on the couch, waiting for him to put a movie in you, were going to watch one of your favorites. “Did you find a sweater alright y/n?” he asked,

“Yeah! I found this really big one. Where did you get this it’s even way too big for you.” you replied drawing out the L in really. He turned around but stopped when he saw the sweater you were wearing. “Wh-here did you-u find that?” he asked stuttering a bit. “Uhm in your closet? Is it okay if I wear it, I probably should have asked…” You said sheepishly. 

“No no, it’s okay. It’s okay I’ve just been looking for that sweater for a while. It was Uncle bens.” He replied in a soft voice. “Oh my god I didn’t know I’m so sorry, I’ll take it off.” You said standing up, even though it had been a while since Ben died you didn’t want Peter to be sad or reminded of that time. “No don’t, you look really cute anyway.” He said stopping you and laughing a little. “Are you sure?” you asked hesitantly. He nodded and sat down beside you starting the movie and pulling you close. 

“Oh man, I forgot the popcorn!” he said throwing his hand up. “Oh come on Peter! I'm kidding I’ll get it.” You said standing up. As you passed Peter you could feel his eyes on you. “Stop staring weirdo,” you said and hit him on the head with your really long sleeves. “I can’t help it you just look so amazing like you're actually a Deity. The Deity of comfy PJs and sweaters.” you laughed and kissed his forehead, then grabbed the popcorn. 

When you sat down you tried to focus on the movie but you couldn’t help but notice Peters hands around you and on your thigh. You looked at him and made eye contact. He leaned in and kissed you than taking your face in his hands, he sped up the kiss and made it more intense. Your hand pulled at his hair trying to pull you guys closer together. He broke the kiss breathing heavily and started kissing down your neck and chest making his way to your thighs. “Peter we shouldn’t do this on your couch.” You told him huffing. He just ignored you and made his way back up to your face kissing everywhere but this time under the sweater. He popped his head through the hole and kissed you, you laughed. “Your right, let’s take this to my room.”  


I mean who doesn’t want to wear a sweater in the middle of August?

I needed some neutral sweaters for my guys so wah la!

  • 12 swatches from @citrontart ‘s palette 
  • 2 versions, one with knit pattern, one without
  • Please don’t steal/reupload/credit as yours
  • Comes with custom catalog thumbnail


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Outfits/styles for the venus signs?

This is just my idea of what I’d think each sign would prefer based on the archetypes and my opinion of what sounds fitting! 

Aries venus: bold fashion, favor “statement” looks, casual fashion tends to have a defining piece, dark outfits with a pop of color, tight > loose-fitting clothing, minimal accessories, prefer pants, leather, shoes that are good for kicking asses

Taurus venus: fashion that accentuates their favorite body part, shirts/dresses that cinch at the waist, flowy skirts and dresses, gold earrings and necklaces as well as diamonds, like to carry big purses for the heck of it, classy with what might seem gaudy to others, heels > flats, velvet, fur coats

Gemini venus: likes to mix and match styles, tends to go for colorful clothing, sometimes values the practicality of clothing more than anything, but still likes to switch it up now and then, flats, blazers, graphic t-shirts, high rise jeans, rompers, either many accessories or very few, black hats

Cancer venus: wears clothes for comfort generally, loose-fitting > tight clothing, scarves, boots and flats > heels, neutral colors, sweaters, subtle accessories, diamond earrings, thin belts, leggings, white t-shirts, floral skirts, a frequent user of bobby pins

Leo venus: looks for an outfit that will no doubt make them stand out, heels > flats, likes glitter and bedazzles items when necessary, likes bright lipstick, big earrings, hoop earrings, MORE is more, makes tacky fashion shine, “leopard print is in always in,” luxurious like taurus venus

Virgo venus: reserved in their fashion choices, fancy skirts, olive green and neutral colors, flats > heels, small earrings, loose-fitting clothing, blouses, small hair pieces, black tights, bows,neat sense of style, more minimalistic, silk, turtlenecks, vintage

Libra venus: pearls, flower crowns, blush pink, flowy dresses, daytime dresses/tea party dresses, cream colors, clutches, bracelets, modest and graceful clothing generally, shoes with straps around the heel, wedge heels, lace

Scorpio venus: likes black as well as other grey tones, red lipstick is a must, the occasional winged eyeliner, likes to wear fitting dresses with a belt, skinny jeans, either stilettos or pointed flats, skip out on most accessories except maybe a small necklace and fish hook earrings, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, stripes

Sagittarius venus: tries out all styles, work well with bohemian fashion, feather earrings, crop tops, sandals, suede boots, loose shorts, patterned clothing, big earrings, lots of earrings, long necklaces, anklets, caps, flowy skirts

Capricorn venus: pencil skirts, brogue shoes, black high heels, slicked back hairstyles, contour, black, white, grey, also tend to be reserved with fashion choices, cropped trousers, natural makeup, polka dots, leather book bags

Aquarius venus: tie dye clothing, different combinations, all colors of the rainbow, holographic clothing, cat eye glasses, circle glasses, lightning bolts, abstract patterns, the type to make clothes out of their curtains, colorful footwear, converse, studded shoes, lots of accessories

Pisces venus: cool colors, blue, loose-fitting clothing, silver, sequins, dangling earrings, pastels, long skirts, maxi dresses, knitted hats, beanies, greek sandals, flip flops, short boots, wide legged pants, charm bracelets, forehead headbands, rings, wool

Thank you for asking :)!!! 

The sunflower - Minhyun Scenario

PAIRING: Minhyun x OFC


GENRE: Angst (not intended, I swear). Happy ending. Soulmate AU.

WARNINGS: Mentions of death and major angst. I think that’s all?


NOTE:  Based on this beautiful AU in which someone’s skin gets colder every time their heart breaks, but as soon as they touch their soulmate for the first time, they get their warmth back.

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Modern Hamilton headcannons(not genderbent)

(this isnt in the “Broken Heart of John Laurens” universe btw)

Alex: A sassy,coffee loving, hoodie wearing dude from the Caribbean. Always has his hair up and has noticeable dark circles but he’s still handsome as hell.Openly Bi and he’s super smart. He’s close to his “adoptive family” which includes, Gwash, Martha Washington  and Lafayette. He loves his boyfriend John Laurens so much (even though he’s screwed up many times and yeah) and would do anything for turtle boy.

John: Gay and here to stay. He is studying to be a doctor but in his free time he’s a freelance artist. He’s part of many human rights campaigns with Angelica and can win a fist fight easily (note: He has lost so he’s not invincible). He also really likes turtles. He even has a tattoo of one. He has a sad and dark side hidden under his happy side. He was disowned and neglected and he feels like he’s often not good enough.

Lafayette: SOME FRIGGIN FAIRY TALE PRINCE FROM FRANCE. Seriously he’s gorgeous and gets a lot of attention from both guys, gals and nonbinary pals. He likes experimenting with makeup and both masculine and feminine clothing (thanks to his boyfriend’s interest in fashion). He’s also really great with hair and often helps anyone who wants it. He is the adopted son of the Washingtons and loves his family greatly. Very smart too. He is the mom friend and is very protective over John ‘cause thats his baby.

Hercules: He’s tough and buff yo. Under that tough exterior though is a sweet teddy bear who likes making clothes and doing makeup. He’s one of the top fashion designers in NYC and he loves it. Very focused on making clothes for all body types. He loves his boyfriend so much and the two act like an old married couple.  Peggy is his GFF (Girl-friend forever) and the two meme the hell out of everyone. James Mads is his brother from another mother mainly cause they look ridiculously similar. It’s scary actually.

Aaron: He’s very smart but insecure. That makes him hesitant to show his own opinions. He is good friends with Alex and James Madison but he’s on the bench about Thomas. He also is kind of flirty but it usually fails. However he gave apick up line to a woman named Theodosia and she laughed. When he was about to retreat she asked if they could get lunch together. Thats how the two became lovey dovey love birds. He’s a lawyer and a pretty good one at that. He wears sweater vests often. 

Thomas: He is always wearing top line clothing (usually in purple hues). Is openly Bi and is filthy rich and very intelligent. He can be a bit…quick to action at times and would probably be in a wheel chair if not for his best friend James Madison. Also James is his secret crush and he tries to let James by going the playboy route. Y’ make him jealous. So far he realizes it’s not working out. 

James: James is an awkward, shy and sickly small human. He wears a lot of gray,black and other neutral colored sweaters He’s the type of character that is often seen in the background. He likes baking, gardening and playing violin and piano. He loves emo/alternative music. Like he can play and si This is Gospel on piano really well and sing it well too. It’s surprised a lot of people. He’s very intelligent and is often the voice of reason. Also seen as slightly intimidating too. His GFF is Dolley Todd and she tries to encourage him to be more out there. She also drags him to her girl meetings. Did I mention he is super gay for Thomas?

Eiza: She’s a sweet person who is way to pure for this cruel and unforgiving world. Well her Girlfriend and her friends would say that. And its true. She does a lot of charity work but works as a psychiatrist. SHe loves her sisters and is very protective over Peggy (not as bad as Angelica though). She friggin loves her girlfriend Maria so much and is the most protective over her. Heck she punched James Reynolds in the face at least three times. The two are awesome together.

Angelica: She is a writer for a news paper for topics such as sexism or racism. She is part of  many human rights campaigns with John (who is her best male friend) and can sass her way out of things. Why? She’s fucking smart. Like really smart. She is protective over her sister the most but is also protective over Maria, John, James Madison, Laf and Theodosia Prevost. She is women power in the flesh.

Peggy: The meme Goddess herself. She always references memes in almost every conversation. She is such a joy to be around and will always help her family and friends. She does crazy shit with Herc and the two play pranks. She’s openly bi (more on the female side though) and is part of human rights acts. She can also make some sick cocktails.

Maria: She’s quiet and has a seductive facade. In reality she feels helpless and depressed because of ther loveless and abusive marriage. However with the help of Aaron Burr and Eliza Schuyler she managed to divorce and get a restraining order on her ex. She loves tea and calls Eliza her little tea leaf. She likes hanging out with Theo, Dolley and James Madison (over tea and gossip). She likes gardening and cooking very much and presses flowers. Her laugh is also really cute. Like it starts out like a deep and quiet chuckle of sorts and then it gets higher and gigglier and she snorts a lot during it. She is so sweet.

anonymous asked:

Hi, bro! Could I ask for some advice? I've been questioning my gender recently (AFAB) and I want to experiment with looking more androgynous because that's generally the types of clothes I reach for, especially the days my chest upsets me. Only problem is that my hair (my favorite part of my body) is copper, waist-length and ringlety, as well as often bushy. Combined with a rounder face and big eyes, I look pretty feminine. Any suggestions on how to look more androgynous without cutting my hair?

First of all, your hair sounds rad AF, and it definitely shouldn’t be a problem! Lots of masc and neutral presenting people rock long hair, and it gives you something exciting to work with.  Also, keep in mind that being genderqueer doesn’t require a change in how you present, you should look how you want to look!

Anyway, here are my starter tips for a more neutral/less femme look, but bear in mind i’m not a hugely experienced person when it comes to fashion and makeup :)


If you wear glasses, changing the style to a squarer or more masculine looking style can change how your face looks.

If you have piercing, you can you them to put out the vibe you want- e.g., dangly hoop earring make your face look rounder, and studs and asymmetrical looks can be more masc/androgynous

Try different contouring on the face for a more neutral look- emphasize your cheekbones and jaw line with dark eyeshadow etc.

If your face is very feminine you can balance that out by thickening your eyebrows. If you muss them up or darken them with mascara/eyeliner pencil, it can help to look more masculine. Boys tend to have less of an arch to their brows too.

If you want to draw attention from your eyes, limit makeup around them like mascara and eyeliner which will make them look bigger, and wear more makeup/darker makeup elsewhere like the eyebrows or the lips.

You can wear clear lip gloss and put some powder on top to make your lips look neutral coloured, rougher and more masculine.

However, makeup’s not for everyone, and it’s by no means essential! It’s about doing what makes you comfortable.

Minimizing chest:

Binders, those dance tops ballet folks wear to reduce movement, or just a good, well-fitting bra - but not a pushup one

Wearing dark colored tops can be slimming for your chest.

Wearing jackets or cardigans over your t-shirts/singlets breaks up the outline of your chest

Wearing cute + chunky scarves to cover your chest.

A shirt with a cool collar/lapel will draw attention away from the chest

However, wearing long necklaces or decals on the chest draws attention to the chest.

Wear clothes that broaden your shoulders e.g. suit jackets w pads

Wear patterned or brightly coloured pants to draw attention there instead.


Wear your hair in different styles, really show it off- it sounds gorgeous. Pushing it to the side or combing it back can make it look more androgynous.  Certain hairstyles also make your face look less round, but you’d have to ask a person with more experience with having long hair than me to tell you which. Mussing it up and wearing it in a textured style also looks more androgynous. Accessorize it and wear it up- drawing attention to your hair rather than your chest on dysphoric days, and just showing it off when you’re in the mood. You can also wear caps, beanies and hats, and push it up under them on days it’s worrying you.  


Structured clothes can provide a more angular body shape, or a baggy look in neutral clothes (hoodie or sweater and boys pants) can hide curves. Bright plain colors are a favorite of lots of nb/genderqueer people I know, as they tend to lack gendering decals without being too dull or overly masculine.   I like to wear t shirts with my favorite superheroes on them, as they’re normally in a neutral or masculine style and it’s nice to have them as back up throughout the day :P

Button downs, Jackets, vests/waistcoats, sweaters (I really love sweaters!!!)

Masculine looking pants like Chinos, or other baggy pants, or rough low decal jeans.

Big chunky boots or masculine shoes can totally change the style of an otherwise feminine outfit and they make you feel pretty badass.

Androgyny is more a personal style choice than a certain way you have to dress so figure out your own look. shop around, including in the guy’s section and in thrift stores to see what catches your eye.

There’s also lots of cool online stores designed for and by lgbtq+ folks, which you can shop at or just use for inspiration (they’re often pretty expensive) e.g.

Much love,

Your big brother Alex

anonymous asked:

Bee, I'm taking a shot in the dark here and I know it's probably annoying but I'm dying for even a taste. Can you just jot down even the smallest hint of an imagine with Shawn? Doesn't have to be smut. Maybe just leading to a kiss with an older woman who maybe works for him? Like The Assistant reimagined. You hate me I know but help a desperate girl out...

Ugh fuck it. I’m weak and bored and have had a shit time writing anything lately so why not use it as a damn writing exercise.

BEFORE ANY OF Y’ALL START! I am NOT starting a fic. I am NOT taking requests. I am NOT going into the Shawn Fic black hole. Maybe on occasion if I so feel, I will shoot out blurbs just for fun but it will not be a series, fic or anything like that.

SO whatever, here’s a blurb. It’s not smutty so don’t get too excited and I don’t even know if I love it but TAKE IT OT OF MY HANDS.

“What about this one?” Liv held up the seventh shirt she’d plucked from the rack in front of her but was still getting ignored. “Shawn,” she said his name dead toned, wagging the shirt on the tip of her finger. “Shawn,” she repeated, resorting to grabbing an empty hanger and hitting him on the shoulder with it.

“Ow! What?” He raised his shoulder and looked at her, finally breaking from his conversation with three of his crew members.

“The shirt. Yes?”

“Whatever,” he shrugged and went back to his conversation leaving Liv to drop her arm at her side and lean her forehead forward on the rack in front of her in defeat. She’d worked this job for two months already and it wasn’t getting any easier. She had to dress him. That’s it. Seemed easy enough. Not when the client was eighteen and completely disinterested in fashion. She tried to get him to express any kind of enthusiasm over a piece before she put it on him but it was a moot point.

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