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(For faq project) What are wards and how do you make them?

FAQ: What are wards and how do you make them?

Wards are specific protective energies formed in to walls, barriers, or boundaries to keep other specific energies out. Wards can be made in a multitude of ways.

Energy exercise to practice making energetic wards: Create an energy ball between your hands. Do this through one or any of the following techniques:

  • Rub your hands together vigorously to raise energy in that area.
  • Imagine a root growing from your spine that sends vines or branches to your hands, which fill them with energy.
  • Look at a natural source of energy around you (Sun/Moon work great and tend to be around). Call it to your hands by imagining it comes down in a beam and lands in your palms.

When you have called energy, fervently imagine or believe that it becomes a solid ball of energy between your palms. No need to labor over this; the moment you think, “okay, the energy is here now,” you’re ready to go. Don’t second-guess yourself.

Now, practice shaping the energy.

  • Turn the ball in to a hollow sphere (common shape for wards!)
  • Turn the ball in to a fence, barrier, block, or brick.
  • Turn the ball in to a flat circle that stretches as far as you can make it go.

Then, practice solidifying the energy.

Place the energy sphere or wall around an object. Seal the ward by doing one of the following:

  • Clap your hands
  • Snap your fingers
  • Say “so mote it be”
  • Say “by my power, this ward is complete and permanent”

When you are done, send the energy away or ground it out.

Making energetic wards: Physically clean the space well. Choose exactly where you want the boundaries of the ward to lie. Align wards to natural features like walls, stones, salt lines, plant rings, natural boundaries, and so on. Channel or raise protective energy. Walk along or look at the boundaries of your ward and cast the energy from yourself to the boundaries of your ward. Use your skills of imagination to visualize or believe the ward is coming to shape. Repeat chants of a protective nature and instruct the ward about what it should let out and what it should let through.

Other tidbits:

  • Ask plant allies and spirit friends to guard, support, and repair your wards.
  • Multi-layered wards are best; don’t try to make one single ward against EVERYTHING. Cast 3-5 or more layers of wards to keep out different energies.
  • Energies to keep out: malicious, evil, ill-intentioned, manipulative, abusive.
  • Energies to let in: helpful, friendly, good, well-intentioned (if you want? Nobody has to let in anything if they don’t want to).
  • Energies to consider what to do with: spirits seeking aid, spirits of neutral intent.
  • You, your plants, your pets, your family, and everyone who lives in your home are ALSO spirits. Consider what your wards are going to do to your spirits. 
  • Do not make vast exceptions to your wards because you are afraid of missing out on spirit contact. It’s not worth it.
  • Give your special allies individual passwords to use to get through your wards, if you desire. Give each ally a different password.
  • edit: Play by Pokemon rules. Sun scares away night-creatures. Iron beats fae. Salt stops evil. Think about what energies you are using and what you are trying to keep away.

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“Many shamans accomplish the goal of getting the ego out of the way by taking on different personas when shamanizing, often in form of shapeshifting. For those who are open to the experience, symbols can be embodied and actualized in one’s body, creating cognitive, behavioral, and even physically-experienced changes. Such changes allow shamans to approach others from a place of authority and personal neutrality. Shamans invite the spirits and symbols to work through them for the purpose of helping others in any capacity that they may need. This is not about the ego-driven desires of the shaman, but rather is about getting the self out of the way so that Spirit may flow through and do its work. It’s about using the embodiment of symbols and shape-shifting to be a conduit for transcendent powers.”
— Martin W. Ball, Mushroom Wisdom: Cultivating Spiritual Consciousness

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Ever played D&D RPGs? There's an alignment system for characters that's basically a giude for each char's morals and ethics, and I think I remember you using the term Chaotic Evil once? So I just wanted to hear yuor take on some of the Bleach chars on the alignment chart, thanks!


I have played D&D, yes! For those who don’t know what the alignment system is, the anon summed it up pretty succinctly.  There are 9 alignments total, with two spectrums ranging from Lawful to Chaotic and Evil to Good.  

I made a chart with a few examples for kicks, and added the rest below the cut.  In the more detailed list, I include different versions for characters who went through an alignment shift.  Either way, most characters won’t fit an alignment perfectly, so I went with what I think is their most dominant one and included their tendencies as well.

You’re probably not going to agree with some of those, but where would be the fun in that anyway? ;) Feel free to offer suggestions/corrections!

(more characters under the cut)

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Suggestions for Conjures?

Okay so i only did two conjures last night and they were pointless so I just did astralling instead and I’ll have the notes on that soon cause I learned a lot 👀

Buuuuut, I still want to do a conjure speed run to practice more so give me suggestions of species to conjure AND QUESTIONS FOR THEM. If you don’t give me questions along with your suggestion I’ll just delete it. You can suggest more than one idc but please send your suggestions in SEPARATE ASKS. I’ll write the conjure notes in the answer so it’ll make everything easier for me <3. Also I reserve the right to decline any conjure suggestion for any reason. 

Swamp Witch's Spirit Chimes!!!

First let me give you a little history my Grandma told me about Spirit Chimes. They’re used to trap evil spirits/energy and turn the energy neutral and traps the spirit, everyone in the Bayou has em! Everyone I know at least. Ok lets get started

What you’ll need:

BOTTLES!! As many as you want, can be 1 or 1,000 doesn’t matter!

You’re also going to need some sort of yarn/rope pins/needles/glass/anything sharp, Lavender, Lemongrass, Sea Salt, Sage, Rosemary. and a bowl/dish to mix them in (preferably wooden) *optional a mortar and pestle.  

You can decorate the bottles like I did.

then put the pins in the bottle and mix the herbs on the bowl/dish after you ground them up (like I said optional)

Put them in the bottle, with the pins

then take some string/yarn/rope/whatever and string em up!

And the ya go! Spirit chimes! Go hang em outside preferably in tree.

The Signs' Alignment
  • Lawful Good - "Crusader": Aries
  • Neutral Good - "Benefactor": Taurus
  • Chaotic Good - "Rebel": Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Lawful Neutral - "Judge": Capricorn
  • True Neutral -Undecided": Pisces, Libra
  • Chaotic Neutral - "Free Spirit": Gemini
  • Lawful Evil - "Dominator": Virgo, Cancer
  • Neutral Evil "Malefactor": Sagittarius
  • Chaotic Evil "Destroyer": Leo
Hello Spirit Workers!

A little background before my question: There are two types of meditations I do. The first is the official, lay-on-the-floor, meet your guides in the meadow kind of deal.

The second kind I just started doing a week or so ago. It’s where I kneel before my altar, meet my guides, then say a quick good morning or good night. The first kind is much longer than the second kind.

While I am doing the second kind of meditation, I’ve notice these shadowy, human-like figures (in the place where I meet my guides) making a semi-circle around me but a little bit away from me. To keep their distance I suppose, plus I also haven’t officially met them yet.

In reading sopherielspeaks’ blog, he mentions that when you encounter an entity you can say something like “…only let those who come in light near me” to help you feel protected. I thought that was good advice so I incorporated it when I say hello to these figures because I don’t know who they are and have no idea what their intentions might be.

There are between 4-9 (with an average of 6) shadow figures when I start. I will greet these figures, since I get the feeling that they are here for me. But when I greet them, I will say something along the lines of, “Hello spirits who are around me who come in the light.”

Now, I’ve noticed that between 2-3 will walk away or disappear when I say my salutations to them. After the first couple of times I tried to reach out to them, to just feel them, not to talk to them (I know I’m not ready to talk to them). And they’re all pretty neutral or positive feeling. But even the few who turn away are still strongly neutral feeling. (Note: I don’t interact with spirits. I’m more of an energy person.)

And when they turn away their attitude is not like, “Damn, I can’t fuck up her shit today.” It’s more like me putting up a metaphorical “No Boys Allowed” sign. They turn away with shoulders slumped, like, “Aw, I can’t be by her today,” or even “I guess I’ll go somewhere else.” Like they’re saddened or disappointed.

I guess what I’m trying to say or ask is, even if I feel that all of the shadowy figures are neutral or positive in feeling/attitude, why is it that some of them walk away after I greet them and say my little bit? I don’t think any of them mean to harm me.

Can spirits be neutral towards a person yet not be able to be near them because of the person’s warding? Also, can a spirit be positive toward a person but not be able to be near them because of that person’s warding? Also, if this spirit is supposed to be near me, like be a guardian or a guide, why do they walk away?

Or is it not them but the wording in my greeting?

Well, this kind of turned into more than a simple inquiry, but if you have any ideas, I’d be very interesting to hear.

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(This was hard to put into writing because I’m trying to translate non-word, emotion-heavy ideas, so if you have any questions or need clarifications, let me know.)

A lot of people know about hauntings, specifically the hauntings of buildings, but not a lot of people know how much effort it takes for the spirit to do the haunting. You can tell how strong a spirit is by the type of haunting you’re experiencing, and I receive a lot of asks from people worried about potential paranormal activity in their house. A lot of the time, it turns out to be a very low-level haunting. 

I spent five years living in an undeniably haunted house, and I’ve put together a sort of checklist for hauntings, from the most commonly reported phenomena, to the rarest. Each one takes more energy on the spirit’s behalf than the last, so you can tell what kind of haunting you’re dealing with. If you’re at the low end of the scale, you probably don’t have anything to worry about. If you’re at the higher end, things are probably going to get a bit wild.

  1. Strange atmospheres: The earliest sign of a haunting is the constant feeling of not being alone, or being watched. This requires barely any energy from the spirit, so it’s usually the first thing people notice.
  2. Cold spots: These are commonly associated with spirits, and can stay in one spot or can move around the house. If a cold spot can’t be explained, it’s likely one of the first clues you have a visitor.
  3. Muffled sounds that sound vaguely like speech: You can never quite work out what’s being said, but it sounds like the underlying hum of people talking through walls or floorboard. When you go into the room you think it’s coming from, the sounds will stop, and there will be no way to explain what caused them.

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Why Genocide might be morally the best ending other than Hard mode ending

From the very second Frisk falls into the world of UnderTale, A bit of Chara’s essence clings to them. Maybe it happens with every human that falls down, maybe it’s only Frisk because only they had a red soul like Chara. Chara has only one goal, to grow stronger and feed off Frisks power and determination and soul. Everytime Frisk is defeated, Chara destroys Frisks soul to prevent it being taken, and encourages them to come back to their “save” and return to life with their soul. Chara either intentionally or unintentionally shares their memories every time this happens, every time the soul is broken and Frisk’s and Chara’s essences come together as they come back.

Where am I getting this from? Simple. The second Frisk falls into Undertale, they receive the memories Chara had when they fell in. The intro. Every time Frisk is defeated, they hear the very lines Asgore said to Chara as they died, pleading for them to wake up, that they are the future of Humans and Monsters, that they have to stay determined. When you lay in bed enough times and don’t face Toriel at the exit, you get the flashback to those lines again. Frisk hear the lines Chara hears when they are found by Asriel when Frisk nearly died after falling into the garbage dump. You hear the memories every time you die, except at the very end of the true pacifist route, when Frisk’s determination and spirit completely refuses to be broken by Chara, refuses to be reset to a save, refuses to be destroyed, and Frisk’s soul regenerates. It is at this point you no longer hear Chara’s memories, and their essence and spirit is thrown off…. But this means when the barrier is broken, you release not just the monsters, but Chara’s soulless spirit/essence into the world of humans, finding a human soul capable of performing genocide and destroying the monsters in the human world will be easy for them. You have doomed humanity by releasing a trapped entity capable of psychopathic destruction and amassing power beyond compare. The True Pacifist Ending is one of the worst ones when you consider the potential for destruction.

Now here is the tricky bit. According to the game, there is no way Chara’s spirit can leave the barrier. When Frisk somehow crosses it in Neutral ending Chara is left trapped in the Barrier, waiting for the next Human to fall in and serve as a host. Frisk leaves behind the possibility someone else could come and become Chara’s puppet. In the Genocide route, Chara gains more and more control each time Frisk levels up. The red text, the music slowing down, the behavior changes, that’s all Chara taking control and influencing Frisk. In the end of the genocide route Chara has complete control and erases the world inside the barrier, saying its time to move on to the next world… The human world. At this point, this is the best possible ending, to never come back, never give up Frisk’s soul, and leaving the world of Undertale erased so no more humans can fall into it, leaving Chara trapped forever in the void. Frisk has called their bluff, they thought Frisk would come back and offer their soul in exchange for bringing back the world. If you end your play-through here, you have achieved the best ending.

If you give Frisk’s soul to Chara and bring the world back, you have doomed them all. Doing a genocide route again will result in Chara calling Frisk’s behavior a “perverted sentimentality” for this world and suggest you try another route. Chara wants to get Frisk to do the true pacifist route while Frisk’s soul is owned by Chara. If Frisk gets a neutral ending it is not known if they make it through the barrier, we never see and they don’t answer their cellphone, same as with the normal neutral routes, maybe they pass but their soul is trapped behind and their lifeless body falls to the ground rotting with the cellphone in their pocket. If Frisk gets a true pacifist ending, Chara is now not only free from the barrier, they take over the soul and body of Frisk, as shown by the red eyes and face changing to Chara’s in the bed if Frisk goes with Toriel, or a photo with Chara’s face showing up instead of Frisk’s and all of your friends have their heads crossed out in red, signifying Chara has gone and killed them all. This is the worst possible ending. You have given the spirit of Chara a Soul and a body, and broken the barrier, sealing the fate of monsters and humanity. You cannot perform a true reset, the memories and actions are there forever….

Legendary Creatures [E]

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“What are you doing?”

Surana had some bundle of herbs she was stuffing into the back of Kirstoff's—no, his armor. She stopped and leaned forward to grin at Justice.

“You smell funny.”

“I inhabit a corpse, commander.” he replied blandly.

“Still no reason to stink.” she said, curls bouncing as she got to her feet, “And I’ve told you, you can just call me Aberdeen.”

The Warden-Commander was a strange mortal. A mage, tugging strings in the darkest arts, but still somehow ethical. Justice had not once seen her consider dealing with demons.

He liked her. It was an odd sensation.

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Moral Alignments are a device used and developed by Dungeons & Dragons, but I believed they give your character an added dimension. This guide is in how I view the Moral Alignment tool, as, with everything, one can perceive the different groups as you wish. Moral Alignments is probably the most direct and easy way to learn about how your character perceives the world, acts in it, reacts to it, and their personal values; it dictates all these things, and this guide will explain to you how it will manifest, and hopefully, it will be more widely used in the RP community.

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