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Spirit-B-Gone Powder

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This is a powder designed to quickly banish a spirit, while neutralizing any of their attempts to harm you. It is not designed to play nice, so keep that in mind when deciding when to use it. Hopefully you will never need it. (Though if you DO use it, I’d love to hear about your results since by nature it’s something I kind of avoid thoroughly testing!)

I mix them intuitively, so the amounts are whatever feels right. Generally this takes more salt, though.

  • Salt (Protection, banishing)
  • Pepper (Banishing, protection)
  • Chili Powder (Banishing)
  • Grey Salt (I make this the same way as most black salt recipes, with the ashes of incense. Grey is neutralizing.)
  • Cayenne Pepper (Banishing, adds strength and speed)
  • Ginger (Banishing, adds strength and speed)

Put it in a bottle or container and give it a good SHAKE!!

Swamp Fae

Appearance: tall, beautiful, humanoid people. I’ve mostly seen men but I believe there’s a small group of both females and males on the property. I left out some sweets as an offering and ever since I’ve been able to see them lingering near me in the shadows. I saw one better than the others and he has a large mouth filled with sharp teeth but otherwise human. He had long silky hair.

Temperament: they seem generally calm, although they have this “darker” edge to them. A little bit of a loose canon. One in particular tried to lure me out of my wards with the infant child in my care, and when I refused I could see anger in his eyes. But he remained calm and smiling nonetheless. They ask me to dance and play with them, and it is certainly tempting, but again I’m not just responsible for my own life so I’m being more wary than usual.

They were, from what I can tell but again they are fae so it’s difficult to get true answers, banished from their fae land for reasons unknown. As a group they settled here, taking care of the plants and making travelers get lost (even gps doesn’t work here it’s surreal how literally every person gets lost).

They don’t seem especially malicious but most swamp life isn’t especially kind to humans and they fit in well. They’ve been here very long, hundreds of years I believe. They seem especially keen on the baby here, I’m not sure what they want with her but the swamp and I have a deal that the child will be taken care of in my absence. So far I’ve only seen them in this one area outside Charleston SC, and I think they’ve been separated from their kind for a long time and have mutated, with different morals and behavior than the rest that were not banished.

I low key regret getting involved with them, ever since I left out an offering they’ve been in the shadows, making me aware of their presence and giving me a slightly unsettled feeling especially but not only at night. I strongly suggest being wary if you’re ever in the area, I’m not sure how large their domain is or how many of them there are. 

~Mod Wind

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CM Week: Day 3: AU 

CM Team + Greek Mythological figures It’s not really an au yes i know i cheated

“Many shamans accomplish the goal of getting the ego out of the way by taking on different personas when shamanizing, often in form of shapeshifting. For those who are open to the experience, symbols can be embodied and actualized in one’s body, creating cognitive, behavioral, and even physically-experienced changes. Such changes allow shamans to approach others from a place of authority and personal neutrality. Shamans invite the spirits and symbols to work through them for the purpose of helping others in any capacity that they may need. This is not about the ego-driven desires of the shaman, but rather is about getting the self out of the way so that Spirit may flow through and do its work. It’s about using the embodiment of symbols and shape-shifting to be a conduit for transcendent powers.”
— Martin W. Ball, Mushroom Wisdom: Cultivating Spiritual Consciousness

Art: Susan Seddon Boulet

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Ever played D&D RPGs? There's an alignment system for characters that's basically a giude for each char's morals and ethics, and I think I remember you using the term Chaotic Evil once? So I just wanted to hear yuor take on some of the Bleach chars on the alignment chart, thanks!


I have played D&D, yes! For those who don’t know what the alignment system is, the anon summed it up pretty succinctly.  There are 9 alignments total, with two spectrums ranging from Lawful to Chaotic and Evil to Good.  

I made a chart with a few examples for kicks, and added the rest below the cut.  In the more detailed list, I include different versions for characters who went through an alignment shift.  Either way, most characters won’t fit an alignment perfectly, so I went with what I think is their most dominant one and included their tendencies as well.

You’re probably not going to agree with some of those, but where would be the fun in that anyway? ;) Feel free to offer suggestions/corrections!

(more characters under the cut)

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Fae Facts - Refactored

So I caught wind of a discussion of “Fae facts” that were listed on the web, and what was true and what was not on it, and I’ve decided to write an article about it from the fae perspective…

‘Fae’ range from anything like goblins and imps to the little pixies with the wings that everyone associated with fairies to the seven-foot tall members of the royal courts. some even consider the banshee to be fae. (also trolls, gnomes, elves, djinn, dwarves, leprechauns, will-o-wisps, etc.)

  • Partially true.  There are actually many more fae than mortals can imagine.  There are fae unicorns (though not all unicorns are fae), merfolk are fae, there are some mortal species that can become partially fae (like changelings) and there are fae that no mortal has ever even heard of.  Additionally other cultures have fae under other names and courts, such as yokai, spirits (tho not all spirits are fae), and others.  Fae exist all over the world, in different cultures, with different names, and often their own Courts.

Some think the fae are evil, some think they are fallen angels, but most are considered to be a chaotic neutral force. some might call this ‘whimsically evil.’

  • False.   Angels/Demons and fae are not related.   We generally come from nature or Faerie, and the angels and demons are created directly by a divine being for a purpose.  Also our ‘alignments’ are all over the map, just like mortals.

Honey makes them drunk.

  • Mostly False.  Honey is the base for honey mead.   Honey mead is the base for Faerie wine.  Honey has more of an ‘effect on us’, but it doesn’t generally make us drunk.   We however do make the Best Wine fron it.  

Iron poisons them, as it does many magical beings.

  • True.  Almost all the fae I know have some reaction to iron.

Some were-creatures were probably just fae in disguise, since fae can assume any form.

  • Somewhat true.  Not all fae can shapeshift, but some were-creatures are fae.  Not all fae that can shapeshift can take any form, but some can.  I can’t take the form of a human (at least as fae), and the number of animals I can turn into… well that’s not unlimited either, but it is alot.   Also fae shapeshifters usually have a base form that they prefer.  Sometimes that is called their ‘sleeping form’ because some can’t maintain it when they sleep.

They sometimes lure humans with music that makes them want to follow and dance. They have to dance for what feels like a year and a day but it’s actually only seconds.

  • False.  This is the other way around, please see my article on faerie rings.  If you enter a faerie ring, and dance for a day, when you exit (on average) a year will have passed.   If you have danced with the fae in one of these rings for a year and a day, don’t return to Earth as you’re already dead there.

True names of the fae have power over them. they often use aliases when dealing with non-fae.

  • True.  

Some people are gifted with fae sight, which allows them to see the fae and also sometimes peeks into the future through their dreams.

  • Partially true.   Except that those people who have ‘fae sight’ are usually partially fae themselves.   Also it gives no insight into the future.  However they are easily able to travel to Faerie in their dreams.

Cats hate the fae, and the fae hate them back.

  • False.  Some fae ride cats around.   Some fae become cats, particularly when they want to become a witches’ familiar.  Pixies have the most trouble with cats, because cats think they are moths and chase them around. But in general, the cats just want to play, and are not hated by pixies for this.

Iron horseshoes over the door can act as a fae deterrent.

  • Partially true.  Also other things can deter fae, like salt.   Why would you want to do this?

They sometimes kidnap human children and leave their own children or elderly behind. these are called changelings.

  • True.  It still happens today.   Additionally some fae end up incarnated into mortal bodies, by choice, obligation or force.  These are also considered changelings.  In a society that denies fae exist for the most part, those changelings may not know about their true nature right away.  Changelings and faekin are functionally similar.

Fae are generous with gifts, especially for polite people, but prefer gifts in return.

  • True.  But should this be considered unusual?

That being said, better to avoid accepting gifts.  You probably don’t have enough to pay them back. By saying ‘thank you,’ you acknowledge that a gift was given and that you now owe something in return.  Being indebted to the fae = bad time.

  • Partially true.   Often mortals do not understand the value of what is given.  It will help, if you are going to ask a fae for something, to have the payment already in hand.   Then we will know how much of it you want in advance.

Fae can’t lie, but truth and honesty aren’t always the same.

  • Partially false.  Fae can lie, we usually won’t.  Not only are lies draining to maintain, but why would we bother?  I don’t lie.

Asking for a favor will cause offense. Make it seem like it’s their idea to help you.

  • Partially true.  Don’t just come to us to ask for favors all the time, what would you think about another mortal that did this?

Most things offend them, actually.

  • Mostly untrue, although the idea that mortals think everything offends us, is offensive…

Some fae can smell a lie. there’s no way of knowing which ones unless they tell you.

  • True.   Actually most of us can tell when we’re being lied to.  But again is this unusual?

Fae use ‘glamour’ to hide their appearance or habitations around humans. ‘Glamour’ can be gifted for use by humans.

  • True.   Also you all can learn glamour on your own if you put some effort into it.

It’s better for fae to have half-breed children than no children at all, so relationships with humans are fine. It just rarely works out fine for the human.

  • Partially true.  There are plenty of fae changelings in the mortal realm, even today.  But there is very little reason it can’t work out fine for mortals to have these children.  

Iron, salt, and bread (any kind) will ward fae away. so will rowan and hazel.

  • Partially true.  Iron, yes; Salt, conditionally yes; Bread, no; Rowan, yes;  Hazel, no.

Rowan and iron will ward most bad things away, actually.

  • And I guess good things too.   I don’t like where some of these facts are going.

Ringing church bells at dawn and dusk will drive fae and/or changelings from your village.

  • Mostly false.  Though most of us aren’t a big fan of churches.

Alternately, cream and butter and cakes (not bread!!) will attract them.

  • ? … Well I like cream and butter and cakes.   There’s nothing wrong with bread.   What were people putting in their bread back in the old days?

They have many names. fair folk, the good people, the gentry, the wee folk. my favorite is the good neighbors.

  • True.  And even more names than that.   Humans have 1100 distinct languages and a word for us in most of them.

There are places where the veil between worlds is thinner, and these places see more fae. Ireland is said to be one. transient places (crossroads and bus stops etc.) are said to be another.

  • True.  Also see ‘liminal spaces’.

Musicians are often taken to their world. they may come back but they won’t be the same.

  • Partially true.  Sometimes mortals wander into our world, attracted to what we’re doing.  Sometimes musicians hear the music and come.   If you come to Faerie long enough, you’ll become fae.  It can’t be helped.   But there’s really no discrimination.

Adder stones (also called hag stones, witch stones, snake eggs, adderstanes) can reveal fairy or witch traps if seen through the hole in the stone. You can’t trick an adder stone.

  • Probably true.  Though this presumes the fae and witches set traps for humans in the first place…

The fae are highly sexed. Orgies are common.

  • Mostly true.  There are exceptions as always.  The fae tend to love first and ask questions later.  We can fall in love immediately with someone with a spirit that attracts us.   We don’t need your ‘spin-up’ time.

Random body pains were attributed to the fae. this was called elf shot.

  • Mostly false.  Random body pains can be attributed to any type of magick, energetic or psionic attack.  Check your shields.

Tangled hair in the morning was also considered their fault. this was called elf locks.

  • Usually false.  Though pixies playing in your hair at night is not unheard of.

Consumption (tuberculosis) was attributed to the fae as well, for forcing young men and women to dance all night.

  • False.  I think this goes without saying.

Basically if you were sick and there was no cure, blame the fae.

  • LOL.  Mortals blame everything on everything but themselves…

Alchemists sometimes called on certain fae to assist them. No word on how well this worked out for them.

  • True.  So do witches.  So do other types of magick practitioners.  Sometimes we even teach things.  It worked out well for most.  It depends on whether you want to learn our arts or just depend on us to do our arts for you.  Don’t be lazy.

Millers were thought to be ‘no canny,’ which means in league with the fae, owing to their ability to control elements. (fire in the kiln, water for the burn, wind for the mill, general control of machinery)

  • Mostly true.   Except any practitioner of any trade can have a relationship with the fae in their work.  The closer to nature you work, however, the more you can expect the fae to be involved.

If you know a fae’s true name, you can summon them at any time to do your bidding. But this is a double edged sword. If they learn your true name, they enslave you right back, and the things they do would be far worse than anything you could think of.

  • Partially true.   No right-minded fae is going to give you their true name.  If you find it out, however, and never abuse that power, no harm no foul.   If you begin to abuse it, though, then it’s only prudent to learn yours and get you to stop.  Most of the people who have formed the foundation of this ‘fact’ abused a fae’s name.

Some myths have lesser fae paying a tithe (a tiende) to their royals. Some myths have them paying this tithe directly to hell.

  • Partially true. Some Courts have taxes. I mean, castles don’t defend themselves and if courts don’t have reasonable resources to solve the Big Problems then the Court doesn’t really work.  This being said, we bear no association with the mortal concept of Heaven or Hell and we certainly do not send energy or mammon to their leadership.

Mortal midwives were sometimes summoned to the fae realm to assist in the birth of another kidnapped mortal woman.  They sometimes offer an ointment for use on the baby. if the midwife uses it herself, she will gain fae sight.

  • Partially true.  She will become partially fae.   Hopefully that’s what she was going for. If you’re going to do this, at least split it between you and the baby.   Why would you want to hurt the baby?

Lesser fae can die or be killed.  To witness one of these funerals is bad omen.

  • Partially true.  Its pretty hard to truly kill a ‘lesser fae’.  Even changelings spirits will return to Faerie.  It’s not impossible though.  If you’re witnessing one of these funerals, you’re probably already fae.  Take that as you will.

Credit and references are given to the following sites for being the source of this list:

~ @alynnafoxie

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Torpedo Juice

During the Second World War, life on US Navy submarines wasn’t the greatest, with little to no privacy, long patrols and little to no strong alcohol. US Sailors were antsy to get a strong drink to compensate with their living conditions and duties, there was an alternative that most people wouldn’t have tried, However US sailors are known to be a hardy bunch. 

In the first part of the Pacific War, U.S. torpedoes were powered by a miniature steam engine burning 180- or higher-proof ethyl alcohol as fuel. The ethyl alcohol was denatured by the addition of 5–10% “pink lady”, a blend of dye, methanol and possibly other ingredients. Methanol causes blindness when ingested, and cannot be made non-poisonous. The methanol was said to be (largely) removed by filtering the fuel mix through a compressed loaf of bread.

Later, a small amount of Croton oil was added to the neutral grain spirits which powered U.S. torpedoes. Drinking alcohol with the oil additive caused painful cramps, internal bleeding and a violent emptying of the bowels. It was intended as a replacement for methanol which had caused blindness in some sailors. To avoid the Croton oil, sailors devised crude stills to slowly separate the alcohol from the poison, as alcohol evaporated at a lower temperature than Croton oil. The stills were sometimes called ‘Gilly’ stills, and the resulting potable alcohol was known as 'gilly’

Various poisonous additives were mixed into the fuel alcohol by Navy authorities to render the alcohol undrinkable, and various methods were employed by the U.S. sailors to separate the alcohol from the poison. Aside from the expected alcohol intoxication and subsequent hangover, the effects of drinking torpedo juice sometimes included mild or severe reactions to the poison, and the drink’s reputation developed an early element of risk.

With the introduction of the electric powered U.S. Mark 18 torpedo, ethyl alcohol was no longer required for torpedoes; however, limited quantities of denatured alcohol were (and are) still required by the Electrician’s Mates and Interior Communications Electricians on board ship for the purpose of cleaning slip rings, commutators, and carbon brushes on a wide variety of equipment.

The standard recipe for torpedo juice is two parts ethyl alcohol and three parts pineapple juice.

The fourth picture’s caption reads: “To the amusement of his bunkmates, a Navy torpedoman under the influence of torpedo fuel–“torpedo juice”–stands
guard at the door of the Quonset hut dubbed “Paradise Lost.”  NAAF Cold Bay, 1943.

The Signs' Alignment
  • Lawful Good - "Crusader": Aries
  • Neutral Good - "Benefactor": Taurus
  • Chaotic Good - "Rebel": Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Lawful Neutral - "Judge": Capricorn
  • True Neutral -Undecided": Pisces, Libra
  • Chaotic Neutral - "Free Spirit": Gemini
  • Lawful Evil - "Dominator": Virgo, Cancer
  • Neutral Evil "Malefactor": Sagittarius
  • Chaotic Evil "Destroyer": Leo
Swamp Witch's Spirit Chimes!!!

First let me give you a little history my Grandma told me about Spirit Chimes. They’re used to trap evil spirits/energy and turn the energy neutral and traps the spirit, everyone in the Bayou has em! Everyone I know at least. Ok lets get started

What you’ll need:

BOTTLES!! As many as you want, can be 1 or 1,000 doesn’t matter!

You’re also going to need some sort of yarn/rope pins/needles/glass/anything sharp, Lavender, Lemongrass, Sea Salt, Sage, Rosemary. and a bowl/dish to mix them in (preferably wooden) *optional a mortar and pestle.  

You can decorate the bottles like I did.

then put the pins in the bottle and mix the herbs on the bowl/dish after you ground them up (like I said optional)

Put them in the bottle, with the pins

then take some string/yarn/rope/whatever and string em up!

And the ya go! Spirit chimes! Go hang em outside preferably in tree.

Deep Sea Merfolk

Deep sea merfolk live in clans in the very depths of the ocean. They have an almost ghostly appearance, similar to those of deep sea fish. Translucent skin, large eyes, bodies that seem like they’d explode with the pressure that surrounds them. Generally beautiful, I’ve seen both males and females but I haven’t noticed a major distinction between them culturally. Vaguely human, with various fins and scales depending on where. I only know one clan. 

The people are incredibly haughty, considering themselves above humans and other land animals. They’re a very old people and it shows in the way they communicate. They are part of the very essence of the sea itself. Like the ocean, they can be gentle or very dangerous, warnings are due to those who wish to interact with them I wouldn’t suggest it. 

They can call up storms with their songs, even from the depths of the water they can and will cause monstrous waves and storms which wreak havoc on land. 

Like the area they live in they are a quiet people generally, and seem to be territorial with other clans. They like songs, blood, mirrors and consider themselves worthy of worship by those on land. They are old, cold, and dark like the ocean. Even other merfolk or spirits that live in water and land they consider themselves better. They’re possibly one of the oldest earth spirits, definitely a culture older than one I personally have encountered. They existed before land itself did. They’re powerful, and enjoy drowning those who have wandered too deep into the water. 

~Mod Wind

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What people don’t seem to get is that alignment charts are about morals.

While they have become somewhat of a meme, generally, when people use them as a meme, they make it very clear that it’s meant to be a joke. They don’t take races, or mental illnesses, or genders, or sexualities, or religions and put them on this chart, because then you’re applying moral alignments, many of them negative or bordering on negative, to groups of real people.

Instead, they take things like vegetables, or colors, or movies, or fictional characters–things that cannot be hurt by stereotypes or morality labels.

An alignment chart isn’t just a funny meme, it has a set meaning, each alignment represents a separate set of morals and conduct. Lawful Good is the crusader, Chaotic Neutral is the free spirit, Neutral Evil is the malefactor, so on and so forth.

They have meanings.

So, yeah, making a “queer alignment chart” and listing certain lgbt+ folk as good and certain lgbt+ folk as evil is really fucking shitty, especially if you then justify it by saying, “I just get ‘evil’ vibes from certain people.”

Yeah, yeah, I know, people are dying, people are starving, we can be mad about more than one thing at a time, Janet.


“What are you doing?”

Surana had some bundle of herbs she was stuffing into the back of Kirstoff's—no, his armor. She stopped and leaned forward to grin at Justice.

“You smell funny.”

“I inhabit a corpse, commander.” he replied blandly.

“Still no reason to stink.” she said, curls bouncing as she got to her feet, “And I’ve told you, you can just call me Aberdeen.”

The Warden-Commander was a strange mortal. A mage, tugging strings in the darkest arts, but still somehow ethical. Justice had not once seen her consider dealing with demons.

He liked her. It was an odd sensation.

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A lot of people know about hauntings, specifically the hauntings of buildings, but not a lot of people know how much effort it takes for the spirit to do the haunting. You can tell how strong a spirit is by the type of haunting you’re experiencing, and I receive a lot of asks from people worried about potential paranormal activity in their house. A lot of the time, it turns out to be a very low-level haunting. 

I spent five years living in an undeniably haunted house, and I’ve put together a sort of checklist for hauntings, from the most commonly reported phenomena, to the rarest. Each one takes more energy on the spirit’s behalf than the last, so you can tell what kind of haunting you’re dealing with. If you’re at the low end of the scale, you probably don’t have anything to worry about. If you’re at the higher end, things are probably going to get a bit wild.

  1. Strange atmospheres: The earliest sign of a haunting is the constant feeling of not being alone, or being watched. This requires barely any energy from the spirit, so it’s usually the first thing people notice.
  2. Cold spots: These are commonly associated with spirits, and can stay in one spot or can move around the house. If a cold spot can’t be explained, it’s likely one of the first clues you have a visitor.
  3. Muffled sounds that sound vaguely like speech: You can never quite work out what’s being said, but it sounds like the underlying hum of people talking through walls or floorboard. When you go into the room you think it’s coming from, the sounds will stop, and there will be no way to explain what caused them.

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Solar Spirits

I was hanging out at the beach when these swarms of childlike, palm sized little sunbeam spirits started crawling over me. I could feel their heat on my skin and would probably burn someone with more sensitive skin, but they were very lovely and chipper. They talked among themselves mostly and when I said hello they were definitely friendly, but they have a tendency to get a little over excited and I should warn you to be careful with them. They didn’t seem to mean any harm but solar energy is harsh on your body. They were shades of orange and yellow, very bright, and looked like little flame people. Almost childlike, laughing, with high pitched voices. They like to touch you. They were crawling all over my skin and speaking their gibberish. I didn’t understand what they were saying but they seemed to have a language of their own. 

They were in large groups, with a fun, lighthearted energy permeating the area. They didn’t do anything to me, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they played a few tricks on unsuspecting humans! 

I met them at a beach on the East Coast, but I assume they’re everywhere. The ones I met were friendly and more gentle than some are I’m sure. I haven’t met any that were malicious but as always treat any spirit with caution. 

~Mod Wind

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Hello Spirit Workers!

A little background before my question: There are two types of meditations I do. The first is the official, lay-on-the-floor, meet your guides in the meadow kind of deal.

The second kind I just started doing a week or so ago. It’s where I kneel before my altar, meet my guides, then say a quick good morning or good night. The first kind is much longer than the second kind.

While I am doing the second kind of meditation, I’ve notice these shadowy, human-like figures (in the place where I meet my guides) making a semi-circle around me but a little bit away from me. To keep their distance I suppose, plus I also haven’t officially met them yet.

In reading sopherielspeaks’ blog, he mentions that when you encounter an entity you can say something like “…only let those who come in light near me” to help you feel protected. I thought that was good advice so I incorporated it when I say hello to these figures because I don’t know who they are and have no idea what their intentions might be.

There are between 4-9 (with an average of 6) shadow figures when I start. I will greet these figures, since I get the feeling that they are here for me. But when I greet them, I will say something along the lines of, “Hello spirits who are around me who come in the light.”

Now, I’ve noticed that between 2-3 will walk away or disappear when I say my salutations to them. After the first couple of times I tried to reach out to them, to just feel them, not to talk to them (I know I’m not ready to talk to them). And they’re all pretty neutral or positive feeling. But even the few who turn away are still strongly neutral feeling. (Note: I don’t interact with spirits. I’m more of an energy person.)

And when they turn away their attitude is not like, “Damn, I can’t fuck up her shit today.” It’s more like me putting up a metaphorical “No Boys Allowed” sign. They turn away with shoulders slumped, like, “Aw, I can’t be by her today,” or even “I guess I’ll go somewhere else.” Like they’re saddened or disappointed.

I guess what I’m trying to say or ask is, even if I feel that all of the shadowy figures are neutral or positive in feeling/attitude, why is it that some of them walk away after I greet them and say my little bit? I don’t think any of them mean to harm me.

Can spirits be neutral towards a person yet not be able to be near them because of the person’s warding? Also, can a spirit be positive toward a person but not be able to be near them because of that person’s warding? Also, if this spirit is supposed to be near me, like be a guardian or a guide, why do they walk away?

Or is it not them but the wording in my greeting?

Well, this kind of turned into more than a simple inquiry, but if you have any ideas, I’d be very interesting to hear.

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(This was hard to put into writing because I’m trying to translate non-word, emotion-heavy ideas, so if you have any questions or need clarifications, let me know.)