neutral spirits


“What are you doing?”

Surana had some bundle of herbs she was stuffing into the back of Kirstoff's—no, his armor. She stopped and leaned forward to grin at Justice.

“You smell funny.”

“I inhabit a corpse, commander.” he replied blandly.

“Still no reason to stink.” she said, curls bouncing as she got to her feet, “And I’ve told you, you can just call me Aberdeen.”

The Warden-Commander was a strange mortal. A mage, tugging strings in the darkest arts, but still somehow ethical. Justice had not once seen her consider dealing with demons.

He liked her. It was an odd sensation.

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Why Genocide might be morally the best ending other than Hard mode ending

From the very second Frisk falls into the world of UnderTale, A bit of Chara’s essence clings to them. Maybe it happens with every human that falls down, maybe it’s only Frisk because only they had a red soul like Chara. Chara has only one goal, to grow stronger and feed off Frisks power and determination and soul. Everytime Frisk is defeated, Chara destroys Frisks soul to prevent it being taken, and encourages them to come back to their “save” and return to life with their soul. Chara either intentionally or unintentionally shares their memories every time this happens, every time the soul is broken and Frisk’s and Chara’s essences come together as they come back.

Where am I getting this from? Simple. The second Frisk falls into Undertale, they receive the memories Chara had when they fell in. The intro. Every time Frisk is defeated, they hear the very lines Asgore said to Chara as they died, pleading for them to wake up, that they are the future of Humans and Monsters, that they have to stay determined. When you lay in bed enough times and don’t face Toriel at the exit, you get the flashback to those lines again. Frisk hear the lines Chara hears when they are found by Asriel when Frisk nearly died after falling into the garbage dump. You hear the memories every time you die, except at the very end of the true pacifist route, when Frisk’s determination and spirit completely refuses to be broken by Chara, refuses to be reset to a save, refuses to be destroyed, and Frisk’s soul regenerates. It is at this point you no longer hear Chara’s memories, and their essence and spirit is thrown off…. But this means when the barrier is broken, you release not just the monsters, but Chara’s soulless spirit/essence into the world of humans, finding a human soul capable of performing genocide and destroying the monsters in the human world will be easy for them. You have doomed humanity by releasing a trapped entity capable of psychopathic destruction and amassing power beyond compare. The True Pacifist Ending is one of the worst ones when you consider the potential for destruction.

Now here is the tricky bit. According to the game, there is no way Chara’s spirit can leave the barrier. When Frisk somehow crosses it in Neutral ending Chara is left trapped in the Barrier, waiting for the next Human to fall in and serve as a host. Frisk leaves behind the possibility someone else could come and become Chara’s puppet. In the Genocide route, Chara gains more and more control each time Frisk levels up. The red text, the music slowing down, the behavior changes, that’s all Chara taking control and influencing Frisk. In the end of the genocide route Chara has complete control and erases the world inside the barrier, saying its time to move on to the next world… The human world. At this point, this is the best possible ending, to never come back, never give up Frisk’s soul, and leaving the world of Undertale erased so no more humans can fall into it, leaving Chara trapped forever in the void. Frisk has called their bluff, they thought Frisk would come back and offer their soul in exchange for bringing back the world. If you end your play-through here, you have achieved the best ending.

If you give Frisk’s soul to Chara and bring the world back, you have doomed them all. Doing a genocide route again will result in Chara calling Frisk’s behavior a “perverted sentimentality” for this world and suggest you try another route. Chara wants to get Frisk to do the true pacifist route while Frisk’s soul is owned by Chara. If Frisk gets a neutral ending it is not known if they make it through the barrier, we never see and they don’t answer their cellphone, same as with the normal neutral routes, maybe they pass but their soul is trapped behind and their lifeless body falls to the ground rotting with the cellphone in their pocket. If Frisk gets a true pacifist ending, Chara is now not only free from the barrier, they take over the soul and body of Frisk, as shown by the red eyes and face changing to Chara’s in the bed if Frisk goes with Toriel, or a photo with Chara’s face showing up instead of Frisk’s and all of your friends have their heads crossed out in red, signifying Chara has gone and killed them all. This is the worst possible ending. You have given the spirit of Chara a Soul and a body, and broken the barrier, sealing the fate of monsters and humanity. You cannot perform a true reset, the memories and actions are there forever….

The Signs' Alignment
  • Lawful Good - "Crusader": Aries
  • Neutral Good - "Benefactor": Taurus
  • Chaotic Good - "Rebel": Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Lawful Neutral - "Judge": Capricorn
  • True Neutral -Undecided": Pisces, Libra
  • Chaotic Neutral - "Free Spirit": Gemini
  • Lawful Evil - "Dominator": Virgo, Cancer
  • Neutral Evil "Malefactor": Sagittarius
  • Chaotic Evil "Destroyer": Leo
A Favor

Summary: Justice needs help with a Secret Plan and Hawke is just the person for the job.

When Hawke felt someone nudging them, trying to woo them out of the line between sleep and waking, it wasn’t all that odd to them. Anders never really slept well; he was prone to nightmares and fits of insomnia and even though he tried to keep it from disrupting Hawke’s sleep they’d made it clear they didn’t mind if he needed them to comfort him or talk him down from peeked anxiety.

“Mm? Bad dream?”

Hawke blinked, trying to make out Anders’ face hovering above them, and felt the mage take hold of their chin. They were vaguely aware of some unknown light source in the room but still too close to sleep to fully connect that it was coming from Anders.


Not Anders’ voice. The Champion’s eyes widened, sleepy haze finally clearing enough for them to make out the faint blue glowing in Anders’ eyes.

“Justice?” they asked slowly.

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"Gender Defender" is the first day of my schools homecoming spirit week.

We are told that the BOYS HAVE TO WEAR BLUE AND GIRLS HAVE TO WEAR PINK. And I’m disgusted with it! I don’t know who’s Idea it was but I hate it and I’m not the only one. There are SO many things wrong with it.

The use of the word gender. Using their backwards ideals they should have said sex, which would correspond with the colors in their mindsets. But rather they used gender, as if there is only two genders. THERE’S NOT!!! Gender is an infinite scale between male and female to not even identifying with either. Gender is equivalent to a number between 0 and 1. Plus I can say for a fact that not everyone in my schools is cis and this day is unfair to them. It makes it easier for them to be ridiculed for who they are.

“Defender” sounds as if they are fighting for their narrow minded thought of sexes. That is a bunch of b.s. When I first heard about this I used Target going gender neutral as an example. If a boy wants to wear pink let him wear fucking pink. It doesn’t make him less masculine. And if a girl doesn’t like pink don’t tell her she is less of a girl. Colors don’t have genders so stop trying to force them to.

A lot of my peers and I have decided to wear purple as a middle ground for blue and pink. Since the school won’t be gender neutral we will do it ourselves! I’ve never been so happy to see people band together for something they find wrong. For people to see the spirit day as sexist and outdated. For people to go gender neutral.


Ah yes, the fabled Naomi. 

The psychopomp.

The Charon of the draconic world. 

Supposedly of the Arcanist’s ilk and of the Shadowbinder’s allegiance, she is a neutral spirit. Neither benign nor malevolent, she travels through Sornieth via networks of shadow and weak points in reality to ferry dragons to their eternal rest.

She is the patron spirit of courier dragons, wanderers, and the exalted. Travelers and would-be exaltees pay homage to her in hopes of safe passage. 

I’m so excited about Comic Con next month!!! 
And I was very intrigued by this bit in the announcement that I underlined… Gwedoline Yeo as Shinigami?
For those unfamiliar with the term, a shinigami is a mythological spirit of sorts that is said to convince people they want to die. In certain animes, they’ve been portrayed as neutral or even benevolent spirits that escort people who were dying anyway to the afterlife. 
Overall I’m expecting something rather dark.