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The thing is that net neutrality strangled online innovation and investment. If you look at online investment before net neutrality was set in place, it was skyrocketing. It stagnated after, because the NN rules introduced uncertainty whether the Federal Gov would get involved online. If there's nothing else to love trump for, at least give him props for busting up all this crap, misunderstood regulation. :) and gorsuch. Him too.

Correlation does not necessarily equal causation. I’ve yet to hear exactly why rules forcing ISPs to treat every application, program and website equally would cause market stagnation.

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Hello! I'm wondering if you'd be willing to accept a neutral setting turns to fluff Asav x Reader fic where he supposedly spars with the reader whom he has trained in combat himself? I'd like to think he'll be oddly playful while this transpires, thus making him much prone to the surprise should reader manage to knock him down. Thank you!

A/N: Hello there! Very first Asav request woohoo! This isn’t exactly a fic, so I’m sorry about that, but I hope you will like it. :’)

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So you know how the new aspect test is annoying a lot of people

I decided to look into it, mainly because I was annoyed with my results. (Hope. I’ve never seen myself as Hope.)

“Looking into it” started with figuring out which questions coincide with which aspects. (Aspects are definitely paired, by the way. This quiz just confirms that beyond a reasonable doubt.) From there, things got ridiculous and I’m just going to put all of this underneath a cut. 

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Well, this blog might not get very far. 

According to recent news, Net Neutrality, the set of rules that protect our Internet rights and freedoms, is on the line. The principle that enables online freedom to publish, access, and receive any content you wish might be impacted on December 14th, 2017. If Congress votes to change the bill, millions of Americans’ safety, First Amendment rights, and access to information would be affected. 

Almost since President Trump took office, his FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has been pushing for Net Neutrality to be reconsidered on Capital Hill. Millions of Americans have spoken up, on social media and directly to our government officials, requesting that the bill stay the same. Pay has ignored these messages and insists that Net Neutrality limits innovation and economic growth. But what he’d really be doing, if he manages to get the bill off the board, would be clearing away regulations that prevent telecom giants, like Verizon or Comcast, from controlling what content users obtain. Right now, companies can’t pick what websites and services get to us faster, for censorship or economic reasons. They aren’t allowed to slow down or speed up their own content or sites to stifle a competitor. The general fear, and the reason for Net Neutrality, is that if they could, they would. Booming businesses could profit off of the violation of our constitutional rights, if Ajit Pai’s mission succeeds.   

You can say and view and do whatever you want online. All the information and opportunity on the planet is at your fingertips, because of Net Neutrality. Heck, while writing this I had to research the details of what’s actually been going down lately. How? Net Neutrality. Social media, websites, applications, databases - so much would be effected, and not for the better. A lot of people who use the Internet to make a change, marginalized communities standing up for their rights, all these people could be silenced. For money

We owe it to Net Neutrality, the result of millions of activists in 2015, that America is as safe, informed, and free as it is now. Hey, it’s the reason I’m able to run this blog - using my voice to talk about what I believe in, which not everyone out there can do.   

There’s still time. In just days, on December 14, the bill will be voted on. Send this to friends, contact government officials and politicians, take action now. While it isn’t too late.

I know I’m supposed to be on break but I felt that i needed to share this to everyone

So, recently @markiplier has recently relased a new video on the subject of  #NetNeutraility. 

Short story: Shitty government wants us, as people, to pay for social media and other websites via packages. Piling up on our bills, Entertainers get no payment, audience reduction, etc. 

Long story + rant:  As someone who’s been in USA for many many years, I can say that the act that this government is pulling is complete bullshit. 
Already to pile up our society with bills upon bills that only higher classes can have luxury to afford, they are now forcing people to begin paying people to use social media (Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc…) and it ain’t for a good price either. With this act taking place, this would effect myself, @pika-blur, and other great people that explore and provide entertainment to those who wish. With these types of acts, our world will fall into a money grabbing dystopain society.

Let me also point out something:

If these acts take place, they are literally violating our first amendment.  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” With this act pulled, people will be forced to pay more out of pocket just to post their feelings and update people in the world.

Tbh, I would say more but I don’t want this to be too long. Just please share this to save the artists and talented souls of the internet. 

Loser Club hc

  • Winter break turned out to be beyond freezing
  • They couldn’t even go outside to play in the sparkling white snow
  • After through planning and it freezing to death all the losers are in the safety of Bill’s house
  • They’re fighting over what movie to watch when Bev dumps out her backpack that was filled with makeup and I mean filled
  • The boys have never seen so much makeup and just gape at the sight
  • Bev declares that she’s gonna do each boys makeup
  • They protest so loudly and almost hysterically
  • But in the end they couldn’t say to no to Bev I mean how could they
  • So with some pop music (nkotb) playing in the background Bev gets started
  • Ben is first why because Bev has always wanted him in makeup
  • She sets aside neutral colors like olive, grey, muted blue, champagne and a few other colors for Ben
  • She gives him olive eyeshadow with touches of neutral blue, it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t make him look awkward but enough to bring out his eyes with brown eyeliner
  • She uses champagne powder to cover up any red spots and blends them into his skin and lastly she applies some nude lipstick
  • Ben looks freakin gorgeous omg were the losers in awe
  • Next was Bill, for Bill she mostly used light colors like pale pink, coral, light purple, and a little lavender
  • Lavender and light purple was his eyeshadow with a little brown eyeliner to accent his eyes
  • Pale pink blush and soft tan to to hide and blemishes
  • She gives him coral lipstick as a finishing touch and Stan almost faints but how attractive and beautiful Bill is like Stan just can’t cope
  • For Richie, Bev gives him a punk rock look I mean it’s not like they’ve discussed this before oh no definitely not
  • She applies deep purple eyeshadow with thick black eyeliner cateye style
  • His blush is a dark brownish and his lips are coated in black lipstick
  • Richie flips and he is so excited I mean he looks so badass and Eddie can’t stop staring at him with utter fascination
  • Stan gets all nude colors and boy does he look good
  • She gives him light pink blush to bring out the natural beauty Stan already has I mean this boy doesn’t need makeup he’s so gorgeous without it and Bill just keeps stuttering
  • Mike gets all the bold colors and I mean bold. Bev uses bright orange eyeshadow and he just looks stunning, she adds highlights to his face to bring out his features and man it does lastly she gives him sunshine yellow lipstick and Mike is practically glowing that’s how stunning he looked with the bold colors on his dark skin
  • Eddie gets all the glitter and sparkles
  • His eyeshadow is a glittering pink that makes his soft eyes shine, he gets the lightest powder and then sparkle blush that make his cheeks look so pretty and then Bev gives him cotton candy glitter lipgloss
  • Richie just starts crying because Eddie looks like a god he’s just so beautiful
  • The boys decide to collaborate and do Bev’s makeup instead of her usual look they use soft colors
  • It takes them many tries but they give her sky blue eyeshadow and pale green eyeliner
  • Light champagne powder and pink blush they also give her the glitter lipgloss she gave Eddie and she looks like a goddess as well
  • Ms. Denbrough takes a couple Polaroid shots of the group and each loser gets a copy
  • It was the best winter day ever

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Hey I was wondering, does the absence of net neutrality effect the whole world? I live in the uk and I’m a bit confused

Directly, it’s a US problem, but indirectly, it’ll have global consequences.

The US government is trying to dismantle net neutrality in the US, despite pretty much everyone wanting to keep it, other than the corporations that just want more money.

The US can only screw over its own internet laws, so net neutrality policies in other countries wouldn’t be affected. However, the internet is a global creature. The US destroying net neutrality would:

  • potentially set a precedent for other nations
  • raise prices outside the US for online services, like Netflix
  • screw over online creators, who will lose US audiences unable to afford access to them, and make it more difficult for many US-based creators to access their platforms
  • negatively affect online communities and online friendships

Here’s an article talking about the first two points. Here’s a post from a creator talking about the third point. 

I know this blog’s audience is primarily YouTube-centered, so you guys know how YouTube creators could be screwed over. But our communities themselves will also take a hit, because community members may not be able to afford access to sites like tumblr, twitter, deviantart, ao3, reddit, discord, youtube, twitch, and so on. 

I hope all that makes sense. And for my US followers, some links:

Contact your representative: or or

if you are nervous about calling, you can use resistbot to send faxes to your reps [Text RESIST to 50409], or the stance app to pre-record your message.


KSimbleton Bed set

Happy Sunday, Folks! Hope you are having a nice weekend! I did a little bedding set and thought you guys might like them too!

Included in the set:

1. Blanket: 7 recolors of Angela’s Neutral bedroom set blanket. You must have the mesh for the recolors to show up in the game! GET IT HERE!

2. Pillow recolored with mesh edit: I made a mesh edit of @mio-sims conversion of Simply styling bedroom 7 pillows to fit nicely on top of the blanket, since it is so fluffy. There are 7 matching recolors. This is a new mesh that sits a bit higher than the original and you do not need the original mesh for this to show up in your game.

3. Pillow recolored/no edit: 7 recolors of mio-sims conversion of Simply styling’s bedroom 7 pillows mesh. This version needs the original mesh and I have included it in the .zip in case you guys don’t have it.



“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Part 4

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your neighbor, called hate. And since your first meet you both commence that feeling with a burning passion. You don’t know the reason behind his hate and you know for damn sure that he will never tell you. But what happens on the first day of your job, when you find out that you even work together? Maybe you will learn to co-operate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 3123

Warnings: none?

Author’s Note: i didn’t read this before uploading bc i already have a ton of times in past but if you find any typos lmk kay?

GUYS, as much as i’d love to keep that tags open for this fic, they’re closed for now! sorry :(

“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

(gif isn’t mine but it’s accurate afffff lol)

Unlike any other morning, today you decided to wake up early and go for a jog. God knows your routine is disturbed since you moved here to the Big Apple. Given that the city never sleeps, you too have been busy due to your hectic work schedules.

It’s been complete two weeks since you’ve starter living in New York and as much as you hate trying to adjust in a new city, with new people, your experience has been good so far. Except, that you regret it whenever you see your annoying neighbor - which is practically every day.

But since that awful encounter in your hallway, when you slammed the door in his face, to say the least you’ve grown matured and tried to avoid him anytime he’s near you. Only communicating with him if it’s necessary, which thankfully is minimum because your boss is way too nice.

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µ’s / Muse idolized Kunoichi icon set for you and your squad ~ ✩

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me when I want to do Felinette, but also include Adrien in the story and then...
An interesting thing to note about the FCC’s ability to repeal Net Neutrality

You’ve probably seen warnings about the FCC’s plan to remove its net neutrality rules all over Tumblr and elsewhere. And yes, it is certainly a big deal. A huge bloody deal.

However, there is a silver lining to all this - Wired has an excellent article on the subject. The problem that the telecom dick-sucking scumbags lead by Ajit Pai at the FCC (seriously, fuck those guys) will run into is that they can’t just change the net neutrality regulation just like that. You see, there’s a law dating back to 1946 called the Administrative Procedure Act, and its purpose is to ensure that regulations can’t simply yo-yo back and forth every time a new party takes control of the White House, by banning federal agencies making “arbitrary capricious” decisions. The FCC only just successfully argued for Title II reclassification for internet services mid-way last year in court.

Simply put, the FCC will immediately be sued, the regulation changes will be put on hold, and the GOP-controlled FCC will have the unenviable task of trying to justify repealing the regulations they relatively recently instated. The problem for them, is that there simply isn’t any credible data that justifies removing net neutrality - the bad things the telecoms complained would happen simply haven’t materialised, they’ve even admitted as much to investors. The FCC has a very steep uphill battle in court.

However, that is not any reason to be complacent. What the FCC is actually counting on is the hope that the GOP will introduce a “proper” net neutrality bill into congress that will “settle everything” and set net neutrality in stone - with the caveats that 1) it will be flagrantly and literally written by telecom lobbyists, and 2) it will basically have many holes big enough to drive a truck through, making it worthless.

That’s why contacting your representatives is important, because the main battleground for net neutrality is going to be in congress and the senate. Remember SOPA? If you want to keep net neutrality as it is, the community needs to fight tooth and nail to stop telecoms from getting more power, because the last thing anyone needs is the likes of Viacom and Comcast getting more power. The telecom industry in the United State is a dumpster fire, with much of the country basically being a duopoly. That’s something that will take far more effort to fix, but for now, the line needs to be held on this one issue, to keep things from getting worse.