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James March: Surely Missed

It has been 12 days since you have been gone on vacation with your family. Those 12 days in The Bahamas were definitely memorable but you missed your James oh so dearly. Your family members would always ask about meeting him, but you just weren’t ready. James was…. different. 

Before leaving, you tried your best to teach James how to use a smartphone so that the both of you can keep in contact while you were gone. But James being old-fashioned and very stubborn, wasn’t having it. You even tried something as simple as a flip phone, and no luck. He despised the modern world. Especially modern technology. 

It did make you quite sad because you wouldn’t get to talk to him whenever you wanted to, but you just sucked it up for the sake of seeing your family.

You did, although, have Sally send you a couple of videos here and there of James saying quick hello’s and how much he misses you. He even told you that he planned a nice dinner upon your arrival.



After a long flight, you finally landed in LA and you took a taxi back to your home AKA Hotel Cortez. The taxi driver helped unload your luggage from the trunk and went on his merry way back into the LA traffic.

You took a deep breath in, inhaling the LA air. You did miss it. Then, you entered through the front doors. You started walking straight towards the elevators because you were so excited, yet oddly nervous to see James. 

Liz is at the check in wearing her reading glasses reading a book. Seeing a figure walk by, she looked up. When she realized it was you, she put her glasses on the desk, still holding onto her book. “Hey, Y/N. How was your vacay?” Liz asked.

You stopped to answer. “It was amazing! But I missed James so much.” As you brought up your lover’s name, you pouted a little. “If you see Sally before me, tell her I said thanks for sending me videos of James.”

“You got it hun.” Liz put her glasses back on and continued reading her book, then you headed inside the elevator.

Once you reached your penthouse suite, you actually weren’t surprised that James wasn’t in the room. You figured he was in his office or prepping for dinner tonight. It made you quite sad because you were looking forward to smothering him in kisses. Oh well.

Letting out a sigh, you put your bags down and chose to unpack later, feeling a big jet lagged. Your bed was the first thing you wanted to lay on, but instead, you noticed a note was left on it from James.


I ask that you do not look for me. As I am currently preparing for our special dinner tonight. We shall meet in the dining room at 8 o’clock. A new attire is awaiting in your closet.

Yours, James.

Where James’ name lied on the paper, you lightly touched it with your fingertips as a big smile hit your face. You folded the note back up and placed it on the bed. Excitedly, you headed to your closet to look at the dress that James picked out for you.

In your closet, you see a dark blue silk gown with a high slit. It’s very elegant. He also paired it with silver strappy heels.

Leaving the dress where it is, you decided to start with a hot shower, wishing that James could’ve joined you. 

Because of that long flight, you definitely took your time in the shower. Soaking up all that hot steam.

Once you were finished showering, you started on makeup to allow your hair to air dry in the meantime. You kept the eye shadow neutral and paired it with a dark burgundy lip. 

Your makeup is finally finished, so you start with blow drying your hair. Halfway through blow drying, you hear a knock on your door. It did surprise you a little. You had a confused look on your face as you were on your way to open the door.

At your door is Ms. Evers with a bouquet of flowers. “From, Mr. March.” She smiles as she’s handing the roses to you.

“Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting this at all. Thank you, Ms. Evers!” You started smelling the roses as you closed the door. They are beautiful. This is exactly why you’re so in love with James. He’s charming, he’s a gentleman, and most of all, he knows how to make his lady feel special. Yes, he’s a psychotic serial killer. But to you, he’s one in a million.

You set the roses on the bed and finished with you hair, styling it as an updo.

Finishing up with your new gown and shoes.



You finished getting ready just in time and started heading out the door, into the elevator to floor 7, room 78.

Once you reached the door, you knocked 3 times. You can hear Ms. Evers and James talking through the door. So you lean in, putting your ear closer to the door so you can hear what they’re saying. Making you giggle a little from being so nosey. 

“Would you like me to get that for you, Mr. March?” Ms. Evers asks James.

“Oh no no, that’s alright.” James replies. He was acting like a giddy little school girl. He missed you so much and you being away for this amount of time was quite a change for him. This was the longest that you’ve been away from him. 

“Darling!” James shouts, as opening the door reveals the sight of you.

“Oh, sweetheart!” You rush to James and give him a kiss on the lips, standing on your tip toes to reach up to him.

“I’ve missed you so dearly.” James says in a soft tone. 

“You don’t understand how much I’ve missed you.”

He grabs your hand to kiss it and then he leads you to your seat. Being the gentleman that he is, he pulls your chair out for you. Once you’re seated, he rushes over to his seat.

“Help yourself, my queen.” Dinner was already in front of you. 

“Thanks, James.” The both of you put the clothed napkin on your laps. You were starving so you started to eat. 

After taking 2 bites of your food, you noticed that James was being a little fidgety and hasn’t started eating. Instead, he kept looking back and forth at you with a smile on his face. Making you feel a little awkward. You’ve never seen James act this odd at dinner.

In confusion, you looked at your food, then you looked at him asking, “Yes?”.

Excitedly, James asks, “How is the outside, darling?” 

You smiled at him with loving eyes because of how excited he sounded asking you. It was just so cute. He must’ve really missed you. Maybe even more than you missed him. With James, though, he doesn’t show that side of his emotions as strongly as you do. Most of the time, he tries to contain it. But that’s just how he is and you didn’t mind it. 

“Well, The Bahamas was breathtaking. If only you could have joined.” You sighed. “It’s really hard too because my family keeps asking me why you don’t leave the hotel.” 

“And what do you say?” James asks, He finally calms his excitement a little and starts on his dinner.

“I just tell them it’s complicated.” You shrugged your shoulders as you let out laugh, then took a bite of your food.

“Ah, yes.” Ms. Evers pours whiskey in James’ empty glass and then pours wine in yours.

James grabs his glass of whiskey, raising it up to cheers and you follow after.

“Cheers. To reuniting with my beloved.” He says, making eye contact with you.

“Reuniting? It’s been 12 days, not 12 years.” You said sarcastically. “How about we cheers to us?”

James raises his glass slightly higher, then you doing the same. “To us.”

The both of you take a sip of your drinks and continued finishing up with dinner. Out of curiosity, you ask James, “So what do you have planned for dessert?”

James smirks as he takes another sip of his whiskey. “You, dearest.” 

Oh, you can’t wait.

I Loved You

A/N: So this is my first ever story on tumblr! Yay! It’s probably gonna be crap but I don’t care. I hope you like it!

Request: None

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Description: The Reader prepares to go on a date with her boyfriend for their 3rd anniversary, only to find out something horrible that she’ll never forget…

Also for the sake of fanfiction Dizzy and Harry get along (like brother and sister get along) okay bye


“Dizzy!” Y/N called as she pushed open the door to the Curl Up & Dye salon. “Dizzy!” You called again and pushed aside the painted streamers, only to be answered by silence. “Where could she be?” You mumbled, only to turn around and hear a muffled sneeze before Dizzy walked into the room.

“Y/N? Why are you here?” Dizzy asked, walking over to her friend and hugging her briefly before pulling away.

“We’ve been through this before, Dizzy. I have a date tonight with Travis, remember?” You stated plainly. 

“Wait, that’s tonight?” Dizzy asked. “I thought that was next week.”

“Nope, it’s tonight. We’re celebrating our third anniversary.” You walked over to a shelf covered in nail polish bottles and began examining them. 

“Oh, well, happy anniversary!” She cheered, walking over to a chair. “Now, what can I do for you?” 

You picked up a simple black glitter nail polish and handed it to Dizzy as you sat in the chair. “Nothing fancy. Just, maybe curl my hair a little and some light make-up.”

“I can do that.” She smiled and walked in front of you before opening one of the drawers under a shelf. Pulling out a curler and a few make-up brushes, she got to work.

For the next hour, Dizzy curled your hair, did your nails, make-up and even helped you pick out a dress with matching shoes. 

“Nice work Dizzy, nice work indeed.” You turned from side to side, admiring yourself in one of the full-body length mirrors. You could see Dizzy smile out of the corner of your eye, causing you to smile too.

“You look great,” she mumbled as you turned again. You were currently wearing a sleeveless gray-into-black ombre dress, with a collar, that went just a little above your knees. You wore black strapped heels, your hair was in soft curls and your nails were black with a holographic top coat. You had a simple neutral eye shadow with a perfect wing, dark mascara and red lipstick to top it all off. 

“Thanks, but you look even better.”

“But I didn’t do anything to myself.”

“Exactly.” You smiled and wandered to the counter to grab your purse. You looked over and saw her cheeks were tainted a light pink. Pulling out a wad of cash, you handed it to her.

She stared at it, wide-eyed and mouth agape before handing it back to you. “Y/N, that’s over two hundred dollars. I can’t take it.”

“Yes, you can.” You handed it back. “You deserve it.” 

She smiled up at you while you two walked towards the door. Just before you grabbed the handle, the door was violently pushed open and you both jumped back. 

“Dizzy, we need to talk about what happened to-” a thick Scottish accent interrupted your thoughts and you looked up. In front of you stood the infamous Harry Hook, in all of his wonderful glory. “Wow,” he muttered, barely over a whisper.

“Harry!” Dizzy skipped up to him, pulling him down and into a hug. Even after she let go, his eyes were still glued to you. 

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” You smirked, placing a hand on your hip. 

“Right.” He cleared his throat. “Sorry.” 

You giggled and walked over to him, bringing him into a tight embrace. “It’s been a while, Harry.”

“Y/N, its hasn’t even been a full twenty-four hours.” 

“I know.” You giggled again, letting go of your friend. “Anyway, does anyone happen to have the time?” 

“Seven thirty,” Dizzy said.

“Oh, shit! I have to go.” You swiftly moved towards the door and yanked it open. “I’ll see you guys later, okay?” With one final wave, the door slammed shut behind you.

“Where is she off to?” Harry absentmindedly wandered over to a chair in the center of the room and sat down.

“She has a date with Travis, it’s their third anniversary.”

“Oh.” Dizzy swore she heard a ping of disappointment in his voice, but brushed it off and got back to work.


You ducked under a broken piece of a metal pole and made your way up the stairs to your boyfriends’ apartment. After successfully not falling over anything, you reached his front door. You knew you were supposed to meet him by the dock, but decided to stay at his place until he was ready. 

You knocked on the door. Nothing. You knocked again. Still nothing. Getting slightly frustrated, you shock the doorknob. It was unlocked. You were sure Travis wouldn’t mind, so you walked in, quietly shutting the door behind you. 

You sat down on his couch, waiting for him to come out of his room. After waiting for at least fifteen minutes, you began to grow impatient. You stood up and started walking towards his room, but you noticed something strange. A girls jacket, lying in front of his bedroom door. And it definitely wasn’t yours. 

Looking up, you noticed a crack between the wall and his door. He left his door open. You went to reach for the handle, but then you heard a voice. A feminine voice. One you knew.

“But Travis, what if she finds out?” It was quiet, but you still heard it. 

“Don’t worry, she won’t. We’ve been pulling this off for how long?”

“Uh, three years, I think. In fact, today would be our anniversary.” Your heart shattered at those words, and you were about to leave, but you decided to hear what else they had to say.

“Oh shit, today was Y/N and I’s third anniversary too!”

“What are you going to do, babe?” 

“She’ll probably be at the dock by the time we’re done with this, I’ll just say I was busy. Plus, you’re more important. I love you more than anybody. I don’t need her. She’s useless and ugly and so annoying. Honestly. I can’t stand-” You didn’t stay for the rest, just bolted through his apartment and out the door, heading straight for Curl Up & Dye as tears blurred you vision.


“So, you do like her?” Dizzy asked Harry as she lifted herself onto one of the empty counters.

“Of course I do! I mean, how could you not? She’s my best friend and she’s so beautiful and just-” Harry let out a frustrated sigh and sat back down in the chair. 

“But you can’t tell her because she’s dating someone?” She brought her legs up and crossed them, leaning forward a bit. 

“Yes, I mean, I don’t even like her, I love her, but she’s dating Tra-”

The door flew open and you bolted inside, pushing aside the painted streamers as you ran into the room. You leaned against the nearest wall and slid down until you reached the floor. 

“Y/N?” Dizzy got off the counter and cautiously walked towards you. You pulled your knees up to your chest and put your head in between them, letting out a heartbreaking sob. 

Harry jumped up from his seat and ran over to you, sitting on your right and pulling you into his side. You turned your head and put it on his shoulder, letting out a choked sob before you finally let the tears fall. 

And that’s when both Dizzy and Harry knew something was horribly wrong, because you never cried. 

Dizzy sat on your left and turned to Harry, mouthing a ‘what’s wrong?’

Harry shrugged and shifted slightly so he could stroke your hair with his hand. “Hey,” he spoke, no higher than a whisper, afraid he might break you more. “Hey, love, listen to me. I don’t know what happened, and I know I can’t promise it will be okay, because it probably won’t, but I can promise things will get better, I can absolutely promise you that.” 

You lifted your head up and Harry could finally see you properly. Your eyes were red and puffy, eyeliner smeared to the side and down. Your mascara was off and running down your face, trailing after your tears. Your red lipstick was a tad smudged and your hair was frizzy and sticking out and up, covering your face.

Yet Harry still thought you looked beautiful. “I have an idea.” His sudden voice raise caught you off guard and you jumped a little. “Oh, sorry. But, uh, how about we go to the docks?”

Although you really didn’t want to go, because Travis had a chance of being there, you nodded slightly and let Harry pull you up. 

“Can I come?” Dizzy asked as you were about to leave. 


“Dizzy, we would love for you to come, but it’s already dark and your grandmother needs you here. I’ll see you tomorrow though, okay?” You crouched down to her height before giving her a quick hug and walking out. 

“So, you are speaking!” You nodded and shrugged, looking at the ground. You felt someones hand slip into yours and intertwine your fingers with theirs. Looking up, you see Harry looking at you and smiling, a happy genuine smile.

“So, are you gonna talk about it now?” Shrugging again, you sat down at the edge of the dock and pulled Harry down with you. You swung your feet over the edge, letting them hang above the ocean water. 

After a few minutes of silence, you finally spoke. “It was with Teresa.” Harry gave you a confused look before you continued. “Travis, um, he cheated on me. With Teresa.”

“HE DID WHAT?!” Harry practically jabbed his hook through the dock, but you grabbed his arm. 

“Harry, calm down.” 

“CALM DOWN?! Y/N, HE CHEATED ON YOU! WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND!” He was standing and already trying to march away. 

“Harry, please sit back down.” He sighed angrily and sat back down next to you. 

You moved a few inches closer to him and put your head on his shoulder. “The sky looks beautiful tonight.”

“Yeah, almost as beautiful as you.” Harry didn’t realize he said that out loud until you gave him a confused look.

“You think I’m beautiful?” 

“Well, I mean, uh, yeah.” You turned to face each other and felt your face heat up. A hand met yours and intertwined fingers, almost like a habit. Like that’s how it was supposed to be. You locked eyes with Harry and your breath caught in your throat. 

He let go of your hand and grabbed his hat, gently placing it on your head. You giggled and inched closer to him, almost as if on instinct. Putting your left hand on his cheek, you pulled him closer until your foreheads touched. He brought his hook up and used it to move a strand of H/C hair out of your face. 

His gaze flicked down to your lips for a moment, almost as if asking to kiss you. Pulling his face even closer to yours, your lips brushed together for a brief second until you pulled him into you, closing the small space that was left. 

“Hey babe, sorry I’m late, my dad made me work super late tonight. I got you flowers, they’re your fav-HOOK?!” 

You felt someone pull you away from Harry and stand you up. “What are you doing?!” Looking up from the ground, you eyes locked with familiar hazel ones. 

“I’m sorry, what is she doing? What are you doing?” Harry stood up and pulled you back into his warm embrace.  

“I didn’t ask you, Hook.” Travis scoffed and look down at you. “Why were you kissing him?!” He went to grab the collar of your dress, but Harry pulled you behind him and put his arm up protectively. 

“Because you were to busy banging her ex-best friend,” Harry snarled. 

“Excuse me?!” 

“You’re excused.”

“Do you even know who I am?!” Travis hissed.

“An asshole?” Harry smiled an innocent smile, turning around to face you. “Come on, I’ll walk you home.”

“No, you won’t. That’s my job.” Harry turned around, only to have a sword pointing at his throat. 

“Not anymore.” Harry pushed it aside with his hook, reaching down to unsheathe his sword. You cleared your throat and took a step forward. 

“Babe, tell Harry to-”

“Don’t you ‘babe’ me. I’m not your babe. In fact, from what I heard you tell Teresa, I wasn’t anything to you.” You crossed your arms over your chest, raising an eyebrow. 

“What are you talk-”

“I loved you, Travis! God, I loved you so much. And to think you actually loved me back! For three years I did everything I could for our relationship! For you! And it turns out you were hooking up with my best friend the whole time.” A tear escaped your eye, followed by another, and another, until you had tears streaming down your face. 

“Y/N, I’m sorry.” He reached for your hand, but you pulled it back and into your chest.

“No. Just, no. Travis, I’m sorry, but this, whatever the hell this is, it’s over. And you can tell Teresa to go fuck herself. Although it looks like she found someone to do it for her.” You turned around and grabbed Harry’s hand, pulling him away from Travis.


You walked in silence for awhile, turning and walking through an alley. 

“Y/N, I think you’re cutting off the circulation through my hand.” You loosened your grip on his hand and Harry chuckled. Ducking, you turned into another alleyway. 

“Well, this is my stop.” You stood in front of the door to your apartment. “Thanks for, uh, walking me home.” 

“Yeah, no problem.” Harry’s Scottish accent rang through your ears. 

You loved that accent. 

His eyes met yours and he smiled, a smile you almost never got to see.

You loved his eyes.

You loved his smile. 

And then it hit you.

You loved him. 

All those times he helped you through a bad date, or a nightmare, or hugged you because you were upset, even though he absolutely despised hugs. 

He did it because he loved you too

“Well, you better get going, it’s alre-” Grabbing the front of Harry’s jacket, you pulled him into you, smashing your lips together. You felt him smirk against your lips, putting his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to him.

You let go of his jacket, moving your hands to his hair. His hand and hook made their way to your face, tilting your head up and deepening the kiss. 

You smiled against his lips before pulling away, resting your forehead against his. “You should stay here tonight, it’s already eleven.” 

“You know what, I think I might.” He stood up straight and pulled you into his chest, kissing your forehead. “I love you, Y/N.” 

“I love you, too, Harry.” You mumbled into his chest.

“I love you, too.”

James March: Come Back Pt. 1

James has been very busy lately mentoring John. Last week, you didn’t see James for an entire day because he was too busy chatting with John in his office AKA room 64. 

Yesterday, you had asked James to have dinner with you. He forgot because he was too busy. It did bother you a little but it was an honest mistake. He promises it won’t happen again. So you forgave him for that.


It is around 4:30pm. You have been binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. Whenever you were hungry, you’d either call for Ms. Evers to bring you something to eat or you would go to the kitchen to grab yourself a snack. You haven’t seen your boyfriend since last night. He would lay in bed with you to watch you sleep, but he would leave the room hours before you would wake up. So you’ve been waking up to an empty bed. You’ve grown bored of watching TV all day and started to miss your boyfriend. Finally, you decided to get out of bed and you threw on your black satin robe to head down to floor 6.

Room 64. You arrived at the door and you can hear both James and John talking through the door but all you can hear is mumbling. You knocked twice and after a few seconds, James opens the door. “Hello dearest, what can I do you for?” You can see John wave hello to you as James is speaking. You waved back then looked back at James. “Well sweetheart. I was wondering if you would like to join me for dinner tonight since you forgot last night?”

“Ah, yes of course”, James inhales his pipe.

“How’s 7:00?”

“That’s perfect, darling.” 

“I’ll let Ms. Evers know.” 

“Splendid.” James grabs your hand and kisses your knuckles, making you blush a little. You smiled then walked away, hearing the door close behind you.

You were looking for Ms. Evers and after finally finding her you had informed her about dinner.


Since this will be the first dinner you both had together in awhile, you decided to take your sweet time getting ready. You set up a nice bubble bath for yourself with candles and relaxing Jazz music playing. Jazz music always reminded you of James.

After soaking in the tub for awhile, you dried off and started on your makeup first. Your look is: neutral eye shadow, perfectly winged out liner, semi-dramatic false lashes, filled in brows, bronzer, highlight, red lipstick and BAM! Then, you decided to keep your hair down with loose curls. Next, you started with James’ favorite perfume on your wrist and neck. Lastly, an all black dress hugged your body perfectly along with a pair of black heels to match.

You checked the clock and it was 6:52pm. It was a few minutes early, but you decided to head there early anyways.

The table was already made and Ms. Evers was there waiting for the two of you. James wasn’t there yet. 

Once you were seated, she poured you a glass of water.


7:02pm. James still wasn’t here. It’s very odd of him since he’s usually here right on the dot. If not, then 1 minute early.


7:17pm. Nothing. You grew impatient and figured he forgot. AGAIN. 

“Would you like me to go get Mr. March for you, Y/N?” Ms. Evers asks.

“No thank you. Dinner for one I guess.” 

“Very well then.”

You let out a sigh and decided to just dine alone. You were starving anyways.

Dinner was finished and James never showed. Your heart just felt so broken. You thought to yourself, How can he forget about me? He promised it wouldn’t happen again. You excused yourself from the dinner table and headed to the room. Once entering the elevator, you broke down in tears, crying nonstop and not giving a damn if your makeup messed up. A million emotions went through your head. You were a mess.

The elevator doors opened and you headed straight to your room. The first thing you did was run to your bed and cried. 

After about 10 minutes of crying, you got up and started changing your clothes. Plain tee and black leggings. Then you started to wash your face, removing all of the makeup. You patted your face dry with a face towel in front of the bathroom mirror. You stared at the mirror with a stern face and thought to yourself, he obviously doesn’t care! I’m not a priority! Once i’m gone, he’ll probably be relieved! Then a switch went off, you we’re so angry that you quickly packed your bags, put on your shoes, and left.

As you’re walking past the lobby in a rush, you see Iris and Liz at the reception desk. “Y/N, you alright?’” Liz asks. You ignore her and continue walking. There’s an uber waiting for you outside already. You put all of your luggage in the trunk, then you sit in the back seat of the car. Looking at the HOTEL CORTEZ sign as the car drove off….


Sorry this one isn’t that great, I’m still new to this, but I hope you guys still like it! Part 2 is up! 


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what is essential for a nice, Scully-inspired Make-Up look?

Scully doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. Some neutral eye shadow, a few swipes of mascara, and some medium-coverage foundation that barely conceals her freckles. The real key is the lip color. Scully rocks either a coral- or a berry-colored lip a shade or two darker than her natural pout.

This or That tag

The questions MAKE-UP 

1. blush or bronzer
2. lipgloss or lipstick
3. eyeliner or mascara
4. foundation or concealer
5. neutral or color eye shadow
6. pressed or loose eye shadows
7. brushes or sponges
1. o.p.i or china glaze
2. long or short
3. acryl or natural
4. brights or darks
5. flower or no flower
1. perfume or body splash
2. lotion or body butter
3. body wash or soap
4. lush or other body company
1. jeans or sweatpants
2. long sleeve or short
3. dresses or skirts
4. stripes or plaid
5. flip flops or sandals
6. scarves or hats
7. studs or dangly earrings
8. necklaces or bracelets
9. heels or flats
10. cowboy boots or riding boots
11. jacket or hoody
12. forever 21 or H&M
1. curly or straight
2. bun or ponytail
3. bobby pins or butterfly clips
4. hair spray or gel
5. long or short
6. light or dark
7. side sweep bangs or full bangs
8. up or down
1. rain or shine
2. summer or winter
3. fall or spring
4. chocolate or vanilla
5. eat coast or west coast


Meet Claire Lockhart (Fallout OC Info Sheet)

(Many thanks go out to @madddraws for the format. I changed the order slightly and made a couple of additions, but Maddy gets all the credit! 💛)

Full Name: Osa Claire Lockhart
Nickname(s): Mama Bear (army nickname); Charmer (Railroad codename)
Biological Age: 35
Chronological Age: 245, in 2287
Birth Date: September 7, 2042
Height: 5’3” / 160 cm
Weight: 130 lbs. / 59 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Ginger
Body Type: short, muscular, top hourglass shape

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats: STR 7, PER 7, END 6, CHR 10, INT 6, AGL 8, LCK 7
Pre-War Status: former corporal in the United States Army; lawyer at Cambridge Law Offices, specializing in family law.
Current Status: General of the Minutemen; semi-retired Railroad heavy; ex-Brotherhood of Steel Knight – refused promotion to Paladin.

Relationship Status: widowed; later remarries
Spouse(s): Nathaniel Gerard (murdered); Danse
Sexuality: heterosexual
Gender: cis female
Ethnicity: Irish, Mexican
Languages: English, Spanish, and some Mandarin Chinese
Religion: a recovering Catholic, as she puts it.
Family: Osa Martinez Connolly (grandmother; deceased), Osa Connolly Lockhart (mother; died of brain aneurysm), Ennis Lockhart (father; died of liver failure), Floyd Johnathan Lockhart (younger brother; missing), Sean Gerard (deceased), Sean Nathaniel Lockhart (son; synth), Osa Haylen Danse (daughter; born in 2289), Pillar Emilia Danse (daughter; born in 2292).
Pets: Dogmeat; Athena (Danse’s rottweiler); Shroud (Sean’s black cat)

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beauty & body tag (this or that)


1. blush or bronzer?
2. lip gloss or lipstick?
3. eye liner or mascara?
4. foundation or concealer?
5. neutral or color eye shadow?
6. pressed or loose eye shadows?
7. brushes or sponges?


1. OPI or china glaze?
2. Long or short?
3. Acrylic or natural?
4. Brights or darks?
5. Designs or plain? 


1. perfume or body splash?
2. lotion or body butter?
3. body wash or soap?
4. lush or the body shop? 


1. curly or straight?
2. bun or ponytail?
3. bobby pins or butterfly clips?
4. hair spray or gel?
5. long or short?
6. light or dark?
7. side sweep bangs or full bangs?
8. up or down?

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Lets talk travel.

I fly international charters which means I am gone for about 19+ days a month living out of a carry on suit case. So here are some tips, tricks & bits of wisdom I have acquired thus far….

1. Try to consolidate your makeup within palettes– no need for a huge makeup bag ((ie Nars laguna bronzer & orgasm blush || Naked neutral eye shadow pallette {has matte and shimmer in versatile day/night colors}  ))

2. Always roll your clothes, saves room, invest in mini Downy de-wrinkle sprays because this does cause wrinkles :/

3. Black goes with everything. Black is simple, black is sexy, just pack alll black for the love of pizza because it goes with everything and is magical.

4. Stay fresh faced, jet lag isn’t a cute look for anyone. I love my Mac Pro Longwear concealer to hide sleepy dark circles and I swear by Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector to give you a fresh face glow that is scientifically proven to hide any hangover residue ;)

5. Maxi dresses are your best friend. Its a way to look effortless chic, its a one piece go-to outfit and lets be honest, they are essentially crotchless yoga pants

6. Pack a heat protective sleeve for your flat irons/curling wands because most of the time you are getting ready right before checking out and then packing up your hair tool as its still trying to cool down

7. Buy a travel-size of your perfume

8. I’m always hopping that little pond called the Atlantic Ocean so with those long flights my skin feels so yucky after 9 hours of recirculated air and makeup just sitting on my face so I adore my Kiehls In-flight refreshing facial mist. It totally revitalizes my makeup and restores my “fresh face”

9. I always pack little snacks like almond butter packets with pretzel chips, or Cliff bars, ya never know when you might need a little snackie to hold you over till you can get your next meal

10. Stay hydrated, air travel dehydrates you which makes that jet lag exponentially worse

11. Pack a scarf, planes get chilly and its a lightweight article to pack if the weather is less than desirable

12. You will not need a hair dryer, they are heavy to pack and I have yet to see a hotel that does not accommodate with one

13. Pack your own personal first aid kit (neosporin for a recovering pimple, pepto bismal because we all have eaten something we shouldn’t have at some point, melatonin to supplement sleep for various time zones etc….)

14. If you have to do laundry, try to find the 3-1 laundry sheets, its one less liquid to have to carry

15. Speaking of liquids, to save space in your tiny TSA approved liquid bag, skip the lotion and use body butter, it doesn’t count as a liquid!

16. You can never pack too much underwear, I repeat, never.

17. Its worth it to buy the travel sizes of your fave products, i buy the tiny Its a ten leave in conditioner and moroccan oil because it just saves space and weight

18.  Pandora and Netflix do not work in European countries, stock up on your favorite seasons/music before you embark

19. Pack a beanie/baseball hat because Lord knows a good hair day is never guaranteed 

20. Utilize every crevice, stuff all your socks or anything that will fit in your shoes/boots

21. Nude heels go with everything

22. I never leave without my leather jacket, a good black leather jacket is simply an essential, it can make any outfit chic as well as a great transition from day-to-night

23.  If you wear falsies, they are indeed re-usable so store them in a tiny mirror compact, its a great way to keep them fresh for 2nd and even perhaps a 3rd use

24. I always pack my Reebok lateral resistance straps. I do walking lunges or sideways squats with them and its great way to stay toned when traveling or if you don’t have access to a gym. They are easy to pack and lightweight!!

25. My last tip may be superficial but well, whatever, here it goes, invest in what you will be photographed the most in, it may be a coat for Europe in the winter, or that convenient cross body for shopping or sight seeing, or even a pair of fabulous shoes that go with everything

hope this helps– let me know if you have any additional tips !!

“we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

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Can you just give me a basic lily rose makeup look? I know she doesn't have a tutorial or anything but like, can you describe a basic way on how to do it kinda like her? Thanks :) xo

Skin - use a matte foundation and apply with a brush ensuring its blended fully, use a powder to set your foundation, apply bronzer lightly just under the cheekbone and highlight right on the cheekbone

Eyes - use a warm/neutral/peachy blush or eye shadow all over the lid and apply mascara on the lashes optional: you could also do a thin line of eyeliner 

Brows - fill in the brows (alternate to brow powder) slightly so that they look full but don’t make them really sharp or evidently drawn on, you can use a brow pencil to slightly exaggerate the arch of the brow

Lips - line lightly to define your lip shape a little more (Whirl by MAC) and fill in with a matte lipstick (Velvet Teddy by MAC (dupes) or Honeylove by MAC (dupe: Daringly Nude by Maybelline)

You don’t have to use all of the products I linked obviously, there’s loads of alternatives online that you can find on google, I hope I helped you xx


We show you how to make the most out of these creamy crayons.

We’ve always been a fan of sooty, dramatic eyes. Ever since ancient times, kajal and kohl (note: you can use these terms interchangeably) have been helping enhance eyes—and as it turns out, the Cleopatra look is still as popular as ever. What we love about these liners is that they are very smooth and easy to smudge—so if you’re someone who finds it hurts to apply liner, or it skips when you draw it on, you’ll love this type. Below, we break down three different kinds of looks you can get using kajal and kohl and the best pencils for the job. KELLEY HOFFMAN


If you’d like to create a liner look, a good option is to go for a kohl pencil—like Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner or SEPHORA COLLECTION Long Lasting Kohl Pencil. These will give you more structure and control than a chubby, cone-shaped kajal liner. Apply the liner close to your lashes using short strokes. Once you have built your shape, if you’re having trouble creating a smooth line, you can go back over it with a pointed smudge brush just over the edges to refine. If you tend to be oily, we recommend beginning with an eye primer and patting over your liner with an eye shadow in the same color using a smudge brush—just to help prevent any messiness. These pencils are great for lining your waterline as well, because they’re oh-so-soft.


A more intense take on the liner look is to smoke it out. Begin by wrapping your eye with your liner—then smudge with your finger (or a smudge brush, if you prefer). This look is all about embracing chic messiness—it’s a lived-in cool, quick take on eyeliner. Here we wouldn’t really suggest using a primer, because you want to welcome the imperfection. Try using the Yves Saint Laurent Couture Kajal Eyeliner or the Laura Mercier Kajal D’Orient Eye Liner. However, if you have smaller eyes, we’d suggest using a kohl pencil because the tips of the kajal liners are a lot larger. Additionally, we suggest just focusing on the middle and outer corners—rather than on the inner corners—to help open your eyes.


The girl who does the smoky look could do it on the bus to work—but for a shadow look, it’s a bit more editorial and not for beginners. To start, we suggest using a matte neutral eye shadow that’s slightly deeper than your skintone throughout the crease of your eye. Then, line the lower lash line with Yves Saint Laurent Couture Kajal Eyeliner or the Laura Mercier Kajal D’Orient Eye Liner and work your way up—just a apply a sketch of the product into the outer corner and use a pointed smudge brush to blend it in small circles in the crease. When it comes to applying this look, think less is more: apply, blend a little, take a step back, etc. Next, set your look with an eye shadow in the same shade as your kajal. The reason why you’d use kajal instead of just eye shadow is that this will give you an opaque, intense look. Remember, this isn’t a liquid liner look—there will be some sootiness that you won’t have full control over, but starting with an eye primer can help.


Someone asked that I compile a list of my favorite neutral eyeshadow palettes, so here we are! I live for neutral eyeshadow palettes because they’re fantastic on their own to create an entire eye look or to use as a supplement to a colorful eye look. You can’t go wrong with a good, solid neutral palette. 

1) Tartelette palette

This palette is hands down my favorite neutral palette because it is all matte and the quality of the shadows is amazing. I have used this palette in many videos, and I can’t imagine my collection being complete without this palette. It’s the perfect size and has a great range of neutral, warm, and cool toned browns.

2) Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

This palette is a personal favorite of mine because I love pink and rose gold eyeshadows. I think these colors really bring out the richness of brown eyes, and I love how many colors are included. I find the shadows beautifully pigmented, and the shimmery shadows look especially stunning when you use a glitter glue underneath.

3) Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume I

MUFE eyeshadow quality is amazing. Enough said. I wish this palette contained mattes but honestly, the amazing quality and gorgeous colors make up for the lack of mattes. I constantly reach for this palette when I want a shimmery all over lid color 

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Her gorgeous face has probably graced your dashboard many-a-times and you probably already follow Nik aka cosmic-noir . She’s an extraordinary makeup artist who has created some of the most amazing makeup, cosplay and SFX looks I’ve ever seen, from Monsters to Mermaids. I really wanted to ask her a few questions about her art and inspiration and a few tips she has for Black pastels.  I’m really happy to kick off a new feature here on called PrettyBlackPastel: Blogger Q+A With:… and NIK aka Cosmic-Noir is our first blogger!

Pretty Black Pastel:  What made you want to become a makeup artist?
NIK: I have always been a creative person. When I was younger, I was in awe of fictitious creatures: fairies, dragons, monsters, you name it! I wanted to BE them, and that’s when I started to experiment with SFX and body painting. As I got older, I got into beauty makeup, but SFX still holds a special place in my heart.

PBP: What inspires you artistically?
N:Everything! I find a story in everything I see, and my mind just runs with it. The work of Guillermo del Toro inspires me to be better as well.

PBP: What is your favorite pastel lipstick shade?
N: This one is hard! I have a few: Lilac Flush (Maybelline), Peach Poppy (Maybelline), Angel (MAC), Kool (Muy Linda), Whirl (MAC) with white liner in the center.

PBP: Top makeup tips for girls with pastel hair?
N: Go bold with a super smoky eye and nude lips! I love that combo with very light hair. Or go with a neutral eye look, (or no shadow at all) with just liner, mascara, lashes, and a bold lip for an edgy look. I also suggest experimenting with colorful eyeliners.

PBP: Advice for black people wanting to try the pastel trend?
N: Do it. You’ll look amazing. Our skin is IN, boo! And there is nothing that doesn’t look amazing on us. (:

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