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Wrapped in a Big, Red Bow (a Leonard McCoy x Reader fanfiction)

Soulmate AU with some Holiday Magic thrown in! Where Jim plays Santa Clause, Bones learns a lesson in Christmas Magic, and You get everything you wished for this holiday season! This is a BonesPOV! story as well, and I tried to capture his essence as much as I could. Also, I also made the reader nonbinary/gender neutral at their part since this story is not in regular readerPOV mode, so everyone can truly enjoy this story. Merry Christmas you guys!! ︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

Soulmate AU prompt: based on the Japanese legends of the “Red Thread of Fate”, an invisible red thread is attached around the pinkies of two people who are fated to find each other. The string may stretch or tangle in the journey of the individual, but some say they can feel it tighten around their finger when their destined one is near. However, since this is the future, technology has made it a bit easier to uncover this red thread and find who is at the end of it. Also Sprik is mentioned in this fic!
Thanks to @outside-the-government for inspiring me to do this prompt!
Rated: all ages
Warning: drinking, LONG STORY

Word count: 3,048

“Love is magic at its core. But you just have to believe in it for it to find you.”

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And now… kiss!

Site Write Feb ‘17: Entry 21

Fandom: Voltron
Prompt: 21st: Write about a memory related to a holiday.
Summary: Katie didn’t come to the Galaxy Garrison Academy to make friends, but it seems like she’s made one anyway.

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Some First Order Christmas Headcanons
  • Hux HATES Christmas, he’s like the biggest grinch/scrooge there is!
  • The First Order hosts these wild Christmas parties, and things get wild. 
  • Hux tries to keep the peace, and get people back to work, but this is the ONE day that no one listens to him.
  • Kylo is neutral to Christmas, he just thinks that it’s a fun time to get drunk, have sex, and make fun of all of the subordinates getting wasted. 
  • Mitaka totally believes in Santa, and Hux tells him harshly that Santa isn’t real. haha
  • Phasma is Jewish and tries her best to promote Hanukkah traditions.
  • Some troopers (and Kylo was totally in on it too) thought it’d be a good idea to use Snoke’s holochamber as a, “meet Santa” station. 
  • Kylo and the KOR doing a secret Santa exchange. 
  • Kylo likes to bake cookies and leave them out for Santa…
  • Hux always eats them right in front of his face. 
  • Kylo comes up with terrible puns, and inappropriate Christmas jokes to get Hux to do even dirtier things to him than usually. 
  • we’re talking about a mistletoe butt plug! 
  • Hux wants to change Christmas to X-Mas to save on ink for posters. But then a bunch of troopers, officers, and Kylo oppose. 
  • Kylo will never admit it, but every Christmas morning he watches the stars in the galaxy and wonders about his mom. 
  • Hux notices, but never presses the issue. 
  • Carolers going around the Finalizer. Hux glares at them.  
  • Phasma demands that they sing Hanukkah songs as well.
  • Christmas balloons around the finalizer.
  • Hux. Pops. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. 
  • As much as Hux hates Christmas, everyone on ship loves trying to make him love it. 
  • Kylo gives TONS of gifts to Hux. But Hux only gives Kylo one. 
  • Hux’s gifts are so thoughtful, and so unique, that nearly every year Kylo has to try and not cry. 
  • Hux will never admit it, but that’s his favorite part of Christmas, making Kylo feel warm and loved.