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Lawful Good: Jyushimatsu/Homerun Girl

Neutral Good: Totoko/Nyaa-Chan

Chaotic Good: Karamatsu/Chibita

Lawful Neutral: Atsushi/Todomatsu

True Neutral: Self Insert

Chaotic Neutral: Ichimatsu/Christmas Couple

Lawful Evil: Osomatsu/Totoko

Neutral Evil: Jyushimatsu/Hatabou

Chaotic Evil: Iyami Self Insert

Wrapped in a Big, Red Bow (a Leonard McCoy x Reader fanfiction)

Soulmate AU with some Holiday Magic thrown in! Where Jim plays Santa Clause, Bones learns a lesson in Christmas Magic, and You get everything you wished for this holiday season! This is a BonesPOV! story as well, and I tried to capture his essence as much as I could. Also, I also made the reader nonbinary/gender neutral at their part since this story is not in regular readerPOV mode, so everyone can truly enjoy this story. Merry Christmas you guys!! ︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

Soulmate AU prompt: based on the Japanese legends of the “Red Thread of Fate”, an invisible red thread is attached around the pinkies of two people who are fated to find each other. The string may stretch or tangle in the journey of the individual, but some say they can feel it tighten around their finger when their destined one is near. However, since this is the future, technology has made it a bit easier to uncover this red thread and find who is at the end of it. Also Sprik is mentioned in this fic!
Thanks to @outside-the-government for inspiring me to do this prompt!
Rated: all ages
Warning: drinking, LONG STORY

Word count: 3,048

“Love is magic at its core. But you just have to believe in it for it to find you.”

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YouTube beauty gurus: this My Little Pony palette just has so many bright colors :/ I dont like that :/

Me: I’m not sure how you can pick up an eyeshadow palette labeled «My Little Pony» and expect a lot of neutrals

First Christmas together

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Request - First Christmas together with Noam Dar, cuddling and making Gingerbread together

Pairing - Noam Dar X Reader 

Word Count - 1,169

Y/F/B - Your favourite beverage 

Y/F/C/S - Your favourite Christmas Song. 

Y/F/C/M - Your favourite Christmas Movie 

You and Noam spent a lot of time on the road working for WWE. While being on the road was fun being able to spend downtime was often difficult.This year you were even more desperate to get some time off. during the Christmas season this year, why? Because it was your first Christmas with Noam and you didn’t want to spend it in a hotel. By some Christmas miracle, you had Christmas off. 

As you left the arena, you jogged towards your car excited that you finally had some time off work. You got to spend your first Christmas with Noam and that was going to be magical and perfect and you couldn’t wait to get home.

After a long day travelling home, you and Noam dropped your bags near the door not wanting to deal with them. You would have to do some washing and sorting through your things later but now you wanted to relax and catch up on some sleep and that’s exactly what you did. 

You woke up the next morning, groaning when you looked at the clock on the bedside table. Of course, you had to wake up extremely early on your first real day off in ages. Slipping out of bed you rolled on some socks and moved into the kitchen looking for Y/F/B in desperate need for that early morning fix. 

As you leant on the counter you realised that Noam wouldn’t be up for hours. You couldn’t just sit there and do nothing until Noam woke up. As you rummaged through the cupboards you noticed all the ingredients to make Gingerbread, now you definitely knew what you were doing until Noam woke up. 

When Noam woke up from his slumber, as he stood up stretching out his aching limbs from his time on the road, he smiled when he smelt the warm armours of Gingerbread, the spicy, warming scent of the cinnamon. His nose lead him into the kitchen where you were making walls to a Gingerbread house, your eyebrows frowned as you were deep in concentration, so much so that Noam was able to sneak by you without you noticing his presence,  Noam wrapped his arms around you from behind, hearing a distinctive squeal escape from your lips. 

“Good Morning love.” Noam bent forward kissing your pulse point. Learning forward you wanted to get close to Noam as possible.

“Morning, I hope I didn’t wake you.” Noam shook his head, lowering his head into your neck. 

“No love you didn’t wake me. Why don’t we finish this together? But first I have something for you.” As Noam pulled away you washed your hands and then dried them off before letting him lead you to the bedroom.He pulled a box out from underneath the bed before opening up and passing you a Christmas jumper. Changing out of your pyjama top you put the jumped on with a fresh new vest top underneath. You noticed that Noam was doing the same thing. Yet when you noticed that Noam had taken brought you matching Christmas jumpers you couldn’t help but smile. 

“You got us matching Christmas jumpers, that’s so cute. Now I don’t feel as bad for getting these.” You moved to your suitcase getting pulling out something you had seen while you were on the road. As you passed Noam his present he laughed. 

“Matching Christmas socks, how did you know I always wanted to match sock ware with you. Come on we must document this.” You presumed that Noam might think this was ridiculous but instead he thought this was the cutest thing to ever happen.  As you snapped a photo now dressed in your making socks and making jumpers, both of you were smiling and Noam was looking at you like you were the most important person in the world and to him you were. 

 As you retired to the kitchen to continue to make your Gingerbread, you and Noam had always made a good time but there was something about baking with him that just seemed to make sense, the fluidity of the movements, both knowing what the other wanted or needed. Noam walked over to his iPod and put it on the speaker before selecting Y/F/C/S. The melody began to play, you began to hum out of instinctively. 

“Dance with me,” You turned your head towards Noam as he took your hand into his, kissing your knuckles before slowly beginning to sway to the music. It didn’t matter if the song was slow or fast. Noam was determined to dance with you like this. He had never wanted to Christmas to become so magical before. He wanted your first Christmas together to be beyond perfect, why because you were perfect. As your bodies swayed together perfectly in sync, Noam leant in kissing you softly on your lips, a hint of mint hung around the air as you had been eating a box of chocolates while you worked.

“Ya know you’re almost as good at dancing as you are at wrestling..almost.” You looked up at Noam as he wrapped his arms around you pulling you closer towards him. 

“Well thanks, Love but when I’ve got someone as amazing as you. I need to come up new ways to impress you.” Noam didn’t miss how your cheeks reddened as you blushed. When the song ended, Noam selected a Christmas playlist that he had been working on before you returned your focus onto the Gingerbread house. 

“Noam stop eating all the candy, there won’t be any left to finish the Gingerbread.” You playfully scolded as Noam continued to eat the candy from the bowl. 

“You were the one who brought all of my favourite’s besides I think it looks perfect the way it is. All of that hard work paid off, don’t ya think love?” As you stood back you did think it looked rather beautiful the way it did. Realising you might have gone a tad over the top you popped a sweet into your mouth feeling satisfied. You and Noam definitely knew how to make great a Gingerbread House. 

As night fell, you and Noam were laying on the couch together, watching Y/F/C/M, you could feel Noam slowly drawing lines up and down your back, you were almost falling asleep due to the repetitive nature of Noam’s hands. 

“This has been the best Christmas ever already and it’s only just begun.” You mumbled under your breath as Noam pulled you more on top of him. 

“You’re right love, but it’s only beginning and we get to create even more memories together. Trust me our first Christmas together is going to be the one we remember for the first of our lives. I love you.” You beamed as you lifted your head so you could kiss him. 

“I love you too.” Noam looked down so he could kiss you. It always felt like the first time when he kissed and you was determined to make this the best Christmas together. 

Merry Christmas - A Lydia Martin Imagine

 a/n I just wanted to make a Christmas theme imagine for the holidays, Merry Christmas!

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    “Yes Lyds?”

    "Can you please put the star on the tree?“ Lydia asked softly.

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And now… kiss!

“One of my favorite things about the holidays when I was really little was that my great-grandpa would come, who was a really extraordinary fellow. He was either always smoking a cigar, praying, or doing some kind of mischief, and one of the earliest memories I have of the holidays- I remember him always being incredibly excited about what he called the ‘new sciences’, which weren’t that new at that point, but he tried to explain symbiosis to me, which he said was the practice of one species doing something essential for another species that the species can’t do for itself. And he said that most people don’t know that fir trees are born not being able to walk, that there’s actually a period of time when little fir trees can’t walk that last two or three months, and during this time they’re extraordinarily vulnerable to predators. And so their parents actually stand stationary beside them, protecting them, and this goes on until at last the little tree is able to walk. But he said that unlike human beings, whose umbilical cords can be cut by other human beings or it will fall off if you don’t, trees can’t sever their cords to the earth. They’re actually stuck, they can’t move, which, of course, would make it incredible dangerous for the little tree. So about the time, extraordinarily, about the time that the little tree is ready to begin getting ready to walk, fledging, when the little tree is ready to fledge, human beings come along and actually sever the cords. They actually free the little tree from the earth and they take it into their homes, and they give it a place of honor in their homes and they dress it up in jewelry and little finery, to honor it, the little tree preparing to walk. And they gather around it every night and they even bring presents, and place the presents at the little tree’s feet and this went on for about two weeks and then at last the little tree was ready to walk. And on that night, we carefully took all the decorations off of it, gently, while the tree was still sleeping and gently placed it in front of the house by the street, sleeping, as it was ready to walk. And then my great-grandpa took me inside and we went to bed. And when I woke up, the little tree was gone. And he told me that we call it Christmas.”

- Julian Koster