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Cloud Divination (Nephelomancy)

Cloud Divination is the art of discovering the past, present, and future through the aid of clouds.

This type of divination is very open to interpretation since it’s determined by:

  • Color (Red= passion/anger, Pink= romance/relationships, Black= negative energies/death etc.) 

  • Direction it moves in (N= Adaptability, charm, creativity, sociability, wit S= Physical strength, health, adventure, loyalty W= Confidence, business, energy, persistence E= Trust, sincerity, love, compassion)

  • Position of the cloud (High clouds = high chances of something happening Low clouds= low chance of something happening Center = neutral)

  • Shape or formation (this can mean physical shapes the clouds make such as hearts or the splitting/reforming of one or more clouds)

How to preform Nephelomancy

This practice it best preformed on a mountain top or hill where it is easier to see a wide range of the horizon

*The sky should also be bright or clear to get more accurate answers*

Lay down and look at the sky, have a specific question in mind to ask the clouds. Phrase this question to be as specific as possible so the answer can be clear.

(ex. Will I be able to repair my relationship with my friend?)

Close your eyes and clear your head of distracting thoughts, focus on the question you want answered.

When you’re ready open your eyes and look for any formations or colors in the sky

(ex. if the clouds were connected together high in the sky and are a white/pink hue there’s a high chance you can repair the friendship)

The most important thing to remember about cloud divination is that you should not force any shapes or colors you immediately see to fit into your answer. This practice requires a lot of patience and it’s okay if you don’t get an answer immediately, hence the importance of a specific question. It can take multiple tries to get one answer.

Once you’re finished remember to thank the clouds and nature for their guidance!